Monday, 2019-06-10

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luckywhoLetoThe2nd: rburton: few days back i had some query related to python missing modules. I'm able to fix that i got all python modules and pip  packages. Thanks for your advice.06:50
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luckywhorburton: few days back i had some query related to python missing modules. I'm able to fix that i got all python modules and pip  packages. Thanks for your advice.10:05
qschulzluckywho: do you mind explaining what were your mistakes and/or how you fixed them? This chan is archived so it might be helpful for people to know how you did it :010:18
luckywhoCustom yocto meta files, python is available but missing lot of python modules(/usr/lib/python2.7/). I need to identify correct image file. After identifying  correct base image file. Added IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-modules", IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-misc", IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-pip".10:24
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qschulzluckywho: why do you need those python packages in the first place?10:50
qschulzis any of your scripts/SW/packages using those?10:50
qschulzif yes, you might want to identify your packages and add an RDEPENDS_${PN} += "python-misc python-pip python-modules"to each of the ones than requires something? That way your packages are not actually dependent on images10:52
luckywhoqshulz: Python modules are required in target filesystem. I'm trying to get mozilla web of things work on development board to understand  IOT.10:57
qschulzbut are required by whom? Is the package depending on python-modules/pip/misc installed by Yocto in the filesystem?11:04
qschulzFor example, I could very much give the ability to my users to install python packages by using pip, then IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-pip" is the way to go.11:04
qschulzHowever, if I have a software calling pip directly in a script (init script for example or updating dependencies for example), then python-pip should be a RDEPENDS of the said package11:05
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RPJPEW: I've added a patch to sort out the mutliconfig backwards compatibility13:39
RPJPEW: can you check if that works for you13:39
JPEWRP: Oh, thanks!13:39
JPEWYes, I will do that13:39
RPJPEW: didn't want to merge the others until we got that sorted13:40
JPEWAlso, good news: my weird qemu hang was due to my machine acting up. I don't think it was any fault in OE.13:43
RPJPEW: ok, good to have it tracked down13:45
RPJPEW: we're seeing a lot of weirdness atm :/13:45
JPEWRP: Anything that would be useful for me to try?13:49
RPJPEW: no, its mostly autobuilder stuff now I think. Process limits, the weird gpg locked memory race and so on13:52
RPJPEW: the AB UI is acting odd too :(13:52
RPOn the positive side we are managing to get the bug counts sort of under control:
JPEWThats good.... the scale on that graph makes it a little hard to see the recent trend :)13:56
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RPJPEW: we just have a worrying increase in the number of medium+ bugs13:57
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JPEWYa, It seems to be the default category14:03
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* RP wonders whether master is ready to build M114:36
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armpitRP, let me know if you kick off an M1 build15:46
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JPEWIf I run "bitbake --setscene-only core-image-minimal && bitbake --no-setscene core-image-minimal" is that functionally equivalent to "bitbake core-image-minimal" ?15:56
RPJPEW: approximately, I can imagine it perhaps doing something slightly differently16:01
RParmpit: curious why but will do :)16:09
ecdheNew to yocto, want to make a recipe to place a single python script in an arbitrary location on the filesystem... any quickstart examples of this?16:11
armpitso i don't build at same time16:14
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rburtonecdhe: put the script url in SRC_URI, copy it in do_install16:23
ecdhethanks rburton16:24
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RParmpit: its started16:48
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mcccHi LetoThe2nd, I'm sorry I missed you last week.  I'd be really interested to hear your experiences using Yocto to build cloud web server images.20:10
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* armpit if you play LetoThe2nd videos backwards, it says "armpit it the devil"20:46
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JPEWarmpit: You have to play them backwards? ;)21:13
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armpitJPEW, : ) so its just given knowledge21:36
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