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erakis_Ok, I finally got it, `/meta/recipes-devtools/`. But I'm still looking at how some packages are made optional and some not.00:05
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samlmanIs it possible to have a MACHINE name with underscores in it?00:56
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* alessioigor waves all06:12
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mckoangood morning08:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Confused about install -m and install -d using Yocto <>10:18
diego_rHi channel. I've seen that support for Eclipse Yocto plug-in has been removed . I've tried to search for the reasons that brought to this decision and to see if there are suggested alternative options, but couldn't find any specific reference. Can anybody elaborate on the topic?10:20
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alessioigorThere are a couple of errors building thud branch for powerpc. Do I have submit a bug report?14:35
alessioigorOne could fixes with a single cherry-pick.14:36
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Marexis there some way to stop systemd from crapping into the serial console in warrior ?14:53
MarexI don't need to see the kernel log twice14:53
Marexworse, it garbles it when there's some meaningful kernel output by babbling into it14:53
MarexI cant seem to find a way to just stop this braindead behavior14:54
Marexit didnt happen in thud or earlier14:54
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JPEW_armpit: Do you want me to assign to you for backporting?15:05
yoctiBug 13359: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M1, JPEWhacker, RESOLVED FIXED, Loading the parsing cache when multiconfig is enabled is slow15:05
armpitJPEW_, sure15:06
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JPEW_armpit: Done. Thanks15:13
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yatesin this bash script:
yatesthe device is left in an inconsistent state. "ls /dev/sdd?" shows only two partitions when there should be three.15:19
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yateshowever if you run fdisk /dev/sdd, and type "p" to print the partitions, then it shows 3 partitions15:19
yatesand when you exist fdisk and do another "ls /dev/sddd?" you then see three partitions.15:20
yatesany clues why?15:20
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yateswhich partprobe15:24
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diego_r /sbin/partprobe15:38
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vmesonIf anyone is new(ish) to yocto and has time to help, please take a bug from:
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smurraydiego_r: re the Eclipse plugin, my understanding is that Intel had been doing the maintenance of it, and have stopped doing so15:58
diego_rsmurray: :-( I haven't seen any specific message in the eclipse-yocto mailing list about this but I trust you. Any confirmation from the Intel guys in here? Any suggestion about alternative IDE setups for non-Qt projects?16:06
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smurraydiego_r: there's not many Intel folks left working on YP, sadly.  Re IDEs, no good ideas here, I switch between vi and emacs and build from the command line16:09
diego_rsmurray: did I miss some important news about Intel relationship with Yocto?16:13
smurraydiego_r: nothing has been explicitly stated, but there were layoffs in their open source center, and a bunch of people have left.  The only public declaration I can recall was that their manual testing support was ending with thud, think that was mentioned in status reports on the mailing list a couple of times a while back.  Hence the significant effort to automate as much testing as possible...16:19
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Croftonalso diego_r if you know people with time an declipse knowledge, you could look at figurin gout what needs doing with th eeclipse stuff16:24
diego_rsmurray: thanks. Very insightful16:30
smurraydiego_r: np16:32
diego_rCrofton: time and resources are often a problem when it comes to maintaining such a piece of software.16:32
alessioigordiego_r: Vscode is very popular here recently.16:37
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Croftondiego_r, exactly the problem the YP has16:46
Croftonand most embedded people do not understand why anyone would care about Eclipse, so really hard to get help16:47
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Marexsigh, this mixed output on serial is really annoying16:53
alessioigorMarex: Had you already take a look of the kernel command line?16:56
Marexalessioigor: for what ?16:57
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JPEW_Ugh, perl *still* isn't reproducible18:50
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frayhas perl every been anything close to reproducible?18:52
JaMaJPEW_: whad do you expect from write-only language18:52
CroftonJPEW_, would you expect it to be?18:52
JPEW_Well, when I buy a roll of duct tape, I do usually expect each roll to be about the same ;)18:53
Croftonkey word, about18:54
JPEW_To be fair, Python is also not reproducible18:56
Croftonfair? life is not fair19:05
kergothCrofton: i know embedded devs that use eclipse, but it's more the embedded application developers and less the embedded systems developers. i.e. the folks that'd just use an sdk built out of oe rather than oe itself19:12
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Croftonyeah, I always figured that would be populat, even if it wasn't for me :)19:26
kergothcourse when teams and companies are small, the two roles are often filled by the system developer anyway, so a certain amount of bias in that direction makes sense19:28
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JPEW_Hmm, the bash-ptest Makefile includes ${UNINATIVE_LOADER} (from BUILD_LDFLAGS).... whats the best way to make that reproducible?19:34
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RPJPEW_: patch it out? :/19:53
RPJPEW_: we have sed expressions for a lot of stuff in ptest :(19:53
JPEW_Ya, I was think I could maybe sed replace it with /bin/false?19:53
RPJPEW_: depending on context, yes19:54
JPEW_I don't *think* any of the "native" build stuff done by bash is needed for ptest19:54
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RPshouldn't be19:54
JPEW_I'll try it.19:55
JPEW_I think that will get me down to 18 perl packages and 2 python packages... is it a requirement to get them fixed before we add the QA test?19:57
JPEW_If we do log bugs for them it seems like an easy way to reproduce them (e.g. the QA test) would be nice for whomever tries to fix it19:57
RPJPEW_: I can't have red targets on the autobuilder. We may be able to add it disabled19:59
RP(red targets quickly develop into other bugs)19:59
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RPJPEW_: do we really need coreutils-native? :(20:34
RPthat is a horribly heavy dependency20:34
JPEW_Oh... um... Probably not? We just need a way to convert SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to a string. Or alternativly, #define PERL_BUILD_DATE "" would work too I suppose20:35
RPJPEW_: inline python?20:35
RPIsn't ${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH} a string?20:35
JPEW_Yes, but it is an integer20:36
* RP doesn't follow as an integer is a string20:36
JPEW_We could pass it as is, but then perl would say: "Build on 123456"20:37
RPah, right, human readable20:37
RPI still suggest inline python20:37
JPEW_Ok, I'll do that20:37
JPEW_So it would need to DEPEND on python-native then?20:38
RPJPEW_: bitbake is written in?20:38
JPEW_Ah, Ok. So.... there are actually 2 SOURCE_DATE_EPOCHs :)20:40
JPEW_There is the environment variable that reproducible.bbclass shoves into the environment before a task runs which is calcualted based on the source code20:40
RPwell, python3 is available in the shell if you want to use the environment20:40
JPEW_And there is the bitbake variable ${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH}.... they are not the same and AFAICT, aren't related20:40
RPhow confusing :(20:41
JPEW_I think the bitbake variable is used for making images and stuff, but if a given recipes source doesn't have any reliable SDE, it just gets 020:41
JPEW_It sort of makes sense; it means that the SDE for a recipe will probably change to something intelligent when the recipe is updated (as opposed to be fixed to the bitbake variable)20:42
RPthat sounds vaguely familiar20:43
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RPSounds like something we could better document20:43
RPjonmason: around?20:45
* RP is shocked when arm ptest with kvm works20:55
RP :)20:55
armpitcool, does that close the bug then?20:56
RParmpit: well, I need to sort the patch out and submit it and integrate it to the full/quick targets but the fact its actually run is a nice start20:58
RPnext someone needs to sort through the results as something isn't right there compared to x86 in some cases20:58
RPinterestingly the gcc9 bluez5 issue reproduces on arm too :)20:59
armpitare the results Endian related  ?; )20:59
RPsomeone will need to fix the ptest reporting to work per arch...21:00
RPthis is going to confuse the reporting :/21:00
armpitjust add it to the long list21:01
RParmpit: well, the reports are about to get trashed21:02
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jonmasonRP: Sorry, busy day.  What can I do for you?21:03
* armpit jonmason working in thumb mode ?21:03
RPjonmason: will take this to privmsg21:03
moto-timoRP: I think I have another large chunk of perl ptest dependencies sorted21:11
moto-timoRP: libxml-parser-perl ptests are passing in core-image-full-cmdline21:11
moto-timoRP: well, almost...21:12
RPmoto-timo: that sounds promising. core-image-minimal is my gold standard! :)21:15
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moto-timoRP: I'll do that next, now that I don't need to debug the sun and the moon21:20
RPmoto-timo: right, I'll settle for any improvements! :)21:21
RPmoto-timo: if you have a test environment, quilt-ptest was the other key one with perl module issues21:21
moto-timoRP: me too21:21
moto-timoRP: good to know!21:21
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