Tuesday, 2019-06-25

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khem__ad:yes you can add another override something like PREFERRED_VERSION_linx-xxx_forcevariable = "x.y.z02:09
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zkrxmy build failed because of one non-important recipe. I want to remove the recipe and finish the build (without rebuilding everything). How do I do this?08:54
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zkrxI added IMAGE_INSTALL_remove += "recipe" into my image.bb but relaunching bitbake still tries to build the offending recipe08:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Prevent external source from re-executing all action in every build <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56750277/yocto-prevent-external-source-from-re-executing-all-action-in-every-build>09:15
qschulzzkrx: is the package referenced in any RDEPENDS or DEPENDS of any package in the image (or pulled by any package that have an (R)DEPENDS on the latter)?09:18
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zkrxqschulz: it is psplash which seems to be pulled-in by poky/meta. I had a psplash.bbappend which caused the error. I renamed it to psplash.bbappend.bkp and it seems to build fine now.09:22
zkrxqschulz: is there any way to disable a recipe without renaming it like I just did?09:23
qschulzzkrx: well, tbh, I don't know.09:23
qschulzif it is pulled by DEPENDS/RDEPENDS09:24
qschulzyou have to backtrack the dependencies and find out who pulled it to disable this package from the image09:24
qschulzbut that might not be easy, even impossible sometimes09:24
qschulzif it's just in IMAGE_INSTALL, CORE_EXTRA_IMAGE_INSTALL or similar, you can remove it from there (though, if it's pulled by another package, that's not enough)09:25
qschulzyou also have RRECOMMENDS mechanism, in which case you can play with BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS09:25
zkrxqschulz: nice, thanks for the precisions09:26
qschulzzkrx: there may exist other mechanisms I'm not aware of. I'm only a user of Yocto, so that's everything that's going through my mind right now09:27
zkrxqschulz: sure, I'm just starting out so I had to ingest a lot of information at once.09:30
qschulzzkrx: it's normal don't worry, the learning curve is quite steep at the beginning since there are so much flexibility in Yocto09:31
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Image does not boot from HDD <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56750800/yocto-image-does-not-boot-from-hdd>09:45
kayterina[m]to build an rpi3 image for qemu, the correct options is $MACHINE=qemuarm or $MACHINE=qemux86-64 ?09:46
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ChaserHello, any ideas why bitbake fails if I sshfs mount my entire workspace onto a different machine ? I sshfs entire workspace to a different machine and did the setup.sh and I get "unable to connect to bitbake server or start one"10:04
ChaserHow do you guys usually mount your source tree on to a different machine to run bitbake stuff ?10:04
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Chaserhmm I realized that you can't create domain socket files on sshfs mounted filesystem.10:30
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kanavinRP: AUH seems very slow, should I ping Michael about it? e.g: 0: python3-native-3.7.3-r0 do_populate_sysroot - 22m11s (pid 29827)11:13
RPkanavin: michael is the person to ask, yes11:17
kanavinhe's not online right now though?11:19
CroftonStill 0420 for him11:20
kanavinhalstead, AUH seems very slow, e.g. 0: python3-native-3.7.3-r0 do_populate_sysroot - 22m11s (pid 29827)11:20
kanavinauh.yoctoproject.org that is11:21
qschulzkayterina[m]: quemux86-64 is for 64b Intel platforms AFAIK. So definitely not this one :)11:25
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qschulzQuestion: what is the LICENSE variable in a packagegroup supposed to represent? I can't grasp the concept of having a license on something that is "virtual", it's just a set of software with nothing else added to it and each of the packages in this packagegroup have their own license anyway.11:27
qschulzWhat am I missing/do not know?11:28
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rburtonqschulz: everything needs a license.  the license of a packagegroup is typically MIT (as set by the class), so there's no restrictions on the empty packages it generates11:51
kanavinRP: do you have a moment to talk about a useradd issue I am trying to sort? we have recipes that create groups, and dependent recipes that create users that are members of those groups. This works fine when building from scratch. However when sstate is available, the following errors are seen:11:56
kanavinNOTE: Executing SetScene Tasks11:56
kanavinERROR: media-system-git-r0 do_package_setscene: media-system: useradd command did not succeed.11:56
kanavinWARNING: Logfile for failed setscene task is /home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/tmp/work/aarch64-mbient-linux/media-system/git-r0/temp/log.do_package_setscene.4554611:56
kanavinWARNING: Setscene task (/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/meta-mbient/meta-mbient/recipes-media/media-system/media-system_git.bb:do_package_setscene) failed with exit code '1' - real task will be run instead11:56
kanavinwhat is the correct way to set things up in this scenario?11:58
kanavinbasically it seems that things that media-system depends on for group creation do not populate sysroot properly (e.g. beforehands) here12:00
qschulzrburton: I understand. But is there any reason to modify the default MIT license then?12:01
RPkanavin: is there an open bug for this?12:03
RPhmm, think I'm thinking of bug 1327912:04
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13279 normal, Medium+, 2.8 M1, peter.kjellerstedt, NEW , Make sure users/groups exist for package_write_* tasks12:04
kanavinRP: I am not sure, it's just something I am seeing in our private builds since component teams started adding users instead of running all things as root12:04
RPkanavin: not sure if its related to that bug or not12:09
kanavinRP: also, useradd.bbclass has a fix for this, but only for a hardcoded package set:12:15
kanavindo_package_setscene[depends] += "${USERADDSETSCENEDEPS}"12:15
kanavindo_populate_sysroot_setscene[depends] += "${USERADDSETSCENEDEPS}"12:15
kanavinUSERADDSETSCENEDEPS_class-target = "${MLPREFIX}base-passwd:do_populate_sysroot_setscene pseudo-native:do_populate_sysroot_setscene shadow-native:do_populate_sysroot_setscene ${MLPREFIX}shadow-sysroot:do_populate_sysroot_setscene"12:15
kanavinbasically, this ensures that at least the basic users/groups are properly restored, but I need this for custom packages as well12:15
RPkanavin: those are the tools/base files needed. the rest should come from other dependencies12:16
RPkanavin: What dependencies exist between your two recipes?12:17
kanavinRP: DEPENDS12:18
rburtonqschulz: no12:21
RPkanavin: I've just looked at some old notes and DEPENDS should work, I don't remember how though12:21
qschulzrburton: alrighty then. Thanks :)12:22
kanavinRP: media-system has "DEPENDS = thriftme" - this works in a clean build, but breaks when running setscene, as the package_setscene for media-system runs before populate_sysroot_setscene for thriftme12:22
kanavinRP: NOTE: Running setscene task 1 of 353 (/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/base-passwd/base-passwd_3.5.29.bb:do_populate_sysroot_setscene)12:22
kanavinNOTE: Running setscene task 2 of 353 (virtual:native:/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/pseudo/pseudo_git.bb:do_populate_sysroot_setscene)12:22
kanavinNOTE: Running setscene task 3 of 353 (virtual:native:/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-extended/shadow/shadow_4.6.bb:do_populate_sysroot_setscene)12:22
kanavinNOTE: Running setscene task 4 of 353 (/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-extended/shadow/shadow-sysroot_4.6.bb:do_populate_sysroot_setscene)12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe shadow-sysroot-4.6-r3: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Started12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe base-passwd-3.5.29-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Started12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe pseudo-native-1.9.0+gitAUTOINC+3fa7c853e0-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Started12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe shadow-native-4.6-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Started12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe shadow-sysroot-4.6-r3: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe base-passwd-3.5.29-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded12:22
kanavinNOTE: recipe pseudo-native-1.9.0+gitAUTOINC+3fa7c853e0-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded12:23
kanavinNOTE: recipe shadow-native-4.6-r0: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded12:23
kanavinNOTE: Running setscene task 5 of 353 (/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/meta-mbient/meta-mbient/recipes-media/media-system/media-system_git.bb:do_package_setscene)12:23
kanavinNOTE: recipe media-system-git-r0: task do_package_setscene: Started12:23
kanavinWARNING: Logfile for failed setscene task is /home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/tmp/work/aarch64-mbient-linux/media-system/git-r0/temp/log.do_package_setscene.4963812:23
kanavinWARNING: Setscene task (/home/alexander/development/mbient/build-thud-jetson/../sources/meta-mbient/meta-mbient/recipes-media/media-system/media-system_git.bb:do_package_setscene) failed with exit code '1' - real task will be run instead12:23
RPkanavin: so its really a setscene ordering issue?12:23
RPkanavin: pastebin ;-)12:23
kanavinsorry :) yes, it seems a setscene ordering problem12:23
kanavinthriftme needs to come before media-system, together with all those 'base' recipes at the top12:24
RPkanavin: I had a testcae for something like this locally. Just dusted it off but its behaving oddly :/12:28
kanavinRP: I also added explicit dependencies to see if that helps, like this:12:30
kanavindo_package_setscene[depends] += "thriftme:do_populate_sysroot_setscene"12:30
kanavindo_populate_sysroot_setscene[depends] += "thriftme:do_populate_sysroot_setscene"12:30
kanavinRP: nope, same issue, and thriftme task still does not run before media-system12:33
RPkanavin: I think I'm not seeing this due to only having one group for my test and that group matches my local user's gid12:35
RPkanavin: am I right in thinking that media-system also adds users/groups?12:41
kanavinit does, yes, like this: USERADD_PACKAGES = "${PN}"12:42
kanavin# USERADD_PARAM specifies command line options to pass to the useradd12:42
kanavin# command. GROUPADD_PARAM works the same way for groupadd command.12:42
kanavinUSERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "--no-create-home --gid ${PLAYER_GROUP} --shell /bin/false -G ${SUPPLEMENTARY_GROUPS} ${PLAYER_USER}"12:42
kanavinit is the SUPPLEMENTARY_GROUPS where the issue happens, as they have to exist, or useradd will fail12:42
kanavinSUPPLEMENTARY_GROUPS = "trace,thriftme,audio"12:42
RPkanavin: right, that is the key thing to reproduce it I think12:43
RPkanavin: PN A which has user creation dependent on groups from PN B12:43
RPkanavin: bingo, reproduced12:44
kanavinRP: cheers!12:46
RPkanavin: did you try do_package_setscene[depends] += "thriftme:do_package_setscene" ?12:47
rburtonRP: what's going on with the perf machines?  charts are all over the place12:48
RPrburton: no idea, not looked :(12:48
RPrburton: which ones? they don't look too bad to me?12:49
rburtonyou know i failed to look at my calendar12:50
rburtonwe can :)12:50
kanavinRP: will try now12:50
RPrburton: wrong window :)12:51
rburtonyeah i noticed ;)12:51
rburtonluckily we didn't make public the secret cabal that controls OE on public irc12:52
RPrburton: narrow escape :)12:54
RPkanavin: I think this setscene dependency doesn't work because of some logic somewhere which says do_package dependencies aren't important12:55
RPkanavin: where we put that, I don't remember12:55
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RPkanavin: ah, setscene_depvalid() in sstate.bbclass12:56
kanavinRP: is this related by any chance? http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass#n101412:56
RPkanavin: "do_package doesn't need do_package"12:56
RPkanavin: also see the useradd comment which I think is most relavent12:56
RPkanavin: so yes, there is a bug and we hacked this in the past to get the basics working :/12:57
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kanavinRP: I am struggling to find a workaround for this though :-(13:02
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kanavinRP: adding task dependencies manually just does not seem to have any effect at all13:03
RPkanavin: see the code in sstate.bbclass, that will overrule them13:05
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RPkanavin: its going to be an awkward one to fix :(13:06
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kanavinRP: I vaguely remember that adding manual dependecies used to work in older yocto releases, like morty or something like this13:08
kanavinRP: I did this fix for one of them and it worked: USERADDSETSCENEDEPS_append_class-target = " ${MLPREFIX}populate-system-users-groups:do_populate_sysroot_setscene"13:09
kanavinno longer the case :(13:09
kanavin(USERADDSETSCENEDEPS is then picked up by useradd.bbclass)13:09
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JPEWIs there a way to mark a QA test as "manual" (e.g. won't run on the autobuilder, but will run if explicitly requested?)13:56
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JPEWnm, I figured out a better way14:17
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RParmpit: ahhrg. I was just about to do some debugging with the autobuilder! :/14:47
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armpitRP, you can kill it14:48
RParmpit: may as well let it run now, I'll do other things14:48
RParmpit: I was going to try getting a profile for stopping a build, see if we could spot the performance bottleneck14:49
* zeddii seems to have written some anonymous python that self basehash corrupts!14:49
zeddiiI've only ever triggered that before when I edit a recipe while it is building :D14:50
armpitso much for patching while building ; )14:50
zeddiithat's fun too!14:50
RPzeddii: nice. with memres bitbake it could now detect the changed files and abort the build14:51
RParmpit: I may be able to test this in parallel with your build. Apologies in advance if I do break things ;-)14:55
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zeddiiRP: Cool. At least it is currently telling me that I'm being evil. I may just have to abort on the "feature" I was trying to add for an optional post-install rule. Since it is definitely not happy with me assigning it in the python14:58
* zeddii has a conflict and can't make the Yocto meeting in 1 minute.14:59
LetoThe2ndzeddii: hooray for being evil!15:00
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elcapbrownDoes anyone know if there's a bsp layer I can get for the imx 1052?15:09
LetoThe2ndelcapbrown: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/machines/?page=1&q=imx&search=1 is your best bet, but probably no15:11
elcapbrownLooking now... I mean I have the kernel configs and dts files etc that are needed for the kernel to run on the board but I need a framework to start from.  Too many options I'm unfamiliar with like DEFAULTTUNE TUNE_PKGARCH.  I don't know what groupings I would need.15:15
armpitRP, the thud-nmut has the latest uniative changes15:15
RParmpit: cool15:15
armpitthats what is building now15:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Warrior Custom Bitbake Recipe for Custom Python Wheel file cannot install because pip3 not found <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56757032/yocto-warrior-custom-bitbake-recipe-for-custom-python-wheel-file-cannot-install>15:16
LetoThe2ndelcapbrown: in that case, just grab some bsp where the layer has as little magic as possible and inject or pwn15:19
LetoThe2ndelcapbrown: linux-yocto-custom is usually a good starting point, as well as the dev manual15:19
elcapbrownLetoThe2nd:  Thanks.  I'd like to do just that.  I just need to start with something close enough.  I'll try with one of the machines on that link you gave...15:20
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LetoThe2ndelcapbrown: you don't even need one of those, that was just for the imx thing. pick something from the machines that just looks simple15:22
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elcapbrownLetoThe2nd: Thanks again, I'll give it a try.15:26
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tgoodwinHas anyone seen the quilt-native recipe fail on thud for being unable to import the oe.patch module?  The host is CentOS 7, python3 3.4.9.  I can't replicate it on Ubuntu 18.04.15:40
moto-timotgoodwin: just a hunch, but you need to install python36 instead of python3415:46
moto-timotgoodwin: python 3.5+ is generally required15:46
moto-timoerr. but I forget what is required on thud... I live on master 99.99% of the time15:47
tgoodwinmoto-timo: interesting; the mega-manual for 2.6.2 shows installing python34-pip.15:47
moto-timotgoodwin: yeah, might be a red herring. sorry15:47
tgoodwinNo problem; I'm going to see if I can replicate this on a fresh VM.  The user's environment might just be messed up.15:48
moto-timohave them run bitbake -DDDD so they get lots of debug info ;)15:48
moto-timoand tee that to a log file so you have something to work with15:49
halsteadkanavin, There is another guest on that hypervisor that is competing for resources. I'll move it off and see if that helps.15:55
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kanavinhalstead, thanks - things are running, but it is rather slow15:59
tgoodwinmoto-timo: thanks for the suggestion.  It ended up being that his bblayers defined the poky layers with a relative path (i.e., each began with ../<something>).  Once those were absolute, it worked fine.16:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Branching a meta layer according to Yocto branches <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56757873/branching-a-meta-layer-according-to-yocto-branches>16:16
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kanavinRP: I found a workaround for the useradd sstate failure: things seem to work if the groups are re-created from the dependent recipe (the creation is skipped if those groups already exist)16:27
kanavine.g. adding them to GROUPADD_PARAM seems to solve the issue16:28
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RPkanavin: not ideal but probably would work relatively harmlessly16:36
RPkanavin: we should have a bug so we don't forget this16:36
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kanavinRP: yes, I will take care of all this tomorrow :)16:46
RPkanavin: thanks16:47
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litbhello all16:53
litbcurrently our debian-embedded-system can update itself by using apt-get update, and update our applications file-based to /ourcompany-software   within the embedded device16:54
litbi understand that with yocto, "devtool deploy  <imagerecipe>" is not supported, probably also won't work16:56
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litbis it possible to do the same in a different way? I.e update the root-fs, copying only the files that changed?16:57
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RParmpit: you're seeing the same pigz thread errors in thud as we're seeing on master  :(17:18
RParmpit: we're increasing open file limits to see if that helps.17:18
armpityeah, when pigz fly17:19
armpitis it the selftest or one of the others?17:20
armpitfound it17:22
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litbhm, how can I make the eSDK keep the .git directories for <sdk install path>/layers  ?17:34
litbbecause when I change recipes, "devtool finish" them, i want to push the changes i made to them to our layer repositories. but I found that <sdk install path>/layers aren't git repositories anymore17:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I push changes to yocto recipes in eSDK back into layers? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56759815/how-can-i-push-changes-to-yocto-recipes-in-esdk-back-into-layers>18:17
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Kobboimy custom kernel is stored in a subdirectory of a git repo, not in the root. which variables do i change in the .bbappend to make this work?20:26
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bluelightningKobboi: you can include ;subpath=subdirname in the SRC_URI entry pointing to the repo20:37
bluelightningKobboi: note that subdirname should *not* start with /20:37
Kobboibluelightning: do note that i think the toplevel directories are needed when actually compiling (it's a crappy delivery)20:38
Kobboibluelightning: am i correct to assume that your include will just "limit" the clone?20:38
bluelightninghmm, ok20:38
bluelightningyes it will, so that won't work for this20:38
Kobboibluelightning: np, thanks for trying to help out20:38
bluelightningthere is an alternative, one sec20:39
bluelightningKobboi: I think you'd just set S = "${WORKDIR}/git/subdirname" then20:39
Kobboiand keep B to the default?20:39
bluelightningI *think* so20:39
Kobboithe default B was B = "${WORKDIR}/linux-${PACKAGE_ARCH}_${LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE}, so I tried setting it to B = "${WORKDIR}/linux-${PACKAGE_ARCH}_${LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE/my/path but it looks like I'm confusing some of these variables20:40
KobboiI will try your suggestion, if you have some interesting docs to read (or code even), feel free to point me to them20:41
Kobboivery new to all of this (I *am* a Gentoo user, so the whole recipe thing does feel very familiar)20:41
bluelightningB is set to build in a separate directory for the kernel, unless that doesn't work for whatever you're building it's best to leave it at that20:41
bluelightningright yes the recipe syntax was based on ebuild format (a long time ago)20:41
* bluelightning was also a gentoo user back in the day20:42
* Kobboi never tried anything else since 2004 (and boy was it a steep ladder to climb, being unfamiliar with anything Linux)20:42
Kobboiwhere is the default for S set?20:43
Kobboior are there some verbosity/debugging tricks you can teach me?20:44
bluelightningbitbake -e virtual/kernel | less and then search for S=20:44
bluelightningso looking at that there might be some trouble given that we try to unpack the source to a shared location20:45
Kobboii'm not even allowed to set S in the .bb file (unparsed line: 'S = ${WORKDIR}/git/kernel/linux-4.1')20:45
bluelightningKobboi: the value needs quotes around it ;)20:46
Kobboioops, sorry for making basic mistakes :/20:47
bluelightningactually I think there is some logic that will allow setting S this way, so it should work20:47
bluelightningregardless of shared source tree stuff20:48
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Kobboibluelightning: doesn't seem to work, I get a python FileNotFound exception triggered by do_unpack for the directory I am appending to S20:53
*** jacques is now known as linuxjacques20:57
bluelightningKobboi: hmm... have a look under ${WORKDIR}/git and see if things match what you expect21:01
Kobboibluelightning: just to be sure, does it matter that i'm on morty?21:02
bluelightningdon't think so, I don't think any of this is recent21:02
bluelightning(changed recently, I mean)21:03
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KobboiMylene: btw, thx for your talk on youtube, gave me the courage to try this21:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: InfluxDB recipe for Yocto Fails with devtool workflow in Rocko <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56761899/influxdb-recipe-for-yocto-fails-with-devtool-workflow-in-rocko>21:17
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