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mckoangood morning06:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: RRECOMMENDS_${PN} = "kernel-module-g-ffs" didn't install g_ffs.ko into image <>06:45
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xtronbuilding linux kernel, ${workdir}/git/.../dtb/xx.dtb is not available in ${workdir}/build/.../dtb/   where kernel_devicetree = xx.dtb   got error "install: cannot stat 'xx.dtb' no such file"08:31
xtronhow to get this file in ${workdir}/build ?08:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: BitBake recipe for custom <>10:45
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kanavinrburton, not sure which patchbomb is that?11:51
rburtonkanavin: not sure what i was asking now11:51
kanavinrburton, the mesa change11:52
rburtonah yes, your series with mako in seemed to change mesa11:52
kanavinrburton, tried reverting the mako change, buildhistory-diff stays silent11:58
rburtonok weird randomness here11:58
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florianHrm... what would be the bitbake workflow to fetch all sources to build a sdk target matching an image?13:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Populate_ext_error in yocto <>13:16
Croftonbitbake -c populate_sdk image-name13:17
Croftonflorian, ^^^13:17
florianCrofton: sure... but this actually builds the sdk - I would like to fetch whatever is required and yes it differs from what its required to build the image.13:19
florianLike bitbake -c fetchall -c populate_sdk $image13:20
florianbut from what I know multiple -c are not supported13:20
Croftonah yes13:20
CroftonI thought your question was too easy :)13:20
bluelightning_don't suppose anyone would like to expand/categorise some of ?13:21
bluelightning_rburton: RP: ^13:21
bluelightning_have run out of time for today, will pick it back up tomorrow13:21
bluelightning_but help would be appreciated13:21
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yatesa recipe which DEPENDS on my new wxwidgets 3.0.4 recipe is failing: /bin/sh: 1: wx-config: not found13:47
yatesthis is in the do_compile13:47
yatesand of course I am indeed using wx-config in the make file to generate the compile options13:48
yatesi do not understand how the wx-config, which is apparently supposed to be generated by the wxwidgets recipe, gets included into the build environment for my dependent recipe13:49
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yateshere is the wxwidgets recipe:
yatesi'm thinking in the binconfig_sysroot_preprocess() function, right?13:50
rburtonyates: have a look in sysroot-components/, find the wxwidgets folder and check that wx-config is in usr/bin13:51
rburton(need to add a helper to do that013:52
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yatesrburton: is sysroot-components somewhere under the sources/poky/build/tmp folder?13:55
yatesit's not in mine..13:55
yatesremember this is morty13:55
yatesi have a sysroots13:55
yatesis that what you mean?13:56
rburtonoh right just dig around the target sysroot then13:56
rburton(and upgrade)13:56
rburtonalso have you submitted your new wxwidgets recipe to meta-oe yet13:56
yatesyou wouldn't want this one!13:57
yatesit don't work..13:57
yateswx-config is nowhere under my tmp/sysroots13:58
yateshow do i start the submission process ?13:59
yatesis there any interaction between what's in the sysroots and the FILES_xyz of the wx recipe?13:59
rburtonyou send the patch13:59
yatessend it via email?14:00
rburtonno FILES is the packages, the sysroot is a subset of whatever is installed14:00
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rburtonhave a look at the original wxwidgets recipe and see what it does that you're not14:00
yatesok, well then i'm stumped14:00
rburtonmeta-oe has  README for submission14:00
yatesthis used to work...14:00
yatesok, i'll check the README14:00
yatesrburton: does the "gtk2" in "BINCONFIG_GLOB = "arm-fslc-linux-gnueabi-gtk2-unicode-3.0" refer to gtk library 2.0?14:02
yatesthat may be the problem - this is gtk314:02
yatesthis gtk version naming is the death of me..14:04
rburtonjust glob that bit14:04
rburtonall of that is overly-precise14:04
rburtonwhat if you're not doing a arm-fsl build14:04
yatesfor now i'll just s/gtk2/gtk314:06
yatesget specific to work first, then generalize..14:06
yatesplus our hardware guy needs this build quickly, i didn't expect to have to deal with this.14:08
yatesas i said, i THOUGHT it was working, but it's been a few weeks since i messed with it.14:08
Croftonyates you saw the existing wx recipe? I think in meta-ros?14:08
yatesCrofton: presumably at one point, yes, i think  so. it's 2.9.5?14:09
Croftonnot sure, just something I saw ageas ago14:10
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JPEWHmm, I'm trying to parse recipes with tinfoil to examine variable values and it's complaining that I don't have all the hosttools installed14:17
JPEWDo I really need the host tools just for parsing?14:17
yatesCrofton: what is ros? meta-ros?14:19
yatesis this the right place to look at the existing meta-oe recipes?
Croftonthat will point you to the git repo14:26
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yatesok, thank you14:32
yatesi'm still batting 0. change gtk2 to gtk3, rebuilt, and i still get no wx-config14:32
yatesand there is no wx-config anywhere in tmp14:33
yatesis it possible i'm battling cache state?14:33
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yatesafter building just the wxwidgets recipe, there is no wx-config anywhere under tmp14:46
yatesthere is not *wx*config* anywhere under tmp14:47
yatesthe wxwidgets recipe builds without error though14:47
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erakisHi, I'm getting an error each time I build my image. I have never had this error for 2 years. "opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /home/xxx/xxx/poky/build-xxx/tmp/work/beaglebone-poky-linux-gnueabi/image-xxx/1.0-r0/rootfs//var/lib/opkg/lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.". I've tried dropping thread BB_NUMBER_THREADS ?= "1" but I've got the same problem. I've also remove the "tmp" folder, but again I had the same error.15:07
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erakisI maybe found the problem, I'm calling "opkg status ..." in the "pkg_postinst_${PN}".15:20
yatesrburton: in a recipe under morty, where is the ${B} path, typically? is it under tmp?15:24
rburtonyates: as per the documentation, its the same as ${S} unless you change it yourself or a class does (autotools.bbclass does)15:24
rburtonbitbake -e will show this for you15:24
yatesok, and what the heck is ${@get_binconfig_mangle(d)} ???15:25
rburton$ git grep get_binconfig_mangle15:26
rburtonmeta/classes/binconfig.bbclass:def get_binconfig_mangle(d):15:26
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Striking7is there a way to *just* update yocto's recipes without modifying things in bitbake and scripts16:33
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rburtonStriking7: use bitbake + oe-core instead of poky16:46
rburtonpoky is bitbake+oe-core glued together into a single repo16:46
Striking7thanks rburton, will do16:47
rburtonof course, recipe updates may depend on changes to bitbake, if youre moving between branches16:47
Striking7Yet again rburton saves me time :)16:47
Striking7Yeah, I figured as much. I *know* how bad it sounds, but I modified things in scripts (mostly devtool) and fetchers in bitbake/lib/bb/fetch216:47
rburtonsurely dealing with that is what branches are for16:49
rburtonjust rebase16:49
Striking7good call16:51
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RPdenix: did you have a chance to look at the 2.5.3 release?17:42
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denixRP: looks good to me18:08
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erakisHi, how may I declare an environment variable in the script "pkg_preinst" that will be accessible to the "pkg_postinst" ? I tried export MY_VAR=1 in pkg_preinst and then echo $MY_VAR in pkg_postinst, but it show nothing.18:34
kergoththey're completely different shell scripts run at completely different times.18:40
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erakiskergoth: When the rootfs is produced I understand, but when we install the package manually, it's not the same shell between pre_inst/post_inst?18:48
kergothwhy would it be? they're still run at two different times18:48
erakiskergoth: If I use a file in /tmp to keep the information, this should work ?18:48
kergothone before files are extracted, one after18:48
* kergoth that could work, yeah, but you'd have to somehow make usre it gets cleaned up, even if preinst ran but postinst didn't due to a failure part way through the install18:49
erakiskergoth: why would it be? they're still run at two different times -> I thought that when running "opkg install my_package" all the trigger functions were executed with the same shell session (the one of the user who executed the command).18:50
kergothno, you run a pcakage manager, which is already a different process from the shell you're running it18:51
kergothand then that process spawns a new shell instance to run the script18:51
kergothso you're already at *least* two processes away from your shell18:51
kergotha child process can't change the environment of its parent18:51
erakiskergoth: Interesting, I didn't know.18:52
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erakiskergoth: In pkg_postinst, I would like to test for the presence of another package. But as long as I execute "opkg status" or "opkg list", this produce a kind of deadlock because the opkg lock file. So the yocto build image failed. So I though that getting this information on pkg_preinst, put it into /tmp/xxx and getting information back on pkg_postinst would do the trick. Do you have a better idea ?18:54
kergothi wouldn't use the package manager to check that, i'd check for the actual binaries or files installed by the other package18:54
kergothbut *shrug*, your call18:54
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erakiskergoth: I'm agree with you. By the way, thank you for the lesson :)18:57
kergothno problem18:57
kergothif you ever want to learn more about processes, environment vars, etc, the book advanced programming in the unix environment is a good, though verbose, resource. good reference material18:58
erakiskergoth: This is a huge book, I bought it in epub version 2 years ago, but with the arrival of my 2 children and I could not finish it. But thank you for confirming that it was a good buy.19:01
LetoThe2ndits basically the bible, indeed.19:05
keithany suggestions on the best yocto/openembedded book?19:11
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kergotherakis: i don't know many that19:42
kergothve read it cover to cover, but at least you can look stuff up as reference19:42
kergothi think i read about 50% + a few specific sections beyond that19:42
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sashkohow can I check whether UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI for a recipe works locally?20:41
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