Friday, 2019-06-21

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed to bitbake docker in Yocto 4.9.88 (rocko) with meta-virtualization layer <>02:31
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mckoangood morning07:02
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woutervhhello. My do_populate_sdk for my image fails on qttools -> warning: library search path "/usr/lib/llvm-6.0/lib" is unsafe for cross-compilation07:17
woutervh\/usr/lib/llvm-6.0/lib/ file not recognized: file format not recognized07:18
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yacar_Hi guys, do you have any hints about this one :
yacar_I've found a thread here from two years ago but the issue did not seems to be fixed :
yacar_I guess we have the same issue now, but I have try many things and always end up stuck at the same point08:27
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litbhello folks09:08
litbi wonder whether  the sstate-cache works like ccache, in a way09:08
litbthat it stores .o  files09:08
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rburtonit stores the packages09:10
rburton(and other metadata)09:10
rburtonif you delete tmp and rebuild and image from sstate, it simply extracts the packages from sstate and then builds an image, nothing else needs to be done09:10
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litbrburton, ahh, i see!09:14
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Piratydoes yocto allow me to use docker images on the system created with yocto? i mean: does it have build recipies for the docker daemon?09:25
Piratyrburton:  thanks a lot!09:27
rburtonthats the answer to 'is there a recipe for <x>'09:27
Piratyi see09:28
* Piraty bookmarked the link09:28
Piratyi'm in the process of evaluating build systems so $management can make a decision :-/09:29
rburtonnote that meta-virtualisation is behind work, so presumably it actually works09:35
litbthis sentence in the manual reads rather  funny: "The source archiver class can generate tarballs and SRPMs and can create them with various levels of compliance in mind. "09:41
litbin my mind, it reads the same as "... and can create them with various levels of non-compliance in mind."09:41
rburtonlol yeah the english there isn't great09:42
rburtonquestion: do we want to prefer pigz over gzip (paging RP)09:43
rburton(i think yes)09:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to configure LIC_FILE_CHECKSUM for https downloads in SRC_URI in Yocto <>10:02
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kuzulisHi guys. I have updated the yocto layers to 'thud'.. But now, the U-boot can't load the kernel, it say: "Wrong Image Format for bootm command"... When I have replaced the new uImage with an old uImage, then it booted. So, seems that in a new layer the kernel uImage has a different format.. So, my question is: where is it possible to change the Kernel Image format: in yocto or in menuconfig?10:15
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RPrburton: yes, I think so10:35
RPrburton: :/10:36
RPrburton: | pigz: abort: internal threads error10:36
RPrburton: max open files too low on opensuse151 maybe10:37
RPhmm, same on all the workers10:40
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w1ndy_Hey guys anyone how to install postgresql?11:18
w1ndy_I cant use the psql command11:19
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litbhm, why does the core-image.../ folder  in deploy/licenses/ sometimes contain license.manifest  with a list of all packages in the image.. and sometimes, it doesn't11:30
litbsometimes, it does only contain image_license.manifest  with the bootmanager licenses in it!11:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: core-image-weston with x-server backwards compatibility <>11:32
w1ndy_Someone know how to install postgreSQL and use the psql tool?11:36
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litbhm, when I'm using the archiver class and let it archive the sources used to build the image, does it also archive the build-dependencies? i.e DEPENDS-recipes of them?12:23
litbiirc, GPL requires it12:23
rburtonRP: damnit!!12:26
rburtonlitb: if you do a build from scratch, then it will archive *everything* used12:27
rburtonRP: maybe its threading too heavily and hitting the limit anyway?  or is the limit huge12:27
rburtonRP: oddly i thought sstate_create_package was already using pigz12:32
rburtonthey all failed like that?12:34
rburtoni honestly didn't think i changed anything for the native case12:50
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rburtonRP: oh that build only has the priority change, so how can that be my fault :(12:57
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kayterina[m]what do I run to make an 'rpi-sdimg' file from my built without rebiolding?13:23
RPrburton: I'm not blaming you, just bad luck with you asking about pigz I think13:23
RPrburton: it is odd coincidence though :/13:23
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JPEWrburton: Ah, I figured it out; I did fix perl-ptest, I just haven't pushed the patches to the mailing list (I wasn't done testing them)13:25
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JPEWrburton: At least, I think will fix it13:31
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rburtonJPEW: cool13:47
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litbweird. in the manual, it says that in order to use PREMIRROR with git repositories, you need to  set BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS : " Causes tarballs of the Git repositories, including the Git metadata, to be placed in the DL_DIR directory. Anyone wishing to create a source mirror would want to enable this variable. "14:02
litbwhy is this? I don't have set that variable, any my DL_DIR contains   git repository clones in DL_DIR.   why is this not sufficient to create a source mirror?14:02
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JPEWlitb: IIRC BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS pacakges up the git repos a little differently, and you have to do it that way to publish them as a premirror14:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CrossCompile jrxtx with yocto <>14:33
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w1ndy_rburton, O problema é que esse pacote não instala o psql15:07
w1ndy_rburton, Sorry for that. The problem is that i cannot use psql. i can only connect to it remotely15:08
litbJPEW, ah i see!15:09
litbmaybe it's even more efficient because the git repository will contain all the history while the tarballs could contain just the needed snapshots15:10
JPEWlitb: Ya, I'm the "normal" format for git repos in DL_DIR is more efficent that the mirror tarball format, but the mirror tarball lets you get everything in a single file download15:11
JPEWs/I'm/I suspect/15:11
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litbJPEW, thanks!16:09
litbI'm currently looking into using the archiver.class-generated tarballs as a PREMIRROR. understanding the PREMIRROR  syntax is a bit daunting ^^16:10
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litbthis should definitely be part of the manual:
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JPEWlitb: I don't think you can use the archive.class genertated tarballs for PREMIRRORing16:28
litbJPEW, ohh, hm. I thought that it was the whole point that I can hand over the source code for my image to customers, so that they can rebuild and customize it16:29
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JPEWPerhaps for archiver.bbclass, but I don't think thats the purpose of a premirror16:30
rburtonarchiver is for GPL compliance16:31
litbJPEW, yeah, I'm just reading the above mirror-mechanism pdf and it says that if the protocol is changed for a mirror, then if the original protocol was git, then the changed protocol needs to fetch from a tarball called like ''16:31
litbthat's not at all what the archiver-output names look like, i'm afraid16:31
rburtonif you want to host a source mirror then just share your DL_DIR16:31
rburtonif you want it to include *just* what is needed then that's simple enough: new config, populated DL_DIR as premirror, bitbake world -c fetch.16:32
litbrburton, hm, we are in the impression that for GPL and LGPL compliance, we need to provide the  source-code of the used libs, so that the user can rebuild them.16:33
rburtonsure, and the tarball+patches is absolutely acceptable for tha16:33
litbtherefore, since archiver is  for gpl compliance, we thought that it provides us with that functionality :/16:33
litbrburton, hm, but for that, it needs the buildsystem aswell, and a way to inject that code so that the buildsystem uses it16:34
litbI thought that this is the purpose of PREMIRRORS or  DL_DIR16:34
rburtonnow you're entering 'speak to your lawyer' territory.  releasing the layer would be an interesting interpretation.16:34
rburtonPREMIRRORS is just a mirror that is used first.  DL_DIR is the local cache.16:35
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litbhm, I think that then we may be better of tarballing our DL_DIR (and enabling mirror-tarballing of git), and not using archiver, and releasing our bsp and os layer16:36
rburtonif you want to include build instructions then just push the layer, and use archiver to expose the tarballs.  the layer will refer to the upstream SRC_URIs and contain the patches, right?  archiver is needed to satisfy the terms but can otherwise be ignored.16:36
rburtonpeople who just want to satisfy gpl and that's it just use archiver to get the tarballs/patches for all the GPL pieces16:36
litbthe archiver then seems to be  of not much use for us, since the above things will do all it does  aswell, and more16:36
rburtonnot sure why you think premirrors/git-tarballs is needed for gpl16:37
rburtonunless you're hosting a source mirror for kindness16:37
rburtonwhich is fair as that's what is16:38
litbrburton, colleagues read the GPL. I can speak for the LGPL only now. the LGPL requires that if you distribute binaries, you also need to distribute the sources, and build scripts and any patches you used16:38
rburtonarguably the build scripts are in the tarball: makefile etc16:39
litbso if you just distribute the sources and patches, it's not enough because users can't build the software with them. they need the layers aswell, and a way to tell the layers to use those sources16:39
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rburtonbut as i said, if you want to include the layer in that definition then push the layer to git16:40
litbrburton, thanks. i think that's what we should do. the archiver would still be usedful because it will contain all licenses and all copyrights. we must distribute those alongside our binaries16:41
litband for people to be able to rebuild from source, we don't need to distribute all the build-dependencies alongside. so for that, we can on-demand distribute the DL_DIR (stripped of proprietary things)16:42
rburtonwhy isn't the archiver enough for that?16:42
rburtonat no point does the *gpl say that the source provided has to be the same one that is built.  archiver+layer is sources+build instructions16:43
litbit says that the complete and corresponding sources need to be provided. which according to colleagues and books they read means that it must be the same source16:44
litbincluding any patches applied in them16:45
litband the build scripts. but not necessarily toolchains or common system libraries16:45
rburtoni disagre, but fine.  ship a DL_DIR: the little trick above will make a fresh one with only what you needed.16:46
litbweird that deploy/licenses/ + deploy/sources/ output is around 1.3GB but build/downloads/ is 12GB. that's very unexpected16:50
litbit's probably the toolchain that takes all that.16:50
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rewittcan it be assumed that the latest version of bitbake will work with metadata that was built using an older version of bitbake?17:57
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rburtonrewitt: i wouldn't want to bet on it18:17
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rewittrburton: That's what I thought, I'm trying to figure out all the reasons to say why I won't put bitbake in the container images
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rburtonrewitt: as reasons go, the total lack of api stability is a pretty good one18:39
rburtonrewitt: close it :)18:40
rewittrburton: Thanks. That was my first reason, but I did add another reason because a new user isn't going to understand they are essentially asking "Why isn't there a bitbake package?"18:40
rburtonthat reminds me! kergoth can you remove bitbake from pip please :)18:41
rburtonoh maintainer zecke, misread the author bit18:41
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halsteadRP, AB changes are ready for testing. Anything to queue?19:02
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* halstead runs errands. 19:08
* darknighte realizes it's been > 6 months since connecting to #yocto19:10
* darknighte waves at fray 19:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How should incrementing a package revision be handled when adding/editing a .bbappend file? <>20:34
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RPwelcome back darknighte! :)21:47
RPhalstead: build is away21:47
darknighteRP: thx!21:55
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halsteadThank you RP. I'll check in on it in a few hours.22:22
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