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keithJPEW: well it worked using TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK :P00:17
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armpitJaMa, regarding libyaml, it does not affect warrior.. it only affects the 0.2.2 update. So if I update the warrior package then I will need to also backport the src_uri changes05:04
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JaMaarmpit: you're right, I was on older oe-core revision and was seeing the same 0.2.1 version being used in master, warrior, thud07:53
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RPkanavin: I'm guessing your patch series overlaps with the AUH output a bit?08:49
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kanavinRP: yes, I didn't wait for AUH :) and AUH started crunching just before the master merge (it works against master, not master-next)09:00
RPkanavin: right, makes sense. It does feel like we're keeping a little more up to date09:02
kanavinRP: yes, but those recipes where manual patch rebase is needed aren't getting as much attention as I would hope for09:06
RPkanavin: we're getting to the point where we need to do something about our patch count09:09
RPkanavin: reducing it is shown to help us a lot09:09
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jofrA really significant portion of my rootfs is the hwdb for (e)udev and I'm not even running systemd. How do I disable it? PACKAGECONFIG_remove_udev = "hwdb"?09:14
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jofrpoky/meta/recipes-core/udev/ has: PACKAGECONFIG[hwdb] = "--enable-hwdb,--disable-hwdb" .. I just haven't used this PACKAGECONFIG business before..09:16
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RPjofr: where are you wanting to disable it from, a bbappend or a local/distro conf?09:23
jofrI actually got rid of it by throwing out usbutils, as I didn't really need them anyway, but I'd like to learn how.09:26
jofrCould I do it from my image-recipe?09:26
jofrLet's say bbappend. I'm assuming you mean bbappending to eudev*.bb09:26
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RPjofr: you can't do it from an image recipe but yes, you could do what you suggest above from a bbappen to eudev09:38
RPjofr: something like PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-eudev = "hwdb" in your distro.conf or local.conf would also work09:39
RPor just set PACKAGECONFIG to what you need: PACKAGECONFIG_pn-eudev = "XXX"09:39
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jofrRP: Good point. Thanks!10:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I add some file (maybe like /home/eric/ to Yocto rootfs lib folder(/lib)? <>11:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to control backlight with a button connect to a gpio? <>12:17
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nayfeHi, any meta-java maintainer here?14:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Change gdb source file path <>15:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto issue with meta-java <>16:18
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cdgarrenI'm using devtool to patch a recipe, and it wants to number the patch 0001, even though I already have 0001-0003. How can I make it continue numbering from the previous patches?17:01
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pebenitois it possible to force a particular libc for a single recipe? I have a static linked pgm in my initramfs so musl would make sense17:58
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RPpebenito: you probably want multiconfig or possibly multilib could do it too19:40
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moosnatHi, I'm trying to build a multi-layered container image with Yocto. Is it possible, in an image-class, to access individual packagegroups?19:45
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Remove Packages From core-image-base [closed] <>19:48
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zeddiimoosnat: what do you mean by ‘access’ ?19:53
moosnatzeddii: can I write a recipe that uses each packagegroup's rootfs as an OCI image layer?19:56
zeddiihrmm. not sure you'd really want to do that.20:01
zeddiihave you seen the work I did in meta-virtualization on creating oci-images ?20:02
moosnatI have not20:02
zeddiithe logic to create the oci layers doesn't really belong buried in recipes and bbclasses imho, but can more easily be done on any resulting tgz's output from the build as part of an image type class.20:03
moosnatCan you link me your meta-virtualization work please?20:03
zeddiipull the meta-virt layer :D there are also some bugzilla entries for it.20:04
zeddiiI'm only half kidding, the commit in the layer has a long writeup on what it can do.20:04
zeddiiso that's really the best place to look and collaborate.20:04
zeddiiI'd love some help with it :D20:04
zeddiiright now it is single layer by design, but could easily be extended to do multiple layers.20:04
moosnatzeddii: awesome! as my work is in the MVP phase, I might start with a single layer, then look at how to modify it for multiple layers20:08
zeddiiif you follow what I put in that commit log (I should also write a README), you can spin out an oci layer than can be pushed to dockerhub, or unbundled and run, directly with no mods. If there are gaps, let me know, I have cycles to fix bugs and add features.20:09
zeddiis/oci layer/oci image/20:09
moosnatHow might it be extended to multiple layers?20:12
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zeddiiit only takes a single image_rootfs at the moment. it could either take a list, or could be run multiple times to add layers to the oci image.20:14
moosnatso if the `sloci-image` invocation at the bottom of your image-class passed a series of rootfses, that would produce more layers?20:17
zeddiithe tool itself doesn't handle it at the moment (or at least I don't recall it being able to handle it), so some extension at that level would probably be needed.20:18
moosnatI might try to replace `sloci-image` with buildah, actually20:19
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zeddiimoosnat, I've looked at them *all*20:34
zeddiiliterally all the tools.20:34
zeddiithey are all way to bloodly complex20:34
* zeddii disliked buildah more than most20:34
zeddiithey all want to *build* things, versus assemble.20:34
moosnatyou may be right, lol20:35
zeddiiand try making one of them into a host tool20:36
zeddiiI spent multiple days on that.20:36
moosnatcome to think of it I can't find any way to use buildah to manipulate the individual layers20:36
zeddiitheir dependencies are literally endless20:36
zeddiiso you have to make a  zillion go-native, foo-native, tools.20:36
zeddiiand pretty much none of them really want to be built as native.20:36
zeddiii nearly destroyed a keyboard in anger at one point ;)20:37
moosnathmm, okay20:37
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zeddiiat some point, I'm sure things will outgrow the low dependency option currently in place, but definitely a lot of work to drop a replacement in20:38
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moosnatI'd personally like a tool that's more actively developed, but this may work for POC purposes20:40
zeddiiyah, but the spec isn't changing20:40
zeddiiso as long as there aren't missing features, it's no big deal.20:40
zeddiilet's just say that finding something that runs in a cross environment or another build system, is not easy.20:41
moosnatThanks for the heads-up20:41
zeddiiI thought for a while I was going to be able to use unmoci, but the dependencies were just so huge.20:42
moosnatalright, well I read through sloci-image, and it looks easy enough to maintain if the spec has a breaking change20:42
moosnatI'm going to go ahead and import meta-virt20:42
moosnatthank you!20:43
zeddiiI have to head out now, but the meta-virt list, bugzilla or on here are good ways to find me. I'm happy to share my pain. :D20:43
zeddiiI was about to write my own from scratch20:43
zeddiithen found that, and it suited the initial need. I was just waiting to see if anyone else popped up looking for more features20:43
* zeddii really flees20:43
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erakisHi, I made a C++ library and the install rule of the Makefile is copy the real library ``, create the symlink `` and finally call `ldconfig -n`. Now when building the yocto library recipe recipe I'm getting the error `Files/directories were installed but not shipped`. I guess it's because of symlink created previously on the image rootfs and not added to the the FILE_${PN}. How can I fix this problem ?20:48
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JPEWHmm, uninative appears to coerce the program interpreter without verifying that the architecture22:22
JPEWMeaning, it will replace a 32-bit executables interpreter with on a 64-bit host22:23
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