Monday, 2019-04-22

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Recipe Not Installing File to Image <>03:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to declare dependencies of ffs(function file system) in yocto recipe <>03:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Recipe Not Installing File to Image <>05:36
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kergothHm, wonder what it'd take for bitbake to be happy with multiple clients connectd to the server at the same time, as long as only one is trying to kick off builds, so the other could be used for inspection15:12
Striking7kergoth: that would be music to my ears. I need to run a bunch of queries to bitbake concurrently right now. They're all effectively read-only other than a few temp files: get the upstream versions of a recipe available, spit them out15:20
Striking7The bitbake server became a chokepoint because of its blocking nature. I ended up deploying it to a bunch of docker containers and querying them concurrently.15:21
Striking7it was more work than it probably needed to be that way but I wasn't sure if I there was a better way to access that info without blocking on the bitbake service.15:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable ngx_stream_core_module in Yocto <>15:38
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black_13what is the relation between oe-core and yocto16:41
kergothI would really love it if
kergothI was going to say I'd love a vim plugin that directly communicated with the bitbake server16:43
black_13so yocto is from open embedded16:43
kergothi don't understand that statement16:47
black_13kergoth: is that in response to my statement16:47
black_13I am trying to understand how yocto relates to oe-core16:48
black_13and what is the definitive way to build for the wandboard imx-6 i own16:49
black_13yocto or oe-core16:49
JaMaread the link kergoth gave you16:50
black_13it looks likew16:50
black_13like your correct16:50
black_13"Historically the project grew from, and works with the OpenEmbedded Project which is where the build system and some of the meta-data are derived."16:51
kergothoe-core is one component of what yocto provides. oe-core + bitbake *is* the yoto buildsystem. it's not possible to build with yocto without oe-core. so there is no 'yocto or oe-core' question.16:51
kergothyou didn't read enough.16:51
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kergothread the entire page, not one random sentence16:51
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keithanyone setup yocto w/ connman to automatically bring up a wifi network? I can't seem to find where I need to drop a file into /var/lib/connman. I assume it's a bbappend I create?17:01
keithor, i'd be fine w/ using systemd-networkd as well, if anyone knows off the top of their head there17:01
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kergothRP: any objections to this going into vim-bitbake and bitbake/contrib/vim as long as it remains opt-in? alters the ftplugin to call out to a script that just parses bblayers.conf+layer.conf and dumps bbpath to set 'path'17:28
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* kergoth gets food17:32
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moosnatzeddii: I refactored `image-oci` to use `umoci`, and am pretty pleased with it so far!18:06
zeddiifor limited use cases, yah. but as a proper native tool, it’s a no-go.18:25
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moosnatDo you know if it's possible to incrementally install packages into a rootfs? I'm trying to create multiple layers in an OCI image18:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Packaging files generated by multiple Yocto recipes to a separate image <>21:39
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moosnatIs it possible to build `musl` for a native target?22:56
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