Tuesday, 2019-04-30

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armpitthe dependency is not the test but the python script running, most likely need to update hosttools04:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is a kernel image? Why is it mandatory in Embedded? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55898349/what-is-a-kernel-image-why-is-it-mandatory-in-embedded>06:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What are the main Things in BB files and Give a Basic Example? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55915207/what-are-the-main-things-in-bb-files-and-give-a-basic-example> || Is there a way to create hash(sha256) for images in Yocto's swupdate layer? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55915105/is-there-a-way-to-create-hashsha256-for-images-in-yoctos-swupdate-layer>06:41
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mckoangood morning07:27
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JoeRHello Yocto people. I have a simple question that for some reason eludes me.08:30
LetoThe2ndJoeR: state your case of emergency and wait for rescue :)08:31
JoeR:-) So. I'm writing a recipe for a library. The library is based on cmake, so after inheriting cmake most of the work is done for me.08:31
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JoeRHowever. I'm struggling to pass the sysroot to cmake for a particular include path.08:32
JoeRIt's correct everywhere, apart from the one addition I have to make.08:32
LetoThe2ndJoeR: you mean for some dependency, or what?08:32
LetoThe2ndJoeR: and you have set the dependency in DEPENDS? so it properly is prepared?08:33
JoeRYup. The file is there. If I pass the entire sysroot path, hard coded (i.e. my home dir etc.) it works.08:33
JoeRSo I'm definitely passing it to cmake.08:33
JoeRI've tried referencing ${sysroot} but that's empty.08:34
JoeRAnd I've tried using the "=/usr/include/somedep" to get the sysroot in that way,. i.e. -I=/usr/include/somdep08:34
JoeRBut that also didn't work.08:34
JoeRSo I guess I'm confused, cmake has had it sysroot set, so when my path turns into /usr/include/somedep, I expected that to work. But it doesn't.08:35
LetoThe2ndwell for one, you have to go through EXTRA_OECMAKE, but i guess you already knew that08:35
JoeRYeah, that's where I'm setting it.08:35
JoeRI don't understand why ${sysroot} is empty once it's been passed that way.08:35
LetoThe2ndfor second, i'd say, inspect the output of bitbake -e YOURRECIPE to find the variable where the sysroot is located08:35
JoeRI'm on Krogoth, which I know is ancient, but that's on my list to fix in the future....08:36
JoeRI thought the sys root was always in ${sysroot}?08:36
LetoThe2ndi don't think so, actually08:36
JoeRSo that's probably mistake A then :-)08:36
JoeRI wonder why when the sysroot does appear to be set correctly rather than in the include path it's not getting searched though.08:37
LetoThe2ndJoeR: things you can rely on are set in meta/conf/bitbake.conf08:37
LetoThe2ndJoeR: and ${sysroot} is not there.08:38
JoeRThanks, that's worth knowing.08:38
LetoThe2ndJoeR: for a current release I think it should be RECIPE_SYSROOT08:39
LetoThe2ndJoeR: but for krogoth, please inspect bitbake.conf yourself, i don't have that handy right now.08:39
JoeRWill do.08:39
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JoeRLooks like STAGING_DIR_TARGET, does that sound correct?08:41
LetoThe2ndthats the sysroot it stages *to*08:42
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JoeRHmm. Nothing else obvious in there.08:43
LetoThe2nd(its pretty much out of my area of expertise, so i can't really help much more, sorry)08:44
JoeRThat's ok. Thanks for the pointers! May your spice always flow.08:44
* LetoThe2nd nods distinguishedly and awards 5 grams to JoeR.08:47
hoxyhi everyone. I am having a problem where my kernel device tree is not installed to the /boot folder in my rootfs. It is compiled correctly and available in the deploy folder, but I just can't get it to install to my rootfs08:48
hoxyI tried writing a bbappend for my kernel image, but it does not work08:49
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LetoThe2ndhoxy: just add kernel-devicetree to your IMAGE_INSTALL08:55
LetoThe2ndhoxy: together with properly setting KERNEL_DEVICETREE in your kernel recipe, this does the whole magic for you.08:57
hoxyI already have "IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-devicetree"" in my image recipe09:02
hoxyI forgot to mention that sorry09:02
hoxyand the KERNEL_DEVICETREE variable contains my device tree variable09:04
hoxyKERNEL_DEVICETREE = "renesas/r8a7795-es1-salvator-x.dtb renesas/r8a7795-salvator-x.dtb renesas/r8a7795-salvator-xs.dtb renesas/r8a7795-salvator-xs-2x2g.dtb renesas/r8a7795-salvator-xs-4x2g.dtb"09:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Shared libraries cannot be found when building application in Yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55917197/shared-libraries-cannot-be-found-when-building-application-in-yocto>09:11
LetoThe2ndhoxy: well then inspect the contents of the kernel-devicetree package09:13
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hoxyLetoThe2nd: Okay I looked. The files are in getting installed to the image/boot folder in the package09:33
LetoThe2ndhoxy: which is what you wanted, right?09:34
hoxyyeah, but when I unpack my rootfs they are not there09:35
LetoThe2ndhoxy: is your rootfs doing magic with a separate boot partition that gets mounted somewhere? and does the package really get installed? the manifest will tell you09:35
hoxyI don't thing there is a seperate boot partition. Also the kernel image is installed fine.09:39
hoxyI'll see whats in the manifest thanks09:39
LetoThe2ndhoxy: well if you say that the package contains the files AND that it is installed, then the files are most probably there.09:40
hoxyyes kernel_devicetree is in the manifest09:44
hoxyI'll just clean the whole thing. Maybe that helps09:45
hoxyoh I unpacked an old version of the RFS. Fuck I'm stupid.09:55
hoxyThanks for the help though09:55
JoeRlol We've ALL been there.09:55
hoxyHelped me to understand how to debug those issues in the future09:55
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kanavinRP: yeah I have been following the discussion, glad the issue is sorted (the kernel tcp hang)10:30
kanavinrburton_, sure :)10:30
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RPkanavin: yes, its a nice success story for our testing too10:54
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RParmpit: figured out the ltp thing, its a free space issue. Fix pushed11:08
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kanavinRP: I am unable to reproduce the python3-pycairo failure seen on the AB. I will send the update again, and if the failure again occurs, would be good to get a snapshot of the work directory for the recipe.11:12
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kanavinRP: never mind, just saw it :)11:16
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RPkanavin: ok :)11:22
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kanavinrburton, you owe me a beer :)11:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup a machine as a mirror server for Yocto when fetching packages? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55625512/how-to-setup-a-machine-as-a-mirror-server-for-yocto-when-fetching-packages>12:12
paulbarkerLooking at the latest systemd release notes, getty@tty1.service is no longer enabled by default. Is this something we should re-enable in oe-core or should we move to fixing it in BSPs?12:13
paulbarkerFor boards with HDMI or other graphics output (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, etc) we probably want a console on tty1 by default12:13
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paulbarkerI can't see an easy way to re-enable this. It doesn't belong in SERIAL_CONSOLES as it has no baud rate12:15
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yannWhen trying to build mesa on a wayland distro, it complains about missing wayland-egl-backend, I can't find a recipe for that, am I missing something ?12:30
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rburtonkanavin: cheers :)12:36
rburtonyann: your bsp probably ships a custom GL?12:36
kanavinrburton, I still intend to do that not-London UK trip :)12:37
RPkanavin: what did rburton bribe you with?!12:38
rburtoni have a US $2 reserved for kanavin12:39
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erakisHi, I'm not sure what I did but before pulling new change of fido branch for bitbake and some meta, I had ipk package like "busybox_1.23.1-r0_cortexa8hf-vfp-neon.ipk", now I'm getting "busybox_1.23.1-r0.0_cortexa8hf-vfp-neon.ipk". What is the .0 added ? Where it comes from ? This is annoying because now `opkg list-updatable` list out all the packages instead of just the ones that have changed.12:40
rburtonprservice adds those12:41
yannrburton: that's me-amd#sumo, shipping a customized mesa - hm, I see that official mesa-17 package indeed *builds* libwayland-egl, whereas the mesa-19 package there requires it - looks like it would have been split (and I've already noticed how meta-amd breaks wayland support in several places12:41
yannread "that's meta-amd#sumo" :)12:41
erakis@rburton: That make sens. I comment #INHERIT += "buildhistory"    #BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT = "1"   #PRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0", run cleansstate taks on the image and then "rm -rf ./tmp". Hope it will fix it ? I needed the PR service, but I think I'll have to do without it.12:47
erakisrburton: I'm still getting the ".0". Is there something else I can do ? Maybe once the PR service is enabled, there is not enough to comment lines to disable it ?12:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to tell bitbake to calculate variable's basehash value after specific task? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55911423/how-to-tell-bitbake-to-calculate-variables-basehash-value-after-specific-task>13:42
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armpitRP, k..13:50
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RPLetoThe2nd: somehow we've managed to make the twitch stream conflict with the engineering sync call :(14:43
RPI thought the times were different but they're not14:44
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LetoThe2ndRP: no worries, we'll certainly manage14:50
LetoThe2ndndec: seems to be online already too14:50
RPLetoThe2nd: ok. I'll try and get the other meeting done as quickly as possible14:50
ndecwell.. i messed up with CET too ;) i thought it was at 3PM for me!14:51
LetoThe2ndi triple checked and even looked with vim into the ics file14:51
LetoThe2ndwhich says 17:00 Europe/Berlin14:51
ndechmm. i think 5 CET is 6PM these days, since DST.14:52
LetoThe2ndthats why i checked, but it explicitly says Eure/Berlin14:52
LetoThe2ndand i'm really sure about the berlin time right now :)14:53
ndeci know the French time now, since I need to pick my kid at school ;)14:53
JPEWErr, whats the UTC time?14:53
ndecso, you are saying it's in 10 mins?14:53
LetoThe2ndndec: basically. if everything goes nuts, we can do a little longer and show people arriving "late" something too14:54
ndecok.. i will join with a couple of mins late..14:54
RPJPEW: UTC, GMT, BST or CET? :)14:54
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JPEWCDT if you want to make it easy for me :)14:54
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LetoThe2ndJPEW: C Development Toolkit a.k.a. Eclipse?14:55
RPJPEW: easy answer "its starting in 5 mins"14:55
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JPEWHmm, apparently our IT department thinks people shouldn't be watching twitch while at work14:55
* armpit 8am PDT, 11am EDT ?14:55
LetoThe2ndwe certainly need a better way14:57
LetoThe2ndnext time, we will start at 6:66 UGT14:57
armpit2 cans and a string?14:57
LetoThe2ndwhich is both metal and very un-ambiguous14:57
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LetoThe2ndso, my clock says 5pm15:00
armpitmiller time ?15:00
LetoThe2ndarmpit: its always beer o'clock somewhere15:00
Crofton rul?15:01
florianreading a short tutorial might be faster than whating this guys high quality video ;)15:06
tlwoernerdifferent people like to learn in different ways; some people might prefer to read about something, others might prefer to watch (a video of) someone do(ing) it15:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to pass sysroot from Yocto to cmake <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55923455/how-to-pass-sysroot-from-yocto-to-cmake>15:12
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florianyep... its not the worst idea ever. for someone no idea about all this it might be nice15:14
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* armpit maybe twitch has a howto ?15:18
zeddiiquestions in the twitch chat. an intel person should answer :D15:19
florianin fact it pretty much looks like he did this before some times15:20
* zeddii notes RP has a sword icon. fancy.15:21
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* armpit Brits15:21
RPzeddii: moderator superpowers!15:22
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto15:22
* zeddii sees hovering over the icon would have told him that.15:22
CroftonWho iwll he kick out first15:24
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CroftonI was wondering how long to get a beer. Next he will play metal15:26
*** nate0202 <nate0202!~nate02@mail.validmanufacturing.com> has joined #yocto15:27
* zeddii approves15:27
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florianThere is no yocto beer so far, right?15:28
*** alicef <alicef!~none@gentoo/developer/alicef> has quit IRC15:28
*** alicef <alicef!~none@gentoo/developer/alicef> has joined #yocto15:30
RPzeddii: ndec gets a crown too15:31
florianHmm... nice, noone complained when he mentioned sysvinit :-)15:31
zeddiifaaancy indeed!15:33
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RPLetoThe2nd: nicely done! :)15:54
LetoThe2ndRP: some rough edges still... the browser, and me forgetting to get rid of the old build initially... dang15:55
LetoThe2ndplus, i forgot to push the "record" button. hopefully we can download it from twitch15:55
RPLetoThe2nd: for a first one it seemed to go well15:56
florianLetoThe2nd: not bad indeed... for more credibility you shoud drink coffee or mate :-)15:56
LetoThe2ndflorian: i am not credible.15:57
florianLetoThe2nd: more than most of us I guess :-)15:57
moemoeanybody with a short hint what creates "/var/lock/ -> ../run/lock" on boot (thud w/ systemd) - I need a service to depend on it, as it currently fails on boot as the symlink "/var/lock" is not created at execution time.15:59
ndecLetoThe2nd: thanks a lot for what you've done... i remember a few weeks ago when you throw out this idea here ;)15:59
LetoThe2ndflorian: i actually pondered doing it without a beer, but then decided that its worth the fun. if we're all being super serious, then we can also be sales drones doing webinars. which is what i explicitly do not want to do15:59
moemoeat least a "ls -l /var" injected into the init script only outputs run, spool, tmp, volatile.15:59
RPLetoThe2nd: I'd have had a beer FWIW ;-)15:59
LetoThe2ndndec: you're welcome :) hopefully i got the line between advertising, explaining, and attracting folks done right.16:00
LetoThe2ndso whomever i called RPs minion, please excuse me ;-)16:00
RPLetoThe2nd: its needs to have a fun element to it, not too serious16:00
ndecLetoThe2nd: are the chat messages going to disappear when I exit? or are they stored anywhere?16:01
florianLetoThe2nd: for improvement: yes it really looks like you have done this before which is pretty good... even better would be to have a short series covering a set of common tasks newbies run into. i.e. adding and using layers, creating a derived image or adding a bbappend.16:01
RPLetoThe2nd: I should explain that, I just had a really bad experience of a leader once who did refer to "his minions" and I really objected strongly to that attitude16:01
LetoThe2ndRP: ah ok.16:02
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC16:02
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto16:02
LetoThe2ndflorian: thats actually the concept, to iron out a couple core core tasks that beginners will run into every time. my content focus is absolutely on the introductory stuff, and hopefully we can find some others to step up for more deep dive stuff16:03
florianLetoThe2nd: and the placement of yourself with the camera facing the window was not the best.16:03
armpitRP, pybootchartgui.py needs cairo no mater which format is chosen16:03
LetoThe2ndflorian: i'll complain to the pub about having windows!16:03
LetoThe2nd(pun intented)16:03
LetoThe2ndand twitch tells me the video is already up for anybody to watch16:06
LetoThe2ndndec: they are going to disappear, and there is no download way unfortunately, please manually copy-paste.16:06
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ndecLetoThe2nd: thanks. done.16:07
LetoThe2ndndec: great. actually, for reasons unknown we had a lot of viewers (26 svg, 35max), but only a handful people of actually interacting with the chat.16:09
ndecyeah. i noticed that..16:09
moemoeokay, my question was a bit unprecise - of course /run/ exists, but not /run/lock as it has to be created inside the tmpfs.16:09
florianLetoThe2nd: I'm one of them... too lazy to create myself an account for the chat.16:10
LetoThe2ndndec: an area to improve16:10
*** alicef <alicef!~none@gentoo/developer/alicef> has quit IRC16:10
LetoThe2ndso thats it for me right now, gotta get some food and head home16:10
* LetoThe2nd AFKs16:10
*** alicef <alicef!~none@gentoo/developer/alicef> has joined #yocto16:11
ndecflorian: ah ok.. you need an account for the chat, otherwise you can 'view' but without the chat. that's what you are saying?16:11
florianndec: right16:12
ndecif so, then we should mention that to everyone, so that people can choose deliberately to join (or not) the chat.16:12
florianndec: the ui looks like you can just chat but when you try to send a message it asks you to log in or register first16:13
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:c33:9822:f4b8:acd7:c3a3> has quit IRC16:13
* florian heading home now... bbiab16:14
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:15
moemoeftr: adding "After=systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service" to the systemd unit fixed the problem16:20
RPhalstead: its looking like we're going to need python3-cairo on the autobuilder workers :/16:26
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC16:40
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aehs29kanavin: you around?18:36
halsteadRP, python3 cairo is installed cluster-wide.18:43
halsteadRP, Except for the perf machines. Waiting until they are idle first.18:44
RPhalstead: thanks :)18:59
RPhalstead: very much appreciated!19:00
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RParmpit: new way for ltp to fail: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/95/builds/2 :(20:58
RPbluelightning: I'm reporting that one to armin here...20:59
* armpit looks20:59
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armpitRP, do we have any raw qemu logs?21:14
armpitI wonder if qemu died21:15
* armpit sched failed or caused the hang21:19
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has quit IRC21:20
RParmpit: probably have to go digging on the autobuilder21:21
RParmpit: now I think about it I bet it was out of memory21:23
RParmpit: I can try again increasing that, that would explain the ssh connection disappearing21:23
armpitI was sure there is a qemu log somewhere but haven't found it21:24
armpitbeing out of memory is now my problem too ; )21:25
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has quit IRC21:28
armpitlooks like I had 'IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE = "1524288" '21:30
kergothhuh, vscode+sshcode works pretty nicely with bitbake projects on remote servers, way nicer than sshfs for sure21:31
kergothmight have to play with this some more21:32
kergothcourse sshcode is just a code-server wrapper, but it's handy21:32
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paulbarkerkergoth: Nice! I've been using `rclone mount` to wrap sshfs with some caching but may be worth looking at sshcode21:56
kergoththe nice thing is its running on the remote server, not locally, you're just viewing it remotely. but it's still quite responsive, and the I/O is a ton faster without transferring it over ssh21:57
paulbarker*bookmarks for later in the week*21:59
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RParmpit: memory in qemu, not space22:39
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