Monday, 2019-06-17

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mckoangood morning06:48
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alicefmckoan: morning :)07:52
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mckoanhey alicef ;-)08:13
aliceftutto bene ? :)08:14
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millonifor a given recipe, is it possible to get a list of layers that .bbappend it? right now i'm using `bitbake -e whatever` and grepping for bbappend but 1) that's still a lot of output 2) i don't know if i'm getting everything09:10
LetoThe2ndmilloni: bitbake-layers show-appends09:14
milloninice, i had actually asked that question before, i'm hoping to remember the answer this time :D thanks09:15
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opennandraI need to fetch zip file from artifactory using custrom header + api key09:52
opennandrais there some support for that or should I use do_fetch() to run curl with that? or even write new fetcher?09:53
rburton_can you not embed the key in a url parameter instead?10:12
opennandrarburton: hmm it needs als ospecial header like described here: curl -H "X-JFrog-Art-Api:ABcdEF" -X PUT ...10:16
rburton_write a new fetcher10:17
rburton_would be great if the http fetcher was redesigned a bit so you could trivially subclass it to add new headers10:18
rburton_maybe you can already, worth a look to see10:18
opennandraI checked wget fetcher and this support header for username:password10:19
opennandraok I'll try to look what I can do :)10:19
opennandrathanks for info10:19
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frscHi! I'm getting "No rule to make target 'menuconfig'" and "No rule to make target 'Image'" for my kernel build with thud.10:51
frscThe same operations work just fine if invoked from devshell instead of bitbake.10:51
frscAny ideas?10:51
LetoThe2ndfrsc: so you are trying to do "bitbake menuconfig" or "bitbake image"? or what do you mean?10:53
frscLetoThe2nd: "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig" or just "bitbake virtual/kernel"10:56
frscAnd "make menuconfig" or just "make" from devshell work fine10:56
LetoThe2ndfrsc: if i had to guess, i'd say that maybe something with your directories is off. but other than that, no idea right now.10:57
frscLetoThe2nd: Could be. I'm building from external source via devtool. After "devtool reset" it's now working again.11:02
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frscLetoThe2nd: Hm, it doesn't seem to be related to devtool, but to the kernel source. The problem only occurs with Linux 5.2-rc5, but not with
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litbhmm, I don't understand this. I'm adding "plymouth" to my initramfs. and the "plymouth" package is not apparently dependent on "dracut"11:30
litbbut plymouth-initrd is. and I'm not including that package, neither is "plymouth" apparently dependent on "plymouth-initrd"11:30
litbhowever nevertheless, bitbake complains that my initramfs image recipe depends on "plymouth-initrd" and says "Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: "['core-image-lmg6xx-initramfs', 'plymouth', 'dracut']"11:31
LetoThe2ndlitb: maybe the dependency is there but just not apparent?11:32
litbwhy? the dependency declaration is this:    RDEPENDS_${PN}-initrd = "bash dracut"   . However, I'm merely *building* it, but I don't install it. How is it that bitbake wants to build dracut then?11:32
litbLetoThe2nd, I think that's the case, but it's not apparent to me yet11:32
litbcan't I tell bitbake "I know that plymouth-initrd needs dracut at runtime. but I'm not installing plymouth-initrd, so please don't build dracut"11:33
litbOr is it that it just wants to have verified that dracut is *declared* somewhere? I.e i just need to add its layer?11:34
LetoThe2ndlitb: you are building core-image-lmg6xx-initramfs, right?11:35
litbhah, I found a way to have this work without adding the respective layers. I can remove "initrd" from its "PACKAGECONFIG" list. because it creates that package "-initrd" conditionally11:35
litbLetoThe2nd, yeah11:35
LetoThe2ndlitb: what happens if you are building plymouth directly? because you obviously can't build the full image if the rdepends in not fulfilled11:35
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litbthis in my distro config will do it I think    PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-plymouth = "initrd"11:37
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litbLetoThe2nd, hmm why can't I?11:41
litbafter all, I wouldn't install the .deb that has the unfulfilled rdepends11:42
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LetoThe2ndlitb: if you tell bitbake to build an image for which it can't fulfill the complete dependency tree, be it runtime or buildtime, then i don't think it would go ahead and try, but abort and tell you so.11:43
LetoThe2nd(of course i might be wrong, just as usual)11:43
litbLetoThe2nd, hm, but in my case, I'm fulfilling the dependencies  in the image, as far as I can see11:44
litbbecause the image doesn't contain plymouth-initrd, so  there's no dependency, neither build nor runtime, of any package  in the image, to dracut11:45
litbI think i'm just think-blocking today11:45
frscSo the kernel build problem described above is caused by the following patchset in v5.2:12:02
frscNow, I just need to find out if Yocto/OE needs a fix to work with the new kernel, or if the kernel needs a fix to avoid breaking the build.12:03
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zeddiifrsc: I’m building 5.2 constantly with linux-yocto-dev, and all is fine in master12:14
frsczeddii: Ok, strange. Which Yocto release are you using?12:17
frscAh master12:17
frscSorry missed it12:17
frsczeddii: Did you already try devtool with out-of-tree build?12:18
zeddiinaw. I never use devtool.12:20
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frsczeddii: I tried without devtool and the problem still persists12:36
zeddiiI just built and booted 5.2-rc5 :D12:36
frsczeddii: I guess I have to try master and see if there's some change in there that I miss in thud12:37
zeddiiqemux86-64 login: root12:37
zeddiiroot@qemux86-64:~# uname -a12:37
zeddiiLinux qemux86-64 5.2.0-rc5-yoctodev-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 17 12:29:47 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:37
zeddiigenerally speaking, the newest kernels do not always build in the older branches. I’ve had to tweak a few things in master since I’ve been working through the new kernels on the way to the version for the fall release. But nothing around the make options not properly passing.12:38
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kuzulisHi guys. I need to add the 'gperf-native' dependency to DEPENDS variable to build the chromium package... From the meta-browser repo I see that there are a ready patch: . But, I'm can't checkout to this commit, because then bitbake say that "no recipes available for chromium-wayland_48', that is true because before that commit the wayland version was incremented to v53. So, how to add the 'gperf-native' to12:45
kuzulisDEPENDS without of modification of original 'chromium' recipe?12:45
kuzulisHow to do it correctly?12:46
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litbwhat's the correct way to modify a file installed by a packet?   an .bbappend file  with  do_install_append() { /* modify the file here */ }   ?13:09
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frsczeddii: I just tried master and warrior. Both seem to work fine. So I'll switch to warrior...13:17
zeddiiyah. if you have that choice, that’s probably easier than digging out what changed and trying to backport, ec.13:21
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frsczeddii: Yes, for now I still have that choice as so far this is still in development stage and I just avoided the upgrade to warrior till now. But now I have a good reason to switch.13:30
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sylv38Hi everyone. I have a little question. Is it possible to remove package from packagegroup in image recipe ? Thanks for help14:42
neverpanicIf you don't want the package in the packagegroup, remove it from the packagegroup. If you don't want to modify the packagegroup, don't install it in your image recipe.14:44
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sylv38yes, but i have a packagegroup which includes or not package dependings on machine type. Example : ${@oe.utils.conditional('MACHINE', 'qemux86-64', '', 'my_package', d)}14:45
sylv38it works14:45
sylv38but we decide to backup sstatecache on server, for all targets we have, and it seems that sstate and packagegroup is not very well managed14:46
sylv38no version is set in package recipe ... maybe the problem comes from here14:47
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neverpanicthis may be related to or
yoctiBug 5970: enhancement, Medium, 1.9, richard.purdie, VERIFIED FIXED, sstate signature generator issues14:50
yoctiBug 7298: normal, Medium, 2.99, richard.purdie, NEW , packagegroups are not rebuilt when rdependency pkg name changes14:50
neverpanicalthough I thought that should work by now.14:50
neverpanicI'm not sure if sharing sstate cache between different $MACHINE targets is supported, though.14:52
sylv38I'm using sumo (2.5.2). Not sure it is present in this version14:57
sylv38thanks for your reply14:59
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sylv38i will move packages which need to check the ${MACHINE} variable to my image recipe and let only package compatible with all architecture15:02
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RPneverpanic: it is supported15:23
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litbhello folks15:35
litbhow does yocto know, when I execute "bitbake <my rootfs-image-recipe>", that it has to execute wic?  If i say "bitbake <my initramfs recipe>", it won't (hopefully) execute wic on it15:36
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES controls image construction from the rootfs. initramfs recipes generally override it15:36
* kergoth yawns15:36
litblol, must be a common question15:36
litbahh i remember. there you can say "ext3" and "wic" and such15:37
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litbhm. we have bootimg-partition that copies certain files from the deploy-image area to /boot. but if you use bootimg-pcbios or other plugins, you can't make use of it. that's sad15:40
litbi'm about to copy the code in bootimg-partition into my own wic plugin, which is bootimg-pcbios copied, and extended with that code that supports copying files from the deploy area.15:40
litbI guess there's a way better way tho15:40
kergoththat's probably your best bet, unless the plugin had more flexibility, which i doubt. there's a fair bit of hardcoding in those plugins at the moment..15:41
kergothbest would probably be to prep a patch to allow it to support that functionality and submit that to oe-core, and your own plugin isn't a bad way to go even if you pursue that route15:41
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JPEWWhy is perl under the "perl-sanity" directory?15:43
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RPJPEW: it was done when perl was being cleaned up, it should really move backj15:48
RPJPEW: thanks for the reminder, patch in next to remind me15:49
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to I deploy Azure IoT Edge on Yocto on Raspberry Pi? <>15:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Toaster only shows first rootfs built <>16:49
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shrkamatHi I am trying to build a clang cross toolchain for raspberrypi2 target. I had used yocto for the build, created an SDK successfully. I am currently in the process of building libc++abi for clang18:36
shrkamatBut I am not able to use the SDK with -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/sdk/toolchain/bin/clang++18:36
shrkamatI am not sure how to use clang with yocto generated SDK18:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Tracking variable assignments in bitbake <>20:50
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paulbarkerWhat's the status of git submodule fetching in thud? I'm still getting intermittent unpack failures with the message "No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date"21:53
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smurraypaulbarker: I backported the fetcher fixes that seemed to make AGL happy, but I believe there's been some more rework since those22:28
armpitcan someone be more specific? is ref commit ?22:36
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* armpit no backport requests 22:42
smurrayarmpit: since I backported mhatle's earlier fixes, there's been fd27ab6 and 30fe86d, it's not clear if those would be related to paulbarker's issue22:43
armpitsmurray, what repo are those hashes for?22:44
smurrayarmpit: in bitbake master, I mean, sorry22:44
armpitk, let me look at it22:44
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smurrayarmpit: they seem to cherry-pick to 1.40 cleanly, at least22:46
frayI've had no reports of failures with the full set of git submodle fetcher updates..22:48
frayand yes, they SHOULD all cherry pick cleanly... they were designed that way22:48
smurrayfray: thanks.  AGL's usage of gitsm has been reduced quite a lot in the last few months, so it's likely not stressing that code as much as it used to22:51
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stangerm2Is there a reason why in Warrior a devshell doesn't have the exact same env (CC/CFLAGS, ext) as during do_compile? Trying to troubleshoot a recipe and CC in devshell doesn't have thing's like '-mpu' set, which cause very different errors?23:28
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armpitstangerm2, so are you saying master behaves differently?23:38
stangerm22.2 does23:38
armpitstangerm2, does temp/run.do_configure/complile set things correctly ?23:38
stangerm2The recipe doesn't have any custom appends or rules to either do_compile or do_configure23:41
stangerm2it does `inherit module` I'm not sure if that matters23:42
stangerm2I'm take it to the ML, thanks23:50
armpitas i don't have clue23:54
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