Tuesday, 2019-04-16

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mckoangood morning07:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Multiple configuration build in yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55705022/multiple-configuration-build-in-yocto>09:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49748528/yocto-files-directories-were-installed-but-not-shipped-in-any-package>10:13
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JaMaarmpit: please backport "libyaml: update SRC_URI[md5sum] and SRC_URI[sha256sum]11:08
JaMato warrior when you can11:08
JaMaI think now you cannot share the same premirror and downloads directory between warrior and master which is quite pita11:09
JaMaand thud uses the same version, will need the same11:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_compile is not getting called when an image class is inherited in Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55707303/do-compile-is-not-getting-called-when-an-image-class-is-inherited-in-yocto>11:43
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armpitJaMa, ok12:23
vladzouthHi, is anyone experienced systemd services. I add some services in my custom build but that are not started at boot time https://pastebin.com/ubp0aX4D.12:23
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vladzouthi try to add SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "enable" but this does not change anything12:23
nirfrhi, im looking for an example how to add initial iptables rules12:44
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* armpit hmm, my builds went to hell??13:08
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armpitYPTM armin is one14:56
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* armpit one??? on more like it14:58
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RParmpit: are you waiting for the meeting to start?15:02
armpitRP, there are 5 of us15:02
JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:02
* RP has the wrong number15:02
JPEW_6 now :)15:02
armpitdial 011 to call USA15:03
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tlwoernerYPTM: tlwoerner is on15:11
moto-timoYPTM: moto-timo joining15:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Rocko ld: cannot find -lgcc in glibc 2.23 do_compile <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53323504/yocto-rocko-ld-cannot-find-lgcc-in-glibc-2-23-do-compile>15:13
halsteadmoto-timo, I don't think there is a bug for failing patchtest but I have spent a few days looking at it.15:21
moto-timoI mentioned this on IRC the other day, but interesting tool for mining data: https://github.com/chaoss/grimoirelab-perceval/tree/master/perceval/backends/core15:26
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moto-timoit is pluggable, e.g. https://github.com/chaoss/grimoirelab-perceval-mozilla/tree/master/perceval/backends/mozilla15:27
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halsteadI'm switching to another meeting now.15:33
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JPEW_moto-timo: Something like this might be a good and easy first step for python dependencies: https://github.com/bndr/pipreqs16:04
JPEW_It is pretty simple, it just parses the python code looking for "import" statements16:04
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moto-timoJPEW_: thanks for the link.16:24
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moto-timoJPEW_: I've found that tools that only scan the code don't always catch everything, perl modules are especially bad at documenting run-time dependencies16:25
moto-timoJPEW_: hence the reason for wanting to use QEMU to do some basic run-time testing during build/development workflow16:25
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JPEWmoto-timo: Sure... I wonder if it is really going to be much worse than actually running the module though (and it is certainly much easier).17:22
JPEWmoto-timo: Even the ELF parser we use to detect RDEPENDS in compiled code doesn't catch everything (e.g. dlopen()). The expectation there is that you need to add the correct RDEPENDS for them17:23
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moto-timoJPEW: in the case of libmodule-build-perl I spent about 8 hours cycling through builds and fixing run-time dependencies... :/17:56
moto-timoJPEW: and then I could finally run ptest only to find out it wants to run with blib (developer mode)...17:56
JPEWmoto-timo: Ya that sounds painful17:58
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likewise_I am using Yocto to build a rootfs with Intel graphics (9th gen), but I would like to remove dependencies on X11 and Wayland. My aim would be OpenGL for purely offscreen rendering to 8K. I don't think this is possible with OpenGL but might be possible with GLES2. Is my assumption correct?19:57
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likewise_sorry wrong channel, moving over to #intel-gfx20:06
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keithPACKAGECONFIG = "libevent"20:21
keithPACKAGECONFIG[libevent] = "--enable-openssl"20:21
keithi thought this would work to configure libevent w/ openssl, but it looks like its applying to other packages too, any ideas?20:21
JPEWkeith: Where are you putting that?20:22
keithin local.conf20:22
JPEWPACAKGECONFIG[libevent] = "--enable-openssl" belong in the openssl recipe (and has the wrong format I think)20:23
keithhrm, so i would have to fork the recipe?20:23
keithi dont know what i'm doing, apologies for the dumb questions :)20:23
JPEWto activate it in local.conf, you would to add the pn override: PACKAGECONFIG_pn-openssl = "libevent"20:23
JPEWkeith: Its fine20:24
JPEWYou could fork, or add it in .bbappend20:24
JPEWOh, sorry20:24
JPEWI got that backwards, I though you were trying to enable libevent in openssl, not the other way around :)20:24
keithoh ok, glad we're on the same page :)20:25
keithit lists as options: "PACKAGECONFIG[openssl] = "--enable-openssl,--disable-openssl,openssl"20:25
JPEWAh, right good. You don't need to fork anything20:26
keithso if i do PACKAGECONFIG_pn-libevent = "--enable-openssl' it should work?20:26
JPEWAdd PACKAGECONFIG_pn-libevent = "openssl" to local.conf20:26
keithalso, any ideas why when packaging with openssl, I don't have the openssl headers in the SDK?20:27
JPEWYou enable package config options by their "key" e.g. PACKAGECONFIG = "foo bar" activates PACKAGECONFIG[foo] and PACKAGECONFIG[bar]20:27
keithalso, libssl is only in the host and not in the crosscompiler20:27
keithok perfect, thx!20:27
JPEWI think you need to clarify "packaging" and "SDK"20:28
JPEWI don't follow20:28
keithI've enabled openssl in my image, and done 'core-image-base -c populate_sdk' and installed the .sh but i dont have openssl headers to cross compile, nor do i have libssl20:29
JPEWHow did you enable openssl?20:30
keithCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "openssh alsa-lib opencore-amr alsa-plugins e2fsprogs openssl libevent libopus"20:31
keithfor right now, eventually plan on building a layer20:31
JPEWHmm, I'm not sure20:32
JPEWAre the headers for libevent and libopus present?20:32
keithnot sure, switching from VM to bare metal, so this is a new install again (but saved my local.conf) and shut down the VM for now20:33
JPEWBuilding in a  VM is painful20:34
keithyeah was trying to make it easier to be portable, but wont do that again :)20:35
JPEWyocto has some built in support to make it more portable (uninative), or if your really worried I would recommend a container (docker, lxc, etc.)20:36
keithyeah, docker is what i should of went with20:36
keithbut ill just use bare metal for now20:36
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keithohh maybe i'm supposed to use: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append="openssl-dev"20:47
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JPEWThat *shouldn't* be necessary if the packages are in your image. bitbake should include the corresponding -dev package for any package in the image20:54
JPEWTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK is more for adding things to the SDK that aren't in the image (I think)20:55
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keithJPEW: its not though..21:59
JPEWAre the libraries in your actual image?21:59
keithlibcrypto is there22:00
JPEWWhat image are you building?22:01
keithguess could try like core-image-sato and see if it has 'em22:03
JPEWkeith: core-image-minimal is what I usually use FWIW22:03
keithif base doesnt have it, i doubt minimal will :)22:04
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