Wednesday, 2019-06-05

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JacobenzHi Team, I'm Jacob, new to linux foundation as the product owner of Dev Analytics. I'm just checking out the tools you use to collaborate. Have a great one!01:21
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alessioigorgood morning06:11
alessioigorCould you point me to the relevant documentation for install and use mingw32 based SDK, please?06:11
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luckywhoHi Guys, i'm facing some issue with python in oe.08:14
luckywhoMissing Python modules on target08:17
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litbhello folks09:40
litbcan the sstate-cach be relocated to outside the build/, once it has been populated?09:40
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LetoThe2ndlitb: nope09:57
LetoThe2ndlitb: there might be evil magic with links etc, but i'd expect a lot of breakage. hence, just "no"09:58
LetoThe2ndluckywho: can you please be more specific?09:58
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luckywhoLetoThe2nd, I'm using python 2.7.13 in openembedded core. Target, /usr/lib/python2.7/ i have limited library modules. In target i don't have specific reason why many modules such subprocess, string, textwrap and manymore are not their in target. I'm missing many modules.10:07
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LetoThe2ndluckywho: python is split into a lot of smaller packages for space efficiency reasons. so, install the modules you need specifically. find some inspiratoin here:
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luckywhoLetoThe2nd: Thanks for your help. BUt i don't have meta-python folder. I can see meta & meta-poky folder.
LetoThe2ndluckywho: same reasoning applies. please see:
LetoThe2ndmore specifically, see
litbLetoThe2nd, thanks10:20
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rburtonlitb: sstate-cache can be moves, yes11:04
rburtonluckywho: if you want all of py then add python-modules to the image11:05
rburtonin fact, just python should be sufficient with a recent release.11:05
luckywhorburton: How?11:06
rburtonadd python to IMAGE_INSTALL for the image you're building11:06
luckywhorburton: Will it be local.conf file. I'm noob in yocto.11:13
rburtonluckywho: you can do that, but ideally if you want a custom image, make a custom image.  copy and edit the image file that you're building already.11:13
litbrburton, so is LetoThe2nd wrong that I can't move  it?11:18
rburtonyes, sstate can easily be moved11:18
rburtonyou can't move tmp/ inside the build directory, but you can just delete that and rebuild from sstate in seconds11:19
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luckywhorburton: In poky/build/conf/local.conf, IMAGE_INSTALL += "python". Is that correct?11:23
LetoThe2ndrburton: ah nice. thanks for the correction. messe dup tmp and sstate then, me.11:24
rburtonluckywho: if you're going to do it in local.conf then IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python" is probably safer as i've no idea what image you're using.  this is in the manual, btw.11:25
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litbrburton, should I trust you or LetoThe2nd11:49
rburtonlitb: me, obviously :)11:49
litbrburton, i see, you seem to have 40 repositories on github. sounds trustworthy11:50
RPlitb: rburton is right, you can move sstate11:51
RPlitb: I wrote large chunks of sstate code if that helps ;-)11:51
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litbthanks folks.  you saved me so much time!11:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto ERROR: Function failed: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_package value myservice.service does not exist <>12:39
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lpapphi, why does HOST_ARCH not make it into my makefile if I use make -e in my do_compile?14:11
lpappif I do make HOST_ARCH=$(HOST_ARCH) ... then it makes it into the Makefile.14:11
qschulzlook into oe_runmake14:17
qschulzit takes EXTRA_OEMAKE variable and put it as argument of make in oe_runmake_call14:18
qschulzI guess HOST_ARCH is put into this variable?14:18
qschulzif you're only wanting to pass some more variables to make, just do an EXTRA_OEMAKE += "jqlrvrg" and leave do_compile without modifications14:19
lpappthat is a real shame.14:20
lpappI thought make -e will make all the bitbake environment variables directly accessible14:20
lpappso my only option is FOO=${FOO} then to make it directly accessible14:20
lpappbut then I am puzzled entirely how other environment variables like compilation flags, etc, make it into our build system. It is a complete mystery...14:21
lpappI think it would make no sense to wrap it all from environment into EXTRA_OEMAKE...14:21
lpappsince no build system wants to build openembedded specific variables into their build system... that would be nightmare.14:21
lpappso I find it hard to believe it.14:21
qschulzyes, you need EXTRA_OEMAKE += "FOO=${FOO}" to pass FOO to your makefile14:23
lpappour do_compile is: "make -e LD="${CCLD}" CCACHE=0 foo"14:24
qschulzfoo is your target I guess?14:24
lpappalso, why does Yocto set HOST_ARCH as arm14:24
lpappbut ARCH to arm in the SDK14:24
lpappshould they not be consistent14:24
lpappso any project using yocto or the sdk to build, they can rely on one variable, not multiple14:25
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qschulzoe_runmake foo and you add your "flags" to EXTRA_OEMAKE14:25
lpappqschulz: if I have to do that, I would rather do make ... FOO=$(FOO)14:25
lpappthan an extra line14:25
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qschulzI'd not14:26
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qschulzyou depends on LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, etc...14:26
qschulzag my bad14:26
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qschulzI guess you should be able to do oe_runmake -e -e LD="${CCLD}" CCACHE=0 foo14:27
qschulzoe_runmake, not make14:27
qschulz(and only one -e, bad copy-pasting)14:27
qschulzif you use make, you loose everything that is in EXTRA_OEMAKE14:27
lpappwhy is TARGET_ARCH not set14:28
lpappit should be according to manual if HOST_ARCH is set, but bitbake -e foo | grep ^TARGET_ARCH shows it empty14:28
kuzulisHi guys. Why when I try to add the RDEPENDS_${PN} = "... \gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-meta" to my packagegroup, then the bitbake say that nothing provides this package? But as I can see in /sources/poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/ thnen I see that the is present..14:28
qschulzsome variables are resolved later14:28
lpappkuzulis: I do not know. But there is a meta difference14:29
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qschulzIs there a ${PN}-meta in
lpappqschulz: bitbake -e foo | grep ^EXTRA_OEMAKE -> returns empty14:30
lpappqschulz: should I use HOST_ARCH or TARGET_ARCH14:30
lpappfurthermore, why not ARCH like in the SDK?14:30
lpappwhy inconsistency14:30
kuzulisqschulz: No, there no any 'meta' mention.14:31
qschulzlpapp: look into the workdir of your recipe, you have a temp directory. In there, you have run.do_something and log.do_something. Former is what is run, latter is the log of what is run. It might help you later anyway14:32
kuzulisqschulz: But, when I add 'gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-meta' to my RDEPENDS_${PN} then it does work, even if has not any 'meta' mention14:33
qschulzlpapp: Host for host, target for target. Depends on what you're building. Native? Host most likely. For your DUT? Target most likely.14:33
qschulzI'm no Yocto developer honestly so just giving my 2cts14:34
lpappqschulz: what is DUT?14:34
qschulzdevice under test14:34
qschulzor your target if you prefer14:34
lpappyeah, building within Yocto for arm14:34
lpappin an Intel vm14:35
lpappqschulz: do we really need -e with oe_runmake and explicit var maps14:36
lpapplpapp@yocto-build-32:~/Projects/polatis/Yocto/src/build$ bitbake -c cleanall14:37
lpappERROR: Only one copy of bitbake should be run against a build directory14:37
lpapplpapp@yocto-build-32:~/Projects/polatis/Yocto/src/build$ killall bitbake14:37
lpappbitbake: no process found14:37
lpapphow is this possible :)14:37
lpappso why is ARCH not defaulting to TARGET_ARCH14:39
lpappso that build systems can rely on the ARCH variable both in and outside Yocto14:39
qschulzYocto is a build system14:39
qschulzso I don't quite understand what you're trying to say14:41
qschulzAH, I guess you want to be able to use the same makefile without too much magic and use ARCH since it's what's used most of the time14:41
lpappI guess ARCH="${TARGET_ARCH}" is uncool for everyone included14:42
qschulzI'd have a look at the kernel recipes, since I remember compiling it with make ARCH= and I'm not sure it actually supports TARGET_ARCH14:42
qschulzso there needs to be something in the kernel recipe14:43
qschulz(might be in the kernel.bbclass also)14:43
lpappby the way, TARGET_ARCH does not work for me14:43
qschulz(beware, it's a pretty huge and complex recipe/class)14:43
lpappHOST_ARCH does14:43
lpappit looks like TARGET_ARCH is not set, why?14:43
lpappoh, sorry, I was wrong14:44
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lpappwe also run make strip in the do_compile target after make14:45
lpappis there a way to do it automatically with oe_runmake?14:45
lpapp    oe_runmake ARCH="${TARGET_ARCH}" LD="${CCLD}" CCACHE=0 target14:45
lpapp    oe_runmake strip14:45
lpappthese two in one line?14:45
rburtonno because make will run both in parallel14:46
lpapptarget strip maybe14:46
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rburton(this is a make question, not yocto)14:46
lpappprobably true14:46
lpappmake target will not strip though14:47
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qschulzlpapp: why do you want it in one line?14:49
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lpappqschulz: avoid the word make twice15:05
lpappor oe_runmake for that matter15:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix "undefined reference to symbol 'vxCannyEdgeDetectorNode'" error compiling openvx on yocto <>15:09
armpitbehanw, did you get the updated slide dec?15:16
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JPEWRP: I'm seeing some weird reproducibility problems related to RDEPENDS..... it looks like RDEPENDS get pulled into the RSS, but not consistently (or reproducibly)16:00
JPEWFor example, in one run acl finds"echo" from the host, and in another its from the RSS16:01
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RPJPEW: this sounds like investigation is needed. I'm not entirely surprised :/16:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Set new user permissions in Yocto recipe <>16:09
RPJPEW: oh, I might be able to explain that16:14
RPJPEW: RSS is populated "as needed" so if do_package has a dependency it would only get added at do_package time. It might not be there at do_compile time16:14
RPJPEW: I talked about how we have recipe specific sysroots and not task specific sysroots in the original pull request for the work16:15
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JPEWRP: Does that mean if a recipe is rebuilt the RSS might have different contents left over from the last run?16:42
RPJPEW: yes16:44
RPJPEW: well the tasks are meant to to use anything they don't explicitly depend upon16:44
RPnot to use16:45
RPJPEW: reality is there is some potential window there and it was a known problem with the design of RSS. I don't know how we could avoid it really16:45
RPtask specific sysroots would be insane and really hard to make work and we can't know all the task dependencies at do_configure time (some are circular too)16:46
RP(also changing the compiler paths between configure and compile turned out to be near impossible to make workable)16:47
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to Upgrade A Recipe for a Meta-Layer in Yocto Krogoth <>17:09
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litbhello folks18:14
litbis there a workflow for creating a distribution installer? I.e let's assume you have created your image, and now you want an installer for that firmware, that boots up when customers want to upgrade to that firmware18:15
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litbis there a framework for that, that can be used with yocto?18:15
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RPlitb: it tends to be very usecase specific. I know people have done it, not sure there is a standard framework though18:29
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* RP should probably mention now its providing more useful info in the index18:51
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JPEWIs that only successful builds?19:07
RPJPEW: no, any build on the AB that generated testresults19:08
RPoh, it also now has *.log19:08
RPi.e. all ptest logs are extracted magically19:09
RPJPEW: your code in action :)19:11
RPlets me close a few more bugs :)19:11
JPEWGood.... I opened one about the RSS + reproducibility19:12
JPEWNot sure what to do about it right now, need to have a think19:12
RPJPEW: I'm not sure its a huge issue, we likely just need to force a few config values i.e. sort is just sort, no path19:18
RPmaybe hack the actual macro19:18
JPEWRP: Ya thats fair; do you think that should just be done automatically for several of the hosttools?19:18
RPJPEW: possibly. I know I already did it for sed, bash/sh and maybe some others19:19
JPEWHmm, would that fix it though? If we set SED="sed" it would still actually use the sed from sysroot-native, since it comes before hosttools in PATH.19:20
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JPEWI guess it would make the makescripts consistent and the build outputs would be consistent as long as the two seds acted the same19:21
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RPJPEW: perhaps we should just enforce coreutils not to overlap with HOSTTOOLS?19:38
RP(coreutils-native that is)19:38
RPJPEW: we do already assume that the HOSTTOOLS behave the same really19:38
JPEWAs in modify the coreutils-native recipe to not install anything that happens to be in HOSTTOOLS (e.g. echo, sort, etc.)?19:39
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m1ster_r0b0tGood evening everyone!20:12
m1ster_r0b0tone question: has libelf-dev been patched out of elfutils?20:15
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rburtonm1ster_r0b0t: nope20:28
m1ster_r0b0tso how can i install it to an image? just add recipes-devtools/elfutils/
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m1ster_r0b0tis it inside elfutils? i just get a  elfutils RPROVIDES elfutils-dev21:04
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rburtonm1ster_r0b0t: elfutils-dev:21:19
rburtonthe elfutils recipe builds an elfutils-dev package21:19
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