Thursday, 2019-06-20

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SeanSillHi all, I'm trying to figure how to incorporate our current code base into a yocto build01:17
SeanSillIts a big monorepo and I only need to build certain binaries out of it01:17
SeanSillI figured out how to SRC_URI the files into a directory then run_oemake01:18
SeanSillbut I may need to reuse those files sourced many times01:18
SeanSillIts possible I'm trying to optimize too much but it seems silly if I have many small applications built that I'd need the source that many times01:19
SeanSillSources roots may solve it but I don't understand the concept well enough to even use that01:19
SeanSillSorry sysroot01:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: poky Branch Warrior Failing binutils-native do_compile <>02:58
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luckywhocompile package from already cross compiled binary in yocto06:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cross compile package using crossscript in yocto for node-sqlite3? <>07:58
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luckywhoDoes anybody knows how to fix <
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yacar_hi community :)09:39
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yacar_I was wondering how can I know using bitbake commands, what was the name of the kernel recipe I am using ?11:22
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yacar_In case there's several in a bsp meta-xxx/recipes-kernel/linux/ how to know for sure which one is mine ?11:25
yacar_(I know which one I'm using thanks to git branch, on build/tmp/work-shared/xxxx/kernel-source11:26
yacar_However I think that there's probably a proper way to know that. Isn't it?11:26
kuzulisHi guys, I have updated my yocto layers to 'thud' branch. At attempt to build my image, the bb says: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'chromium' ... But, in my case I have added the 'meta-browser' layer, and the 'bitbake-layers show-layers' show the 'meta-browser' layer.11:27
kuzulisWhy it say: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'chromium' ?11:27
kuzulisThe contains this line: PROVIDES = "chromium"11:33
kuzulisThe command: bitbake-layers show-recipes chromium*11:34
kuzulis show:11:34
kuzulis  meta-browser         75.0.3770.8011:34
kuzulis  meta-browser         75.0.3770.8011:34
kuzulisso, what a problem is?11:34
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Chaseryacar_: oe-pkgdata-util may be useful11:34
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Chaseroe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe kernel11:35
yacar_Chaser: thanks I'll try that one :)11:36
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opennandrahi I'm trying to use wic tool for updating file in ext4 partition12:04
opennandraseems it's not working as expected (doing wic ls, wic cp, wic ls) and filesize is same12:05
opennandraam I missing something?12:05
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opennandraor it looks like it's copied but to root not to specific folder12:10
yacar_Chaser: thanks it worked perfectl12:11
Chaseryacar_: nice !12:14
yacar_May I also ask another question, I'm looking into the conf/machine/xxx.conf of my BSP provider, surprisingly I'm finding two dtb in KERNEL_DEVICETREE, one dts including the other, and also the smallest one in UBOOT_DTB_NAME, does this happens only to give uboot a smaller device tree? Or is there some other reason ?12:15
yacar_Is it common practice to do so ?12:15
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alessioigorERROR: man-db-2.8.5-r0 do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_man-db value man-db.timer does not exist12:28
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO - First build for BBB <>12:29
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paulbarkeryocti seems a bit confused - that link goes to a question asked in 201712:47
yoctipaulbarker: Error: "seems" is not a valid command.12:47
florianWe call this "artificial intelligence" ;)12:49
paulbarkerGlad to know we won't all be losing our jobs to the great AI in the cloud just yet12:52
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RPpaulbarker: it could definitively do with an upgrade :)13:04
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erbopaulbarker: But there was a new comment 52 min ago on that SO question :)13:14
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paulbarkererbo: I thought it was watching for new questions13:16
paulbarkerI may be wrong there though on what the intention was13:16
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erboNot sure what it is supposed to do, but I've noticed before that it notifies when there's new comments too.13:18
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RPpaulbarker: l suspect its a config glitch13:24
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JPEWHah, finally, a reproducible build!13:45
RPJPEW: nice! :)13:48
Chaseryacar_: sorry no idea.13:56
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yatesis there something in the wpa_supplicant file (or elsewhere) which enables/disable low-power operation of the wifi chip?15:05
yatesso that the wifi chip sends enough frames to keep the connection alive?15:06
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kuzulisHi all. I have updated my layer from 'pyro' to 'thud'. But, right now at attempt to build my image, the bb return an error: <path/to>/run.do_image_miaimg.6703: 7zr: not found ... Why this happens? Because I already have in my 'image_type_mia.bbclass' the dependency on the 7zip: do_image_miaimg[depends] = '... p7zip-native:do_populate_sysroot '.. Why this error happens?'15:12
kuzulisPrevious 'pyro' layer compiles fine, but with a new layer 'thud' I got this eror..15:12
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kuzulisSeems, that p7zip recipe does not provide the 7zr executable now? Because when I use just '7z' instead of '7zr', then it does work..15:31
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rburton7zr is the 'lightweight' binary that isn't very good, just use 7z always15:32
kuzulisok, thanks15:32
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kuzulisGuys, why then the bb say that ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'chromium'.. but I have added the meta-browser layer..15:38
kuzulisthe 'bitbake-layers show-layers' show the 'meta-browser' layer15:38
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rburtonJPEW: i presume you didn't look at perl-ptest, File /usr/lib/perl/ptest/cpan/Encode/TW/cp_02_t.h in package perl-ptest contains reference to TMPDIR etc etc16:38
rburtoni entirely understand "lets make core-image-minimal reproducible, then work from there" though :)16:38
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JPEWRP: Oops, I'll fix that17:22
JPEWrburton: Are those the files generated by the build? They might get fixed by my changes17:23
rburtonJPEW: this is wih your changes17:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I add a user and group using Yocto? <>22:00
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psrcodeRP: what is the base amount of memory for the ptest virtual machine?22:03
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RPpsrcode: $ cat meta/recipes-sato/images/ | grep MEM23:15
RPQB_MEM = "-m 1024"23:15
RPpsrcode: so 1GB :)23:15
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