Tuesday, 2019-04-23

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xtronambiguous argument 'v4.14^{}': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.07:37
xtron URL: 'git://github.com/<xxx>/xilinx-linux-4.14.git;protocol=https;branch=xlnx_lts_v4.14'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.07:37
xtroncan someone help me to figure out, what argument is ambiguous?07:39
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LetoThe2ndxtron: chances are that you just god some quoting wrong07:43
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xtronLetoThe2nd, hmm07:48
LetoThe2ndxtron: maybe show the line *VERBATIM* in a pastebin or such.07:49
xtronLetoThe2nd, looking for the culprit "source_mirror_url"07:59
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RPkergoth: no objection from me08:47
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angelo_tshi, need some help, i am in systemd-nspawn  but building (cloning repos) a yocto recipe i get  the GIT : fatal: index-pack failed12:13
angelo_tsmore proper error, just before, is : fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly12:14
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armpitRP, I am traveling today to I wont look at swat till later tonight12:25
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RParmpit: no problem. I'm going to rerun master-next with iputils dropped, I think that is the cause of most of the problems12:28
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armpitI added you to the bug regarding the timeouts as I saw them on master as well as thud12:29
RParmpit: thanks, I noticed those too :(12:30
armpitseems like the same systems12:30
RParmpit: did we note which machines and which steps/targets in the bug?12:31
armpitI did12:31
RParmpit: I wonder if this was the NAS failure?12:33
armpitthats what I thought too but the master build came after12:33
armpitthe fix12:33
RPhmm :(12:33
armpitthe mater build I looked at was last night "Mon Apr 22 08:50:19 2019 "12:34
armpitit has the {ak} notes added12:35
RParmpit: could it have started before the nas trouble and only finished afterwards?12:36
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armpitthat was the start time Monday morning12:40
armpitdon't know TZ for the AB12:40
tzoh timezone12:40
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voyohello!  I have a problem with /etc/inittab  file - I added some customization  (using sysvinit-inittab_2.88dsf.bbappend file ),  I can confirm that my changes exists inside *.rootfs.ext4 image  , but whan I boot it with qemu - my changes are gone, there is only default inittab file....   what may alter it ??13:36
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erakisHi, while looking to the file openssh_6.7p1.bb, I see RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "dropbear". If I well understand it means that any version of openssh is in conflicts with any version of dropbear. But what's means RCONFLICTS_${PN}-sshd = "dropbear" ?13:47
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yannanyone could see a reason why a patch would be listed in log.do_patch as successfully applied, but not applied in fact (and running "quilt push" manually in ${S} would in fact apply it properly) ?13:57
kanavinyann, which version of yocto is that?13:59
RPerakis: these are package manager directives that apply to packages, not recipes13:59
RPerakis: so its creating the conflicts for ${PN} (the openssh package) and ${PN}-sshd, the openssh-sshd package14:00
RParmpit: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/57/builds/517 needs a bug, looks like a makefile race :(14:00
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erakisRP: So from the recipe of openssh, we can set a conflicts from another pakcage (in this case openssh-sshd) ?14:04
RPerakis: the openssh recipe generates multiple packages, openssh and openssh-sshd are two of them14:04
erakisRP: Ok, I understand now. I have always thought that a recipe can only produce a single package as we only have a single variable for the package name $PN.14:07
RPerakis: it creates the list of packages in PACKAGES14:08
RPerakis: PN would be better called recipe name14:08
erakisRP: Oops, I did not see that one. https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.0.2/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.html#var-PACKAGES. Thank you so much.14:21
erakisRP: Now I fully understand ;)14:21
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kanavinrburton, nice to see you back :)14:25
kanavinyann, the only thing I can think of, and it is highly unlikely to happen, is that the patch is applied, but into the wrong place in the file14:26
psrcodeRP: Could you give me more information on how to reproduce the test images (core-image-sato-ptest) from the tests link you provided me. https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20190417-10/testresults/qemux86-64-ptest/testresults.json14:26
kanavinif the context is matching exactly14:26
psrcodeMy google fu yield nothing14:26
yannkanavin: quite unilikely I'd say, the patch rewrites most of a single file - how would it be possible that "quilt push" does the job when do_patch does not ?14:28
yannand when do_patch does not even record (for quilt) the patch to be applied14:28
yannjust in case I'm pulling the tip of warrior, I was 2 weeks behind14:29
erakisRP: Sorry for the newbie question. I have last one for you. What's the default value of RREPLACE and RCONFLICTS ? I've look into "meta/conf/bitbake.conf" but I did not found anything conclusive. Previously I had a recipes without version "my-program.bb". Now I renamed it to "my-program_1.1.0.bb". If I install the new package, is the old one will be in conflicts and replaced ? If no, how I can make the old one being conflicts of the new one ? Moreover, what14:29
erakiswill happens when I will call "opkg upgrade", will the new package be considered newer?14:29
rburtonall that changed is the version, so it will just upgrade14:34
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erakisrburton: Reassure me, so if I renamed a recipes from "my-program_1.1.0" to "my-program_1.0.0", doing "opkg upgrade" will not pick it ?14:38
rburtoncorrect, thats a downgrade14:38
rburtondefault PV assuming you didn't touch it in the recipe itself is 1.014:38
rburton(a recipe without a version in the filename uses the default PV=1.0)14:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Bitbake RDEPENDS from External Shared library <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55813455/yocto-bitbake-rdepends-from-external-shared-library>14:42
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kanavinrburton, would you be sending recipe updates from the most recent AUH run?14:47
kanavinand would Anuj? just looking at the list of things to be updated and thinking what I could pick up, but it has to be from a truly absent maintainer14:48
kanavine.g. python* maintainer is truly gone14:48
RPpsrcode: basically add http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=96e4294209b992bf1b7ebea75e9e049b36bbe95b to master-next14:51
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RPpsrcode: I couldn't merge it since it doesn't work so well :(14:51
psrcodeRP: okai good I'm not crazy :P14:53
rburtonkanavin: most of my latest run was failures14:54
psrcodeI should be able to work on that by next week14:54
rburtonkanavin: i will yes. but not today14:54
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RPpsrcode: no, but I wonder about me ;-)14:57
psrcodeit would be nice if the testresult contained the git remote used. is this information already available somewhere?14:59
kanavinrburton, sure, all fine then14:59
yannkanavin: seems it's fixed with current warrior, sorry for the noise15:00
RPpsrcode: the trouble is that remote rebases :/15:03
psrcodewell having the "base" remote would have helped me understanding the status/nature of that run, I tought it was an existing build/test job failing. anyway will take a look into it.15:07
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keithanyone ever setup adb on a yocto setup? I installed the pkg but trying to figure out the right kernel modules needed to do adb over USB. adb over network works fine15:24
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RPpsrcode: yes, the intention was it would be going into master, the results were just bad enough we couldn't which was unusual15:27
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rburtonkanavin: can you build mesa with and without your latest patchbomb?  here, mesa changes.16:57
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rburton--rwxr-xr-x root       root         65018064 ./usr/lib/dri/.debug/kms_swrast_dri.so16:57
rburton -rwxr-xr-x root       root         88267032 ./usr/lib/dri/.debug/nouveau_vieux_dri.so16:57
rburton+-rwxr-xr-x root       root         65018064 ./usr/lib/dri/.debug/virtio_gpu_dri.so16:57
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RPrburton: the one in -next?17:01
rburtonyeah based on next17:01
RPrburton: btw, we will now get some ptest results in quick builds: https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20190423-7/testresults/testresult-report.txt17:01
rburtonor best rebase17:02
RPrburton: I mean is it kanavin's patchbomb in -next or the one from today17:03
RP"PKGR changed from r0 [default] to r0.0" - not helpful buildhistory :/17:05
RP(from https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20190423-7/testresults/qemux86-64/buildhistory.txt)17:05
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kergothHm, think I just found a strange bug regarding runtime mappings for multilib as it applies to runtime packages and their preferences. I have PREFERRED_PROVIDER set without using MLPREFIX, relying on the automatic mapped versions being set, and I have a FEATURE_PACKAGES which installs a package that this recipe emits. If I build lib32-core-image-base, RDEPENDS includes the lib32 variant binary package name, but it's not obeying the implicitly set17:46
kergoth preference with that mlprefix, i had to explicitly set the preference including mlprefix to get it to obey the pref for this binary package installation. core-image-base and lib32-core-image-base were bujilding and installing two different providers, despite the preference being set.17:46
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kergothTo clarify, I was forced to do PREFERRED_PROVIDER_${MLPREFIX}foo = "bar", even though bitbake -e shows that PREFERRED_PROVIDER_lib32-foo = "lib32-bar" already.17:49
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kergothMaybe an order of operations issue, the mapped preference set after it tried to look it up for the image RDEPENDS?17:49
kergoththat doesn't make sense, though..17:50
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moosnatIs anyone using valgrind as a native tool, for instance for running unit tests?18:11
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derRichardguys, sumo is missing this bugfix: https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=8476119:27
yoctiBug 84761: was not found.19:27
derRichardtherefore asan will not work on x86 32bit programs19:28
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derRichardshall i file a bug or isn't sumo worth it? :>19:34
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