Tuesday, 2019-05-14

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millonimorning yocto people, if i create an image recipe and add a bunch of packages to IMAGE_INSTALL, will only those packages and their dependencies be built?09:18
milloninote not just installed but built09:19
LetoThe2ndmilloni: those packages, their dependencies, and whatever else is needed to produce them is built09:22
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milloniLetoThe2nd: and nothing other than that?09:23
LetoThe2ndmilloni: there might be non-obvious reasons, but generally thats the concept, yes.09:27
milloniok, what about installing, obviously not all packages needed to build those packages need to be installed (for example the compiler)09:28
millonihow does yocto distinguish between build dependencies and runtime dependencies?09:28
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: DEPENDS: build time dependencies. RDEPENDS: runtime dependencies09:29
millonigot you09:30
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mcfriskare there any ways in distro config to remove layer, machine and bbclass additions? some BSP layers just plain broken, intrusive and messed up...11:34
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mcfriskusing BBFILTER to disable recipes and bbappends, but that still leaves bbclasses, machine and layer configs to screw things up..11:34
fraythe classes I thought were added via the BBPATH.. so you'd have to filter that11:36
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JaMamcfrisk: what is BBFILTER? do you mean BBMASK?11:55
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mcfriskJaMa: yes, meant BBMASK. sorry12:00
JaMawhat distro are you using? why don't you just stop including the layers which are plain broken for your needs?12:03
mcfriskthey are BSP layers but so some recipes are needed, like kernel etc. but they do more crap in their bbclasses and layer/distro/machine configs. broke useradd things now for me..12:05
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JaMaok "some recipes are needed" was the part which I was missing in the original question, so I was wondering why not remove the whole layer from bblayers.conf when it's so broken12:11
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mcfriskBSP layers seem to have a habit of turning into complete SW stacks for proof of concept boards and devices with hacks and dependencies all the way up to GUI tools, webkit etc.12:23
alessioigorUnfortunately the majority of them12:26
JaMatrue, unfortunatelly it also means that things like webkit doesn't work well with majority of devices without device specific hacks (and sending those device specific hacks to e.g. oe-core webkit recipe won't be accepted as well)12:27
alessioigorIs ${DATE} the only information that we could add to ${DISTRO_VERSION}? I would like to add something like `git describe --contains --tags --always` instead which seems a lot more useful that a simple date.12:31
mcfriskalessioigor: that's what I do. we've removed DATE from everywhere and use git information instead. we also use git submodules for layers so for dirty builds we have a custom hash generator based on the actual git status and git diff.12:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: iptables command returns "No chain/target/match by that name." <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56131197/iptables-command-returns-no-chain-target-match-by-that-name>13:10
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JPEWRP: Well, good news is I got the reproducibilty OE self test working... bad news is diffoscope took 1.5 hours to process sstate from core-image-minimal and produced gigabytes of logs.13:33
JPEW alimon: Are you here? I had a question about your notes on the reproducible build13:40
alimonJPEW: yes13:41
JPEWalimon: I noticed that you recommend comparing the populate_sysroot sstate files... any reason why those and not the package files (e.g. .deb, .ipk?)13:43
alimonJPEW: if i remember correctly is because not all package formats supports reproducible builds13:46
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JPEWalimon: Ah, so we'll probably need to generate sstate tarballs with the arguments to force the user and group to 013:49
alimonJPEW: there is the PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_tar ..." and could be used to test13:51
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JPEWalimon: Ok, I'll give that a try.... I *think* the tar package files might be a better comparison since they should have the target owners and permissions encoded in them?13:57
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alimonJPEW: right, also there is --clamp-mtime  and --mtime options13:59
alimonto deal with timestamps13:59
JPEWalimon: Yes, I saw that... I also got a lot of timestamp differences when comparing sstate14:00
RPJPEW: that isn't so good. I should forward you some info Juro sent me14:12
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armpitRP, the ptest patches ran clean a-full: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/83/builds/15414:23
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armpitnm, ptest is still running14:31
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RParmpit: it shouldn't be :/14:41
JaMaseebs: around? I have more reliable UID/GID mismatch issue with pseudo14:42
JaMaseebs: http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core-contrib/log/?h=jansa/pseudo214:44
JaMacherry-pick last 2 commits and just bitbake pseudo-test, should trigger that warning on ~10 files14:44
JaMaor I can give you qmake binary + generated Makefile which should in theory reproduce it as well14:45
seebshuh. so qmake install seems to be doing it?14:46
JaMaonly together with mv overwriting some of the files at the same time14:47
JaMait's all in parallel, so there might be some race between the mv and qmake -install creating the file14:48
JaManot sure if this has the same root cause as what we're seeing with glibc-locale (or luna-init which is just unpacking tar archive under pseudo)14:49
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seebsin general, pseudo should be robust to fairly arbitrary races between things moving files around and doing file ops, so if it's breaking, it's *almost* always because some call isn't being caught.14:51
JaMain this case it's reproducible with the renameat2 explicitly disabled in qmake, now trying with it explicitly enabled14:54
JaMaand I'm running it on 2.27 glibc ATM, so it's not related with 2.28 glibc discussed in https://github.com/meta-qt5/meta-qt5/issues/18714:55
armpitRP, going to kill it14:56
JaMahmm, need to switch to newer ubuntu with 2.28 before explicitly enabling renameat2 in qmake14:57
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LetoThe2ndRP: fray: ndec: i'll start then :)15:00
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JaMaseebs: with renameat2 explicitly enabled in qmake it doesn't trigger the issue15:15
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* zeddii was watching the twitch stream and realized a meeting was on15:17
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ektor-5Hi, I'm searching a way to have a "develop" image on top of the stable, in which some of the recipes have AUTOREV when fetching. There is a standardized way of doing this?15:22
JaMaektor-5: people usually create .inc file setting SRCREV_pn-foo = "${AUTOREV}"15:25
seebsJaMa: That's interesting, because what pseudo does with renameat2 is explicitly fail it and not attempt to use it. So if qmake is explicitly calling renameat2, it should just be completely failing.15:26
seebsLike, it should be trying the call, having it fail, and presumably giving up since renameat2 was explicitly configured...? Weird.15:26
seebsI wonder if it's checking for a different errno than pseudo sets.15:26
seebsi may have to actually bite the bullet and develop a protocol that allows renameat2 operations.15:26
JaMaseebs: or it might be that my reproducer fails to install anything, so it doesn't trigger the QA check at the end, let me check15:27
seebswhich, it turns out, is fairly hard, because it requires doing a pair of fancy update operations on the db atomically.15:27
ektor-5JaMa: where pn-foo is the image name?15:27
seebsi'm gonna have limited bandwidth for investigating for the next few days, i'm afraid. for various reasons, we ended up with a kid who is old enough to need housing and are getting a house. look. any *given* decision involved in this process was reasonable.15:28
JaMaseebs: looks like it failed as you said Error copying /OE/build/oe-core/tmp-glibc/work/core2-64-oe-linux/pseudo-test/1.0-r0/pseudo-test-1.0/005.txt to /OE/build/oe-core/tmp-glibc/work/core2-64-oe-linux/pseudo-test/1.0-r0/image/005.txt: Cannot create /OE/build/oe-core/tmp-glibc/work/core2-64-oe-linux/pseudo-test/1.0-r0/image/005.txt for output15:28
JaMaseebs: will add something to the pseudo-test.bb to also report when the files weren't installed correctly15:29
seebsokay. ugh.15:29
seebsthe basic problem: to implement renameat2, we have to be able to do two updates to the database in parallel which swap a bunch of path entries.15:29
JaMaor at least let make fail on any error detected15:29
JaMamake: [Makefile:49: R024] Error 3 (ignored)15:29
seebsBasically, this is the 's/foo/bar/g; s/bar/foo/g' problem.15:30
seebshmm. so if it's *not* using renameat2, it's doing something else which is then failing. it might be that it's trying the renameat2 call and getting an unexpected errno back. dunno.15:30
JaMaseebs: but if the issue is reproducible with qmake not using renameat2, does it mean that it's actually the mv breaking the db?15:30
tlwoernerhalstead: "Your message to yocto-ab awaits moderator approval" ;-)15:31
seebspossibly. or it could mean that qmake is then doing something *else* which is breaking things.15:31
seebs i'll look when i have time, but time may be limited for a bit15:31
JaMaseebs: this is the code https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/tree/src/corelib/io/qfilesystemengine_unix.cpp#n125115:33
JaMaseebs: it used to do syscall before, but that was already removed in https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/commit/src/corelib/io/qfilesystemengine_unix.cpp?id=b7887f9b4faad2227691a2af589e9d7680d6ae0815:36
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halsteadtlwoerner, Approved. Along with some older messages that were missed.15:42
tlwoernerhalstead: thanks :-)15:42
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JaMaseebs: based on the error message, it looks like the qmake -install is actually failing in this function https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/tree/src/corelib/io/qfile.cpp#n769 will debug a bit more to see if it e.g. tried to copy the file only after the initial call failed because of error code from pseudo15:48
seebsline 1256 is sort-of the culprit: it's assuming that the only valid response is EINVAL for indicating that renameat2 didn't work. But we used ENOSYS.15:48
seebsIt may be worth trying just changing pseudo to use EINVAL to fail renameat2 in the libc-wrapper variant.15:49
seebsthen i'd guess that qmake would "work" in the sense of installing things, but you might still see whatever race condition...15:49
LetoThe2ndndec: so. sorry for the date hiccup... thanks for being around, and hopefully more viewers next time. i'll be on date, promised.15:50
JaMaseebs: but with the -no-feature-renameat2 (or schnitzeltony's patch this whole chunk 1251-1260 is disabled/removed and still triggers the QA issue15:51
RPLetoThe2nd: sorry I didn't make it over, I had the engineering call which conflicts :/15:51
LetoThe2ndRP: all is well. was a small audience anyways due to me being off by one15:51
seebsyeah. so i think something else is actually triggering the issue, and the reason that enabling renameat2 appears to untrigger the issue is actually just that it breaks qmake so badly nothing is installed to be installed incorrectly15:52
seebswhy did i ever think this was a good idea15:52
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JaMaseebs: hehe15:53
JaMaI've updated the recipe to fail (just removed - before the qmake -install call)15:53
RPseebs: btw, I keep meaning to ask you, are you ok with changing to SPDX license headers in pseudo? We're trying to do this consistently across all of the Yocto Project components. If so, any preference on how we do it (someone sends patches, I can always merge if you don't want the hassle etc)15:54
JaMaI was also searching where it started to fail and it looks like qtbase started to use qmake -install relativaly recently (so it wasn't failing before, because qmake didn't generate qmake -install in the Makefiles at all)15:54
seebsI don't know what SPDX license headers are. I don't think I'm authorized to change the licensing terms, but I have no opinion on how the license terms are presented.15:55
seebsi do recall having been bitten at least once by forgetting to change the template used to create new guts files when a new function is wrapped.15:55
ektor-5let's say I have as target an image-minimal-runtime and an image-minimal-sdk, any hint on how I can make the version override only for the sdk image?16:00
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RParmpit: if that patch hangs, I'd really want that fixed before we consider merging it...16:07
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armpitRP, that is a concern of mine too. its going to be fun trying to debug it16:11
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RParmpit: I'm unlikely to merge until we have answers on that16:21
armpitI would not expect anything else.  I just the current run again once I am in the office in a few hours.16:24
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alessioigorThud's glib-extra-nss packages doesn't provide nis and nis+ library anymore. Is it a know issue?16:48
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RPCrofton: leg16:59
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ektor-5any clues why the override DEFAULT_PREFERENCE_pn-foo = "1" in bb recipe is not working?17:12
ektor-5seems to work for any other type of override though, but not for the image name17:18
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RPseebs: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=ffae400179fd0b64f8882cf79d78e1c0f2d74bee was what we did with OE-Core. Basically add SPDX-License-Identifier: lines to the source and cleanup. Its not changing the license terms at all, just the way its presented17:38
RPseebs: makes the license clear and machine readable17:39
seebsfine by me. i think pseudo should all be LGPLv2.17:41
RPseebs: right, makes sense. I basically agreed we'd lead by example with YP's code. The kernel, uboot and others are also doing it17:42
seebsmy top commit is 3fa7c853, if you want to apply those changes and push a commit on top of that, feel free, i'll try to remember to fetch it before i make any other changes.17:42
RPseebs: I don't have a patch ready yet, I wanted to talk with you first and check you didn't have concerns17:42
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seebsyeah. i just meant "if you want to change it like that, go ahead, that seems like it'd be a friendly thing to do".17:46
RPseebs: ok, cool :)17:46
seebsi have seen horrifying things trying to do license auditing.17:46
SaurRP: How does uninative work? I thought it meant that building native tools would be linked with the libraries provided in the uninative-tarball. However, when I try to build cmake-native on a Fedora 30, it fails with /home/pkj/dists/poky-master/builds/qemux86-64/tmp/sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by ./cmake) which is due to a newer version of libstdc++ being provided by17:55
Saur Fedora than what is provided by the uninative tarball.17:55
SaurBut why is it using the libstdc++ from the host when it is present in the uninative tarball?17:56
RPSaur: uninative has to be newer or equal to what is on the host17:57
RPSaur: we build against the host then swap uninative in17:57
RPSaur: nothing else could be made to work is the short version17:57
SaurRP: Ok, so we build against the host, but run against uninative?17:58
RPseebs: I've seen horror stories too. We probably have a few lurking even in yocto17:58
RPSaur: yes17:58
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RPSaur: try a clean tmpdir and I think it should warn you17:59
RPSaur: if you upgrade a system and reuse a tmpdir it doesn't. A patch to fix that would be great17:59
SaurRP: I think it is only checking the glibc version, which is the same (2.29), not the libstdc++ version, which is 6.0.25 in the uninative-tarball, but 6.0.26 in Fedora 30.18:00
erakisHi, what is the proper way to use the function `success`, `failure` of `/etc/init.d/functions`? I mean, how do I print "[ OK ] Script started". I tried `success "Script started"` but it only print the [ OK ] without the message. Is doing `success && echo "Script started"` a better way ?18:00
RPSaur: ah, could be18:03
SaurRP: So I guess I would need to build a uninative-tarball with GCC 9 to get it working?18:05
RPSaur: yes18:08
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* RP had a nice hammer which fixes several ptests and makes the results look way better21:42
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dStructhey all, first time Yocto user, I followed the install/setup instructions and when I get to the step to source toaster, it says Django is not installed, yet I just watched it install.  I obviously missed something here?23:15
dStructI do see where it installed "Django-1.11.20" and then when I source toaster it's saying "This program needs Django>1.8,<1.12" so something is obvious borked23:17
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Croftonzeddii, awake?23:24
dStructI don't think anyone is awake in here :D23:24
dStructI'm just trying to figure out why my fresh install went south, apparently the install process looks at least to me, to be borken23:26
Croftonsory I konw nothing about django23:36
dStructOk well, I'll just leave my info here hopefully when someone is around they might have some suggestions.  Build OS is Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS, Python version is 2.7.15rc1, and the install instructions were followed from the Yocto Docs site23:36
Croftonare you trying to run taoster?23:37
CroftonMaybe email yocto list, I'm not sure if dave Reyna is on here23:38
dStructCrofton: I am, I'm trying to learn Yocto.  I'll check back tomorrow and if not I'll try the mailing lists, thanks23:40
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