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MarcWeHi, i have a weston(2.0) error saying   not tagged as supported input device event1  - not using input device '/dev/input/event1'07:18
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LocutusOfBorghello guys, I'm tricked with a bad bug in yocto09:34
LocutusOfBorgor me09:34
LocutusOfBorgnot sure09:34
LocutusOfBorgI have a recipe called foo_git.bb09:34
LocutusOfBorgbut the RPM generated is called bar.rpm09:34
LocutusOfBorgI indeed have the libbar installed on the system TBH09:34
LocutusOfBorgand the only library installed on the system is, the others are installed in a private location09:35
LocutusOfBorgis that normal?09:35
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rburtonthe debian-renamer will rename a package that contains just a library to be the library name09:43
rburtoneg generates a libz.rpm09:43
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LocutusOfBorgseems legit, maybe I should just not run that renamer on my recipe09:53
bluelightningthere are a few ways of disabling that behaviour if you don't want it09:53
LocutusOfBorgsomething like  runtime_mapping_rename?09:54
bluelightningthat ought to be in the FAQ but I seem to have missed it out09:54
bluelightninghave a look at meta/classes/debian.bbclass09:54
LocutusOfBorgyes, this is where I was looking :)09:54
LocutusOfBorgsomething like AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS or DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME_09:55
bluelightningright either would work09:55
LocutusOfBorgof course moving the library worked like a charm, now I revert and see this autonaming09:57
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kayterina[m]TCLIBC = "baremetal"   option, what does it mean for the build process?11:23
RPkayterina[m]: no C library so its a bare toolchain11:33
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mardyIs it possible to add a new "inherit" in a .bbappend?11:45
RPmardy: yes11:45
mardyRP: will that override the one from the base recipe? IOW, should I add all the base's inherited features to the "inherit" line in the .bbappend file?11:51
RPmardy: no, it will be in addition to11:52
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mardyRP: oh, excellent! Thanks!11:59
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tgoodwinDoes anyone have a recommendation on using either the autobuilder or autobuilder2?12:30
mckoantgoodwin: AB2 should be better, RP isn't it?12:32
tgoodwinmckoan: I would think, but the wiki page guides you down the path to picking up the first generation and nothing on the site is helping me narrow it down.12:33
RPtgoodwin: autobuilder2 for sure, autobilder is dead, buildbot eight is dead12:36
tgoodwinRP: thanks!12:37
RPtgoodwin: which wiki page are you referring to, we should fix that12:37
RPtgoodwin: ah, hmm. We should fix that12:38
mckoanRP: ;-)12:39
tgoodwinGranted, I would see that it's deprecated once I follow that source repo link and opened the readme, but I was just kicking around for possible options.12:39
RPtgoodwin: just fixed that page12:42
tgoodwinand of course really gotten the hint if I tried to clone it ;-)12:42
RPtgoodwin: at least its better anywah12:42
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tgoodwin:) thanks12:43
RPtgoodwin: its easy to forget where pointers exist but that one is rather obvious! :)12:44
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mckoanpage updated
mckoanthanks tgoodwin to poit it out and RP to clarify12:47
tgoodwinWe're hoping to use it to expose a baseline poky distro for some of the platforms our customers ask about (mostly Xilinx parts) as well as a yum repo of our packages so they can kick tires a bit sooner than running a build.12:47
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mystictotHi, I'm using poky repository to build image.13:43
mystictotwhen I run bitbake core-image-minimal i get this erro ERROR: Layer 'sota' depends on layer 'filesystems-layer', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration13:44
tgoodwinmystictot: you need to add that layer to your bblayers.conf file.13:45
mystictotI got this error on sumo and master branch and yocto-2.713:45
tgoodwinIt looks like that's the meta-openembedded/meta-filesystems layer:
tgoodwinDo you have that one in your environment?13:46
mystictottgoodwin: It was not there13:50
mystictotI added it like this BBFILES ?= "filesystems-layer13:50
mystictotShouldn't it be there by default13:50
mystictotI mean its not mentioned in official documentation13:50
tgoodwinRather than bbfiles, you would need to add the path to the layer into BBLAYERS (bblayers.conf file).13:52
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mystictottgoodwin: But i'm using poky, should i still need openembedded repo ?.14:03
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mystictotzeddii: I mean when I use poky shouldn't it handle everything and this is not mentioned on quick start guide.
zeddiithey layer you are building is one from the ecosystem. not poky. so no, it can’t possibly have all the layers that other layers from the ecosystem require.14:11
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zeddiiif you are building one of the images mentioned in the quickstart guide, everything will be there.14:12
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mystictotzeddii: Got it, Thanks a lot for info.14:19
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lukmaDear all,14:46
lukmaI do have a strange problem :-)14:46
lukmaIs it possible to change the gcc-native? (The one which is called by some recipe)?14:47
lukmaIn other words - is there any easy way to check if yocto uses the in-system binary ?14:49
rburtonlukma: we use host compiler for native14:49
lukmarburton: And this is an issue for me14:51
lukmaMy debian has 6.4 as gcc14:51
lukmabut I need at least 7.2 to get the pacakge working14:51
rburtondo you have gcc7.2 installed?14:52
lukmaI thought about a workaround to modify PATH of the termianl in which I run bitbaker14:52
rburtonset BUILD_CC and friends, see bitbake.conf14:52
lukmarburton: horrible solution :-) ? or the "horrible" problem :)14:53
rburtonyour solution is horrible :)  BUILD_CC is the proper solution.14:53
lukmarburton: That is why I do first ask :-)  before I "adjust" my production system14:54
lukmaOk, I will look for that14:54
lukmarburton: Thanks14:54
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blucarebasing from sumo to thud, the do_populate_sdk fails to build as target-sdk-provides-dummy conflicts with bash, coreutils, coreutils-dev and a bunch of perl packages15:01
blucahas anyone seen that? there was a thread on the same issue on the ML but it went nowhere:
blucathe commit id mentioned by the first answer is no longer in the repos, and there's no other context15:03
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lukmarburton: If I don't have the gcc-7/8, then could I use the toolchain produced with bitbake foo-image -c populate_sdk ?15:25
lukmaWould there be any issue with the "fixed" sysroot patch ?15:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto apache build: how to enable mod_cgid by default? <>15:25
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rburtonlukma: no, but but you use the buildtools tarball we provide16:14
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RPrburton: that doesn't have gcc in it does it?16:16
rburtondoes it not?16:16
rburtonmaybe it should :)16:16
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RPrburton: we don't have a gcc nativesdk variant16:22
RPwe could have easily enough16:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I reference/find the ${PV} of one recipe in another recipe in Yocto/Bitbake? <>16:25
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rburtonRP: can you look at ross/binconfig and check that i'm not doing anything really stupid so far16:37
rburtonstill got the rewrite to dump on top of that but i'm trying to pick out the behavioural changes first16:38
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