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mckoangood morning06:42
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JoeRHi All. I'm having trouble getting static libs into my toolchain. I have a recipe that appears to generate the right contents within the *-staticdev* rpm, but these never make it into my toolchain when deployed, even though the image that defines the toolchain does include another recipe that DEPENDS upon the library.08:24
JoeRWhat am I missing?...08:24
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mckoanJoeR: Yocto/OE builds libraries as shared by default, to enable a static add this into the library recipe DISABLE_STATIC = ""08:30
JoeRmckoan: Thank you! This IRC channel is a complete life line. Plus everyones so nice here. :-)08:32
LetoThe2ndJoeR: I'm actually inclined to take that as a personal insult.08:33
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JoeRNoooo. You guys all do such a good job. I've had to maintain my own embedded distro entirely by hand before. Yocto is a massive project that saves me soooo much time. It *IS* a big project though, and I can't even keep up with the changes let alone all the documentation.08:34
LetoThe2ndJoeR: i was talking about the "nice".08:35
* LetoThe2nd is a grumpy sandworm! and proud of it!08:35
JoeRI'm entirely happy for someone to say RTFM if they can point at the appropriate section.08:35
JoeRNah, you're all nice really. It;s a very friendly group, which isn't always the case I've found with some projects...08:35
jkuJoeR: I'd expect you have to explicitly RDEPEND on the -staticdev package as well (but I don't really use static libs)08:36
LetoThe2ndnow you got me depressed!08:36
JoeRjku: OK. I'll check that too. I don't like (or normally use) static libs, but that's all this very WIP project from a 3rd party is. So I'm left with what I'm left with.08:36
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RPJoeR: As others have said, we disable building static libs by default so enabling them would be the place to start08:58
RPJoeR: on the most part they're old obsolete technology08:59
JoeRRP: The library I'm dealing with isn't really geared up for a "real install" as yet. So I suspect that's why I'm stuck with just archives. Weirdly they were built and installed into *-staticdev, just not installed into the toolchain, with no real effort on my part.09:00
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RPJoeR: right, if they're built it will package them09:12
RPJoeR: you probably just need to explicitly this them as needed in the toolchain package dependencies09:13
JoeRRP: I thought I had by having the package as DEPENDS. So more specifically what do I need to do?09:13
RPJoeR: DEPENDS means its a build time dependency, it was built :)09:14
JoeRAnd yet it's not exactly a runtime dependency...09:14
JoeRRP: My toolchain is also my image. I'm not sure if that's the right way to do things? i.e. my image recipe also inherits populate_sdk.09:15
RPJoeR: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " foo-staticdev" ?09:15
JoeROK. Will try that. Much appreciated.09:15
RPJoeR: images always inherit that by default09:16
JoeROh ok :-)09:16
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d_s_eHow do I set the default target for systemd during the build? I didn't find anaything about that.09:54
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JoeRSo, coming back to the DEPENDS RDEPENDS thing with static libs (the toolchain as a whole I guess).  DEPENDS are build time dependencies, and will be within the interim toolchain? RDEPENDS are run time so will be within the image itself. Is the static lib the weird one out that isn't either?10:25
erboJoeR: A static lib is a build time dependency, it's needed at, and only at, build time.10:25
JoeRSo why are people suggesting that I need to RDEPEND on it? My issue is a static only lib not getting included in the deployed toolchain, despite being packaged and referenced as DEPEND from another packge.10:27
JoeRIt's a pure static lib package.10:28
erboI'm trying to catch up on the previous discussion now by reading the history. Is the problem that the staticlib doesn't end up in the generated SDK built with "bitbake -c populate_sdk <your image>"?10:30
erboDidn't RP's suggestion work?10:30
JoeRDidn't seem to. Unless I put that in the wrong place. It's in the recipe for the package that needs the .a.10:31
erboNo, it should go into the image recipe10:31
JoeRI'll try that then :-)10:31
JoeRThanks you!10:31
JoeRAhem. Thank you!10:31
bjobjoon the same topic, is TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK preferred to using the "staticdev" SDK image feature?10:34
bjobjoI did the latter a couple of weeks ago (granted, with a lot more hoops to jump through...)10:34
erboJoeR: No worries, hopefully it will work now10:34
erbobjobjo: I guess the difference is if you want to just add just some -staticdev packages, or all.10:37
bjobjofair enough, I originally envisioned that just adding all of them would be easier10:37
JoeRJust so I'm learning here, what is the staticdev SDK image feature?10:37
bjobjoit turned out not to be the case :)10:37
RPJoeR: DEPENDS just means that X needs to build before Y. There is no magic beyond that. If something dynamically links to X, we can detect that and add runtime dependencies automagically10:38
RPJoeR: We have no way of knowing that you want this static lib only in the toolchain image10:38
JoeRbjobjo: Thanks.10:38
RPJoeR: hence you have to add an explicit directive to the image recipe to say to include it10:38
bjobjoJoeR: also
JoeRRighto. So it's a sort of weird middle ground I'm in, cos static libs aren't really "supported" but tolerated ;-)10:39
erboI'd say it's supported, but maybe not as easy to use as dynamic libs since it's not as easy to extract info about which libs are used.10:41
RPJoeR: we support them just fine, we just can't work with them as magically as we can with dynamic libs10:41
JoeRUnderstood. This is all new ground to me, first time I wanted to add something that was just a library rather than a bin into the image.10:41
JoeRTypical it's a weirdo lib.10:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error building qt5 for rspi : qt_build_config <>10:50
RPJoeR: you could also probably do something like SDKIMAGE_INSTALL_COMPLEMENTARY += "staticdev-pkgs"10:54
JoeRRP: OK. I'll look at that too. What does that variable represent?10:55
RPJoeR: sorry, I mean SDKIMAGE_FEATURES  += "staticdev-pkgs"10:56
RPJoeR: that would cause the system to set SDKIMAGE_INSTALL_COMPLEMENTARY += '*-staticdev'10:56
RPwhich would mean the sdk would contain all *-staticdev packages10:57
RP(packages matching that glob)10:57
JoeRRP: OK.10:57
JoeRRP: OK. Would bloat the SDK, but would definitely get me there is what you're saying?10:58
RPJoeR: yes, giving you options11:01
JoeRRP: Appreciated.11:02
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bl4ckb0ne> nothing provides needed by icc-2016+1-r0.corei7_6412:22
bl4ckb0nehmmmm what ?12:22
bl4ckb0neisnt libdl packaged with glibc ?12:23
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kanavinaehs29, yes13:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: unable to execute do_install_append <>14:21
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JoeRTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append got me there. Thanks everyone for the help.14:46
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mcfriskhi, how to run the oeqa selftests?16:23
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RPmcfrisk: "oe-selftest" ?16:35
RPmcfrisk: or possibly image tests with bitbake xxx-image -c testimage16:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: WLan0 connection on pi3 similar device[yocto] <>16:51
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erakisHi, I'm using the `start-stop-daemon --start --background ...` to launch a daemon. In the daemon there a while/loop and inside the loop, there a call to establish an SSH tunnel. Once I call `start-stop-daemon --stop ...`, the process is killed, but not the child process of SSH tunnel connection. How can I kill it or unblock from it ?17:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: which utility produces "Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 2.6.1 (none) /dev/console" <>17:21
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paulbarkerI always seem to do the crazy things that trigger obscure bugs21:31
paulbarkerIt's a skill at least I suppose21:32
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