Wednesday, 2019-05-15

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seebs <-- this is sort of brilliant00:39
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* armpit looks for his dunce cap to put on01:06
* armpit armpit go stand in the corner and think about it01:08
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Ad0require ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'virtualization', '', '', d)}07:17
Ad0 this fails, can't find the inc file. had to move them to the same directory07:17
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frayif it fails, then it sounds like something is wrong with the BBPATH.  the BBPATH will check the current directory first, and then fall back to searching the various locations..07:28
fraywhere is that file in the layer?  You may need to include the conf/... directory as well07:28
erboShouldn't the require line specify the "conf/distro/include/" part too? Like line 32 in the same file?07:35
frayIf it's in the same directory, then the line should just have the anem.. if it's in a different directory, then yes.. I usually include the full path from the root of the layer07:36
erboThe inc file is in a subdir, so not in the same dir. But it feels a bit weird that this is broken without anyone else noticing?07:37
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fraysubdirectory of the current dir, then it's:  include subdir/file.inc07:40
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Ad0fray, it's not in the same dir, it's in distro/include08:18
Ad0I am using this from toaster, maybe it does something with the paths that commandline builds don't08:18
Ad0sometimes I feel like I am the only person on earth that uses toaster08:19
fraylet me look at an example quickly, just a second08:19
LetoThe2ndfray: now i totally misread that as conf/disco/include. and wondered. d'oh08:19 conf/distro/include/wrlinux-distro-settings.conf08:19
fraythat file is in conf/distro08:20
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frayso yes something in conf/distro to include something in a further include directory needs a reltive path from the beginning of the layer...08:20
Ad0so meta-virtualization is quite central, and it even has it's own mailing list under yocto, and the code hasn't been changed in that file for ages in that area08:20
frayonly files in the same directory appear to not require a specific path08:20
Ad0so I am thinking it works somehow from cmdline08:21
Ad0it does the full path elsewhere08:22
Ad0require conf/distro/include/virt_security_flags.inc08:23
Ad0 @ line 3208:23
Ad0so why doesn't it do it at line 41?08:23
frayAt one point that file was in that directory.. it's a bug..08:24
frayjust fix it08:24
Ad0ok! is this layer dead or should I use something else?08:25
Ad0since it's not pickedu p08:25
frayno.. meta-virtualization is definitely used.. heavily..08:26
fraythe change was made only a few weeks ago.. it may be that nobody has noticed, since they're not using the top of tree..08:26
fraybut it's a bug, the path in the layer.conf needs to have the distro/include part08:27
Ad0lol typical my luck08:27
Ad0thanks for helping, I thought I was insane08:27
Ad0btw, how is make menuconfig done on swupdate in a toaster build ?08:28
Ad0do I have to cd into whatever dir toaster has generated and do it there?08:28
Ad0hm my bad, seems like that's not related to yocto build08:30
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* eyalgal say hi to all08:48
eyalgalanyone build a daemon service for yocto ? assuming i do not have systemd installed (RC scripts are used) how can i make sure my executable is respawn if it dies ?08:50
eyalgalwe tried /etc/inittab but it is problematic cause opther scripts on the way may hang it and i think it also didn't work.08:51
frayyou will need to either use the sysvinit inittab directly to monitor the resource, or you will have to have your own monitoring tool..08:51
fraythis is one of the reasons why systemd was created was to solve this problem08:51
LetoThe2ndfray: since you're around this time of the day, surprisingly... yesterday you suggested streaming on kernel dev etc. anything specifically you have in mind? configuration, working with upstream, patches... ?08:55
frayCustomer I'm currently visiting was interested in a presentation explaing how the Yocto Project handles it's kernel.. and then on a 'tour' of the linux-yocto(-dev), yocto-kernel-cache and the recieps that use them..08:56
fraythis is something I could do once I'm done with my current work trip..  kind of do an informal presentation, walk through08:56
fray(I'm in Finland right now.. next week in Ulm.. then finally back home)08:57
LetoThe2ndfray: ah, i get it. i was just trying to think along those lines, and while i'm happy to give it a shot its really not an area where i have significant expertise08:57
LetoThe2ndfray: ulm is nice :)08:57
frayI've already written the presnetaiton (about 10 slides), but it involves a lot of going out and showing things in context for people..08:58
frayya, I still need to book my hotel and get the DB tickets from Munich to Ulm and back.. :P08:58
frayDB tickets shouldn't be a problem, but the two hotels I've tried have been sold out so far08:58
* LetoThe2nd mentally pokes fray to get in front of a webcam and show it on twitch :)08:58
LetoThe2ndheh, then you actually pass by me in 45km distance08:58
frayremind me in two weeks.. I'd need to try to get OBS installed..08:58
LetoThe2ndfray: if you need assistance in ulm, i'm sure i can get some local information at least.08:59
frayI should be fine at this point, since work is paying Taxi's are 'easy'  :)09:00
frayI fly into Munich on Saturday afternoon, spend the night there, and then will get myself to Ulm on Sunday..  opposite on Friday of that week..09:00
fraythe other guy I'm meeting in Ulm is coming in from Stuttgart.. but that would have been a lot more expensive for the plane ticket.. :(09:00
frayotherwise he'll have a rental car09:01
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LetoThe2ndfray: yeah, german transportation is a bit different when it comes to flying vs. trains09:01
LetoThe2ndfray: sister of mine is dating a guy from the us, and when they went on weekend vacation with a like 3hr drive, he went "3hrs? why aren't we flying there?"09:02
LetoThe2ndfray: if you got spare time in ulm, get up the m√ľnster09:02
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fraylast time I was there I drove by it a few times on the way to where I'm going.. ;)09:03
fraybut thats been as close as I've gotten.. ;)09:03
eyalgalfray: thanks09:03
LetoThe2ndfray: its really not super important. but nice if you want to be tourist for an hour, or so.09:04
LetoThe2ndfray: and, drink all the beers that are way too expensive in finland09:06
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Ad0the people at the toaster mailing list told me to make a defect but what's a defect, and in what system is it specified? bugzilla?09:57
frayAd0 if you are still here.. bugzilla.yoctoproject.org10:16
Ad0yes alive and kicking10:16
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Ad0"Create a Toaster defect. I will create the patch, share that with the Toaster mailing list, and submit it to bitbake-dev.10:17
frayyup.. that bugzilla is yoctoproject one10:17
Ad0I will do the same for the meta-virtualization10:17
LetoThe2ndtodays todo: "create a toaster defect"10:17
* LetoThe2nd heads to the kitchen!10:18
frayIf you do create the meta-virtualization on, let me know the number and I'll comment on it10:18
fray(should have said this earlier.. if you create a patch and send it to the meta-virtualization mailing list, then there actually is no reason to open a bug... but a bug helps track the issue for us to work on if you are not otherwise able to.)10:25
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Ad0ok, how should I send the patch, using the GIT method ?10:28
Ad0make a local commit and send it as a patch ?10:28
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fraytypically use git..10:31
frayso edit the file, git add <file> ; git commit -s ... fill out commit log..   then git format-patch ... and send the info to the mailing list10:32
fraymeta-virtualization list is:10:32
Ad0I guess I have to subscribe first10:32
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fraynot sure.. you may have rto10:32
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Ad0ok will try tonight10:35
Ad0I have an issue understanding what's actually included in my yocto build, I want to include stuff from multiple layers, do I have to search for a package in a layer to explicitly include it? or does it magically get included?10:41
Ad0packages built = packages included?10:42
fraythink of each layer as a bucket of lego.  Collectively you have all of the buckets (listed in conf/bblayers) available to you.  Dependencies are what selets the pieces to use when you build..10:44
fraybitbake, like make, is dependeny based.. so if core-image-minimal requires busybox which requires glibc..  you must have something in that 'bucket' that provides glibc, and busybox..  but what is providing it doesn't really matter10:44
Ad0there are image recipes and software recipes10:45
frayall recipes are 'equal' from a dependency point of view.. what is different is their output format..10:45
frayimage recipes will generally NOT build software, but will output some type of image..  while a software recipe will usually build software and output a package..10:45
fraybut the dependencies between then remain the same10:45
Ad0I want to build an image with the meta-swupdate as the "master" image I guess since I want the partition layout of that for a 2 partition update10:46
fraymeta-swupdte is the bucket.. but the image is constructed from packages..  So your dependency (IMAGE_INSTALL) needs to specify some packages that meta-swupdate is capable of producing..10:47
frayI've not use meta-swupdate, so I'm not sure what specific packages you may need to include in your image10:48
Ad0I built swupdate-image but it produced no output, while core-image-full-cmdline produced image files etc.10:48
frayya, that is down to the layers and docs that come with it.  Sorry I can't help you more on that specific item10:48
Ad0thanks, no problem10:49
Ad0a lot of the configuration is set with bitbake vars. so I assume EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in the Toaster web to append it, is EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " xxxx" ?10:52
Ad0seems like _append is used to do +=10:52
frayyes that should10:52
fray_append is a 'late' binding change to a variable.. after everything else has ben processed "do this"..10:53
frayA = 110:53
frayA = 210:53
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frayat the end A equals 210:53
frayA = 110:53
frayA += 210:53
frayA = 210:53
frayagain A equals 210:53
frayA = 110:53
frayA_append = " 2"10:53
frayA = 210:53
frayA will be "2 2"10:53
fraysince the _append is applied late10:54
Ad0I guess there is no other way to do += from within Toaster10:54
fraycorrect. since processing order is not ensured for various reasonable, you end up needing the _append to get what you usually want10:54
Ad0or is Toaster like you can do basic stuff there but you have to manually edit layer.conf as well10:54
Ad0I wonder if it will accept something like this: SWUPDATE_IMAGES_FSTYPES[core-image-full-cmdline]10:58
Ad0just trying to follow this one -
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Ad0maybe I have to make my own local layer and import it into toaster, and run it ?11:29
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malanecoraHi guys!12:02
malanecoraI'm wondering which is the best way to manage several projects based on the same board from the Yocto point of view...12:03
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: sounds like the generic reason why one should have separate machine, distro and application layers :)12:04
malanecoraYeah, indeed12:06
LetoThe2ndso there is your answer!12:06
malanecoraBut I can't clearly see what should be separate from what12:07
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: the machine layer generally contains the kernel, bootloader, driver recipes that are tied to the hardware, plus the machine.conf12:08
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: you can share a distro layer if the applications bear some resemblance in software, or you can have two seperate distro layers, or mix that into the application layer, there it depends a bit on the actual projects.12:10
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Hmmm...I see. So, even the slightest required modification in the kernel/device tree would force me to build up a new layer?12:12
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LetoThe2ndmalanecora: given a common board, such changes are rather rare once bring up is finished, right12:18
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: i mean, you explicitly stated "same board"12:18
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: You're right. I just wanted to know it...haha. Nevertheless, you may need to enable/disable some kernel modules or features for some project.12:21
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: you can always to that through an append, if needed.12:24
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Suppose so12:26
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Regarding the distro layer, would it make sense to have just different images (each image with different packages) and keep the same distro? Since the applications would be similar, someway. BTW, I'm not really sure if I totally understand which are the limits of the distro layer.12:27
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LetoThe2ndmalanecora: it can be different images, technically of course. but then you'd have a commit in the repo if you modify one image, and see the commit for the other images too12:28
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ndecmalanecora: distro and images are "orthogonal" concepts. in distro you configure 'behavior' for the entire build. you set variables that will impact every recipe that you build, or every image that you will build. in image recipe you only define which binary package you include. an image recipe doesn't impact how recipes are 'built'.12:47
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd, ndec : Thank you guys!13:20
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: The vory same would happen if I have several distros, wouldn't it?13:21
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: what doyou mean?13:26
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jofr'lo! I'm having problems with "-c devshell".. I've set my OE_TERMINAL to "tmux-new-window" but when the new window is spawned it says "sort: cannot read: /dev/fd/63: No such file or directory" .. For this shell, the pseudo stuff is in /dev/fd/20 and 21.14:15
jofrAnyone come a across this problem?14:15
jofrIt's sumo, btw.14:15
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malanecoraLetoThe2nd: "but then you'd have a commit in the repo if you modify one image, and see the commit for the other images too"14:30
LetoThe2ndmalanecora: you would only share the distro across projects if the projects are suited for it. in that case, it would totally be fine if you see the commit everywhere.14:32
malanecoraLetoThe2nd: Oh, ok, I got it. I misunderstood the sentence. Thank you!14:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configuration of spi slave in device tree files for imx8 board <>15:15
* armpit sigh need to resubmit dropped patches15:22
RParmpit: ? :/15:23
armpitthere where a few more qa patches that got dropped when pybootchart hit the brakes15:24
armpitI think one needs to be re-factored as only part of the patch was taken15:25
armpitbtw, I figured out the ptest issue15:25
* armpit gives me a chance to double check and run on AB15:27
RParmpit: right, that patch needed major other work anyway :/15:28
RParmpit: they are on my todo list to come back to is/as/when I can15:29
armpitah, I am General Custer so I don't deal with Major stuff ; )15:29
RParmpit: ;-)15:30
armpitwell let me run through them again15:31
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RParmpit: what was the ptest issue?15:32
armpitbtw. ptest, do we still wont one monolithic raw log or its it good enough that info is in the testimage.json?15:32
armpitptest: loop (ptest-runner) n- times... did not pass the test name15:33
RParmpit: currently we put the monolithic log and the individual logs in the json separately . I did plan to drop the monolithic log when we were sure we were getting sane results15:33
RPgetting sane ptest results has taken a bit of work :/15:33
armpitI am now saving raw logs on a per test bases15:34
armpiteasier to find errors15:35
erakisHi, it's probably a dumb question but if I call bitbake by setting first an environment variable `MY_VAR=1 && bitbake image`. How can I read the value of MY_VAR from a recipe ? xx = ${MY_VAR} ?15:39
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RParmpit: the code splits the logs out per test15:47
RParmpit: you can likely just rely on that instead15:48
armpitRP, as parsed summary15:48
RParmpit: no, for ptest it wasn't a summary15:48
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armpithmm, the raw log has a bit more info in it other than pass/fail15:55
armpitFAILED:  wget--O-overrides--P15:55
armpitFAIL: wget--O-overrides--P15:56
armpit+ test x '!=' x15:56
armpit+ mkdir foo15:56
armpit+ busybox wget -q -O index.html -P foo
armpitwget: bad address ''15:56
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:6842> has quit IRC15:56
armpitseems helpful to me15:57
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:6842> has joined #yocto15:57
armpitin anycase, dropping it from testimage.json seems like a good thing15:57
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RParmpit: we need an overhaul of some of the logging in general :/15:59
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto16:02
armpitRP, do we want the ltp tests in Warrior?16:06
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RParmpit: probably not worth it?16:14
RParmpit: not sure16:14
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armpithmm, need to clarify QA then16:22
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RParmpit: I guess it if helps QA testing then yes, we should16:50
*** kapare <kapare!~kapare@> has quit IRC16:51
RParmpit: loving the ptest results in :)16:54
RP84/43000 failures16:54
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Ad0fray, that meta-virtualization problem, people have been missing it for an entire year?19:53
*** tkoskine <tkoskine!> has joined #yocto19:53
JPEWHmm.... I need a -native recipe to depend on a -cross recipe...20:08
RPJPEW: that sounds wrong20:09
JPEWYes, it does..... what I really want is diffoscope-native to be able to use the cross binutils as helpers20:10
RPJPEW: I suspect binutils-native might have enough cross-fu ?20:10
RPJPEW: at the back of my mind is the thought we may be able to have one binutils these days...20:11
RPJPEW: I guess I can't remember how we configure binutils-native20:11
JPEWhmm, ya maybe. binutils-native doesn't have the target named tools (e.g. "arm-linux-readelf")... maybe thats not so imporant with binutils these days and invoking the bare "readelf" is fine?20:12
RPJPEW: it depends which targets were configured into it20:12
* RP slowly seems to be simplifying the toolchain20:13
JPEWAh, --enable-targets=all in the -native case for binutils.... that will work20:14
RPJPEW: I had vague memories of writing that20:14
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JPEWRP: Well, I have the test working now; of 4119 packages in core-image-minimal, 720 aren't reproducible20:15
JPEWMost of those seem to be -dbg packages20:16
RPJPEW: having numbers is a great start!20:19
RPJPEW: I'm a little surprised the dbg packages are showing issues, I thought we had that sorted :/20:19
JPEWRP: Ya, I haven't dug into to it too much. It wouldn't suprise me if it's some common core problem that fixes most of them.... trying to get diffoscope to decode the elf files will help significanly20:20
RPJPEW: you're using the reproducible  bbclass right?20:20
RPok. Hopefully something simple20:21
RPregardless, would be great to have tests and numbers20:21
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kroonRP, JPEW, thats what I've seen too in my buildhistory, in particular e2fsprogs-dbg having some strange diff churn inbetween rebuilds20:26
kroona rename /sbin/.debug/mkfs.ext2.e2fsprogs -> ./sbin/.debug/mke2fs.e2fsprogs for no apparent reason20:28
JPEWkroon: On mine it apparently decided to rename /sbin/.debug/fsck.ext3 -> /sbin/.debug/fsck.ext220:39
RPkroon: the rename is probably just bad matching of the various symlinks or hardlinks20:39
RPthose should be the same file hardlinked20:40
RPprobably a determinism issue related to directory ordering in buildhistory?20:40
kroonJPEW, yeah, think I've seen that one too20:42
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto20:43
RPe2fsprogs is a little unique in that it has a load of files which are all hardlinked20:44
JPEWRP: ... but we split those hardlinks across multiple packages?20:48
JPEWSpecifically, e2fsck is in it's own package from fsck.ext220:48
JPEWOh, wait its not20:48
JPEWNevermind :)20:49
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aehs29has anyone figured out a way not to get cikced out of the room every now and then to authenticate again?21:08
aehs29or am I the only one with this problem21:08
JPEWHow often?21:08
aehs29about every week21:08
JPEWYa me too21:09
JPEWI usually attributed mine to my CPU being too loaded from doing an overnight build21:10
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RPaehs29: my client has an auth plugin...21:26
aehs29RP: ok I'll look into that21:27
RPseebs: I pushed those SPDX headers fwiw21:34
RPseebs: we could probably simplify further and drop the COPYRIGHT files now if we wanted as things are simpler21:34
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