Monday, 2019-06-24

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ManjunathaHi  I using  yocto Morty (2.2) yocto  release where I am building custom images.  I am trying to  mask  set of recipes using BBMASK variable. If  the BBMASK entry  is entered in conf/local.conf  it works fine of running it.  But, if  entry is made at a layer's conf file (conf/layers.conf) where  recipe reside  still the image building picks up the05:59
Manjunatharecipes which  is  being masked. I  want to have permanent changes in my layer conf file instead of  at conf/local.conf. Please give inputs.  Thanks05:59
erboManjunatha: did you try inspecting "bitbake -e" to see how BBMASK ended up after bitbake finished parsing all conf files?06:03
erboIf there's a mistake in how things are appended etc you will usually find it by looking at the end result06:04
LetoThe2ndi'd just add that hiding such in a layer.conf file is highly discouraged, as it is not expected there by convention. henvce it will confuse about every user, including your future self.06:04
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Manjunathaerbo: With  O/P of "bitbake -e"  doesn't add recipe to  be appended when added at layer's layer.conf. With creation of  image.bbappend,  which appends necessary recipe at the end.  With effect of adding at local.conf, which appended at middle of , and later  some other  recipes  are added.06:32
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ManjunathaFrom  above adding at image.bbappend which  still fails in masking the recipes.06:33
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: erm. you can't do things that affect other recipes inside a recipe, or by appending to it.06:34
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: so if you add BBMASK to the image, then it will be visible only during the build of that particular image, and all other recipes won't care for it.06:35
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: bitbake rule #1: recipe data is local, conf data is global.06:35
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woutervhIs there a way to not fail when a meta-layer is not there on a package which is not enabled? ex: I have an application, based on qt5, but even if I don't use it, it fails when meta-qt5 is not added07:00
LetoThe2ndwoutervh: you can certainly hack up something, but i'd rather suggest to split your layer then.07:03
LetoThe2ndwoutervh: into one that bears the qt dependency, and one that does not bear it07:03
mckoangood morning07:06
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ManjunathaFollowing recipes to be masked for the image build. Is possible to have entries as below  in, as  BBMASK_${PN}   BBMASK_$PN} .= "|(recipes-tpm2/tpm2-abrmd/" BBMASK${PN} .="|(recipes-tpm2/tpm2-tools/" BBMASK_${PN} .="|(recipes-tpm2/tpm2-tss/" BBMASK${PN} .="|(recipes-t07:08
Manjunathapm2/tpm2-tss-engine/"Just want to ignore these.07:08
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: erm. you can't do things that affect other recipes inside a recipe, or by appending to it.07:08
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: so if you add BBMASK to the image, then it will be visible only during the build of that particular image, and all other recipes won't care for it.07:08
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: bitbake rule #1: recipe data is local, conf data is global.07:08
LetoThe2ndManjunatha: already told you 30minutes ago.07:08
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woutervhLetoThe2nd, Ok, I see what you mean07:16
LetoThe2ndwoutervh: it would be my approach, given the additional fact that nowadays layers can specify what they depend on07:16
erbowoutervh: There's also this way, where you only parse some recipes under a certain path if that layer is present:
ManjunathaLetoThe2nd:I understand it.  Please let me know any other way to mask these recipes during this particular image ( build other than masking from local.conf globally. My problem is, the common couple of PROVIDES from different recipes conflicts giving error as "Multiple provides" from 2 different recipes. On dependent recipe is tpm2-tss_2.207:19 which is newly added which I want  to avoid it.   I want  to have permanent changes rather than at local.conf.07:19
erboIt's a bit more hackish, but works well if you want to stick with one layer07:19
erboManjunatha: you could provide template configs with BBMASK correctly set up with your layer, and then set TEMPLATECONF when sourcing the oe-init-build-env script07:20
ManjunathaThanks for  inputs. Iam looking this.07:22
woutervherbo, cool, that was exactly what I was thinking about07:27
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LetoThe2ndwoutervh: be aware that such will confuse the s**t out of anybody who tries to use it, including your future self. nobody expects functionality to be hidden in layer.conf07:34
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LetoThe2ndManjunatha: sounds like you actually want a virtual provider07:34
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litbhello all09:29
litbis it possible to specify that BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS only saves the last tree, instead of the entire historie's trees?09:29
litbif i want to  distribute those mirrors for people to recompile my system, I'm supplying lots of unused commit history. so therefore I want to truncate commit history to  the last commit09:31
litb(without changing the commit ID of course, so that recipe files continue to  work!)09:31
paulbarkerlitb: You could try BB_GENERATE_SHALLOW_TARBALLS. I've not tested it myself though09:37
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kuzulisHi guys, could someone help me to update a 'chromium' recipe to build my image? F.e., currently, my 'yocto' based on a 'pyro' branch. I have added the 'meta-browser' layer which has a recipe with the chromium v52.. But, problem is that that version is too old, besides, I can't upgrade the 'yocto' layers too. So, I have planns to use the 'chromium' from the 'master' branch of meta-browser layer. So, I have switched the meta-browser branch to master. Also I10:01
kuzulishave created my own recipes directory /recipes-browser/chromium, where I have copied the 'chromium' recipe from the newest 'meta-freescale' layer branch  (not from old 'pyro' branch). But a problem is that that 'meta-freescale' layer does not contain the .bbappend file. So, I have created the 'chromium-x11_75.03770.80.bbappend' file which respects the' file from the 'meta-browser' layer. But, when I run bitbake, it say that:10:01
kuzulisERROR: No recipes available for: .../<my-meta-layer>/recipes-browser/chromium/chromium-x11_75.03770.80.bbappend...10:01
kuzuliswhy it happens?10:03
qschulzare you sure you have the meta-browser layer in your bblayers?10:04
kuzulisqschulz: Yes, the command: bitbake-layers show-layers show the 'meta-browser' layer.10:05
kuzulisWhen I did remove my .bbappend file, then bb say that ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'chromium'10:07
litbpaulbarker, thanks, it works! and I can override it on a per-recipe base.10:09
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kuzulisWhy bitbake don't see the 'chromium' recipe? Even the 'meta-browser' layer has been added..10:18
kuzulisHmm. it does work when I add to the IMAGE_INSTALL: chromium-x11 instead of chromium..10:25
woutervhchromium-ozone-wayland keeps on giving me: collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]10:29
woutervhwhat does it mean?10:29
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paulbarkerwoutervh: The linker crashed. Check you kernel & system logs to see if there's any info there, you might be running out of RAM or something10:50
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rburtonanyone in here use fortran with OE?10:58
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rburtonRP: recipes that throw skiprecipe are silently removed from world builds right11:10
rburtona note, but nothing fatal11:10
woutervhpaulbarker, indeed, out of memory. I now added some swap space. Hope it gets through11:25
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zpfvohi! has anybody been successful building cmake-native on a recent fedora machine? The host glibc version is higher than the toolchains. That somehow interferes with the bootstrapping(configure stage). Iam just trying something out at home as a side project, so i dont want to reinstall ubuntu :/12:05
zpfvo"poky/build/tmp/sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cmake-native/3.14.1-r0/build/Bootstrap.cmk/cmake)"12:05
rburtonthere's been an update to uninative in the last few days to fix a problem with latest fedora12:09
rburtonso maybe try updating?12:09
zpfvorburton: thank you! will try that12:11
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RPrburton: yes. You might want virtual/gzip for what I think you're trying13:05
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likewiseDoes anyone know of an existing external Qt5 plugin built using Yocto? I am looking for a BitBake recipe to build an external (platform device integration) plugin.13:21
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likewise^ I figured it out.14:06
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qschulzlikewise: cool, please share the answer for reference as this chan is archived :)14:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to access bitbake config files variables in CMake? <>14:42
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jonmasonWhat generates the qemuboot.conf file?15:03
jonmasonnm, think I found it15:04
RPjonmason: qemuboot.bbclass15:05
RPjonmason: just looking at your patch, I don't think you quite understood what I meant15:05
RPjonmason: also found the core-image-cmdline-full failure is a problem with the actual image :(15:05
jonmasonRP: I think I'll have the virtio serial stuff working sometime today, but looks like I'll have to rewrite a chunk of the runqemu script15:05
RPbasically the race I worried about is real15:05
jonmasonRP: the "test_" was causing it to be called like a test, right?15:06
RPjonmason: yes, that bit is fine, I hadn't meant to add the systemd test though15:07
jonmasonand while I was messing around, I thought I'd cover all of the bases15:07
RPjonmason: I guess its a reasonable test of systemd though15:07
RPjonmason: I wasn't keen on the code duplication :/15:07
jonmasonyeah, its not very elegant15:07
jonmasonI just couldn't think of a better way to do it15:08
RPjonmason: I have a local patch which handles rsyslog more neatly but I then found the image really is broken15:08
jonmasonthe problem is that there are a number of the syslogs have the same binary names, except for rsyslog and systemd15:08
darknighteanyone have a technique to generate a list of files from a package list?15:14
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darknighteSpecifically, the files that will be installed in the rootfs?15:17
yannon warrior I'm hit by curl-native (used as recipe dependency) trying to use ca-certificates.crt from .../curl-native/7.64.0-r0.shadow/recipe-sysroot-native/etc/ssl/certs/.  When it is called by a third-party script it's cumbersome to add --cacert by hand.  Would a patch to curl to use a wrapper script to add --cacert be considered a good idea ?15:21
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kuzulisHi guys, why bitbake does not say that I have a two providers of 'foo' recipe? e.g. the meta-oe layer contains an own foo-v1 recipe.. But I too have added the new foo-v99 recipe (which has a newest version)... But the bitbake takes the newest recipe foo-v99... Why the bitbake does not warning me about the two recipes?15:31
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rburtondarknighte: a bit of sh using oe-pkgdata-util should be able to knock that up easily15:33
rburtonkuzulis: because two recipes with the same name and different versions isn't considered a problem15:33
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kuzulisrburton: ok, thanks15:36
kuzulisrburton: so, I even can upgrade, e.g. the GCC, just to copy a recipe from the newest layer to the old layer?15:40
rburtonupgrading gcc is more than just copying a recipe but in the general case yes15:41
kuzulisok, thx15:41
rburtonobviously, it's your responsibility to also copy across any relevant changes15:41
rburtonyou can't just cp gcc/ from master to a four year old release branch15:42
kuzulisbut, at least between GCC 6.4 and 7.3 is it possible?15:43
rburtondepends if gcc 7.3 introduced compile warnings and errors that 6.4 didn't so now e.g. glibc doesn't build15:43
kuzulisahh.. clear15:44
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blucahi - is it possible to disable a postinstall-intercept hook? I don't have any gui so gdk-pixbuf is not built, but update_icon_cache requires it so the rootfs build is broken (distro based on thud)15:48
blucacan't find anything looking at the manual, but maybe I'm missing something obvious15:48
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rburtonbluca: what is calling update-icon-cache?15:56
rburton(that missing dependency is fixed in master, iirc)15:56
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blucaif I understand correctly it's called because it's a postinst-intercepts script16:01
blucaso do_rootfs calls it and all the others16:02
blucado you remember vaguely what the change was/which directory/commit title so I can look it up?16:02
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rburtonbluca: sure but that only runs if a specific recipe asks for it16:13
rburtonbluca: so your image with no gui is pulling in a package that wants to update the icon cache16:13
rburtontherefore, maybe you can just remove that instead16:13
blucaok - any idea how to find out which? it's not in any of the locally defined package lists or dependencies16:13
blucaso it's probably a dep of a dep16:14
blucatried running bitbake -g but gdk-pixbuf was not mentioned16:14
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rburtonit won't be, it would be an icon theme most likely16:18
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blucagrepping for icon/theme/desktop in the returns nothing, any idea what they could be called? any convention?16:23
rburtonso the only thing to use update_icon_cache is gtk-icon-cache.bbclass, so $ bitbake-layers show-recipes -i gtk-icon-cache16:24
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darknighterburton: thanks.  I forgot about oe-pkgdata-util.16:30
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blucathanks - that command lists:16:31
blucaadwaita-icon-theme atkmm blueman connman-gnome esound fltk gcr geany-plugins gimp gnome-themes-standard pavucontrol vte916:31
blucabut none of these are in the unfortunately16:31
rburtonkhem: what do you think about bumping the glibc 2.28 srcrev to tip of the branch for thud?16:33
rburtonlooking at a number of CVEs fixed in the branch that we don't have patches for yet16:33
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khemrburton: I dont see an issue, there are only bug fixes there17:12
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rburtonkhem: gwan do it17:39
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khemrburton: w.r.t. efibootmgr I built with clang18:26
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rburtonah maybe thats the difference18:41
rburtoni do wonder *why* though18:41
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khemrburton: it seems certainly a bug in efibootmgr detection mechanism for efivar lib+headser18:50
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rburtonkhem: i really would appreciate a glibc bump for the stable branches to pick up all the cve pieces in there :)19:31
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armpitrburton, seems reasonable21:36
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__adhi, in config i have a PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-xxx="4.9.75"  . Is there a way to change version building, on the fly, without changing the config file ?21:44
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