Friday, 2019-06-07

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qschulzWhy do we print a warning message when packaging a SW I have no dependency on is incompatible in terms of licensing?08:50
qschulze.g.: WARNING: cairo-1.14.12-r0 do_package: QA Issue: cairo-perf-utils has an incompatible license. Excluding from packaging. [incompatible-license]08:50
qschulzI do depend on cairo, but cairo, nowhere cairo-perf-utils, why would I care if cairo-perf-utils is not packaged?08:51
rburtonbecause bitbake doesn't know that you're never going to use cairo-perf-utils08:51
rburtonif you were doing a 'bitbake cairo' how would it know that you're never going to use the package?08:51
qschulzrburton: well, if I'd like to use the cairo-perf-utils package, I'd do `bitbake cairo-perf-utils`, not `bitbake cairo` right?08:55
rburtonno you wouldn't because you bitbake a recipe and cairo-perf-utils is a package generated by that package08:55
rburtonthe alternative is that bitbake silently makes packages disappear and you have no idea why the recipe says a package exists but it wasn't built.  i think i prefer the note.08:56
rburtonargh, "generated by that recipe"08:56
rburtontoo early08:56
qschulzah true, `bitbake recipe` not `bitbake package`08:56
qschulzrburton: my concern is that Yocto is pretty verbose already08:57
rburtonsilence the warning if you don't care08:58
qschulzand I'd like our users to actually care about the warning messages and tell us when they encounter one08:58
rburtonWARN_QA_remove = "incompatible-license"08:58
qschulzbecause currently they don't even look at it so it's counter-productive08:58
rburtonthe alternative is to bump most of the warnings to errors so you have to look at them08:58
rburton(but not this one)08:59
rburtonnote that poky makes more warnings fatal compared to bare oe-core for this reason08:59
rburtonWARN_TO_ERROR_QA = "already-stripped compile-host-path install-host-path \09:00
rburton                    installed-vs-shipped ldflags pn-overrides rpaths staticdev \09:00
rburton                    unknown-configure-option useless-rpaths"09:00
rburtonWARN_QA_remove = "${WARN_TO_ERROR_QA}"09:00
rburtonERROR_QA_append = " ${WARN_TO_ERROR_QA}"09:00
rburtonsays poky.conf09:00
rburtonused to be more but i recently pushed the more useful ones to error in oe-core by default09:00
qschulzthis is new :)09:00
qschulzWe were hit by those changes pretty hard :D09:00
qschulzBut I'm happy to have had to fix them09:01
qschulzI see I also could do an INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-perf-utils += "incompatible-license"09:02
qschulzis there any difference at all? any better than the other?09:02
rburtonwhy would you care about the license warning in cairo and not other packages?09:04
rburtonif you don't care about that warning, make it go away entirely by removing from WARN_QA09:04
qschulzI try to avoid silencing on the global level09:05
rburtonfor that license there's an argument that's the right move: if you don't care about the warning, shut it up09:06
qschulzrburton: thanks a ton for your clear explanation09:07
qschulzalso for anyone wondering, it seems that if there is a QA issue detected by Yocto, if it's neither in WARN_QA nor in ERROR_QA, a bb.note is still raised (helpful in logs or when debugging), so it's not entirely silencing it, just making it discreet, which is an important piece of information for me at least09:13
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litbhello folks09:17
litbmy yocto-created linux system boots when I'm using the .hddimg, which boots the linux as a live system, the rootfs will be put into RAM09:18
litbbut when I boot it using the .wic  (genericx86-derived machine with corei7-32 tune), then the kernel can't find the root filesystem.09:19
litband this only happens when I'm trying to boot from an USB-stick. when booting from an HDD, it works fine. I tried this with real machines and QEMU09:20
litbso, the kernel detects my USB-stick, the usb-storage driver outputs its "USB Mass Storage device detected" message. But I see *no* "sd: ..." lines, as it happens on my desktop system for the "/dev/sda" device to appear09:22
qschulzlitb: rootdelay or rootwait in the kernel command line09:22
qschulz(you need to add one of them)09:23
qschulz(rootdelay is the timeout in seconds before giving up mounting the rootfs, rootwait (no argument) is to say never timeout when trying to mount the rootfs)09:25
litbah, thanks!09:27
qschulzyou're lucky, I had the same issue beginning of this week :D09:28
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JPEWAnyone else seeing qemu hang indefenitly as part of PGO in python do_compile?13:03
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RPJPEW: no...13:07
JPEWIt's new since I rebased on master yesterday. I'll try to bisect it13:08
litbis there a more lightweight way to have a layer-index, without installing the dejango webapp?13:11
litbi.e something like just a plain folder with subfolders for each layer or something?13:11
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RPlitb: I think you might misunderstand what the layer index is. It is a web app which shows a collection of layers in a web interface13:14
litbRP, ah i see. Because "bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch" can be used to fetch a layer including its dependencies, I thought that a layer-index is a somewhat more lower-level thing13:15
litblike a structured repository/database of layers of a notion of dependency, or something13:16
RPlitb: it is that but layers do have dependency information in them13:17
RPlitb: the harder part is that a layer wouldn't list where those dependencies come from which is where the index can help13:17
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litbit appears to me that _append and _prepend are subtly different from += and =+ in that  _append and _prepend are evaluated after parsing all files by bitbake, but  += and =+ are evaluated right at that point during parse?13:50
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litbI've nowhere read about that subtlety, but sometimes, I read notes like "Because of internals of bitbake, here you can only use _append, not +=" and the like.13:51
litbahh I see! My book "Embedded Linux Systems using the Yocto Project" doesn't mention this at all!13:55
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RPlitb: have a look at the bitbake manual14:00
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litbreally cool. Next I guess I'll need to make the fstab use UUIDs instead of /dev/sdX, to make booting from USB-stick reliable. sounds like bbappending base-files is in order14:06
JPEWRP: I didn't see any patches for the bitbake "multiconfig" rename14:10
JPEW(on the ML that is)14:11
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RPJPEW: I was testing then was going to post15:46
RPJPEW: sent now15:48
* armpit should be mc-hammer... pictures RP in those pants dancing15:52
RParmpit: with the UK<->US translation of pants this isn't good ;-)15:52
armpittrousers better15:53
* LetoThe2nd blasts
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kanavin_RP: I tried to upgrade gettext, it's a mess :( We should probably wait until desktop distros do it, and take their patches16:43
kanavin_what gettext upstream did, they removed many of the m4 macros (because 'no one would need to use them' I guess), and this breaks other components16:43
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RPkanavin_: hmm, I guess we could cheat and just patch them back in for now16:47
RPkanavin_: date/time issue was well spotted btw, I wondered what the common denominator was between those failures16:50
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kanavin_RP: nice weekend to you, going for dinner :)16:58
RPkanavin_: you too! (and me too!)16:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Create and populate a separate /home partition <>18:16
Striking7Odd - that was asked, and answered, on May 17. The last comment added was also on May 17. Why is that just now showing up in this chatroom?18:20
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yannhm, I'm a bit lost with how popuplate_sysroot is supposed to work20:11
yannwith recipe at, "bitbake depot-tools-native -c populate_sysroot" produces expected contents in tmp/work/x86_64-linux/depot-tools-native/git-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/share/ but the sysroot-providers/ dir is really in tmp/work/x86_64-linux/depot-tools-native/git-r0/sysroot-destdir/$PWD/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/depot-tools-native/git-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/sysroot-providers/depot-tools-native20:14
yannas if the sysroot-destdir path was prepended to expected path, but it's not like if I had messed with those myself :)20:15
kergoththat's expected, afaik. native.bbclass sets prefix to a full absolute path in tmpdir20:27
kergothso any paths taht include that will be deeply nested20:27
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moto-timoI'm working on moving scons (python-scons python-scons-native scons.bbclass) to python3. any reason to keep the python2 version around?21:51
moto-timoor should I just drop the python2 version.21:51
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armpitdrop it22:28
armpitif anyone want the py2 version we can create meta-python2 on OE for that22:28
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armpitsomething like meta-glv222:32
* armpit hmm?? gplv222:32
moto-timoarmpit: can you comment on the patch series on the ML or on the bug
yoctiBug 13381: normal, Undecided, 2.8 M2, timothy.t.orling, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , SCons should migrate to Python 323:55
moto-timo(BTW, it installs /usr/bin/scons so it will conflict if both py2 and py3 are installed. even more reason to drop it)23:56

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