Thursday, 2019-06-06

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halsteadI'm hitting issues with do_package_write_rpm: Function failed: sign_rpm. Getting gpg: signing failed: Cannot allocate memory.06:51
halsteadI've tried both gnupg1 and gnupg2.  Looks like there were some issues way back
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RPhalstead: this happens periodically with several of the builders08:50
RPhalstead: this is reproducible with f30?08:51
halsteadRP, Seems to be. Check out the last 4 bringup failures.08:52
RPhalstead: I still have around from working on this last time08:53
RPhalstead: perhaps we'll need to do that08:53
RPhalstead: I'm a bit surprised we can run these machines "out of memory" though08:54
halsteadRP, It's not general memory as far as I can tell. I think it's some reserved memory in the gpg-agent.08:54
RPhalstead: I'll see if I can reproduce it by hand and then debug08:56
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RPVmPeak:84958232 kB09:21
RPThat seems a touch high09:21
RPkanavin_: do you remember anything more about this signing memory issue? :/09:22
RPhalstead: it seems it really is general memory, not locked09:22
halsteadOops. Okay.09:24
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halsteadRP, These do have less memory than some of the workers but the same amount or more than several.09:25
RPhalstead: I wonder if the failures we see correlate with the amount of memory in the workers09:27
RPhalstead: we could perhaps prove this by setting the overcommit ratio on this new worker higher and see if the selftest passes09:27
* RP suspects rpm doesn't actually use all this memory09:27
halsteadRP, Yeah, I can investigate more knowing that. Hopefully 128GiB is still plenty.09:28
RPhalstead: it can't be using 85GB09:29
RPhalstead: echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory (just as a test, wouldn't want to run with it)09:31
RPhalstead: I can test this in a buld quickly as I have one on the machine09:31
RPhalstead: trying it09:38
Ad0is there a guide on how to structure your custom  project for git so multiple people can use it on their local installations, by this I mean where to put the git directories of the meta modules. should they be in the poky main dir, or under your local build? should the poky be a subdir of your own project which is in git etc09:39
RPhalstead: failed even with overcommit09:40
* RP tries turning off the compression parallelism09:48
qschulzAd0: nothing in poky. Everything that is not yours, you don't touch it. This includes cloning layers into upstream layers that you previously cloned.09:49
RPstill dies09:51
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qschulzAd0: If you need a way to have an easy setup process, you can have a look at repo from Google for example or maybe git submodules I guess09:51
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Ad0qschulz, when I look at tutorials etc, 99% of them clone inside the poky dir09:54
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rburtonAd0: they're wrong.10:13
Ad0thanks, I thought I was insane10:14
rburtonAd0: using repo/submodules/whatever clone bitbake, oe-core, and whatever other layers you want.10:14
Ad0thanks. want to find a git repo I can look at10:15
Ad0some have the poky outside, some have poky as one of the subdir10:15
Ad0some have it as a layer, some have it as a "project"10:16
rburtonthats using submodules10:16
Ad0see? even the yocto wiki suggest adding it to the yocto main dir /home/user/yocto/poky-jethro-14.0.0/meta-example10:17
Ad0thanks rburton10:17
rburtonyeah we need to burn the wiki to the ground10:20
Ad0it's very flexible so it needs to be restructured10:20
Ad0I mean it can be structured in so many ways10:20
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xadeHi, I am working on a custom layer for nanopi neo plus 2. I tried to activate the i2c and saw that it was "desactivated" in the devicetree. I modified the device tree inside yocto to enable it but it isn't working. Here is an abstract of my "updated" device tree:
xadeAnd here is my linux-mainline_%.bbappend:
qschulzxade: patch the DTS and include that patch in SRC_URI10:53
xade@gshulz my way of overwriting the DTS is not correct?10:55
qschulzNot really, what happens if you update the kernel without touching this bbappend or your patched dts? Best case scenario it does not compile and you can fix it, worst case scenario, you spend hours trying to find out why the new kernel is not working or why such device should be present and is not10:58
qschulzMost of the time, you want to patch files in Yocto, it's way easier to detect possible errors when updating to newer versions10:59
xadeOK. Understood, but with what I have, I assume that with a patch or override, it's the same stuff and as my override doesn't work, the patch will not work neither11:01
qschulzA patch would be easier for people to read and help you. Because I don't know what you changed exactly. I also don't have the original kernel sources11:11
qschulzYou might have added status="okay", but it might be overriden somewhere else, or it depends on a pinctrl that is already muxed in another mode, or using a gpio that is already requested by someone else, or depending on another driver that isn't compiled/probed11:12
qschulzYou can use devtool with the Linux kernel to see if it's correctly applied11:13
opennandraxade: YSe patch to dts would be preferred (I'm comaintaining meta-sunxi and we're doing it same way)11:13
qschulzit also helps to modify directly the sources without having to create patches or update the recipe, pretty helpful when in early stages11:13
xade@opennandra : I am using meta-sunxi to use the nanopi neo plus 2 but I am trying to make i2c (and bluetooth) work....11:19
xadeI unserstand that the patch is the best way. But a patch or an override are similar from a technical point of view (not maintainability).11:20
opennandraxade: yes this is fine jus twant to say if you want change dts patch is best way11:20
opennandraxade: well you want to change kernel from meta-sunxi so it's only way with bbappend11:20
xade@opennandra : so my bbappend to linux-mainline is correct? Do you have an idea why the i2c is not working?11:21
opennandraxade: bbappend is OK you just need to patch dts (if necessary). If you have issue pls write new issue on github meta-sunxi so we can llok11:22
xade@opennandra : I assumed the issue is on my side so I don't think the issue on github is the correct way :-D11:24
opennandraxade: OK but we can help if necessary11:25
qschulzI'd suggest to make sure the patch is actually applied. If it is, then head to linux-sunxi for example and debug with them the patch. You'll need the complete bootlog11:26
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alessioigorCan Yocto build SDK for bare-metal system (w/o operating system)?12:58
xadeOK! thank you everybody! I will go to meta-sunxi as it is more linked to yocto build12:59
mckoanalessioigor: please describe "SDK for bare-metal system"13:00
qschulz#linux-sunxi for the kernel actually13:00
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: it has been used as the vehicle for zephyr which is basically a bare-metal system, but you probably are rather looking for something like crosstool-ng or such, then.13:00
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: and, what mckoan said :)13:01
alessioigorA toolchain for generate code for an MCU or CPU which are intended to work without any operating system.13:16
LetoThe2ndyou want crosstool-ng.13:17
mckoanor a Linaro toolchain13:19
LetoThe2ndwhich is probably generated with crosstool-ng in some form13:20
mckoanwhich is the same approach used by OE/Yocto13:20
LetoThe2ndyeah of course, but why 1) beat the crosstool approach into shape so it fits the larger OE approach and then 2) beat OE into shape so it resembles crosstool again, when you can just do 0) use crosstool for exactly its intended usecase?13:22
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opennandrahi, can I run any kind of script when set in ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND variable?14:25
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rburtonalessioigor: yes you can build without an os14:36
alessioigorrburton: Ok thanks.15:05
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armpitdropping from bug call15:28
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moto-timoRP: are we still running ptest for core-image-sato and core-image-sato-sdk ( ?15:34
yoctiBug 13293: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M1, unassigned, NEW , libxml-parser-perl ptest results are inconsistent per image15:34
moto-timoRP: curious if it is missing ${PN} as I suggested or missing BBCLASSEXTEND nativesdk15:34
JPEWRP: Is this title better: ?15:36
yoctiBug 13378: normal, Medium+, 2.8 M2, JPEWhacker, NEW , native programs from RSS that alias hosttools can cause non-reproducible builds15:36
RPmoto-timo: that is fixed now15:36
RPJPEW: much, thanks!15:36
RPmoto-timo: I think the perl dependencies were the final pieces needed15:44
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behanwarmpit: yup. Got it16:47
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto for Nvidia Jetson fails because of GCC 7 - cannot compute suffix of object files <>17:13
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