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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: SOME / IP kommunication with Yocto Linux meaning? <>00:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: SOME / IP communication with Yocto Linux meaning? <>06:13
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* alessioigor waves all!07:21
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bitdefectHi, I came a cross a strange issue with a yocto system, maybe someone can help me with that. While wanting to debug some firewall rules, I realized the kernel doesn't include the ip_tables.ko module. Therefore it is not possible to run iptables.09:03
bitdefectAt the same time there is a IPv4 rules file under /etc/iptables.rules and the rules in there are applied.09:04
bitdefectUnder /etc/network/if-pre-up.d is a script which loads the these rules via iptables-restore.09:05
bitdefectI'm a bit confused how this is supposed to work.09:05
bitdefectI always thought iptables needs the ip_tables.ko module. Does yocto support some sort of staged booting?09:06
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bitdefectProblem solved, the only solution is that iptables is not running at all.09:21
bitdefectThe iptables.rules file is not loaded.09:21
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__adhi, i am getting an error "ERROR: Function failed: do_preconfigure" but no other info about. How could i know more ?09:22
LetoThe2nd__ad: usually there is the path to the log file somewhere very nearby09:31
__adHi LetoThe2nd , well the log file reports same sentence, not much more than it09:32
LetoThe2nd__ad: which recipe? have you looked into the preconfigure? maybe its obvious what fails?09:33
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millonihow do i know exactly from what layers a package is built?10:33
millonino, i mean with my particular build10:43
Croftonwhat are you trying to do?10:44
millonii've got a kernel recipe10:46
millonia chain of many bbappend's etc10:46
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millonii find it really difficult to know what i'm getting exactly10:46
Croftonfrom memeory, look at bitbake-layers command10:46
CroftonI think10:46
CroftonI bet it has a show-appends option10:46
millonifor example, one recipe was appending stuff my kernel config - it took me over 8 hours to figure out where that was10:46
millonisorry, i'm new to yocto and i'm missing the terminilogy sometimes10:47
Croftonno problem, it can be confusing10:47
Croftonsometimes best to describe what you are trying to do10:48
milloniokay, can i use this command but for just one package?10:49
Croftonrecipe :)10:49
Croftonrecipes produce packages10:49
Croftonso one recipe makes several packages :)10:49
milloniokay, can i? :)10:49
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milloniokay, there's no dedicated option for this, but it's pretty easy to search in the output actually10:54
millonimy kernel recipe (maintainted by the chip vendor) is appending options to the kernel config11:10
milloniin that recipe's .bb file11:10
milloniwhat's the best option of getting rid of that?11:10
millonican i do that in a .bbappend? or do i just patch the recipe?11:11
paulbarkermilloni: Have you ran `bitbake -e <recipe>`? That should tell you what's being set and where11:13
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can i use uClibc for C library ? busybox for system init ? and Thumb-2 instructions for my Yocto Linux image <>11:13
millonipaulbarker: yeah, i already don't where it's being set11:14
milloniand i'm just wondering what's the best way for undoing that11:14
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millonias i understand, patching the upstream recipe is discouraged11:14
paulbarkerAh that can be a pain when third-party layers are misbehaving and you don't want to modify them11:14
milloniyes exactly11:14
paulbarkerYou can use _remove to override and _append11:14
paulbarkerBut there's no way to override _remove as that's the last modification done11:15
millonia bit too explicit though - i'll have to explicitly say exactly what to remove11:15
paulbarkerBSP layers which do _remove on variables upset me11:15
milloniand then if the bsp layer changes, possibly update my _remove too?11:15
paulbarkerYes that's the pain. Talk to the upstream provider for the layer in question, see if they'll accept a patch to put their modifications behind a conditional variable which you can then override11:16
millonihm okay11:18
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millonipaulbarker: is that going to work with functions too? do_defconfig_patch_remove () { ...11:30
paulbarkerI've never had to do that myself so not sure11:30
paulbarkerIs the offending layer public?11:31
milloninot, it's an obscure proprietary vendor drop..11:32
milloniactually, let me check, that part might be public11:32
milloninote this is an older release, when i looked at master, it seems they've removed linux-gvm-4.4 completely11:36
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millonipaulbarker: just fyi, it *did* work11:53
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naknickhello. I use AGL project ( on RPI3 and I'm trying to configure network settings (eth0 and wlan). There is no /etc/network/interfaces file and dhcpd.conf file does not affect anything (mayb I did it wrong?). There is not "rc.local" file and I don't know how to run startup scripts. Is anyone here familiar with the version and can help me out?11:58
naknickI must use AGL...11:58
Croftonread up on systemd?11:58
milloninaknick: you can use something like connman12:03
milloniif it's a simple static eth0 connection you can make it even simpler by configuring it from the kernel command line12:03
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naknickmilloni: I'll try. thanks12:22
LetoThe2ndnaknick: other ideas then being virtually screamed at for handholding to read the manual? probably not, sorry.12:24
erbonaknick: a quick search suggest that AGL uses connman, so you might want to just read the connman docs of how to configure the network as you want12:29
naknickI mean other than conmann idea12:33
naknickAnother problem I have. I added "python3" to "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL" (local.conf) - and it installed python 3.5. Is there any way to force it to install 3.6 (or above)?12:34
LetoThe2ndnaknick: add a layer (version) that brings recipes for python 3.612:35
naknickAccording to here: it suppose to install 3.712:37
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LetoThe2ndnaknick: thats why i explicitly said layer "version"12:39
LetoThe2ndnaknick: look up which revision you have checked out.12:39
naknickLetoThe2nd - I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understood you12:41
LetoThe2ndnaknick: you usually have a combination of several layers. those are on specific revisions. pyro, rocko, sumo, thud, warrior, for example. and python 3.7 is a probably rather recent recipe revision, so it almost certainly is not present in the earlier layer versions.12:42
LetoThe2ndnaknick: so, look up the revisions you are using, and then see if you can either update altogether (mixing is bad!), or need to backport into a custom layer.12:43
LetoThe2ndnaknick: given your history of questions here, i have to add that you would certainly be better off if you finally decided upon learning the basics, instead of randomly poking at each problem again.12:44
naknickoh you meen like "eel"?12:44
LetoThe2ndi like eels. preferably smoked.12:45
paulbarkernaknick: 'eel' is the AGL version, you should check the AGL docs for the underlying Yocto Project version used12:47
paulbarkerAlso try #automotive for more specific AGL questions but for "how do I install an updated version of Python" they probably won't be able to give you much as changing that may break other recipes which depend on the Python version12:48
naknickpaulbarker - thank you12:49
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justanotherboyzeddii: I have added you in if you can provide suggestions, that would really help :)16:46
yoctiBug 13301: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M1, just.another.mariano, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , util-linux ptest results are inconsistent per image16:46
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JaMaare layerupdates (on regulary removed or something? I was looking few days ago on and now it says 40420:41
JaMaand the layer (meta-webosose) doesn't show the "Updates" tab anymore as well20:42
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