Thursday, 2019-06-13

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gondorshi all05:11
gondorsI am trying to apply some kernel patches that only play nice with the patch tool05:11
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gondorsso I set PATCHTOOL = "patch" in my kernel recipe, just above SRC_URI05:12
gondorsbut the patch task still fails and from what I can see it's still using git05:12
gondors"git am" did not pass, trying reduced context.05:12
gondors"git am" did not work, trying "apply".05:13
gondorsand then it fails05:13
gondorsis this a bug I'm seeing?05:13
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gondorsfor some reason, it looks that kernel patching si done with the PATCHTOOL set in kern-tools-native06:34
gondorsbut even setting PATCHTOOL = "patch" in kern-tools-native does not make it actually use the patch util; it still applies the patches with git06:35
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opennandragondors: it's not using quilt as all others?07:17
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DvorkinI have multiconfig . It builds the image with two gcc's, but SDK contains only one of them - gcc from main image (first machine). How can I include gcc from secondary machine?07:57
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alexb3600Hi :)08:23
alexb3600Can anyone help me ?08:24
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: sorry, but do you really expect a "yes" or " no" now? ;-)08:26
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: just ask your question, as concise as possible. if somebody knows, you'll get an answr.08:26
alexb3600I'm expecting a yes ahah08:27
alexb3600okay so08:27
alexb3600I have a very specific board based on imx287 and I'm trying to build an image with yocto.08:27
alexb3600I have the .dtb file08:28
alexb3600My board doesn't use u-boot as bootloader but imx-bootlet (how can I use imx instead of uboot? and is it necessary?)08:28
alexb3600I know the partitions' size08:28
alexb3600I need the MFGTool to flash the board08:28
alexb3600and I have the the kernel configuration file08:28
alexb3600How can I produce a zimage (MFGTool compatible) with my own device tree and the bootloader imx-bootlet?08:29
alexb3600thanks :)08:29
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: in a nutshell, you are trying to write a bsp layer08:29
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: mfgtool is provided already in a couple of incarnations, see
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: and meta-fsl-arm also provides imx-bootlet
alexb3600yes but I don't know where I must put my dtb file08:30
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: so i'd say, grab that layer, look at it and take the things you need08:30
alexb3600I'll see that, thank you :)08:31
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: the latest state of freescale stuff should be here:
LetoThe2ndand if you look at then there's already magic in place for mfgtool too08:33
LetoThe2ndlastly for the devicetree, i'd suggest to be inspired by
alexb3600Do you recommend me to use the fsl-community-bsp?08:36
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: i am no fsl user, hence i can't comment. i can just point out which layers carry the things that you asked for.08:37
alexb3600thanks you ! :)08:38
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mckoanalexb3600: I suggest to approach the problem in atomic way, fist build the basic components (boot, kernel. dtb) and when they work integrate them into a BSP layer08:53
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alexb3600I'm a very beginner in yocto so I don't understand all the mechanisms. You suggest me to build first imx-bootlet?08:56
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cdobfHello, I'm trying to get a recipe set up for a raspberry pi poky image... it's building fine, but the binary isn't showing up on the image when I boot it on the pi. I assume there's something I'm missing to tell bitbake to actually include the package on the image? Have added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " helloworld" to my local.conf, but to no avail... Can anyone help or point me at the right docs to read for09:33
cdobfthis? (Recipe:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Adding Kernel Module to Image <>09:35
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mckoanalexb3600: I don't know. When I worked on iMX28 I customized u-boot.09:56
mckoancdobf: but did you get the binary file?10:00
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cdobfmckoan: Just got it working, was actually some issue with writing to the SD card haha, sorry for the noise10:12
gondorsso does anybody have any hint as to they the patchtool issue happens?10:12
gondorsdo I have no other choice than to redo the patches?10:12
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luckywhoIMAGE_INSTALL += "python-dev" not installing python header file in rootfs.10:54
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RPkanavin: I've just tracked down the acl ptest failures to the perl 5.28 -> 5.30 uprev. The problem is a $) = "2 2" call fails (to setegid)11:32
RPkanavin: does this sound familiar at all?11:32
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kanavinRP: not familiar at all :( the perl upgrade was a straightforward one11:47
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RPkanavin: I'll poke a bit further and see if anything jumps out in the perl configure logs12:07
RPnothing in the configure logs that looks likely12:10
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DvorkinI have multiconfig . It builds the image with two gcc's, but SDK contains only one of them - gcc from main image (first machine). How can I include gcc from secondary machine?12:24
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litbhello folks12:42
litbwhen I want a module to be loaded very early by the initramfs, what do I need to do? Do i just need to add its package to "PACKAGE_INSTALL"?12:42
litbor should I add the module to KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD  ? Does it work  if I do that in the initramfs-image? Or should I add the module to some other variable?12:43
litblooking into /recipes-core/initrdscripts  i don't find a script that loads kernel modules that reside in the initramfs. so I would think it doesn't work out of the box?12:49
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woutervhHello, I want to compile a qt5 application, including a waylandsink. Herefor I added an include gst/wayland/wayland.h14:26
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woutervhanyone knows what to add to a yocto recipe to have that one? It should be in gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad14:26
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rburtonwoutervh: its will be a package generated by the gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad recipe then14:33
woutervhrburton, yes, but that's the strange part. I have added this one14:35
rburtonoh you want the header? gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-dev14:35
woutervhand it's only in gst-libs/gst/wayland/wayland.h14:35
woutervhwell, I want the header and the library itself...14:35
woutervhWhat do I have to add to my recipe as depend and rdepend14:36
rburton*depend* gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad14:36
rburtonbecase you depend on recipes14:36
woutervhok, that I did14:37
woutervhbut still it didn't find this wayland.h14:37
woutervhI added in my . pro file    PKGCONFIG += gstreamer-1.0 gstreamer-audio-1.0 gstreamer-video-1.0 gstreamer-plugins-bad-1.014:38
rburtonyou're probably including it wrong14:39
woutervh#include <gst/wayland/wayland.h>14:40
woutervhit is under gst-libs though14:41
woutervhdon't know if that's automatically added as path14:41
rburtonyou know there's a gstreamer-wayland.pc file right14:42
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woutervhbut if I do -c dev_shell and enter pkg-config --list-all then, I don't see it either14:49
woutervhthat's why I thought I might be missing something in my recipe14:49
rburtonmaybe the recips isn't building that bit14:57
rburtonbut if you just want the sink, you don't want that library right?14:57
rburtonsinks are all runtime14:57
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DvorkinI have non-image recipe. How can I generate sdk for it?15:51
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rburtonDvorkin: question makes no sense: SDKs are based on images15:51
rburtonso make a SDK for an image which has your recipe in15:52
Dvorkinrburton, but it is multiconfig configuration with secondary target is only one recipe...15:52
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Dvorkinso... is there is an example of a "fake" image?15:54
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rburtonjust make a tiny image that just has the recipe in15:54
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Dvorkinlike core-image-tiny or there is the smaller example?15:56
rburtonmake your own with just IMAGE_INSTALL = myrecipe15:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Updating the wl18xx driver in Yocto <>16:06
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justanotherboyTo build a 4.19 RT kernel on current master, do I just need to add:17:50
justanotherboyPREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto-rt ?= "4.19%"17:51
justanotherboyPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-rt"17:51
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justanotherboyI'm asking because it is failing on do_compile in current master17:51
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto adding third system service to recipe file causes others not to start <> || Yocto Warrior Cannot Set Password for root or other users <>18:06
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