Friday, 2019-05-03

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mcfriskoe-selftest - INFO - test_checkpkg (distrodata.Distrodata) hangs for ever and top shows KnottyUI busylooping on a single core. is this known?05:29
mcfriskthis on Ubuntu 14.0405:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why is SELinux still disabled eventhough CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX is enabled in the kernel? <>06:54
kroonI wonder why I see apparently random namechanges for /sbin/.debug/mke2fs.e2fsprogs <--> /sbin/.debug/mkfs.ext2.e2fsprogs in my buildhistory inbetween rebuilds07:12
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xtronhow to make a *.bbappend ineffective who's *.bb file is not available? *.bbappend file is in upstream repo which I can't modify08:05
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kroonxtron, lookup BBMASK maybe08:17
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kroonxtron, and complain to upstream that they should fix their layer so that the .bbappend is only applied when there is a .bb available08:21
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florianhi all08:23
mckoanhi florian, everybody08:26
LetoThe2ndmckoan: let there be headbanging!08:41
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xtronkroon, right, I give it a try09:35
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mcfriskare there ways for layers to add more oeqa tests, like sdk tests?09:47
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rburtonmcfrisk: yes
rburtonjust put the file in the right place, the search for tests happens in all layers09:56
mcfriskrburton: great! I will see if I could convert our tests to oeqa..09:59
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alivenetshello channel, does anybody know how to setup ccache in Yocto (rocko)? The configuration of INHERIT and CCACHE_DIR did not help11:35
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kanavinalivenets, you need to be specific about what didn't work for you11:41
alivenetswell, i added these parameters in local.conf. And while compiliing process is going, there is no ccache prefix in compilation line. And I don't see any ccache artifacts in ccache directory11:43
kanavinalivenets, you can check via 'bitbake -e recipe_name' that ccache is in use (look for 'export CC' or 'export CXX')11:55
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lukma1If I may ask for some help:12:12
lukma1I do have as following use case12:12
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lukma1I append my file.txt in general way  (SRC_URI from bbappend)12:13
lukma1It is stored in WORKDIR12:13
lukma1the file.txt is a template12:13
lukma1like foo = "";12:13
lukma1      value = "";12:13
lukma1then - I would like to modify those generic values to have for example value = "${DATETIME}"12:14
lukma1So I would have file.txt filled with values from bitbake processing12:15
lukma1(and then use this file normally)12:15
lukma1the value = "" would be modified with sed -i (or some python code)12:15
lukma1Problem is that I do have several12:16
lukma1the basehash value changed from ... to ... errors12:16
lukma1(And Yes I do know that I could change those values with rootfs_postprocess functions)12:16
lukma1But I'm curious if I can do it earlier (by adding some task and modify the file in-place)12:16
paulbarkerlukma1: Look up how to set vardepsexclude for the task that modifies file.txt12:17
paulbarkerYou need to exclude DATETIME from the dependency calculation12:17
paulbarkerI can't remember the exact syntax but you should be able to find it with those terms12:18
lukma1paulbarker: Ok, I will search for that12:19
lukma1Thanks for the tip12:19
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lukma1paulbaker: Ok, so the hash is to check if this task "closure" (i.e. env variables) are not changed between builds12:30
lukma1and on this basis it can be loaded from sstate12:30
lukma1or it is detected if something has changed behind the scene12:30
lukma1and since DATETIME is regenerated each time bitbake is invoked12:31
lukma1I do see this error12:31
lukma1Am I correct?12:35
alivenets@kanavin export CC="x86_64-mbient-linux-gcc  -m64 -march=corei7 -mtune=corei7 -mfpmath=sse -msse4.2 --sysroot=...", export CCACHE_DIR="/var/yocto-cache/ccache"12:42
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kanavinalivenets, what is CCACHE and CCACHE_DISABLE set to? as you can see in the expansion of CC, it should substitute CCACHE in front if that is defined12:45
kanavin# $CC [2 operations]12:45
kanavin#   exported /home/alexander/development/poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:52112:45
kanavin#     [export] "1"12:45
kanavin#   set /home/alexander/development/poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:52112:45
kanavin# pre-expansion value:12:45
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bl4ckb0neOh i think I found a solution for my icc rpm problems13:18
paulbarkerlukma1: I believe the issue is that the value of DATETIME changes between when bitbake first parses the recipe and later when the task actually runs.13:20
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armpitRP ping13:50
armpitwarrior build failed with QA sending email13:51
armpitERROR: Only 1 tester revisions found, unable to generate report13:52
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lukma1paulbarker: Are you sure? I've read somewhere that DATETIME is set by bitbake when it is run14:02
lukma1 but there was no indication if this value changes between different tasks during build14:02
paulbarkerNot 100% sure. Someone else will have to chime in to confirm the exact details14:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how do I know which package manager in installed on my linux <>14:55
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RParmpit: I saw that, expected since there aren't warrior results :/15:43
RParmpit: nothing to compare to. Would be worth a bug15:43
armpityeah, been thinking if I should15:46
armpitRP, also pybootchart... there is a newer version that has py3 fixes. looks like we added custom changes15:47
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armpitRP, swat rotation reminder15:57
rburtonarmpit: we added the buildstats file parsing15:59
armpitrburton, yeah.. its more of an integration merge thingy now.16:01
rburtonshould fork pybootchart and put our patches in a branch for easier rebasing, assuming upstrea isn't totally dead16:02
armpitrburton, last change was 2yrs ago16:03
armpitthey are less dead then the version we pull in ; )16:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how do I know which package manager in installed on my linux [on hold] <>19:56
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