Tuesday, 2019-05-28

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* alessioigor waves all!06:06
erboMorning :)06:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Audit daemon does not take rules from audit.rules <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56337307/audit-daemon-does-not-take-rules-from-audit-rules> || How to override DISTRO_VERSION? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56337289/how-to-override-distro-version>08:09
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VictorLambretHi !08:41
VictorLambretI'm building an image with LTTNG-ust using yocto 2.6.2 and  I'm interested in testing it. For that purpose, I have a small  application using lttng-ust that I want to compile and for that I need  LTTNG headers.08:41
VictorLambretWith EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += " dev-pkgs" the image  rootfs contains the headers I need to compile the application. As I  don't want to compile with the image I generated the toolchain. The  toolchain is working, except that the headers I need  (tracepoint-event.h) is not in the toolchain sysrootfs.08:41
VictorLambretI added TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " kernel-devsrc", now I have LTTNG headers for kernel, but not for lttng-ust.08:41
VictorLambretDoes someone known a way to apply something like "dev-pkgs" to the toolchain and not to the image ?08:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: global yocto AM_CFLAGS to pass to the gcc compiler <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56188145/global-yocto-am-cflags-to-pass-to-the-gcc-compiler>09:09
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sk_tandtGreetings! I've wrote two C programs that require json-glib to function10:07
sk_tandtI've added the openembedded-core layer to local.conf, the dependencies on the program recipes, and json-glib as IMAGE_INSTALL10:08
sk_tandtThe configure.ac files of the program now require json-glib, instead of the previous json-glib-1.0.010:08
sk_tandtMy hypothesis is: pkg-config is not listing it10:09
sk_tandtHow do I very this?10:10
qschulzif it's a dependency at build time, first thing is to have it in DEPENDS of your recipe. If it's only a runtime dependency, you need to add it in RDEPENDS_${PN} of your recipe. Dependencies shouldn't be in IMAGE_INSTALL.10:10
qschulzalso, if you need something (e.g. a lib) from a dependency at both build time and runtime, Yocto often picks up the RDEPENDS automagically, but sometimes not (e.g. a lib without an SONANME) so you'd need both DEPENDS and RDEPENS_${PN} to have your dependency10:13
sk_tandtqschulz, thanks for clarifying the IMAGE_INSTALL part!10:16
sk_tandtIt is both a build time and runtime dependency10:17
sk_tandtBut, in spite of being in DEPENDS, it still isn't picking it up. How do I check what pkg-config is listing?10:18
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qschulzyou've got run.do_* and log.do_* in the workdir of your package that might help10:30
qschulzin some cases, you can execute the run.do_* (e.g. configure) directly as a script and be able to see the actual output10:32
qschulzalso "added the openembedded-core layer to local.conf", bblayers.conf you mean?10:33
qschulzalso you're inheriting autotools in the recipe and not doing all the do_configure, do_install, etc.. steps manually, right?10:34
sk_tandtYep, not doing them manually10:36
sk_tandtFound a way btw! bitbake -c devshell program110:36
sk_tandtFrom there, plain old pkg-config --list-all10:36
sk_tandt...at least I hope10:37
sk_tandtqschulz, yep, meant bblayers.conf, my bad10:37
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qschulzdevshell should be fine I guess11:12
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milloniis there a way to get a graph of *reverse* dependencies? i.e i can do bitbake -g pkg to get a graph of things pkg depends on; can i get a graph of things that depend on pkg?11:19
qschulzwith the image or world instead?11:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the difference between Buildroot and Yocto open sources projects? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56341476/what-is-the-difference-between-buildroot-and-yocto-open-sources-projects>12:10
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litbhello all13:18
litbi'm building core-image-base. but it builds wayland.13:18
litbI thought that core-image-base is a console-only image?13:19
litbi'm seeing this: "./poky/build/tmp/work/corei7-32-poky-linux/wayland/1.17.0-r0/". and also it has mesa etc built13:20
litbas if I've requested it to build core-image-weston.bb  or something#13:20
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qschulzlook into the machine configruation file13:30
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sk_tandtGreetings again! As part of a program makefile.am, I need to perform operations in the /usr/local/share folder13:32
sk_tandtmkdir -p {$maindir} says permission denied however13:32
litbqschulz, you mean the conf/local.conf?13:36
litbor the meta-intel files?13:36
litbwhat should I look for? I'm really new to yocto, and thought that unless I add something to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES or something like that, throgh conf/local.conf, it wouldn't add things on its own13:37
litbqschulz, could it happen becasue I have added meta-qt layer? i thought until I use it actually, nothing real happens13:39
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: QtMultimedia does not build qtmultimedia-plugin <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56343532/yocto-qtmultimedia-does-not-build-qtmultimedia-plugin>13:40
paulbarkerlitb: I think qschulz meant look at the `corei7-32` machine conf file13:43
paulbarkersk_tandt: Are you trying to install files to that directory? If so you probably need to use `${D}${mandir}`. The `${D}` prefix points to the image directory13:44
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sk_tandtOh, makes perfect sense13:47
sk_tandtThank you paulbarker !13:47
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litbqschulz, it assigns something to   XSERVER ?=13:57
litband    MACHINE_HWCODECS ?= "intel-vaapi-driver gstreamer1.0-vaapi"13:57
litbso maybe that means it installs gstreamer1.0-vaapi and that depends on wayland?13:57
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qschulzsk_tandt: use `install -d ${D}${maindir}`14:20
qschulzpaulbarker: thanks that's what I meant14:20
litbI got this build configuration   http://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/f31f5c4e9686461b14:21
litbhowever, building the kernel fails, because yocto builds the kernel for x86_64 instead of i68614:22
litbwith these errors: "ERROR: linux-intel-4.19.34+gitAUTOINC+55b7409654_0f05ba26d3-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: Architecture did not match (x86-64, expected x86) on /work/corei7-32-intel-common-poky-linux/linux-intel/4.19.34+gitAUTOINC+55b7409654_0f05ba26d3-r0/packages-split/kernel-module-snd-soc-sst-cht-bsw-rt5645-4.19.34-intel-pk-standard/lib/modules/4.19.34-intel-pk-standard/kernel/sound/soc/intel/boards/snd-soc-sst-cht-bsw-rt5645.ko [arch]"14:22
litband in fact snd-soc-sst-cht-bsw-rt5645.ko   is for 64bit architectures14:23
litbI was in the impression that   DEFAULTTUNE = "corei7-32"   in local.conf   makes the  meta-intel machine config file  prepare for a 32bit target14:23
kergoththe kernel should be 64-bit, it's the userland that changes14:24
kergothafaik anyway14:24
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litbkergoth, hmm. even if so, I wonder why it fails building :(14:26
qschulzbecause it built a 64b package (the kernel) but you asked for a 32b full image14:29
litbqschulz, yeah that seems to be the case. why did it build the kernel as 64b even though I asked for a 32b image. can I make it build a 32b kernel?14:31
litbor (as second choice) make it build a 64b kernel and keep building? using a 32b userland with 64b kernel should be possible, technically14:32
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qschulzthat is correct. But then you need a different toolchain for your userspace and your kernel14:41
qschulzyou can have a look into multilib but it's an advanced topic (and I don't know much about it tbh)14:41
qschulzthe kernel takes the arch and everything from the defconfig14:42
qschulzit might be overriden by Yocto recipe, I honestly don't know14:42
litbqschulz, hm, I see. than I might be better off building the kernel in 32b. I'm trying to find the knob for it.. yet to no avail14:47
litbI think somewhere in meta-intel, it will set TUNE_PKGARCH_linux-kernel or something (does that even make sense?)14:48
litbtho I guess they build the kernel using ${MACHINE_ARCH}, so maybe I need to just drop meta-intel and use genericx86 :/14:50
sk_tandtSo, I managed to produce my first image with Yocto!14:52
sk_tandtNow, for the test proper: how do I make a bootable SD from that? I know I have to write u-boot, the device tree and zImage, but is a there a procedure documented somewhere?14:53
sk_tandtP.s Am I forgetting something to make the bootable SD?14:53
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qschulzsk_tandt: which board?14:54
sk_tandtNXP iMX6ULLEVK14:55
qschulzhave you looked at meta-fsl?14:56
qschulzIt might give you precious hint on how to build the right tools and images for it14:57
qschulzIf you want to create a bootable SD, wic is one tool to do it in Yocto14:57
litbqschulz, I guess I will need to read up on how bitbake's variable assignments work. that _pn_ thing and such14:57
litbbecause it's defined here: INTEL_COMMON_PACKAGE_ARCH ?= "${TUNE_PKGARCH}-intel-common"  and then that value is used thoughout14:57
qschulzlitb: I mean, outside of Yocto, I don't know how complex it is to compile a 32b kernel for a 64b arch14:58
litbqschulz, oh hm, i see15:00
qschulzOtherwise, for starters, you can maybe build the kernel/bootloader,etc. in 64b and the rootfs in 32b with separate image/machines15:02
qschulzcan't using a 64b userspace be an option for you?15:02
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litbqschulz, our software is not ready to run as 64 yet15:08
sk_tandtqschulz, yep, I've built the image with meta-fsl15:09
sk_tandtThe part I'm clueless about is the "dd" part : P15:10
qschulz(meta-freescale seems more up-to-date, it was updated a few days ago and meta-fsl 3 years ago)15:10
dv_meta-fsl-arm is deprecated15:11
qschulzYou have to find the correct binary to flash on the sd card from the deploy dir, and then dd if=thatfile of=yoursdcard. Be careful with the selection of the of=, it's VERY easy to do a typo and erase your whole disk15:11
dv_use meta-freescale15:11
sk_tandtMy apologies, meta-freescale indeed15:12
sk_tandtqschulz, painfully familiar with it15:12
kergothddimage is helpful in that regard, bmaptool might, not sure if it has extra checks. there's also balana etcher, which works well if you don't mind a gui.  https://www.balena.io/etcher/15:14
kergothddimage is in oe-core, https://github.com/kergoth/dotfiles/blob/master/scripts/ddimage is a copy of it. on my mac i'll occasionally use wrappers around ddimage/bmaptool for convenience — https://github.com/kergoth/dotfiles/blob/master/osx/scripts/bmaptool-sd or https://github.com/kergoth/dotfiles/blob/master/osx/scripts/ddimage-sd15:16
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* kergoth yawns15:17
sk_tandtMh, the greater file I can find has a name ending in .rootfs.wic.gz15:19
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dv_what does "WIC" stand for btw?15:20
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RPdv_: something image creatior iirc15:41
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litbqschulz, maybe selecting linux-yocto as the virtual/kernel provider could solve this?15:43
litbperhaps they handle this better15:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I add more python modules to my yocto/openembedded project? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38862088/how-do-i-add-more-python-modules-to-my-yocto-openembedded-project>17:11
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aehs29who "owns" the layerindex?17:11
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Croftondefine owns? We all so17:26
aehs29Crofton: who do I contact to put a new layer on it :)17:33
aehs29I would think that Michael but thought id ask17:34
halsteadCrofton, Paul and I take care of the layerindex.17:35
halsteadaehs29, You add your own layers to it. There is a submit layer button on the upper right.17:35
aehs29halstead: :O alrigh thanks17:36
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aehs29alright, that worked, thanks! halstead Crofton18:05
halsteadaehs29, Normally Paul will approve and publish submissions fairly quickly.18:06
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aehs29halstead: awesome18:22
Croftonaehs29, what is the new layer?18:22
* zeddii taunts aehs29 a bit18:32
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aehs29zeddii: I actually laughed out loud18:46
aehs29Crofton: meta-freertos18:47
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* Crofton clears a little puke from his mouth18:52
aehs29Crofton: lol18:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto rebuild image after modifying source code <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56350880/yocto-rebuild-image-after-modifying-source-code>22:41
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RPzeddii: you want to suggest that to rburton and moto-timo ;-)23:20
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