Thursday, 2019-05-09

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* armpit hmm, changes merged w/o review01:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Rocko bitbake process reboot on Ubuntu <>02:48
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mckoangood morning06:50
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* alessioigor waves all07:31
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miwaSo.. the practice of making a recipe .inc-file that constructs the src uri from the package version, and then making a small recipe including that. I'm assuming this is to make it easier to make a recipe for a newer version but I tried that in my own layer and I'm having problems with the search path for file:// URIs. The recipe I'm working on is sysstat. Have I misunderstood the concept of .inc files like09:18
leitaohi. I would like to send a patch to a poky receipt (meta/recipes-graphics/wayland/weston-init/weston-start). What is the most appropriate mailing list to send it to?09:24
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kanavin_leitao, openembedded-core list09:48
leitaokanavin_ thanks09:48
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rburtonmiwa: unless you have a need (ie two versions of the same recipe) then splitting bb/inc is mostly overkill09:55
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rburtonthe search path remains the same, it will look in files/ and ${PN}09:55
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miwarburton: the case here is that there is a version in poky/meta and I want to upgrade the version using a recipe in my own layer. The split is already made in poky and I was trying to make sense of it09:58
rburtonpresumably your problem is that the .inc has patches and they're not being found because bitbake is looking alongside your recipe09:59
rburton(example 1 of why the bb/inc split is a pain unless handled very well)10:00
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miwarburton: yes, exactly. Now I rewrote the recipe because I didn't really need the patches and files included. Still, it's nice to know that this bb/inc split is not a common good-practice thing :)10:11
rburtonits historical from when oe used to ship e.g. three versions of a recipe10:12
rburtonbut without that level of testing the inc just becomes specific to a single version, so there's no point10:12
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JPEWRP: No problem. I wrote an embarrsing number of ARM/Thumb symbol decoders for our in house RTOS :)13:10
sveinseIs there some "generic" armv7 machine in Yocto? We're experimenting with running docker containers on our HW, even 3rd party containers. My impression is that there are a lot of variants under the arm umbrella, but I find to find what Docker assume by "armv7" machine.  I'm trying to determine what kind of MACHINE I need to use for these container images. Of course the container would be related to the13:15
sveinseHW-specific kernel running on the host machine.13:15
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RPsveinse: qemuarm?13:26
sveinseRP: yeah, let me try that. Thanks.13:29
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JPEWIs there a way to get python unittest to generate ptest compatible output?13:54
RPJPEW: not sure. I'd guess the python recipes do that in their ptest?13:57
JPEWOk, I'll take a look13:57
RPJPEW: think its just a sed :/13:59
JPEWYa, I saw that13:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake build consumes more space <> || how to delete deploy/images/beaglebone dir in yocto <>14:20
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* armpit gives all bugs to rburton 14:32
paulbarkerJPEW, RP:
paulbarkerThat's what I wrote a long time back that I still use14:32
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armpitRP, has anyone checked to see if the patchtest server is alive ?15:20
armpitthere have been no new changes to code for a long time15:21
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RParmpit: we know its running but not working15:25
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JPEWpaulbarker: Excellent. Thanks15:28
paulbarkerJPEW: It's on PYPI as part of
JPEWpaulbarker: Just installed it :)15:29
paulbarkerI need to push a new release, I've added a subtest wrapper and some more tests15:29
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ab0ooHoping to get some help with Toaster:  When I run toaster from the command line, I get the button to add new projects and and actually set up builds.  When I run it through apache, no such button exists.  I've carefully followed the instructions at
ab0ooif this is the wrong place to ask, please redirect me.15:43
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millonihello yocto folks, i'm working with a build that I do not really understand, and I'm new to yocto17:07
millonii'm trying to remove a package from my build17:07
millonicommenting out #IMAGE_INSTALL += "system-core-adbd" doesn't do anythin17:08
milloniand neither does adding IMAGE_INSTALL_remove += "system-core-adbd"17:08
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millonigit grepping the repo for system-core-adbd only returns the above IMAGE_INSTALL line17:09
milloniwhat am i missing?17:09
kroonmilloni, you can use "bitbake -e" to investigate17:19
kroonmilloni, it will tell you how variable values are constructed17:20
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ab0ooI'm sorry, my client died.  Did I miss a reply to my "I can set up builds with toaster when run from the command line, but not from apache" question?17:29
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jrypkecHi, I'm repackaging an old app to be built by oe_runmake. These two errors seem very contradictory to me. Yocto indicates that it knows about my libName but then complains it can't find it.   ELF binary '/mypath/usr/lib/' has relocations in .text ERROR: myapp do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/bin/otherApp contained in package appPackage requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_myapp? [file-rdeps]17:58
rburtonit probably doesn't know that has the soname because you're linking it wrong18:01
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jrypkecThanks rburton! objdump shows that libName doesn't have an soname18:13
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dburnsiiHello everyone, my team and I are interested in using Yocto as an embedded linux solution, and are looking to bring someone in for a few days of training for the team. Does anyone have suggestions for trainers, particularly for targeting x86?19:23
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millonidburnsii: linux foundation has yocto courses afaik19:25
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dburnsiiDidn't see the corporate solutions link until just now, that'll work, thanks!19:29
LetoThe2nddburnsii: obvious places to start looking are and
LetoThe2nddburnsii: especially the latter :)19:30
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dburnsiiI was also told that Windriver is the main contributor and maintainer of the project, but my understanding was that they were just one of many?19:35
LetoThe2nddburnsii: they are certainly one of the top contributors and their folks do a lot of tedious work.19:36
LetoThe2nddburnsii: "main contributor"... thats a big word. i wouldn't say there is one. at least not right now.19:37
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dburnsiiThat does make sense. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction19:40
LetoThe2ndhave fun.19:40
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dreynaab0oo : for Toaster questions please go ahead and send email to toaster@yoctoproject.org19:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can we pass a ${BASEWORK} directory from Bitbake recipe to CMAKE for using find library function from CMAKE? <>20:21
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