Saturday, 2019-04-27

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BCMMwhat exactly can i share between different build directories, to save time? for example, can i just symlink downloads/?10:30
yannBCMM: sstate-cache too10:35
yanndepends on the archs you're attempting to share things for10:35
BCMMyann: probably trying to share between raspberrypi and raspberrypi311:01
BCMMyann: what *is* sstate-cache?11:01
yannBCMM: it's a cache of build artifacts11:02
BCMMyann: meaning what? binaries and so on?11:03
yannyes - if you're sharing between 32bit and 64bit arm platforms, you can't hope to share much more than host binaries11:04
BCMMwell that would be a good start11:08
BCMMyann: so it would never be actually *harmful* to share sstate-cache, then?11:08
yannI think so11:08
BCMMi'll give that a try; thanks11:09
yannthat's what I'm doing myself anyway :)11:09
yannI only switch sstate-cache on major changes that trigger near-full rebuilds11:10
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yannhow can util-linux-script, util-linux-scriptreplay, and probably others creep into an image, when --graphviz does not show them ?14:34
yanncould that come eg. from something IMAGE_FEATURES ?14:35
yannthat's a bit unfortunate, as those are not alternative-managed and conflict with busybox applets :)14:37
justanotherboyyann: It might be because of RDEPENDS or RRECOMMENDS of an installed package16:00
justanotherboyyann: What are the conflicts with busybox?16:01
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yannjustanotherboy: busybox postinstall fails because /usr/bin/script and scriptreplay are not symlinks - that is, because those binaries are not managed as alternative in util-linux22:10
yannjustanotherboy: and if they were simply in RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS, they would appear in the --graphviz output22:11
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