Monday, 2019-05-20

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mckoangood morning06:53
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azureuserHi all07:26
azureuserIs there someone that can help me with a nativesdk recipe?07:26
Ad0does anyone here have experience with swupdate ? :)07:27
LetoThe2ndazureuser: Ad0: please both ask your actual questions.07:27
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LetoThe2ndor would you be satisfioed already if somebody says "maybe"? ;-)07:27
Ad0yes :)07:27
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LetoThe2ndAd0: so, "maybe".07:28
LetoThe2ndAd0: glad i could be of assistance.07:28
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Ad0my question is really - what is the actual image I should use to have the swupdate infrastructure + my own image?07:28
Ad0image meaning build recipe07:28
Ad0it seems to be divided in 2, the swu file which is update-image, but where's the "base image" that's put there first07:29
Ad0it also has a make menuconfig to set up swupdate support for things but I am not sure how that's involved in the yocto part07:30
azureuserwell you are right! So I need to integrate in my SDK a compiler, so I wrote a recipe that fetch, compile and install such compiler. The packages are correctly generated but there is no evidence in the output sdk. Can I post a link from pastebin?07:30
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LetoThe2ndAd0: you usually have two images. one contains the swupdate software that can handle swu packages.07:31
LetoThe2ndAd0: the other is your application image that gets bundled into the swu07:31
Ad0afaik that's a config variable that I tell it which images to include07:32
LetoThe2ndAd0: "maybe"07:32
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Ad0I have read the guide but I feel it doesn't give me the big picture how it's all tied together07:33
LetoThe2ndAd0: our experience with swupdate is that you always have to invest some work to make it fit your needs.07:33
Ad0in hindsight, would you recommend something else? :)07:33
LetoThe2ndAd0: but the core concept is mostly this: one image contains no application, but swupdate to handle the update process, and the other image contains the applciation and knows nothing about swupdate07:34
LetoThe2ndAd0: "depends"07:34
LetoThe2ndazureuser: of course you can07:34
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix do_package_write_rpm function failure in yocto? <> || audit daemon does not show type=USER_LOGIN <>07:34
Ad0hm ok thanks :)07:34
Ad0also I use toaster web UI , but I think that was a mistake since I can't easily save the generated stuff into source control, nor can I edit the recipe files I think07:34
* alessioigor waves all07:35
Ad0and I am not sure if it's safe to edit them with a text editor when the toaster UI has generated them07:35
LetoThe2ndAd0: well, do not use toaster07:35
alessioigorNew day new error :-)07:35
alessioigorError: Transaction check error:  file /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d conflicts between attempted installs of polkit-0.115-r0.corei7_64 and systemd-1:239-r0.corei7_6407:35
Ad0LetoThe2nd, yeah seems like I shouldn't07:36
LetoThe2ndazureuser: if i remember correctly, you have to add that package explicitly to the sdk. please see:
Ad0LetoThe2nd, can the swupdate be prepped with a base image though?07:37
Ad0like a "current release" already installed07:37
LetoThe2ndAd0: "its only software, anything is possible"07:37
LetoThe2ndAd0: but seriously. design your update procedure and evaluate your requirements. *THEN* yout can see if swupdate fits the bill07:38
LetoThe2ndAd0: do not say "hey, there is swupdate", and then beat your product into a fitting shape. this is not going to work.07:38
azureuserLetoThe2nd: I forgot to mention that in my image recipe there is the following line: TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-odb-compiler", that is the recipe I pasted on pastebin07:38
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LetoThe2ndazureuser: in that case, no idea besides inspecting bitbake -e of the SDK generation and checking where things go, sorry.07:40
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azureuserLetoThe2nd: Will try to dig a bit more, thanks07:46
LetoThe2ndazureuser: good luck07:46
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kanavin_RP: I will resend the update mega-patchset, including the suggested fixes10:18
RPkanavin_: ok, I've been away for a couple of days so just catching up10:21
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Ad0wonder if Tesla uses swupdate heh10:35
sandererHello everyone, I've recently moved my project to poky/yocto 'thud', everything is going pretty well but I've run into a little snag when creating the root ubifs image. It keeps including the kernel in the /boot directory despite my efforts to prevent it. I've tried overriding RDEPENDS_kernel-base/RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base in the local.conf file to no avail, I've tried the same using a10:36
sanderer.bbappend for the kernel recipe same result. My google-fu hasn't brought up any alternatives, so I thought I'd come here to test my luck10:36
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mckoanAd0: here thei is our not-so-good experience with Toaster
mckoanAd0: SWupdate is working smoothly but you nee to know exactly what you want to get10:40
Ad0mckoan, you can't edit the bblayer file. and there's only an option to remove / set packages, not to edit variables. the bitbake var config is global in toaster, and doesn't handler x[xxx] format10:40
Ad0mckoan, a dual image update (A/B) with OS and 2 pieces of 3rd party software. the main software will be run in containers and have their own OTA scheme on top. I only need to update the OS itself with it's 3rd party software.10:41
Ad0OTA, via dashboard, encrypted10:42
Ad0I see that both mender and swupdate fits to this10:42
Ad0afaik swupdate has binary updates, mender has through it's "enterprise" / paid solution10:42
Ad0binary delta updates*10:42
fraymost people I see build their themselves.  One of hte populate technologies right now for this is 'ostree'.  (not rpm-ostree, just ostree)10:42
fraybuild their upgrade technology themselves..  (typing slower then my brain)10:43
Ad0the backside of building your own update stuff is the time it takes to harden / bugfix it10:44
Ad0maybe mender is good enough, it seems less complicated and has a dual image update by default10:45
Ad0but swupdate's binary deltas is a nice feature that open source mender doesn't have it seems10:47
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Ad0I see a lot of examples working on your own image inside the yocto main dir, and others using a dir outside the yocto main dir11:45
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dv_found an interesting bug in the sdk environment script: the CFLAGS env variable it sets contains optimization flags, which have no business being there.11:50
dv_I discovered this when cross compiling a debug build that surprisingly had expressions optimized out11:50
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Problem with displaying arabic font on webkit <>12:05
sandererAh, figured it out, an inherited machine config added some stuff to IMAGE_INSTALL and MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS12:12
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jmieheI have changed PV in my own recipe from 1.1 to 1.0 and am getting "QA Issue: Package version for package <narf> went backwards"14:53
jmiehethat makes sense; how can I instruct bitbake to accept the backwards version and proceed?14:54
kanavin_it should proceed regardless I think14:55
jmieheoh okay the build finished, I see now14:56
jmieheah and the message is gone on next run (y)14:57
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kanavin_jmiehe, the problem with versions going backwards is that it will confuse the package managers if you are using package feeds14:59
kanavin_for local development, it's okay14:59
jmiehe@kanavin_ I figured, but thx for the confirmation :)15:00
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asabilGood day17:36
asabildoes anyone know if I am supposed to be able to update the kernel using dnf for an image built using Yocto?17:36
asabilSo far I haven't been able to, because the package names contain the version number and that causes conflicts17:37
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ozan-cansel_at last19:47
ozan-cansel_hi guys19:47
ozan-cansel_I came from
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JPEWkhem: -fno-merge-debug-strings is a bust; it still puts all the strings in the same section, it just bypassing removing duplicates. It looks like the order is still different for some reason21:59
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