Thursday, 2019-04-18

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erakisHi, Is someone can help me with the error `QA Issue: myapp rdepends on mylib-dev [dev-deps]` ? In the I already have `DEPENDS="mylib-dev"`01:38
tzget rid of the "-dev"01:43
erakis@tz Sorry, typo. I currently have `DEPENDS="mylib"``.01:43
tzthat... should be enough01:44
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erakis@tz, can I show you a paste bin of the two recipes ? Maybe I made a mistake...01:46
tzcan't hurt!01:46
tzI don't proclaim to be any sort of expert, though01:46
tzjust a friendly dev who's avoiding their normal dayjob ;)01:47
tzprocrastination is a wonderful thing01:47
erakisThe library:, the application
erakis@tz sorry for the delay, I'm working remotely from home and I'm not really well installed.01:55
tzall good01:55
tzthe summary on the gdd lib doesn't have a leading double quote " -- copypaste issue?01:56
erakisYeah, copy paste issue. Sorry. Probably when I erase the HOMEPAGE and other link to my company. Sorry.01:59
tzyep, figured as much01:59
tzhonestly not sure, it looks fine -- perhaps check the logs in tmp/work/(lib|app)/<ver>/temp02:04
tzdo_install's I'd guess02:04
tzI tend to use CMake for my projects and it just seems to work out exactly what it needs and how to deploy it, relatively painless in that respect02:06
erakisCould it be related to the Makefile of the gdd ? Because I have basic knowledge with Makefile. I'm not 100% sur of the way I produce the output of the library and the install rules.02:06
erakisHere is the Makefile of the library
tzperhaps, I don't think I've worked with a makefile in earnest for several years if I'm completely honest02:07
erakis>> perhaps check the logs.   The log contains onlly this error and no other clue.02:08
tzwonder if you run bitbake with verbose (-v) flag it gets any extra output02:09
tzfor the logs02:09
erakisSure, I try now02:10
erakisHere is something that look strange
erakisLine 342 and 343. Could it be that objdump detect that netclient application depends on gdd library automatically ?02:17
tzseems like it, what's in the log for do_package and do_package_qa?02:20
erakislog.do_package_qa -->
erakislog.do_package ->
tzsounds a bit like it, try a: bitbake -c devshell intelia-netclient, then run the failing objdump command manually, see if it spits out anything abnormal02:24
tzshame it doesn't include the output02:24
tzof the objdump02:25
erakisobjdump ->
tzwas that the .debug one? what about the other invocation?02:29
erakisWhat do you means by .debug ? I don't understand.02:29
tzah, there were two objdump invocations in the logfile02:30
tzwas curious what the output of the other was02:30
erakisOh sorry I did not notice that.02:30
tzlines 8 and 1402:30
erakisFor the debug ->
erakisCould this be because my makefile has to produce 2 libraries, including a debug and a release? And that bitbake expects the release to be in the FILES _ $ {PN} and the other in FILES _ $ {PN} -dev?02:35
tzhonestly not sure02:36
tznothing I can see really stands out I'm afraid02:40
tzlooks... fine02:40
tzsorry mate :(02:41
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erakisThank you so much @tz. I will continue tomorrow and If I did not found the problem I will ask again here when there will be more active members.02:43
tzsounds like a plan02:44
tzgood luck :D02:44
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nayfeHi all, would it be possible to apply this patch on meta-java to allow warrior builds?10:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Pysqlcipher3 cannot find sqllite3 shared library <>11:21
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ronybeckhow do I add files to a recipe using devtool?11:49
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erakisI created a library and I would like to know what should be in the production package FILES-${PN} versus the FILES-${PN}-dev ? From what I understand, in FILES-${PN} I have to put the (at least) the library produced by the rule "install" of the Makefile, so "{libdir}/*". However, the "install" rule of the Makefile also produces symlinks and a call to "ldconfig -n {libdir}". Is it OK ? And in FILES-${PN}-dev I have to put that the headers "{includedir}/*"12:44
erakisright ?12:44
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nayfeerakis: FILES-${PN} and FILES-${PN}-dev have default values with "standard" paths, so you don't need to modify it unless you install something in an uncommon place12:47
erakisnayfe: For standard file put in the (rootfs) do_install (includedir, bindir, confdir, etc...), they will be copied automatically in the package ?12:50
nayfeerakis: you can see here default values for FILES_${PN} .. etc
nayfeerakis and yes :)12:53
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nayferonybeck> I'm not sure you can add a file to SRC_URI with devtool (I use it only to create recipes so I may be wrong)12:55
erakisnayfe: Really interesting :) Thank you so much, I have a meeting and I will come back, I have a question on Makefile too.13:00
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erakisnayfe: I come from the Windows world and I have basic knowledge with Makefile and GNU recommendation. Does the "install" rule of the library's Makefile should create a symlink "" -> ""? And also calling "ldconfig -n $ {bindir}" at the end ?13:14
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nayfeerakis: I'm not a Makefile expert, I'm using cmake those days  :)13:18
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erakisIs there a way to get a BUILD NUMBER append to the version of each recipes ? I mean, this build number must be incremented at each build, no matter if the recipe or source code has changed. I read about the PR Service but it does not seem to be what I need.15:23
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JPEWRP: If you can point me toward the link for those ptest JSON results, I'll open the bugs15:36
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psrcodeRP: JPEW: I'll also take a look at the result for lttng-tools15:50
RPpsrcode: I saw your question about logs, I'll send some data about that15:51
psrcodeRP: +115:51
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RPpsrcode: mail reply off list with the logs15:58
RPJPEW: mail reply on list with the links and how to get the logs. Adding the logs from the first run to the bugs would be ideal15:59
JPEWCool, I'll work on logging them to bugs16:00
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JPEWFor resulttool pulling from a URL, were you thinking some sort of "this path is a URL so download it" automatic detection or something like $ resulttool report -- url http://foo/bar16:01
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dreynaJoshua Watt, could you (or anyone) ping me your email address? Thanks16:05
dreynaoh, found it16:06
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RPJPEW: yes, if it starts with http it'd be handled as a remote url16:11
nayfeerakis> you can add inherit image-buildinfo but it creates more than just a number16:11
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nayfeerakis> otherwise if you use jenkins or equivalent, you can add job number in local.conf and then use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND hook to create a file with that variable16:17
nayfethere is also /etc/version file that matches a specific build16:17
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nayfeouch I'm offtopic, I don't see any reason to change version of a recipe that does not change?16:21
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erakisnayfe: I'm using Gitlab, they have a JOB_ID through their runner. But for now we did not setup a gitlab ro run our Yocto build machine. Maybe later... I was not aware of image-buildinfo, I'm going to read about it. Thanks16:34
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noway96I have a partition that's volatile made by yocto. How do I make it non-volatile?16:37
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nayfenoway96> do you use systemd?16:42
nayfewhat is your volatile partition?16:43
noway96it's /var/log16:44
noway96I want to make that persist on reboots16:44
nayfethen you should look at
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noway96hmm doesn't jump to the section with #16:45
noway96but thank you!16:46
noway96how do I increase the size of the partition?16:46
nayfenoway96: you have to put  VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "no" if you want /var/log to be persistant16:54
nayfein local.conf or distro conf16:54
nayfeFor rootfs size, you have to set IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE but it will not be the exact size, so you have to add IMAGE_ROOTFS_MAXSIZE, IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE = "0" , IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR = "1.0" variables16:56
nayfe"Section 36.19. How do I create images with more free space" on manual16:58
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noway96so what is local.conf for exactly?17:01
kergothlocal configuration.17:03
kergothlocal to the build, that is17:03
kergothhence the name17:03
noway96vs what?17:05
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noway96so yocto has a generic .conf file and my local.conf has higher precedence?17:06
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nayfenoway96> It is useful to temporary modify Yocto environment, then you can integrate those changes into custom machine/distribution configuration17:07
kroonnoway96, see openembedded-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf, thats where all the big includes are being done17:08
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psrcodeRP: thanks for the link, still 781a947a5973553bb529c4b189a6ea7bca596749 does not seems to exist in poky/master-next, am I looking at the right git tree?17:38
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psrcodeRP: i'll try with poky/master-next for now17:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto CI Build number ? PR Service do not increment ${PR} <>17:52
erakisnayfe: About the "image-buildinfo", from what I've understand so far, it give me the distro version, layers version, etc... but not a global build number that increment at each build. Did I miss something ?18:06
erakisnayfe: What I need is a sequential build number (CI) that I can inject in a version.h from the do_compile_prepend or do_configure of a recipe.18:07
keithanyone have instructions to use qemu to load up an arm-based raspberrypi yocto image?18:12
nayfeerakis: so you can create custom variable, in local.conf or directly in bitbake command, like MY_VERSION, then in your recipe you can add MY_VERSION as a CFLAGS, then in version.h you use that variable as a #define18:24
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erakisnayfe: I could create a custom variable, in local.conf but how will it be auto incremented at each build ? This is what I don't understand :(18:26
nayfeBasically in a ci loop, you generate your local.conf on the fly18:26
nayfeBut you can also call bitbake with wrapper script that manage build id18:28
erakisYeah but for now I don't have a CI. In a couple of week I will setup a gitlab runner....18:28
erakisnayfe: "bitbake with wrapper script that manage build id" -> Interesting, I've tough doing this last week but I don't know where put/handle the script.18:30
nayfeAnywhere on build host18:31
nayfeBrb in 10min18:31
noway96I can clone a repository but when I try to do so using yocto it complains: Permission denied (publickey).18:34
erakisnayfe: Suppose I create a script that hold a file with the build number in it. Once I trigger the build of an image I could open this file and increment the build number by 1. This is the easy part. What I don't understand is where do I call my script ? Sorry I'm a bit novice with Yocto.18:36
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nayfenoway96> can you put your SRC_URI of git repo?18:52
nayfeerakis> in freescale yocto, they use google repo to manage multiple layers and a script to initialize build folder (
nayfethat wraps oe-init-build-env18:54
nayfeso what I have is a script (embedded in jenkinsfile) that calls ". setup-environment build-xxx && bitbake image-xxx"18:56
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nayfeon build host, you create a script anywhere or in your yocto layer, that will do something like "source oe-init-build-env build-xxx && SW_VERS=`compute_version` bitbake myimage" and in recipe you add SW_VERS to CFLAGS depending on what makefile/cmake/whatever you use19:00
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erakisnayfe: So you are creating an environment variable before calling bitbake to build the image. From any recipe, you read the environment variable (SW_VERS) and you inject it through CFLAGS so the compiler can replace it in the `version.h` or something similar.19:07
nayfeexactly :)19:08
nate02kergoth: was just reading some archived irc logs. Seems you were working on a method to resize the partition on first boot. Are you able to share what you settled on?19:11
nayfenate02: like expanding it to maximum size? :)19:12
nayfenate02: I know raspbian do it with resize2fs_once19:14
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nayfenate02: mender uses for instance :)19:20
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kergothnate02: 96boards-tools has a systemd service, that's what we'r eusing at mentor. see resize-helper at
kergothso seems you have a few different options19:23
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nate02is this the method you ended up using?19:26
nate02The log was 2016, so understandable if you don't recall, haha19:27
kergothi just said that. "That's what we're using at mentor". -
kergoththough apparently i need to update the recipe. we didn't wnat to pull in all of meta-96boards19:27
nate02sorry, missed the targeted msg, my bad19:27
nate02 nayfe: Also thanks!19:31
nayfenp :)19:31
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nayfeotavio_: Hi, do you think it is possible to apply this patch on meta-java to allow warrior builds? warrior is not ready yet so it's only only if you have some time, and if you're still meta-java maintainer? :)19:41
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justanotherboyJPEW, RP: Just commented on util-linux ptest one. I think is not a bug.
yoctiBug 13301: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , util-linux ptest results are inconsistent per image20:33
JPEWjustanotherboy: OK, that's good to know. It's good to have that documented somewhere at least20:35
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justanotherboyJPEW: Where is a good place to document this behavior?20:38
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JPEWjustanotherboy: I'm not sure. I was referring to having it documented in the bugzilla.... at least we know its sort of expected behaviour. Whether we want to make it consistent across all the ptest images I couldn't say20:40
JPEWjustanotherboy: Hmm, does that mean if we fix the test getting skipped the numbers will probably match up?20:42
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justanotherboyJPEW: They should match up if the same numbers of test are run20:44
JPEWjustanotherboy: OK, good. I think we are trying to get the two images to run the same tests. I'm commenting on the bugzilla now20:45
RPjustanotherboy: thanks, I've replied. I think that explains the skipped but the passed counts are still a bug20:46
RPJPEW: thanks for filing those that is much appreciated!20:47
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JPEWnp. I was able to work on some of the resulttool improvements on the way.20:49
justanotherboyRP: I can work on adding the runtime dependencies to the util-linux-ptest package, my only concern is image size because of util-linux is installed even on core-image-minimal. I will check the difference on image size and report it to the bug.20:58
RPjustanotherboy: its the dependencies util-linux-ptest has, not any other part of util-linux21:19
RPjustanotherboy: util-linux-ptest is not part of core-image-minimal21:19
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justanotherboyRP: Correct, just add the dependencies to RDEPENDS_${PN}-ptest21:22
RPjustanotherboy: yes21:22
justanotherboyRP: It's just that I usually have ptest-pkgs in my IMAGE_FEATURES :)21:22
justanotherboyRP: But yeah, it shouldn't affect other enviroments21:24
RPjustanotherboy: then your images won't be minimal :)21:24
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Striking7Imgur: The magic of the Internet <>22:21
Striking7oops wrong one22:21
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