Friday, 2019-04-26

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mckoangood morning07:03
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: mostly yes :)07:05
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: that's a good news! Glad to hear that.07:12
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likewisegood morning *to you*08:21
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RPLetoThe2nd: it is a good morning, be assertive ;-)09:03
LetoThe2ndRP: like, the asserts you always (ha, ha!) properly write into your code, hoping that they never ever hit?09:04
RPLetoThe2nd: no, not like that :)09:04
* LetoThe2nd is very assertively doing JS right now.09:05
LetoThe2ndRP: you around this afternoon?09:10
RPLetoThe2nd: yes, should be09:10
LetoThe2ndRP: i'll try to do another streaming test run some time then, probably like 16:00 CEST or such. will poke you then once i get going!09:12
RPLetoThe2nd: I'd best figure out what I need then (some kind of account?) :)09:12
RPLetoThe2nd: I do have a couple of meetings this afternoon :/09:13
LetoThe2ndRP: creating an account should totally be enough09:13
RPI think 16:00 CEST works09:13
* RP is confused with tzs09:13
LetoThe2ndRP: give or take some. if it doesn't work out, no problem either. i'll do a recording so i'm able to inspect it myself laters too.09:14
RPLetoThe2nd: fair enough, sounds good09:15
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: let me know if you need any help09:22
derRichardcan i set DISTRO_VERSION to any string i want?09:30
LetoThe2ndmckoan: if you can be online around 16:00 for some time, thats hopefully enough09:30
LetoThe2ndmckoan: if you want to invest 5 more minutes, create a twitch account so we can also try the interaction there.09:31
RPLetoThe2nd: have the account :)09:41
LetoThe2ndRP: hooray!09:43
LetoThe2ndRP: care to give me your nick, or say hello in the chat at ?09:44
LetoThe2ndRP: added you to moderators :)09:50
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RPLetoThe2nd: ok, cool09:52
LetoThe2ndthat should totally be enough for the start.09:54
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LetoThe2ndi'll announce it here when i'm ready to do the test run laters :)09:54
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I registered on twitch09:54
RPLetoThe2nd: cool09:54
LetoThe2ndmckoan: great! i'll be doing the live test run on later, probably 16:00 CEST, give or take some. just tune in and give feedback :)09:56
mckoanLetoThe2nd: ok, let's meet later at 16 CET09:57
* mckoan can't believe that people spend time watching others playing instead of laying themselves09:59
* mckoan (instead of Playing themselves)10:00
ndecLetoThe2nd: thanks for you involvement on the twitch! looking forward to the videos ;) I have a twitch account, as ndec13. i will not be around at 4.00 today, but mostly around 4.20 or 4.30..10:00
ndecso i might miss your live feed ;)10:01
LetoThe2ndndec: oh we'll see how long i test. plan to do a run over wifi, and one over 4g as fall back so you'll certainly get something to watch by then.10:02
mcfriskseeing funny sstate cache bugs. if recipe defines SRC_URI with SRC_URI_bla, then SRC_URI_bla is not affecting sstate checksum10:02
LetoThe2ndmckoan: some of the streamers have good qulities like radio moderators. but yeah, my impression is thats in many cases just like a remote way to hang out with your friends.10:03
LetoThe2ndmckoan: i think the trick is to have the content curated just that little bit beforehand, so you can make that important difference between just babbling and really telling something.10:04
LetoThe2ndndec: set you mod+editor too.10:05
derRichardguys, can it be that SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "disable" does not work for openssh? i'd like to have openssh disabled by default. but the sshd.socket service is always enabled ;-\10:15
derRichardi have a openssh_%.bbappend file that has the SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_... line10:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add include path in a yocto recipe for a qt app? <>11:24
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ndecLetoThe2nd: ok! btw, on LinkedIn someone said "Would request to include yocto-kernel-cache topic if possible." not sure how you are planning to track incoming requests..11:39
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LetoThe2ndndec: good question. we could keep a kind of scratchpad where we log things to? basically this is one of the things why i asked for somebody to be around and team up with me for the chat, as i won't be able to stream and properly handle that in a live situation, at least not for the first couple of times. maybe with more experience.11:47
mcfriskgah, sshd host key generation takes for ever without serial console login etc interupts. static keys the only way out?11:48
LetoThe2ndndec: so far twitch does not seem to provide a chatlog download so far, this would have been the easiest way for later review11:48
ndecLetoThe2nd: we could have a landing page on the wiki11:48
LetoThe2ndndec: plus, this particular request already shows one of the main pain points i expect, but have not worded yet: questions for topics that i do not know well or at all11:50
ndeci was hoping you would know everything..11:51
LetoThe2ndndec: my long term strategy there would be that i personally focus on the entry level, therefore kind of taking care of the tedious every day work, and that somebody else, more knowledgeable, might do additional higher level sessions in the future to complement me11:51
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LetoThe2ndbut thats really something time will have to chow11:52
LetoThe2ndand also show.11:52
LetoThe2ndperfect typo.11:52
ndecyeah.. it's an interesting experience. if it works out well, we will need to pull in more people on a case by case need..11:53
LetoThe2ndndec: thats the hope.11:54
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto fails to create a new target directory <>11:54
LetoThe2ndndec: i'll happily serve as front line warrior, but my speaking experience show that i'm way better at guiding and getting newbies interested than doing really nittygritty details.11:54
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ndeclet's not worry about that for now, and do our best to create a good (new) communication channel.. if we have lots of requests, it will be a good problem to manage!11:56
LetoThe2ndcheers to that.11:56
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RPmcfrisk: In a VM?13:06
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: ready14:00
LetoThe2ndsame here14:01
LetoThe2ndjust doing some last set up14:01
LetoThe2ndRP, mckoan, ndec OK, we should be starting live now14:03
RPLetoThe2nd: taking a look14:04
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: Stream all looked good, I've subscribed on twitch so should get a notification for the upcoming streams :)14:34
paulbarkerI may be able to do a live build & deploy on Raspberry Pi in the future so let me know if that's worth doing14:34
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derRichardLetoThe2nd: maybe you can use a bold font next time in your terminal. on my side the font ware not very clear and rather coarse-grained14:35
LetoThe2ndderRichard: ok, will look into that. thanks for the feedback!14:36
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: about everything thats being possible to show is worth showing, methinks.14:37
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i mean, one of the key points on twitch is that the expected content preparation and stringency (is that a word?) level is considerably lower than on a classic webcast14:38
LetoThe2ndread that as: relax, show lots of things, fail fast, fail often, learn something.14:39
paulbarkerThat definitely makes sense14:41
paulbarkerJust need to prep some sstate before going live :)14:41
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: heh, did that for sure14:41
LetoThe2ndi'm even amazed that my battery served the whole thing, and still going14:42
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: I need to get to the pub myself but will have a think over the weekend what else would be good to do for a Yocto livestream14:43
paulbarkerGot a pretty good video call setup here plus a bunch of cheap dev boards like rpi and beaglebone with serial port connections set up14:44
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: sure do so. ndec already had a request for yocto-kernel-cache :P14:45
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: or real hw, cool! i am limited to whatever i cna show off with just my laptop, at least for now.14:46
LetoThe2ndso, i'm off into the weekend! thanks everybody again and see you!14:48
mckoanLetoThe2nd: thank you. Have a nice weekend14:49
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ronybeckHow can I make a recipe ignore an unpackaged file?15:31
kergothremove it in do_install_append / do_install is best15:31
kergothbetter is to package it, but removal works, case by case15:31
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ronybeckI tried that.  It seems to be still there :-(15:34
ronybeckfreeswitch is a piece of shit15:35
kergothif you removed it in do_install, it wouldn't be unpcakaged15:38
kergothso most likely you didn't remove the correct path15:38
kergothit has to be relative to ${D} in do_install15:38
kergothi.e. rm -f ${D}${bindir}/foo15:38
ronybeckI have this in do_install_append(): rmdir ${D}/run15:40
RParmpit: my experiment with ltp on the autobuilder didn't end well: :(15:45
RParmpit: I might hack bitbake to provide output every 5000s...15:48
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armpitRP, ah I don't see ltp in the test suite?15:54
armpitdid you munge it into the ptests?15:54
RParmpit: I added some hacks which should have added it15:54
mckoandoes exist any updated document explaining how to setup an AB machine?15:54
armpitmckoan, there is a README in the repo15:55
RPmckoan: yocto-autobuilder2 and yocto-autobuilder-helper do have READMEs15:55
RPdocs are suboptimal for it :(15:55
armpitRP, are there any logs we can lock at to see what did get run ?15:56
RParmpit: if you ssh into the worker, yes15:56
armpitRP, we can not call it ptest.. we need a different name15:57
RParmpit: I'm undecided whether we split ltp onto another builder15:57
RParmpit: this was purely to test it15:57
armpitit will only confuse people15:57
mckoanRP: armpit: do you mean this?
mckoanarmpit: as I suspected, is not clear which one to use15:59
RP and
RPI did specifically say "yocto-autobuilder2", not yocto-autobuilder16:00
armpitthe 2 is silent ; )16:00
mckoanRP: sorry, thanks16:00
armpitRP, ltp, ptest and lsb are special case runtime tests.. need a better name to repo those kinds of tests16:02
mcfriskRP: no, on an arm board. sshgenkeys is taking for ever as is something within ssh daemon to start accepting connections. using openssl 1.1.1a and openssh from thud16:02
mcfriskI'm assuming the problem is same as
armpitmcfrisk, yeah, notice that too on real hardware16:03
RPmckoan: I just pushed to make this really clear16:04
RPmcfrisk: sounds like random number generation issues16:04
mcfriskI use ssh to run tests so this is kind of killing the test farm. can't increase timeouts to 15 minutes or more16:04
RPmcfrisk: maybe need to configure an rng in the kernel?16:04
mcfriskany hints to the correct kernel options for imx8?16:05
RPmcfrisk: no idea, I only fixed this with VMs and rng virtio16:05
neverpanicmcfrisk: you could probably install haveged as well.16:07
rburton_if the hardware has a rng then you should be able to hook that up16:09
mcfriskneverpanic: haveged is GPLv3 so no16:09
neverpanicyou could for testing, but I agree that's probably quite fiddly.16:11
rburton_mcfrisk: has some interesting pointers16:12
mcfriskCONFIG_HW_RANDOM_IMX_RNG seems to be what I would need16:12
mcfriskrburton_: thanks for the link, will browse through16:15
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justanotherboyRP: for util-linux's ptest I've been checking the dependencies for the test in order to enable most of them.16:50
justanotherboyRP: For several tests, the SCSI_DEBUG kernel module is needed, but I don't know if we should enable this module.16:50
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RPjustanotherboy: we need to talk to zeddii about that16:54
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RPjustanotherboy: assuming we can enable it without bad side effects, we can the RRECOMMENDS_${PN}-ptest += "kernel-module-scsi-debug" or whatever16:55
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justanotherboyRP: We would need to build the kernel with that option. Might be a good idea to add the configuration option to the yocto-kernel-cache repo? I think that is the part we need to ask to zeddii17:01
RPjustanotherboy: correct17:01
justanotherboyRP: Meanwhile I'll send the patch with the missing RDEPENDS17:03
RPjustanotherboy: since its a REECOMMENDS we can probably just add it anyway17:05
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justanotherboyRP: OK, I'll send the patch with the kernel module as RRECOMMENDS17:07
RPjustanotherboy: sounds good thanks!17:07
RPzeddii: looks like they've revised the kernel patch a little more17:09
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