Wednesday, 2019-05-01

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there a command to got to WORDIR of a recipe? <>07:15
JaMacd? :)07:16
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RParmpit: - success with ltp!07:27
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JoeRHello #Yoctoians.09:28
JoeRDoes anything exist that spits out a docker file for a toolchain?09:29
JoeRI currently deploy onto a build server, but there's always a need for clients (of varying platforms) to also have a toolchain. Spitting out something for Docker would be neat.09:31
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JoeRThought I might ask my question again, I don't know if that's bad practice though?..10:59
JoeRDoes anything (recipe?) exist that spits out a docker file for a toolchain? I currently deploy onto a build server, but there's always a need for clients (of varying platforms) to also have a toolchain. Spitting out something for Docker would be neat.11:00
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RPJoeR: The system can build standalone toolchains in the form of the sdk (bitbake <image> -c populate_sdk). Its not a docker image.11:37
JoeRRP: Yeah, that's what I do now.11:37
JoeRIt gets spat out of Jenkins and forms each new "release" of toolchain for the dev team.11:37
JoeRI'd like to remove the need for the one build server though, so I want to give that toolchain to the devs for their client machines.11:38
JoeRThe client machines are a bit varied and I have no control over them. Being able to give them a docker image would resolve that issue.11:38
JoeRSo I'm left creating that from the toolchain as its spat out. So I wondered if this was something that could be done already. Or whether it'd be worth doing it as a class in its own right.11:39
RPJoeR: I'm not convinced since they likely have other things on their machines alongside the toolchain and your docker image won't contain those things11:39
JoeRExactly. I want a one stop clean toolchain for their cross builds. Isolated from whatever else they get up to.11:39
JoeRThey can still have whatever they want on their machine, but builds are remoted to their spun-up docker image.11:40
JoeRI'd like to get rid of my "build server" too, just have it as something quite simple and just have a docker image for the toolchain. It hosts other key bits of tooling that way.11:41
JoeRIt's the wild west for client installs (windows, mac, ubuntu & mints over a five year set of releases)11:42
TartarusRP: btw, I'm updating vim right now to latest and folding in the locale thing, I should post it in a few hours11:51
RPTartarus: sounds good thanks. I seem to have my hands full with various failures...11:53
TartarusThe life of the head maintainer, never dull :)11:55
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zeddiiRP: there's some seriously funky stuff with all the kernel package manipulations that prevent a kernel-image postinstall script from working. I'm lost in it all at the moment. Hopefully I'll have a coherent answer by end of day.15:03
RPTartarus: I think my head probably does need maintenance ;-)15:04
* zeddii is questioning his sanity as well today.15:07
RPsomeone needs to take elfutils's makefile tests away from me15:08
zeddii"It's just a makefile", I say that everytime I wade into a perf issue. then I just want to curl up and become a stone mason.15:09
RPwhoever thought silently continuing if it can't find its modules was a good thing was wrong...15:09
RPzeddii: practical real world work is sometimes attractive15:10
zeddiiI can chose from two postinst failures. one, the postinst doesn't make it into the package. the other, rootfs fails to assemble since the package isn't available to the rootfs .. but it does have the postinst in it :D15:10
* zeddii nods. 15:10
zeddiimaybe more coffee will clarify things for me.15:10
RPI should just revert the elfutils ptests15:11
zeddiiI'd vote for that option :D15:11
JPEWIs elfutils even used much?15:12
RPJPEW: I was just more worried if there was some hidden issue with prelink or something nasty15:12
RPturns out its just broken15:12
RP(the tests)15:13
JPEWhuh, I guess it's used more often that I would have gussed15:13
RPJPEW: we use the lib for chrpath and a few other key things15:14
JPEWYou can apparently even compile systemd with elfutils support... although I shudder to think what that might be used for15:14
RPJPEW: a lot of the tracing stuff sits on top of it too15:14
JPEWAh makese sense15:14
zeddiithe problem with instrumenting package.bbclass .. is the savage amount of rebuilding.15:15
zeddiiwell, that and I'm clueless about it all :D15:15
zeddiiI'm almost convinced that the emit_pkgdata needs to check PKG_ before it goes and tries to process postinsts15:16
RPzeddii: there could be a problem like that quite easily15:20
zeddiiyah. something is going on right in that area. I'll flail around and see what I can break :D15:21
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* armpit zeddii a stone mason... watch out for flying stones15:27
* zeddii would break some windows15:27
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TartarusRP: So, uh, mild apologies for bringing up the BB_MIN_VER thing again over in
RPTartarus: I really don't want to bump the version every 5 mins, we need to get better about the APIs16:06
RP(the min version)16:06
RPTartarus: I did notice, its a frsutrating the issue didn't get properly fixed, I thought it had been :/16:07
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TartarusRP: I agree the vim direction is the wrong way to go :)16:22
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JPEWRP, Tartarus: Sorry :( Looking at it now16:22
armpityeah, lets use "Notes"16:25
RParmpit: we still have selftest problems btw16:25
RParmpit: not least we installed puthon3-cairo on the AB with me not realising pybootchart is py216:26
RParmpit: probably need a bug to migrate it to py316:26
RParmpit: other tests failed too, but I had gcc9 in there so it was a mess16:26
RP(packageconfig tests)16:26
armpitdoes anyone us pybootchart?16:26
RParmpit: it is useful for looking at task timings16:27
armpitits sad the need for cairo is not listed in the manual test16:27
armpitRP, what about the other patches removing things that are already done @ runtime or selftest?16:28
RParmpit: need to go carefully through those again. I thought there was a dependency16:29
armpitI don't me the sdk one.. that need to be redone16:30
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RPkergoth: when you're around I wouldn't mind a second opinion on the bitbake header/license changes16:33
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kergothit's fine with me. also good riddance to the editor modelines. we're using standard indenting conventions anyway, and even if we werent, editorconfig would be better16:34
RPkergoth: my feelings too :)16:34
RPkergoth: going to try and standardise on the SPDX license headers. The dilemma is recipes :/16:35
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erakisHi, sorry for the novice question. For a init script (init.d) what is the best method to determine whether the service is working or not. The skeleton use "pidof -x xxx" but versus using a PIDFILE ?18:53
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bl4ckb0neis it possible to use the same bin_package reciepe for multiple rpms ?19:00
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LetoThe2ndbl4ckb0ne: you mean, one recipe that provides several packages?19:18
bl4ckb0nei have several rpms from third party that needs to be extracted on the rootfs19:19
bl4ckb0neand I dont want to make one recipe for every one of them19:20
bl4ckb0nei came upon the bin_package class that looks nice, but if i understand it correctly, i need to feed directly the rpm19:20
bl4ckb0nemy 3rd party rpms are on a git repo19:20
LetoThe2ndbl4ckb0ne: you'd probably have to replicate the bin_package logic and make it work with a list of packages instead of a single one19:20
LetoThe2ndbl4ckb0ne: i am not aware of an out-of-the-box way for doing that.19:21
bl4ckb0necurrently doing that19:21
bl4ckb0nebut I encounter a lot of warnings from "QA"19:21
bl4ckb0necan I shut them all at once ?19:21
bl4ckb0neI already have `INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "already-stripped ldflags arch staticdev"`19:22
LetoThe2ndbl4ckb0ne: nothing to add besides whats mentioned in
bl4ckb0nealright, down to RDEPENDS trouble now19:26
bl4ckb0neit works! thanks LetoThe2nd19:30
LetoThe2ndhave fun19:36
bl4ckb0neit feels so wrong though19:37
bl4ckb0nei feel that yocto has this need to compile everything, and here i'm just forcing prebuilt stuff19:37
kergothit's certainly not ideal, but if you're dealing with vendors you don't always have a choice19:39
kergothbeen there, done that19:39
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bl4ckb0neits the intel compiler19:42
bl4ckb0neits strange intel doesnt provide it19:42
bl4ckb0neoh well, now I have another dependency missing19:49
bl4ckb0ne> nothing provides needed by icc19:49
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bl4ckb0necan I completely ignore the dependencies of one recipe ?20:15
* RP wonders if he should complain at himself on the mailing list about his broken patches20:29
JPEWRP: I find a stern talking to in person gets the point across much better20:30
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JPEWRP, Tartarus: I send the OE core patch that I beleive will fix rm_work with older bitbake. I tested with 1.40 before the hash equive changes were added to bitbake.20:36
bl4ckb0neim clearly going the wrong way20:36
RPJPEW: just saw that, looks good thanks20:37
JPEWnp. Really sorry I forgot about it20:37
JPEWI think we'll need that "backported" to warrior also?20:38
RPJPEW: yes, we need armpit for that, unless he wants to tell me just to do it20:42
JPEWRP: I'll ping him after the patch is on master.... I'll remember this time :)20:43
RPJPEW: I get tempted to merge obvious things like this, then things break in weird and wonderful ways20:44
armpitremembering is something for the young20:45
JPEWYa.... thats hard. I suspect that we will *probably* be OK doing the proper QA on this one. AFAIK, there has only been the one complaint20:45
JPEWarmpit: Indeed. I must be getting older... it keeps getting harder20:46
armpitRP just don't get into a flame war with yourself ; )20:47
RParmpit: that could get entertaining20:47
armpitI wonder if that is covered in the code of conduct ?20:48
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* moto-timo envisions an RP<->RP flamewar21:18
* moto-timo thinks it would be a top selling video game21:19
Croftonlike RP on a mountain bike racing RP on a dirt bike21:21
RPCrofton: RP on a road bicycle had a top speed of 41.4mph earlier this evening...21:38
armpithu, the RP flamewar would do 60 mph21:39
RParmpit: not sure the dirt bike's gearing would do 60mph, mountain bike certainly wouldn't21:40
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JPEWRP: How did you hit 40 on a bicycle?21:57
RPJPEW: small hill, got to lead the group down it tonight :)21:58
RPJPEW: record is about 49mph, that was a bigger hill!21:58
JPEWRP: Crazy. Last time I went that fast (years ago) I braked poorly in the wet and went skidding on my side for about 20 feet. It wasn't fun21:59
JPEWAnd by "that fast" I think I was *maybe* doing 3521:59
RPJPEW: I probably shouldn't mention it was wet tonight, we'd been warned it was greasy and that was 40mph into a corner. Braking when doing this would be potentially problematic22:00
JPEWYa, I knew I was in toruble when my backwheel started passing me.... that said, I wish I could bike every day still :(22:01
RPJPEW: I was surprised it was that speed, only saw it from the trace afterwards from the garmin22:01
RPJPEW: wheels overtaking you tends not to end well. Back wheel of the mountain bike going over my head on Saturday was one of those moments :/22:02
RPThis is making me sound crazy, it wasn't that bad, I'm sure I'm exaggerating :)22:02
RPJPEW: I do the cycling to get me away from the computer and get some exercise22:03
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armpitwarrior landed.. I am behind22:41
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