Friday, 2019-06-28

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emfippdoes yocto offer bsp for mikrotik routerboards?03:37
erboemfipp: I've never seen a BSP-layer for those :/04:13
emfippbut is there a list of sbcs with two or more ethernet ports that yocto offers support?04:14
erboemfipp: So Yocto as a project only has a limited set of boards supported, then the community adds a lot of different machines by providing more meta-layers like meta-raspberrypi, meta-intel, meta-freescale etc. I don't know of such a list, but here's at least a list where you can search for machine names to try to find a layer that adds support:
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emfipplots of imx604:23
emfippno imx804:23
emfippand edgerouter did not specify which model04:25
erboAbout the edgerouter there's more info in README.hardware of the meta-yocto-bsp layer:
emfippjust the lite variant then. too bad :(04:37
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cpoIs there a way to disable "update_gio_module_cache"? I want to deploy kernel-devsrc into an SDK but this fails when invoking the previos mentioned function06:49
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rob_wguys ... i am looking for a simple which uses parallel make , so each c file to a .o then link to speed up compilation ?06:59
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qschulzhello, what's the taks responsible of populating DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE?08:58
RPqschulz: do_image_complete?08:58
qschulzI have a function in IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND which is reading from it but it's missing files.08:59
RPqschulz: from DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE? That is only written when the task completes due to sstate09:03
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RPqschulz: you probably want IMGDEPLOYDIR which is its staging directory09:04
RP(files are staged there and then moved to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE when things complete)09:05
qschulzI've discovered that but I'm still looking for the "when things complete". I want to deepen my understanding of Yocto every time I have the opportunity :)09:06
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qschulzI understand that this is normally done for packages in the deploy.bbclass09:09
lukmaDear All,09:10
lukmaMaybe a bit strange question - I need to execute a script to build some image - the recipe with IMAGE_CMD_fooimage = .... will do the trick09:10
lukmaThe problem is that I would need to set dependencies on the images (put into deploy dir) from two different MACHINES:09:10
lukmado_image_fooimage[depends] += "<MACHINE1> foo-image:do_image_complete <MACHINE2> foo-image:do_image_complete"09:10
lukmaI could introduce new machine with MACHINEOVERRIDES to MACHINE1 and MACHINE2, but I'm not sure if this would work properly.09:10
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RPqschulz: the key is do_image_complete[sstate-inputdirs] = "${IMGDEPLOYDIR}" do_image_complete[sstate-outputdirs] = "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}"09:12
qschulzRP: I was just about to write you that I found it :)09:12
qschulzRP: thanks!09:12
RPqschulz: that tells sstate to copy from inputdirs to outputdirs09:12
qschulzand now I can yell at people writing to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE :)09:13
RPqschulz: indeed :)09:13
qschulzRP: last thing, I don't think there is another way than reading from DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE for getting for example U-Boot binary, or is there?09:14
qschulzfrom an image task I mean09:15
qschulze.g. we create a fitimage out of kernel, initramfs, u-boot, and some other binaries, so currently we get everything from DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE09:16
RPqschulz: you would read from there, yes, just not write to directly09:17
qschulzRP: understood!09:17
qschulzlukma: I'm pretty sure this is not possible.09:17
qschulzlukma: but let's say I've nothing to back it up :)09:18
RPlukma: for two different machines you need multiconfig09:20
RPlukma: you can then use mcdepends and either have a third config depending on the other two or a second image for MACHINE1/2 doing it09:21
RPrburton: a glance at the binconfig branch says it looks ok. I'm not sure the crossscrips native thing is a bug as such though, we just did it that way to avoid the temp file indirection09:24
rburtonshipping two copies in the sysroot is 'wrong' and leads to stuff like tcl-native poking around on its own doing stupid things09:25
lukmaRP: Ok I will investigate this issue (to avoid some "strange" dancing with MACHINE OVERRIDES)09:27
blucais setting PTEST_ENABLED_pn-glib-2.0 = "0" in the conf file the right way to disable glib's ptest? doesn't seem to work, the test is still running (and failing)09:33
blucais it perhaps libglib-2.0 rather than glib-2.0? the recipe uses the latter, but the package name is libglib-2.0-ptest-2.58.0-r0.aarch64.rpm09:39
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rburtondid you rebuild glib?09:53
RPlukma: I'm not sure you could do what you want with MACHINE_OVERRIDES...09:59
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blucayes, it's a build from scratch (CI server)10:10
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kanavinRP, rburton I am going on holiday for the entire July :)13:31
kanavinback on the 28th or so13:31
kanavina lot of it will be cabin by the finnish lake, so email will work if needed, but not irc I guess13:31
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RPkanavin: sounds good, enjoy. Wish I could get away with doing that! :)13:42
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JPEWHmm, I think we might have to cut back the reproducible build test to comparing two clean builds without sstate instead of one with sstate and one without13:46
kanavinRP: you are working from a seafront home  :)13:51
RPkanavin: true I guess :)13:53
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mardykanavin: say hello to the mosquitos ;-)14:15
mardyremember that God loved mosquitos so much, that he created men in order to feed them :-)14:17
RPmardy: I've covered in bites from a mountain biking trip last week :(14:17
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kanavinmardy, I am already terrified by that :)14:56
kanavinanyway, I'm off, see you all later14:56
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yateswhat is the name of the recipe for the wifi connection manager provided in matchbox?21:04
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moosnatHas anyone successfully compiled a User-Mode Linux kernel using Yocto?21:41
yatesi have compiled a loadable kernel module21:42
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