Wednesday, 2019-06-12

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mckoanLetoThe2nd: YW, I just wanted you to focus on the foggiest part of the recipe ;-)07:19
mckoangood morning07:19
LetoThe2ndmckoan: not exactly good, but it is a morning07:20
LetoThe2ndmckoan: and any input is appreciated :)07:21
derRichardi'm looking for a way to get the exact version of a package (git sha). background is, i want to collect this infos in my os-release package. what approach do you suggest?07:24
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qschulzis there an equivalent of checkpatch from the kernel in Yocto? So that I can actually test my patch will not be rejected by the build/test bots?07:47
qschulzbecause I get this error:
qschulzAnd the message is pretty unhelpful07:48
qschulzespecially for those not used to code in Python07:49
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RPqschulz: I think that test is broken. patchtest has been offline for a while and now its back, it seems a little cranky :/09:31
RPqschulz: there is a way to run the tests locally against a patch, I just wish I could remember what it is09:32
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muppeI wonder if anybody could tell what could be causing this phenomenon: in my local.conf I have PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "4.4%", however, 'uname' on the generated Linux distro returns 4.12. The bzImage is 4.4 as well as /lib/modules/4.4.113-yocto-standard. It almost seems that I have 4.12 stuff which is just named 4.4. Any ideas?10:29
erbomuppe: weird, could you share more details on machine etc?10:31
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opennandrahi, I have some special need to setup list of systemd units which are found in source directory. I tried to create task which is running after do_fetch with basically setting d.setVar('SYSTEMD_SERVICE_' + d.getVar('PN'), ' '.join(x for x in systemd_units))10:48
opennandrabut it looks like it doesn't work (variable is not set)10:48
opennandrais there any way how to do it?10:48
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rburtonhas anyone found a free-for-oss CI system that is usable for actual OE builds? i.e. you can maintain a sstate-cache between runs to avoid building the world on every run11:27
rburtonazure pipeline caching isn't ready yet11:27
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rburtontravis caches to S3 which sounds like its going to be very slow to restore an entire sstate11:29
erboopennandra: hmm, I did a simple test and if I set something using d.setVar() in a python task that value seems gone in next task even if next task runs after. If I have an anonymous python function that does d.setVar() it will be available in other tasks though.11:29
rburtonanon py runs before all the tasks11:30
erboMaybe someone can explain why changes to d in one task doesn't propagate to other tasks, there's problably an explanation that makes sense11:30
opennandraerbo: yes this is also my finding11:31
opennandrarburton: ok but I can change my python function to anonumous but need to be sure it's called only after source is fetched11:31
rburtonanon py happens *before any tasks are run*11:32
erboopennandra: you can't, since they run at parsing11:32
opennandrarburton: hmm is there some other way how to achieve what I want to do?11:32
opennandrabasically wait until unpack is done11:33
opennandraand then update variable11:33
opennandraor it is no go11:33
opennandrabasically in my python task I look at certain location in ${S} and list files which will be then added to SYSTEMD_SERVICES variable11:34
opennandraand got issues when fynction is anonymous11:34
opennandrabecause sometimes can happen that if parsed before all tasks then S is not available11:35
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erboopennandra: Maybe you can add that code in a do_package_prepend since that's where the variable is used. Then it should be within the same task and might work11:37
opennandraerbo: FILES_${PN} also?11:39
opennandraerbo: ok it looks like it's working when use anonymous and line which look for file is in try except block11:41
erboopennandra: Hmm, that doesn't seems right11:42
opennandraerbo: but I can see varibales are update11:42
opennandrawhen check with -e11:42
erboAre you sure it's not working just because you had the files in place due to having run bitbake <your recipe> before?11:42
erboSo if you'd clean your recipe, does it still work?11:43
opennandraerbo: sec11:43
opennandraerbo: you're right :(11:44
opennandrawhen cleansstate it's again not working11:44
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erboBut I think it should work with do_package_prepend11:45
erbojust give it a shot :)11:45
opennandraok sec11:46
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opennandraerbo: nope also not working11:49
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erboopennandra: are you checking with bitbake -e, or trying the whole thing?11:54
opennandrawith -e11:54
erboBut -e shows environment after parsing only I think11:54
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erbobitbake -e example doesn't show FOO being set there either, but it works within the task11:55
opennandraok but I tried and get package QA issue about installed vs shipped11:56
opennandraso variable is not updated11:56
opennandraI mean FILES_${PN} variable11:57
muppeerbo: I am building for intel-corei7-64. Most of my layers are from rocko which I guess comes with 4.12. However, I have cleaned everything and tried to build 4.4. I wonder if something is still forcing 4.12 somehow.12:01
erbomuppe: what kind of image do you build? I'm thinking if it's possible that you updated rootfs but leaving old kernel in place?12:04
erboopennandra: Ok, then I don't really have any nice ideas. I would probably debug it by inserting some prints into systemd.bbclass to see if your changes are used, and then go from there.12:06
opennandraerbo: ok thanks anyway for help12:06
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opennandraerbo: with anonymous function seems to work (do cleansstate then build) but get do_package, the basehash value changed from 312:19
opennandraI think it's bacause I updated variable12:19
opennandrais there anything I can prevent to have this error?12:19
opennandraerbo: nevermind fixed it12:28
opennandrasomehow :)12:28
erboI think it's strange if you got it working with the anonymous function, it shouldn't work if the code there needs some files in place12:29
erboAt least it should be unpredicable result12:30
erboBut if you got it working I might be wrong, I'm not a guru like some others lurking here12:30
opennandraerbo: np it's working so lesson learned : you can set variables only in anonymous functions ;)12:31
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rburton_opennandra: each task runs in its own context: variables set in one don't reach the next. if your anonpy is looking at what was unpacked then it won't work with a clean build tree.12:40
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opennandrarburton: ok thanks I'll try to play more with it12:41
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muppeerbo: I am building a UEFI live USB stick image. Once I boot it, /boot/ folder has bzImage-4.4.113-yocto-standard but uname -r gives me 4.12.28-yocto-standard.12:53
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erbomuppe: so is that a .wic file you dd to the USB-stick?12:56
erboI still think the kernel is taken from somewhere else than /boot/. You can verify by grepping for the version string uname -r gives you. grep "4.12.28-yocto-standard" /boot/bzImage-4.4.113-yocto-standard13:01
erboIf you don't find it, that's not the kernel you booted13:01
muppeerbo: I am generating .uefiimg (the image has meta-mender in it so that's probably why the output image is like that)13:02
erboMaybe "dmesg | head" on the booted system can give you a hint13:02
muppe[    0.000000] Linux version 4.12.28-yocto-standard (oe-user@oe-host) (gcc version 7.3.0 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu May 9 11:55:51 UTC 201913:04
muppe[    0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=(hd1,gpt2)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/sdb2 console=tty0,115200n8 console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=ttyO0,115200n8 console=ttyAMA0,115200n8 rootwait13:04
muppeand grep gave no results so obviously I am booting something 4.12 instead of 4.4.13:07
erboSo I guess your device has another partition which contains the /boot/bzImage the command line specifies13:08
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muppeThe device has an SSD where I have dd'ed 4.12 based image a while ago. Is it possible that it is booting the kernel from /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb?13:09
muppeThe booting process is definitely starting from the USB stick (after changing the BIOS settings to boot from UEFI mass storage).13:10
erboTry mounting both /dev/sda2 and /dev/sdb2 when the system has booted and see what kernels they contain?13:11
muppehmm... actually that hd1 at BOOT_IMAGE makes me wonder....13:11
RPautobuilder worker showing a process running for 5124107hours which is 805 years. Suspect.13:12
erboRP: so it's true when they say yocto build can take some time then :D13:12
RPerbo: that and we appear to have time travel13:13
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LetoThe2ndRP: can you please travel to after my current bug hunt, and when you return tell me what the problem was?13:15
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muppeerbo: Thanks for the tips. Apparently there was a wrong definition in grub.cfg. mender_grub_storage_device was set to hd1 whereas it should have been hd0. After manually changing that, the system booted kernel 4.4.13:17
erboGlad you found it13:19
opennandramuppe: for mender question you can ask on hub.mender.io13:19
opennandramuppe: there alre also topics about how to port mender to x86 board (intel nuc e.g.) so you can get also some info there (I'm author of some of them :))13:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake Recipes for Nvidia Jetson Nano for Python whl files not on PyPi <>14:02
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psrcodeRP: does oe-core ship recipe for rc kernel?14:32
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RPpsrcode: we have a -dev kernel which you could probably configure to do that14:45
psrcodebut by default?14:45
psrcodedoes -dev kernel target a rc kernel?14:45
RPpsrcode: -dev is currently set to 5.2-rc+ so it does but its not default14:46
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psrcodeyeah thats a problem for lttng-modules14:47
RPpsrcode: I think the git lttng-modules recipe is the best way forward for this, it will bring us as close as we can get14:47
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* zeddii notes that the pacific timezone blows for trying to keep up with mailing list threads.15:52
zeddiialways last to comment :D15:52
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erakisHi, when a systemd service (node js app) is configured as `StandardOutput=journal+console` and then I output something to the console like this `process.stdout.write('HELLO\n');`, am I supposed to see the message passed in my console when I start the service with `systemctl start myservice` ? I guest that as the service is started with a different shell then the output cannot be display on MY console.17:14
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sashkoI try to run tests, but get this: images/qemux86/core-image-sato-qemux86.testdata.json Not Found. Have you built the image with INHERIT+="testimage" in the conf/local.conf?17:55
sashkoI have INHERIT+="testimage" in my local.conf17:55
sashkoMACHINE = "qemux86"17:56
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sashkoI build it with bitbake core-image-sato -c testimage17:56
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ecdheI added a layer 'meta-mytest' and a basic "helloworld" recipe.  `bitbake helloworld' successfully compiles the simple program, but when I try to bitbake my full system image, I get the message "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'mytest'"18:28
ecdheThe next line says: NOTE: Runtime target 'mytest' is unbuildable, removing...18:28
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ecdheHow is "mytest" becoming a target instead of just a layer?  The only place that the string "mytest" appears in a file is inside poky/build/conf/bblayers.conf18:29
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litbecdhe, did you add that to the BBLAYERCOLLECTION? (or whatever it's called)18:38
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ecdheBBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "mytest"18:41
ecdhelitb: yes18:41
ecdheit was my understanding (per tutorials) that BBFILE_COLLECTIONS names a variable suffix that bitbake can then append to a set of known basenames for parameter discovery.18:43
ecdhee.g, BBFILE_PATTERN_mytest, BBFILE_PRIORITY_mytest etc18:43
litbthat's my understanding aswell18:51
litband in BBLAYERDIRS or whatever it's called, you need to add all the directories of all your layers I think18:52
litbin conf/bblayers.conf18:52
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ecdhelitb: that's where I've got my layer listed.  to make sure the syntax was right, I used the 'add-layer' command of I forget what tool.18:56
ecdheIf I removed my custom layer from bblayers.conf, the RDEPENDS issue goes away, but of course, my packages can't be included18:57
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litbI think I had that issue aswell. I renamed my layer name , and then it worked19:00
litbecdhe, ^19:00
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ecdhelitb: is there a cache I can clear instead?19:00
ecdhelitb, this is very interesting; I renamed my layer to "fourtest" but I'm still getting the error about 'mytest' being required but not provided.  the name 'mytest' seems to be cached somewhere!19:05
kergothunlikely. try grep19:06
ecdhekergoth, running `grep -r mytest'19:07
ecdhekergoth: you were right.  the file 'meta-fourtest/recipes-images/core-image.bbappend' was trying to append the layer name (not the package name) with an IMAGE_INSTALL_append directive.19:10
ecdheThis was from my inadequate mental model of layers/recipes/packages earlier today19:11
ecdheThe thing is finally building!19:11
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