Tuesday, 2019-06-18

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building meta-virtualization layer in yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41938892/building-meta-virtualization-layer-in-yocto>09:21
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paulbarkersmurray, fray, armpit: My gitsm issue was with azure-umqtt-c so fd27ab6 looks very relevant. I cherry-picked that and 30fe86d, threw away my build dir (including downloads cache) and tried a clean build. That worked :)10:05
RPpaulbarker: we're missing some backports to 1.40?10:07
paulbarkerA pair of gitsm fixes: fd27ab6  and 30fe86d in bitbake10:08
paulbarkerThere was some brief discussion here last night10:09
RPpaulbarker: are those already in 1.42?10:15
RPpaulbarker: I can backport them to 1.40 if so and you've tesed10:15
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paulbarkerRP: 30fe86d is already in 1.42. Looks like the one I need isn't though, fd27ab6 is only in master and needs backporting to 1.42 as well10:19
paulbarkerI've tested with both cherry-picked to 1.4010:20
qschulzSpeaking of backporting, I sent two patches for thud a week ago and I haven't received an answer other than "please clarify", which I did. How is pinging on the ML seen by the community/maintainers? What the recommended waiting time before pinging?10:20
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RPqschulz: I think the stable maintainer has been concentrating on warrior and is a touch overloaded :(10:25
RPqschulz: we should get those patches into thud...10:25
qschulzRP: Absolutely no worries/hurry, thanks for the info :)10:27
RPpaulbarker: backported, thanks10:31
paulbarkerRP: Thanks, that saves me carrying them locally :)10:32
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RPpaulbarker: as the bitbake maintainer and knowing the history of those patches (and the tests) I can feel ok about fast tracking that10:41
paulbarkerRP: fd27ab6  probably also wants to go into 1.42 then10:42
RPpaulbarker: gah, I thought they were in 1.4210:42
paulbarker30fe86d is, fd27ab6  isn't10:43
RPpaulbarker: thanks, sorted10:43
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prabhakarladHi all, what is the best way to set the default MACHINE ?11:12
rburtonin your distro config11:26
rburtonif you haven't got as far as writing a distro config then 1) consider if you should and 2) local.conf11:26
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qschulzrburton: why in the distro config? (outside of some toolchain selection/features enablement, I don't see (because I don't know) any more use for distro config). for me it's unrelated, what am I missing?11:35
rburtonits all about the context really.  i have a default in site.conf.11:36
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prabhakarladrburton_:  thank you!11:40
rburton_but for a serious use, site.conf setting machine is stupid11:40
rburton_because you'll have a distro config to set it11:40
qschulzrburton_: we define MACHINE= before bitbake here11:42
rburton_thats the 'one shot override' way11:42
rburton_local.conf is better11:42
qschulzand in my previous company we used to modify directly in conf/local.conf11:42
qschulzAs you said, depend on the context, we have multiple different MACHINE so it kinda makes sense to pass it in the env11:43
rburton_is it for this build only? in the environment when running bitbake.  for all builds in this immediate configuration only? local.conf.  all builds on this machine? site.conf is a shared location.  all builds for this product? the distro conf11:43
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qschulzrburton_: ah, very interesting11:43
qschulzrburton_: thanks!11:45
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jonmasonHas anyone seen an issue where teestimage fails with "WARNING: core-image-sato-1.0-r0 do_testimage: Qemu ended unexpectedly"11:53
jonmasoninside the data dump, are shell commands that supposedly don't exist11:53
rburton_thats qemu crashing, the other logs hopefully have more context?11:53
jonmasondoing a simple runqemu shows it working11:53
jonmasonthe logs in tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201906180026_qemu/host_00_* show "/bin/sh: df: command not found"11:58
jonmasonor similar11:58
jonmasonwhen I do runqemu, open the shell, df works perfectly11:59
jonmasonis there another place I could find logs of what might have happened?11:59
jonmasonbtw, seeing this on 3 different systems on both x86 and arm6411:59
jonmasonso odds are high that I misconfigured something12:00
jonmasonwhile looking at runqemu, I wonder if we should toggle the kvm to always be enabled and have a nokvm if we explicitly don't want it12:11
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RPjonmason: I'd ignore those logs12:22
RPjonmason: can you share the log.do_testimage somewhere?12:22
RPjonmason: those logs just show those things aren't present in the image which isn't an issue12:23
* RP has the same thing here12:23
RPjonmason: subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '('sudo',  '/home/jdm/yocto/poky/scripts/runqemu-ifup', '1000', '1000',  '/home/jdm/yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-helper-native/1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin')'  returned non-zero exit status 1.12:27
RPjonmason: its failing to do with network device setup12:27
jonmasonyup, I just saw that12:27
jonmasonwell, that explains it :(12:27
jonmasonI'm stupid12:28
RPjonmason: I use sudo `which runqemu-gen-tapdevs ` 1000 sharedsource 4 tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/qemu-helper-native/usr/bin12:28
RPpresetup the tap devices12:28
RPyou probably want 1000 instead of sharedsource12:28
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jonmasonI think I saw something in the docs about the taps being setup, but didn't connect that it could've been the issue12:29
RPjonmason: the options are to setup in advance or let it use sudo12:30
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JPEWI think we are going to have to disable Python PGO for reproducible builds :(12:45
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RPJPEW: ah. I can imagine why this may be an issue :(12:52
RPJPEW: could we copy in a cached profile?12:53
JPEWRP: Yes we should be able to. I was reading some posts on line and that was a recommendation12:53
JPEWI think the real questions is where it would be kept12:54
RPJPEW: alongside the python recipe? How big is it?13:10
JPEW... checking13:10
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JPEW2 MB ish13:13
RPJPEW: hmm, bit larger than I'd have liked13:19
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RPJPEW: put in a separate repo and pull it in as a source file?13:19
JPEWYa, I think that would work. It would probably have to be re-generated every time python was updated?13:20
JPEWOr rather *should* be regenerated every time13:21
RPJPEW: yes, it would need that. We could write the recipe in such a way it generates if a source isn't specified?13:23
RPthere is some kind of not quite fully formed idea here :)13:23
JPEWYa, fair enough. I'll see if it is workable13:24
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JPEWI think this is the last non-reproducible build in core-image-minimal (I still have to submit a bunch of patches....)13:24
RPJPEW: that sounds very cool :)13:26
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zeddiiRP: is there an example of a recipe that creates an optional package ? or is it something that i should just allow a package to be empty, or populated based on a variable ?14:38
zeddiiI'm trying to finish up my tweaked linux-headers/linux-source additional to kernel-devsrc.14:39
zeddiiand want to avoid the full linux-source copy, unless someone really wants it.14:39
zeddiiI'm reusing all the infrastructure from kernel-devsrc for most of the work, and wanted to avoid making a separate recipe, or churn things into a .inc.14:40
* zeddii ponders14:40
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RPzeddii: you could make it a PACKAGECONFIG ?14:41
smurrayzeddii: does anything RDEPEND on the optional package if it's built?14:43
zeddiiit is just something you can install if you want to suffer the bloat of full kernel source :D14:44
smurrayokay, I'd say go for the empty package if so, but if not seems fine either way14:44
zeddiiI'll try something and put out a RFC. I'm sure a patch will get comments. I was just trying to get close to the right thing before sending.14:45
RPzeddii: my fear is world builds pulling in a separate recipe14:46
RPthis is probably going to be a testing matrix problem regardless though :(14:46
zeddiiyah. you really don't want this to run unless you've asked for it. it is the entire thing we ran away from years ago.14:47
zeddiiRP: agreed. Did you want to be pointed at the bugzilla ? I mentioned that when asked for the support.14:47
RPzeddii: I've tried to back you when this comes up. I can do so again somewhere...14:47
RPzeddii: I remember worlds of pain14:47
zeddiiI indicated that it was for reference, since we can't have 3 different ways to build on-target modules times all of our architectures.14:48
zeddiiif the existing devsrc isn't working, we should tweak it, or folks can carry their own recipes.14:48
zeddiianyway. what I have seems reasonable, I was just unwilling to do a full source copy every time.14:48
RPzeddii: we don't need to and it was hugely painful on the testing infrastrcture14:49
* zeddii doesn't think that a few missing files here and there over a span of a year are considerable effort for devsrc when compared to the horror of the old approach :D14:49
RPzeddii: people don't have to generally deal with that horror so complaining about the current situation is much easier to comprehend :/14:50
RPzeddii: I'm seeing this a lot14:50
zeddiiheh. agreed.14:50
zeddiilike "where is kernel 5.1", 5.0 EOL'd all of 12 days ago!!14:50
RPits the kind of thing which makes me just want to give up and walk away, I get quite depressed about it14:50
zeddiiit's the luxury of only have to care about one arch, or a few targets.14:51
* zeddii doesn't have that.14:51
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ayakaI heard there is a command for bitbake to enter the build environment of a recipe15:05
ayakawhat is it?15:05
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zeddiiayaka. it is a task for a recipe: bitbake -c devshell <recipe>15:09
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ayakazeddii, I see, I used it before15:10
ayakasomething it won't enter the build workspace of a recipe15:10
ayakabut it works for some recipe15:10
ayakawhat may cause those recipes won't be enter into proper place?15:11
zeddiiit drops into whatever ${B} is for a recipe IIRC.15:12
ayakazeddii, I would check thank you15:20
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armpitRP, there was a doc patch https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2019-June/045599.html15:45
armpitis there a problem, I wanted to include it in the warrior update15:45
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RParmpit: need to ask scott about that15:57
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litbhello folks16:18
litbwe use gcc mingw on linux to cross compile our windows software.16:18
litband we maybe want to evaluate to use yocto to compile our windows software. this would mean building a gcc-cross that targets windows, and uses a HOST of linux16:18
litbis this feasible at all? difficulty level?16:19
khemlitb: its possible, currently we generate SDKs which run on windows/mingw hosts and are used to build linux apps ( opposite of what you want ) but there has been effort to do the options you are looking for16:20
khemand with some success, its possible to generate the SDK and build some code, but this is not upstreamed or a common usecase16:21
litbkhem, i guess i could build on that work, since as an intermediary step, it would need to compile a windows-targetting compiler. I could use that build steps to  generate the gcc-cross , i guess?16:21
khemtoday we can target for mingw16:22
litbkhem, i have seen that. i think it's the meta-mingw layer16:22
RPlitb: have a look at the meta-mingw layer, yes16:22
khembut the resulting cross compiled code target is linux16:22
khemand last year I did do few patches to target mingw code generation as well IIRC I have posted them for meta-mingw16:24
litbkhem, hm, i see. maybe the .deb thing or some other tools in yocto will get into trouble since artifacts  are not anymore elf/.a files16:24
litbkhem, ah, nice16:24
khemactually it works pretty smoothly after toolchain is working, I was at a point where I was trying to build bash16:25
khemfor windows :) and I gave up16:25
JPEWkhem: I don't remember seeing those patches on the ML16:25
litbcurrently we're using MXE, and we would need to compile the linux things wrapped in a package-less recipe using EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS or something16:25
khemJPEW: I did send something probably common patches16:26
litbs,linux things,windows things,16:26
litbkhem, ah cool, so maybe we could teach it to use our MXE toolchain and it will work all out16:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can I create symbolic links from a Yocto recipe for a file that doesn't exist yet <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56656784/can-i-create-symbolic-links-from-a-yocto-recipe-for-a-file-that-doesnt-exist-ye>20:53
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khemzeddii: https://pastebin.com/raw/PQcGzDes23:20
khemthats when building qemuarm kernel on master23:21
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