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black_13is it possible to run the yocto tools on native osx or via virtualization00:02
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black_13what TOPDIR defined as05:11
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mckoangood morning06:27
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* alessioigor waves all07:05
alessioigorIs there a way to generate a x86_64 image, few ARM images and, at the end, an image with the former x86_64 image and the SDKs installed of the latters'?07:05
mckoanalessioigor: all in a single shot ?07:12
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alessioigormckoan: No I'm not so ambitious :-)07:14
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erboalessioigor: I think you should be able to achieve that using
erboAt least that provides you with some mechanism to build stuff for multiple machines, and make a recipe for one machine depend on certain tasks from a recipe for another machine.07:31
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alessioigorerbo: I'll give it a try. Thank you!07:33
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diembedHello everyone08:32
diembedThere is a problem when I try to generate core-image-x11. When rootfs is generated, the following error occurs. Do you have any leads for me to debug this ? (
diembedThe MACHINE is imx6qdlsabresd.conf and the problematic package is xf86-video-imx-vivante.08:37
diembedAll files are untouched. I only modify imx6qdlsabresd to get u-boot from meta-dhcom instead of the meta-freescale (which is not deploying)08:39
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kanavin_RP, any hint about why webkit update was dropped?09:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Files related to Audit daemon are not in rootfs <>10:23
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ernstpwhich ML should I submit a patch for bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ to? oe-core? bitbake-devel?12:15
kroonernstp, bitbake-devel12:16
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ernstpkroon: thanks12:21
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to send a compiled file to sama5d27 board and execute it <>13:54
black_13is there macro that describes the current location of where the yocto build dir is14:06
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black_13can yocto access the value of the home directory $HOME i.e. /home/user ?14:32
black_13I would like to set the TMPDIR to /home/user/something14:33
millonithe point is that the build system shouldn't just randomly take stuff off your filesystem14:34
millonieverything should be specified in the recipes14:34
milloniyocto is not that great at it but it's an ideal to strive for14:35
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black_13milloni: could you explain your point a bit more14:38
black_13i was not interested in taking "off" but when bitbake is complete the results end up at a location relative to my home directory14:39
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millonioh, then i misunderstood your point, my apologies14:43
black_13no I didn't explain14:46
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millonii'm trying to remove wpa-supplicant from my build, IMAGE_INSTALL_remove doesn't work, i think it's because connman is built with support for wifi14:51
millonihow can i build connman with no wifi support14:51
millonii looked at
millonii added PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-connman = "wifi" to my image configuration but that didn't do it14:53
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rburtonmilloni: image config won't help, local.conf or a bbappend15:25
rburtonput it in the image configuration and the assignment is only visible to the image recipe, connman won't see the change15:26
milloniso, sorry, which bbappend?15:26
rburtona bbappend you write for connman15:26
rburtonor your local.conf or ideally your distro config15:26
millonimy local.conf seems to be autogenerated...15:27
milloniit's not checked into the git repo i'm looking at15:27
milloniit's a bit of a strange build15:27
millonirburton: would it be something like recipes-connectivity/connman/connman_%.bbappend ?15:29
millonithanks, i'll try that15:29
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millonirburton: will PACKAGECONFIG_remove_${PN} do (in the bbappend) instead of PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-connman?15:34
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rburtonin a bbappend just PACKAGECONFIG_remove15:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cross-Compiling to ARM target hardware: getting errors : aarch64-linux-gnu-g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-msse4.2’ <> || Yocto Toaster only shows first rootfs built <>15:54
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RPkanavin_: lots of autobuilder failures I haven't had a chance to summarise17:41
armpitwill "broke" work ?17:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to send a compiled file to sama5d27 board and execute it? <>18:25
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halsteadRP, armpit Maintenance complete.19:21
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halsteadRP, Curious about starting a benchmark build. Should we use a-full or a-quick? And is the warrior branch the best for this?19:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Upgrading (overriding) an entire recipe in a custom layer <>19:25
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armpithalstead, yes, warrior should be good20:29
halsteadarmpit, Do you know if quick or full is a better benchmark for comparing cluster performance?20:29
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armpitfull hits all hosts for oe-selftest20:31
armpitso I guess a-full20:31
armpitunless you are thinking of buildperf?20:33
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halsteadI'm thinking of overall build time.20:35
halsteadI'll invalidate sstate and run a-full on warrior.20:36
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