Monday, 2019-05-27

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mckoangood morning07:10
alessioigorgood morning07:12
erbogood morning07:16
jmiehegood morning07:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: SOME / IP communication with Yocto Linux meaning? [closed] <>08:35
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naknickHello. When trying to connect Ubuntu PC to an embedded device with SFTP (like here: - I get an error "Unable to access location". OpenSSH is installed and ssh connection works.09:07
naknickIt happens with RPI3-Yocto. With Raspbian it works well...09:08
mckoannaknick: firt try using the terminal and ensure it works09:11
mckoannaknick: s/firt/first09:11
naknickmckoan - as I said. it works09:19
naknickmckoan - "ssh user@ip" connects the board09:20
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mckoannaknick: you have to specify sftp://root@YOURIP:/home/root09:23
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derRichardis there a way to get SRCPV of a different recipe? i.e. i want to use in foo the variable SRCPV from bar.09:33
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litbhello all12:33
litbWe're compiling for embedded products, but also windows software for general x86 processors. The latter windows software shares lits of libraries with the embedded builds12:34
litbtherefore we would like to use yocto for both.. for the embeddded product, we would use "meta-intel" as layer for the BSP. but what machine should we use for the latter windows software?12:34
litbI read that the "genericx86" MACHINE should only be used for QA?12:35
litbwe want to compile our windows software with -mfpmath sse  and -msse2, hence we aren't really 100% generic, but we aren't intel-only targetting for the windows part either12:36
marble_visions_hi all, is this still the preferred way to handle mirroring - bb_generate_mirror_tarballs = 1 for build-time sharing, and archiver for FOSS compliance? -
marble_visions_can anyone ping me, i think i can write here, but just in case12:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building OpenDDS with bitbake <>13:06
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qschulzDoes anyone know what's the policy for backporting patches in dot releases? I want to know if a few patches I need that are in 2.7 will be backported to 2.6.3 if possible, or if I can suggest it somewhere.14:36
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naknickmckoan - I'm not sure that's the way for doing that. Anyway, I tried and it didn't work (the same error message)15:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building dependent packages with BitBake separately <>15:06
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psrcodeRP: everything looks good regarding lttng?15:18
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litbi run a 64bit kernel on a 32bit userspace in debian16:08
litbtherefore yocto by default thinks i want to use a 64bit BUILD system.   therefore I set in my conf/local.conf:  `BUILD_ARCH = "i686"`. I also set `TARGET_ARCH = "i686"`, and used the MACHINE intel-corei7-64 because i want to target Intel Atom silvermont16:09
litbdoes this look alright?16:09
litb.. because, I see `TUNE_FEATURES        = "m64 corei7"` in bitbake's summary, which appears to indiciate it wants to build for a 64bit target16:10
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kergothintel-corei7-64 is 64-bit by definition, unless you change DEFAULTTUNE16:12
kergothchanging TARGET_ARCH won't do it, as the machine .conf is parsed afte rlocal.conf, and usually *sets* TARGET_ARCH, overriding your version16:13
kergothif you run bitbake -e | grep TARGET_ARCH= you'll see the real value16:13
litbkergoth, it only gives TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH="i686"16:17
kergothwhy are you setting TARGET_ARCH to i686, you want 32-bit on your atom board too?16:20
kergothTARGET is your board, BUILD is the machine you're builiding on16:20
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kergothregardless, if that's waht you want to do, setting target_arch isn't the right way to do it with our tuning mechanisms. if you want to use a 32-bit or x32 build instead of a 64-bit build for your atom board, you should set DEFAULTTUNE to the appropriate tunes for that. includes which sets DEFAULTTUNE to corei7-64. defines the available tunes for corei7, and you can see corei7-32 and corei7-64-x32 there.16:21
RPpsrcode: I've not rerun the main tests yet but yes, I think so, thanks for the patches!17:07
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litbkergoth, ah I had to define DEFAULTTUNE  to include "corei7-32"17:13
litbkergoth, yeah i want 32bit on my atom board17:13
litbcurrently we use  32bit.. and are about to change to 64bit.. but on the transition to yocto (from debian), I want to do only  a single thing, not too much things at once17:14
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