Monday, 2019-05-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building docker on yocto <>02:34
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frscIs there a quick way to delete the downloaded sources of a single recipe without manually removing them from the download directory?07:23
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RParmpit: yes07:41
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paulbarkerfrsc: You can use the cleanall task if you're happy to also throw away the sstate and work directory for that recipe07:52
frscpaulbarker: thanks, that's what I was looking for07:54
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milloniwhen working with kernel config fragments, do i need to add my fragment to KERNEL_CONFIG_FRAGMENTS in addition to an entry in SRC_URI?09:30
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kroonmilloni, I can't find any reference to KERNEL_CONFIG_FRAGMENTS in oe-core.. is that a meta-poky thing ? I've only ever needed to put them in SRC_URI10:01
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millonikroon: see;a=blob;f=meta-agl-bsp/meta-intel/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-intel_4.19%25.bbappend;h=9827b3e7dfd0fe40ae9326ead69ace98e347f5aa;hb=HEAD10:09
kroonmilloni, I can't make sense of it. I guess you could use "bitbake -e <kernelrecipe>" to check if it is ever referenced, at least for the kernel build10:20
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Ad0seems like toaster is broken, or I guess I have to change to ubuntu 1811:01
Ad0Failure while trying to setup toaster: Problem installing fixtures: no such table: orm_build__old11:01
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kanavin_RP: reading your status email; build artefact reuse is when something was built and was determined to be in fact equivalent to a previous cache item, we can then reuse the 'tree of cache items' at that point, instead of build the items anew?11:28
kanavin_that'd be awwwwsome!11:28
RPkanavin_: yes, that would be the idea11:31
RPkanavin_: remembered to reply about webkit11:37
kanavin_RP: right, there's just one point I am not able to understand. Let's say we changed recipe A, that forced it be rebuilt. Then recipe B, which depends on A was rebuilt and determined to be equivalent to a previous build of B. Then we have a recipe C, that depends on B. I don't think we can then just take it from the cache, as it has A in its sysroot, so where is the win? What is the scenario where we can short cut the build?11:41
RPkanavin_: we can just take C as it was as B was unchanged?11:42
kanavin_yeah, but A was changed, and A is present in C's sysroot, so we can't assume changing A has no effect on C?11:43
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RPkanavin_: the comparisons happen at an sstate task level11:45
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RPkanavin_: so this would only apply if B hadn't changed and A hadn't changed in output11:45
RPassuming C uses A in its sysroot11:45
Ad0yes it was ubuntu 19 .11:46
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erakisHi, I need to setup an init.d service but started manually only. I tried `INITSCRIPT_PARAMS = "start 99 . stop 99 0 6 ."` but I'm getting an error `expr: non-numeric argument`. Is there a better way or did I make a mistake ?12:00
kanavin_RP: right, I guess I'm just unsure of specific example scenarios where this would happen? One kind of shortcut is if a recipe build output is the same, we can skip the packaging steps. Or if a native tool has changed, but its output has not, then only the direct dependencies of the tool need to be rebuilt to confirm that. Are there other obvious wins?12:01
RPkanavin_: a lot of the time there are syntax changes to classes/variables which doesn't change the output. This would allow large chunks of the build to be skipped in those cases12:04
RPkanavin_: or imagine a patch which say only changes the docs, the sysroot sstate would be unchanged and the rest of the build reused12:04
kanavin_RP: I see - this would require a major change to the task queue though. Right now a tree of setscene tasks is made and processed, then a tree of real tasks is made and processed.12:09
kanavin_with the new approach, the tree would be 'adjusted' after every task has completed.12:10
kanavin_or a graph rather12:10
RPkanavin_: it needs a total rewrite of the way runqueue works12:14
RPnever said it was easy :)12:15
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JPEW_RP: I was poking around and decided to give a go on Friday... I don't think it will be too bad to get *something* working12:26
yoctiBug 13323: enhancement, High, 2.8 M1, JPEWhacker, NEW , Add reproducibility automated testing12:26
neverpanicRP: kanavin_: IIRC one of our developers did work on a similar approach a while ago. Randomly highlighting mario-goulart with keyword "CDEPENDS", maybe he can offer some insights from read-world use.12:32
mario-goulartYeah, the message pointed out by mcfrisk has more info on CDEPENDS.12:36
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Ad0bitbake page is broken12:45
Ad0how do I update bitbake in poky (thud) ?12:47
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Ad0"    Bitbake version 1.39.1 is required and version 1.38.0 was found12:52
JPEW_Hmm, CDEPENDS is interesting....12:52
RPneverpanic: I remember it, it just always seemed a bit too special case and fragile :/12:56
JPEW_CDEPENDS is basically: "this dependency is need to build, but doesn't cause a rebuild if it changes"?12:57
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neverpanicIIRC it never worked very well for us either, and we've since stopped using it, but maybe there are some lessons learned we could share.13:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to set path in bitbake append file? <>13:06
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Ad0how do I fix my bitbake version problem? seems weird13:11
RPAd0: if you're using poky the version of bitbake and oe-core shipped together should be compatible13:12
LetoThe2ndAd0: are you mixing up several branches, or how did you end up in this situation? i'm relatively sure that latest thud builds without problems.13:13
Ad0yeah, I think I'll start over13:13
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RPneverpanic: I'd be interested to understand the lessons. I remember talking about those patches with their author at the time..13:14
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neverpanicYeah, unfortunately the author doesn't seem to be here atm, but maybe you can drop him an email and ask whether he has a couple of minutes to chat with you about that.13:14
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Ad0RP, LetoThe2nd -
Ad0same happened heh13:50
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LetoThe2ndAd0: and without meta-raspberrypi?13:53
Ad0suggestion for recipe to build? :)13:53
LetoThe2ndi don't use toaster, so can only guess.13:54
Ad0same error13:54
Ad0core-image-minimal qemux8613:54
Ad0how do I check the actual bitbake version - when I do bitbake --version it says BitBake Build Tool Core version 1.40.013:55
Ad0so why the heck does it find 1.38 ?13:55
RPAd0: I'd suggest you send a mail to the toaster mailing list, they can probably help better than we can13:57
Ad0thanks :)13:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add same files to multiple PACKAGES <>14:36
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Ad0seems like toaster think it's on sumo, but says it's on thud14:47
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Ad0a problem in lib/toaster/orm/fixtures/oe-core.xml14:50
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Ad0 - says bitbake version 1 ... ?14:59
Ad0should be 4 I assume14:59
Ad0hm, no it should be 4 or 1.15:00
RPAd0: I think you're right and it should be 415:02
RPAd0: the toaster list would know for sure15:03
Ad0I can't find the toaster list, I only see the bitbake-devel15:03
RPAd0: lists.yoctoproject.org15:03
Ad0is it that one or is there really an own toaster? :)15:03
RPLetoThe2nd: is there a twitch stream today? or is my calendar confused ?15:04
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LetoThe2ndRP: tomorrow, it should be. second tuesday.15:05
LetoThe2ndRP: already got stuff prepared :)15:05
ndecright.. mine as well..15:05
LetoThe2ndndec: ah, andreea sent out 13th... strange15:06
ndec"When: May 13, 2019, 5:00 PM CET" as announced by Andreea..15:06
LetoThe2ndindeed. i mistyped may 13th, and in the text upon writing down the concept i wrote "every second tuesday".15:07
LetoThe2ndso shes right, my apologies15:07
kanavin_RP: webkit upstream has reworked the SSE2 pieces again, so let's defer the webkit update until they make another release15:07
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kanavin_I will however make a patch to modernize qemux8615:07
RPkanavin_: ok, that does sound helpful to us15:08
ndecLetoThe2nd: looking at my inbox you are the one who proposed May 13 th ;)15:08
LetoThe2ndndec: but i can't do a run right now, sorry :(15:08
RPkanavin_: agreed, we should15:08
LetoThe2ndndec: you're absolutely right, i mistyped in the initial date list and didn't double-check the announcement15:09
ndecbut it looks like nobody is there.. not even andreea.. so maybe she also thinks it's tomorrow.. idk..15:10
LetoThe2ndndec: can you maybe trigger a short notice on the announcement that i messed up and will be streaming tomorrow?15:11
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LetoThe2ndndec: sorry... i always knew there will be a date glitch one day, but didn't expect it so early :(15:12
ndecLetoThe2nd: do we agree that 5PM CET is now, at least?15:13
LetoThe2ndndec: 17:13 it is now. and one of my very next notices towards andreea woud've been that we change the announcement timezone to Europe/Berlin. it correlates better with the ics, and is less confusing, methinks15:14
LetoThe2ndso i will be live in 23:45hrs :)15:14
* LetoThe2nd is currently beating his head against a layer that shall change its kernel from non-xenomai to xenomai :/15:16
Ad0RP, I'll mail them15:18
Ad0I changed the xml but it had no effect, I had to edit the sqlite file15:18
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millonihow do i stop yocto form building a package?15:30
Ad0hah it worked15:30
milloniactually building not just installing15:30
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neverpanicmilloni: Don't build anything that depends on the recipe that builds the package.15:32
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yatesnot a yocto question, but i'm thinking someone here has run into this..18:09
yatesi create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. on reboot the file contents have been removed but the file still exists18:10
yateswho's clearing the file?!?18:10
bluelightningyates: if you're stuck for an explanation you could try enabling the audit subsystem and get it to log writes to the file18:11
yatesok, sure. how do i "enable the audit subsystem"?18:12
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bluelightningI did once use that to find out what was wiping out files in ~/tmp18:12
bluelightning(I was using it on Fedora)18:12
yatesshoot. i'm 4.1.1518:13
yatesnot available there.18:13
bluelightningok, I'd missed it was that new18:14
bluelightningyou could take away write access to the file and see what breaks :)18:14
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armpitRP, there is not meta-yocto contrib so I am using poky-contrib20:28
RParmpit: that is fine20:42
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radsquirrelthe manual says the recommendation for settting FILESPATH in a bbappend is:23:38
radsquirrelFILESEXTRAPATHS := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"23:38
radsquirrelas opposed to23:38
radsquirrelFILESEXTRAPATHS := "${THISDIR}/${BPN}:"23:39
radsquirreleven though base.bbclass only sticks BP/BPN into FILESPATH23:39
radsquirrelis that just an artifact of the fact that PN used to be included in FILESPATH by default?23:39
bluelightningradsquirrel: no, it's not related to that23:40
radsquirrelbluelightning: ok - so it really is recommended to use PN there instead of BPN?23:41
bluelightningradsquirrel: ${BPN} is probably better as it will work if the recipe is also BBCLASSEXTENDed to native23:41
bluelightningthe critical thing is that the expanded value must match up with whatever subdirectory you put your extra files in23:41
bluelightningso you could in fact use "files" if you want23:42
radsquirrelbluelightning: would it make sense to update the docs to recommend BPN?23:43
radsquirrelI am in-fact dealing with native recipes23:43
bluelightningprobably yes23:43
radsquirreland because in the base on BPN is used, but in the appended layers we used PN (per the docs)23:43
radsquirrelwe wound up with an unfortunate directory hierarchy23:44
radsquirrelcool, I'll submit a patch23:44
bluelightningwell, so there is a caveat23:45
bluelightningif your recipe is named "something-native" - ${BPN} will evaluate to "something" and not "something-native"23:45
radsquirrelisn't there always? :-)23:45
bluelightningjust something to be aware of23:45
bluelightningI mean logically that's what you'd expect, but it's possible you could have the directory name not match up and then wonder why things aren't working23:46
radsquirrelthat probably illustrates the "problem" I'm poking at.23:47
radsquirrelif I use FILESEXTRAPATHS := "${THISDIR}/${BPN}:" instead, I can get a more sensible directory hierarchy.23:48
bluelightningright, fair enough23:49
radsquirrelI just wanted to make sure that $PN in FILESEXTRAPATH wasn't explicitly recommended over BPN for some reason I didn't know about.23:50
radsquirrelthx again.23:50

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