Monday, 2019-04-15

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building keras and tensor flow on yocto <>09:38
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kanavin'boost can jump off a cliff right now' is still true11:00
kanavinthe new version has a significant regression in do_install where bjam is like 50 times slower than before, spings the cpu at 100%, and I can't see why11:01
RPkanavin: ouch :(11:02
kanavinRP: I guess I'll wait and see what the desktop distros do, boost-native has the problem too, so it's likely they'll run into it11:05
RPkanavin: just noticed your upgrades, I guess I was a bit too keen to run a test build11:06
* RP ponders how I get a break with what seems like a continuous development cycle11:06
kanavinRP: yeah, I actually was hesitating to send them for that reason11:07
kanavin(meaning, I too think you could benefit from a break at this point :)11:07
RPkanavin: I guess my break is not having the release stress around11:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: populate_sdk fails when multilib enabled <>12:39
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RParmpit: think the log is fixed. I suspect it had just gotten too large13:32
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armpitRP, hehe as new test (wikilogTest)14:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding multiple patches to SRC_URI in a recipe -- Yocto <>14:09
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kroonOn thud, when using uninative and the yocto sstate mirror, and having already built my recipe, is it correct that "bitbake -Sprintdiff" mentions that the build will start with all the native recipes, although they have already been downloaded via sstate mirror ?14:57
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RPkroon: it doesn't sound right15:17
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kroonRP, hmm ok15:20
RPkroon: the native sstate should have the same hash whether it comes from uninative or not15:20
RPits just stored in a different sstate directory15:20
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kroonRP, ok, i'll see if I can track it down later15:25
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pebenitowhen doing a multiconfig, is there a variable that has the target image, e.g. core-image-minimal?15:28
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RPpebenito: that doesn't really make sense since you could have "bitbake X Y Z"15:31
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pebenitoRP: makes sense. thanks15:39
paulbarkerDoes anyone still use the external Linaro toolchain these days? Looks broken on thud at least15:44
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paulbarkerdenix: I'm getting a "No space left on device" bounce when trying to email Is this your domain?16:15
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_kevin_p_Hello, I have a recipe question if someone has the time to assist me. meta-oe has a doxygen recipe that I'd like to use. In my recipe I added "doxygen-native" to the DEPENDS variable and I've added a custom task "do_gen_docs" that I've setup to take place after do_config but before do_compile. At this point I just need to fill in the body of my do_gen_docs function, but it seems I can't just invoke doxygen - when I do, I get an erro17:42
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laplante_kevin_p_: what's the err?18:11
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_kevin_p_laplante: sorry, my message was cut off. I'm trying to reproduce my error message now. Can I force a specific task in a recipe to rerun?18:35
_kevin_p_I tried "bitbake <pkg> -c <custom_task>" but bitbake says it my task doesn't need to rerun, so it skips it.18:36
laplante_kevin_p_: try -C instead of -c18:37
_kevin_p_laplante: thanks, that worked. It seems that some change I've made to my recipe has made my docs generation task work. Is there a special variable I can use to install the generated docs into ${PN}-doc?18:45
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laplante_kevin_p_: Yes, add a line like this: FILES_${PN}-doc += "/wherever/the/docs/are"18:54
laplante_kevin_p_: To avoid problems in the future, you should verify that the recipe is fixed by first cleaning with "bitbake <pkg> -c cleansstate" then try to rebuild "bitbake <pkg> -c do_gen_docs".18:56
JPEWDoes anyone know what the canonical source of meta-freescale is? There appers to be a github and a source, but I don't know which one is the mirror.18:56
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_kevin_p_laplante: much appreciated18:59
laplante_kevin_p_: np19:00
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kergothJPEW: step one, see which is listed in the layer index. step two, check the readme, see if the url is listed there in the contribution instructions — it usually is19:13
kergothhaven't looked at that layer specifically, though19:13
JPEWkergoth: Thanks. Layer index says, README says to submit changes via github PRs.... *shrugs*19:15
kergothsounds like is the mirror, but development is done at github19:15
* kergoth shrugs also19:16
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RPJPEW: github I strongly suspect and YP is mirroring19:47
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likewiseAnyone aware of an existing Yocto project or distro w/  Qt5/GLES2/Intel graphics?19:57
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yateshow do i initiate the process of submitting an updated recipe to oe?21:43
yates(wxWidgets 3.0.4)21:43
Croftonwhat layer is it in? What does the layer README say about contributions21:46
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