Wednesday, 2019-05-29

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alessioigorgood morning06:22
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lukmaDear All,09:47
lukmaHas anybody tried to build BSP for 'x32' Intel Architecture ?09:47
lukmaI do stumble uppon the issue with the cross toolchain naming09:48
lukmait turns out that I do have x86-linux-poky-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz but glibc's ./configure only accepts up to aaa-bbb-ccc-ddd format of host=09:49
lukmaMaybe somebody can post the x32.conf file (derivative of qemu)09:49
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RPlukma: we build that on the autobuilder10:25
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lukmaRP: I will check the config then ......10:34
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JaMabluelightning_: ping10:36
bluelightning_JaMa: pong10:37
JaMaI was checking some layers on layerindex and most of them have "Updates" tab at the bottom showing parsing errors and warnings10:37
JaMaany idea why this tab disappeared on this one?
JaMaI'm sure it was shown there before (I've added some fixes internally to it based on the error report on layerindex)10:38
bluelightning_hmm, good question10:38
bluelightning_let me take a look if it's conditional10:38
bluelightning_yep - it doesn't show if there are no updates recorded for the layer10:39
JaMait might be related to the fact that master branch of meta-webosose is actually compatible only with morty branches of its dependencies (except meta-qt5 which is on krogoth) atm10:39
bluelightning_hmm right10:40
bluelightning_layers like that have never been handled particularly well by the layer index unfortunately10:40
JaMaaha, so if there wasn't any update in >1 month, than it disappears?10:40
bluelightning_I think we purge updates > 1 month old and that would be the result yes10:41
bluelightning_I think we ought to be seeing failed updates though10:41
JaMaok, makes sense, will check it again when we publish another update on github, thanks10:41
bluelightning_oh hang on, last update was > 1 month ago10:41
JaMaone more question, what exactly is this warning: WARNING: Recipe.inherits: recipes-core/images/ length 256 exceeds maximum (255), truncating10:42
JaMaI don't see it in normal builds with this layer, is it something special layerindex does? or just longer root path in BBLAYERS to trigger this?10:43
JaMa/opt/workdir/https___github_com_webOS-ports_meta-webos-ports/ is a lot longer than what I have in my builds10:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix do_package_write_rpm function failure in yocto? <>11:14
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lukmaRP: Regarding the x32 architecture11:34
lukmait works with OE/Yocto setup11:34
lukmabut the mentioned problem is when I do create SDK11:34
lukmaand want to CROSS_COMPILE some stuff11:34
lukmainside OE/Yocto rootfs it is a gcc ..... without any suffixes, prefixes11:34
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luneffhey guys! what does one do when he sees "no module named 'distutils.core'" python error when bind recipe does do_install?14:19
luneffI tried inheriting distutils in a .bbappend... no results14:19
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RPlukma: you just need to pass the right CFLAGS, its the same compiler15:16
RPlukma: -mx32 iirc15:16
RPlukma: Its an API, not an architectur15:17
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RPwell, ABI I guess...15:18
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alessioigorIs there a way to have an "optional" recipe that instruct bitbake to not fail if that recipe is the only one failed?15:59
RPalessioigor: no really16:00
RPnot reallyt16:00
alessioigorRP: Thanks for reply. Is there a way to install additional packages according to the place (for example inside or outside of the company)?16:02
RPalessioigor: that should be possible assuming your code can somehow tell the different location16:03
alessioigorRP: Thanks again.16:05
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RPJPEW: will get to the bitbake patches, just have more pressing issues right now, sorry16:12
JPEWRP: Thats fine, thanks16:12
RPJPEW: both sound like good finds!16:12
JPEWOn an unrelated note, I've whittled down the number of unreproducible packages to ~3016:13
RPJPEW: I was hoping the perl fix would sort out some "noise", that is great news16:13
RPJPEW: any pattern to the remainder?16:14
JPEWNo, it looks like the rest are just going to be fixes in recipes for 1 to 3 packages.16:14
RPJPEW: ok, fair enough. Would have been nice to have another single fix :)16:15
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* RP is trying to sort out uninative which blocks the autobuilder upgrades and untangle more of ptest in parallel16:15
JPEWYa. I'll keep looking in case one pops out16:15
JPEWuninative for Fedora 30?16:16
RPJPEW: with a list of known issues we could start opening bugs16:16
RPJPEW: yes, gcc9 for f30 and likely others soon16:16
RPpsrcode: I confirmed lttng-tools ptest now works with minimal, thanks!16:17
RPpsrcode: just that one failure now :)16:17
JPEWRP: Ya. There are a few easy ones I was going to fix (e.g. Perl uses __DATE__), but I might start opening bugs.16:17
RPJPEW: I'm doing a mixture with ptest16:17
RPwhen I found bluez ptest is hanging with gcc9 I gave up and opened a bug for it16:18
JPEWRP: I'm running FC 30 right now if you need additional testing I can run an overnight build (I haven't seen the issue because I build in Docker)16:18
RPJPEW: uninative update is in fc30 but without a shared sstate it might not show much in testing :/16:18
psrcodeRP: np, the failure is due to not enought storage I think, will take a look. The tests does generate quite a bit of events/data, we might want to either lower the event count or deactivate this test on yocto.16:18
RPer, is in master-next16:18
RPpsrcode: that is helpful to know. May need to lower the count as we're pushing our space limits at the moment...16:19
RPpsrcode: I did just stop strace-ptest from leaving 600MB of logs behind though16:20
psrcodepsrcode: we could also add a check on space (we should be able to calculate the required space) and skip if not enough16:20
JPEWIs that due to the disk size of the qemu image? What is the limit right now?16:20
RPpsrcode: that would also work16:20
psrcodeRP: that might help ;)16:20
RPJPEW: yes, disk size. Its limited to 4GB due to hddimg limitations right now16:21
RPI'm sure there are ways to work around that but it needs someone to look at it16:21
RPpsrcode: lttng-tools runs before strace though so sadly perhaps not16:21
psrcodei'll have another look first, got a link to your latest result?16:21
RPpsrcode: is the last run from the autobuilder16:22
psrcodeyeah it is the one I expected -> ptestresult.lttng-tools.ust/blocking/test_blocking_49_-_No_event_lost_with_UST_blocking_mode:_found_0_expect_500000016:23
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RPpsrcode: we're at least seeing it consistently :)16:24
psrcodeI should be able to reserve some time by Friday and fix that for you16:24
RPpsrcode: thanks. Once we get to zero for more of these it becomes much easier to spot regressions which is why I'm pushing this16:24
psrcodesame here ;)16:25
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psrcodewe have more and more customers using yocto and it has become quite important for us that the recipes be up to date and everything. This reminds me that I should send some recipe updates!.16:28
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RPpsrcode: It is good to have the collaboration as I think we can all benefit :)16:42
RPJPEW: if we can improve the reproducibility it would be another factor in forcing us to rewrite runqueue...16:43
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litbhello folks16:46
litbis it correct that no meta-layer can  things you specify in build/conf/local.conf?16:46
litbbecause, local.conf has the highest priority? I think somewhere I read that a machine config file *can* override things you set in local.conf ?16:47
RPlitb: things in local.conf can be overridden16:47
litbbut then it's not got the highest priority16:47
RPlitb: its more complex than just "highest priority" due to the overrides mechanism, the fact things can append to variables and so on16:47
litbah, i guess this is the "FOO_bar" thing "overriding" the FOO value of local.conf that is set later on16:48
litbi've not yet reached that syntax in the book16:49
RPlitb: correct16:53
RPor FOO = "A" in local.conf and then FOO += "B" somewhere else16:53
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litbRP, hm but I understood that's not possible because local.conf has the highest priority, so it is read at the end17:03
litbso at the time FOO += "B" is executed, FOO doesn't exist yet17:03
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RPlitb: the conf files are read in the order they're listed in bitbake.conf. base.bbclass comes after that, as does the recipe itself17:12
RPand any classes the recipe uses17:12
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litbRP, ah so the priority of conf files doesn't really have to do with the time that they are read-in, apparentl17:51
litbbut rather, the "who overwrites whom" is not done by having a certain order do it, but by bitbake enforcing the priority after everything is read-in, I guess17:53
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JPEWlitb: It's some of both. Some mechanism act in order the statements are read, some are deferred until everything is done being parsed.18:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: AWS CodeBuild as non-root user <>21:15
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erakis_Hi, I build an image based on core-image and once flashed on the device I get python 2 installed. I would like to use the module `shutil`. From what I've found, this module is installed by the package `python-shell`. Now, I'm wondering which recipes produce the package `python-shell`, even using grep I'm still unable to find it. Also, why the package `python-shell` is present in my `/tmp/deploy/ipk...` but not installed on my device ? Is it an optional23:53
erakis_package ?23:53

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