Wednesday, 2019-07-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS vs MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS <>03:46
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LetoThe2ndgood morning.06:26
LetoThe2ndit is finally time.06:26
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LetoThe2ndwe all have waited for it.06:27
LetoThe2ndand here it is06:27
LetoThe2ndthe one06:27
LetoThe2ndthe only06:27
LetoThe2ndYÖP theme song!06:27
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tprrtHello, I have a question, since Warrior, how can we generate the file "checkpkg.csv", the checkpkgall command no longer exists?07:28
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nayfeHi all, I have an issue with systemd-completion, it fails to load as when bash is run as /bin/sh, it disables bashism, and I need to type "set +o posix" before sourcing ". /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/systemctl" to get it work. Do you know where this posix flag could be set Yocto's way?08:17
RPtprrt: I guess the question is what were you using it for. There seemed to be other better ways of doing most things that code claimed to do08:21
RPtprrt: the class/code was removed08:21
BCMMnayfe: why are you calling bash as `sh` when you apparently want a full-featured interactive bash shell?08:21
BCMMhow is this bash instance getting started, and why can't you just execute it as `bash`?08:22
nayfeIt's default in Yocto, /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/bash.bash that is symlink to /bin/bash08:22
nayfeso when I get a shell, it's bash but through "sh" alias08:24
RPnayfe: If you want bash, shouldn't you be calling "bash" rather than "sh" ?08:25
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nayfeSo what's the point of having /bin/sh -> /bin/bash link?08:28
nayfeshouldn't it be transparent?08:28
RPnayfe: bash can also provide an sh shell?08:29
nayfeit seems bash removes some compatibility flags when run as sh08:30
RPif it didn't exist, how would shell scripts with "/bin/sh" as the interpreter run?08:30
BCMMnayfe: what do you mean by "when i get a shell"? how are you starting the shell?08:42
nayfethrough ssh or serial08:43
BCMMnayfe: the /bin/sh symlink is for scripts that expect POSIX sh behavior.08:43
BCMMnayfe: perhaps you just need to change your user's interactive shell08:43
tprrtRP: we use the csv file to list all the elements embedded in our runtime, as well as the associated information licenses, versions ... Following our migration to warrior, I am looking for an alternative.08:44
BCMMnayfe: in /etc/passwd08:44
BCMM(i'm not sure what you mean by "transparent", but when invoked as sh, bash runs in posix mode. it strives for maximum compatibility with standard sh.)08:45
BCMMfor interactive use, you almost always want to call it as bash08:46
BCMMfor the serial console, how is the shell being executed? do you put in a username/password in the standard getty?08:46
nayfe@BCMM It makes sense to change shell in /etc/passwd, I though I could bypass shell change to get bash-completion with sh as bash but it overrides posix behaviour stuff, thanks :)08:49
BCMMthat's how most distros manage things. sh symlink for scripts, /bin/bash as the default in /etc/passwd for interactive use08:50
BCMM(noting that debian-based distros symlink sh to dash, and many yocto projects link it to busybox)08:50
nayfeindeed ;) thanks for details08:54
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RPtprrt: have a look at meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/, for example test_maintainers08:55
RPtprrt: basically its simple enough to write something to query bitbake for what you need08:55
tprrtRP: I am already looking to do this as I did not find by order equivalent to checkpkgall, I asked the question not to reinvite the wheel. So, I will implement a simple tool to query bitbake. Thanks for your help.09:05
RPtprrt: the trouble with checkpkg was that it did several different things badly. This way you get the information you actually need using the right interface. Its near impossible to say which info you actually want. I doubt for example you actually ship everything in oe-core in your runtime09:06
tprrtRP: I agree09:09
LetoThe2ndRP: as i get paid by shipped packages, i ship everything. always. :)09:10
RPLetoThe2nd: perl's module splitting must be a good earner then! :)09:13
RPLetoThe2nd: package per file? :)09:13
RPtprrt: I'd be happy to have examples of this in the scripts/contrib directory btw09:14
RPtprrt: don't think there is one as yet though09:14
LetoThe2ndRP: i'm working on that. accounting is not yet convinced.09:14
LetoThe2ndonce i got them to ack it, i'll make sure we ship full source too!09:15
LetoThe2ndworld domination!09:15
RPLetoThe2nd: Not sure we can say that out loud ;-)09:18
LetoThe2ndcan i think it out loud then?09:18
RPI'm sure that is fine09:18
LetoThe2ndon a more serious note, what do you think about (e)SDK being the main topic for the next twitch session?09:19
RPLetoThe2nd: We never had the picture of a globe with a yocti wrapping around it on a whiteboard...09:19
RPLetoThe2nd: I'm ok with that, eSDK is a bit of a tricky subject as its not being well maintained atm and needs some serious feature development which isn't happenening :(09:20
LetoThe2ndRP: i see. the esdk part would probably be only little more than "hey you can hand this out to folks for building images, and hey see, its got devtool too."09:21
RPLetoThe2nd: fair enough09:21
LetoThe2ndi think the image building and deploy-target things are of most interest  here09:22
RPLetoThe2nd: right, makes sense09:22
LetoThe2ndkay. i'll get word out then.09:22
LetoThe2ndand, pro tip: blackboards are better than whiteboards. you know, black is more evil.09:23
LetoThe2ndoO( blackborads. )09:23
RPLetoThe2nd: not so common now though unfortunately09:25
RPLetoThe2nd: I'm trying not to say that I prefer libreoffice (and now failing)09:26
tprrtRP: it is noted thank you09:28
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mcfriskany hints where package index files went from image oe-rootfs-repo directory between sumo and master?10:13
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RPmcfrisk: ?10:25
RPmcfrisk: indexes shouldn't have moved though? :/10:25
mcfriskRP: thanks, also found that. have a custom image class which does opkg update and it's failing...10:28
mcfrisknot sure if a package index should be generated now for each image separately..10:29
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mcfriskRP: indeed, adding a before fixes the issues. thanks for the hint!10:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to invoke different .bbclasses for different recipes <>11:17
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yatesit seems that after some time (like 15 minutes to half hour) our device becomes disassociated from the network. it often takes several pings to wake up.13:02
yatesis there some parameter (e.g., an option in bcmXYZ) which sets some type of timeout in the wifi interface that may be causing this?13:03
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rburtonyates: maybe ask your hardware provider13:55
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yatesyes, i already did.14:34
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Jacobenz*ndec Hi15:08
JacobenzI don't know how to direct message, apologies.15:09
ndecJacobenz: ok, got it. thanks,.15:09
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qschulzHi all, it's me again for a new round of weird questions :)16:18
qschulzwe have got two recipes delivering the same named libraries but compiled with different compilers, they're put in different directories. However, Yocto complains that foo package rdepends on bar package, are you missing DEPENDS or PACKAGECONFIG or something similar16:19
qschulzBoth packages RPROVIDES AND RDEPENDS on the same named library (but compiled with different compilers)\16:20
qschulzis there a way to make this warning disappear or am I just heading straight to the INSANE_SKIP?16:20
qschulz(and sometimes it's complaining bar pckage rdepends on foo package instead of the other order)16:21
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qschulzdid I put enough context?16:22
RPqschulz: that would seem to be a valid use for INSANE_SKIP16:30
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RPJPEW: you might find interesting17:40
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RPJPEW: it doesn't change much functionality wise yet but you might be able to see what I'm going to try17:41
JPEWCool. I'll take a look17:42
RPJPEW: I don't think I could successfully rewrite runqueue without huge regressions but I think we can step by step migrate it into what we need17:43
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qschulzRP: may I ask why it happens? what's the mechanism behind the automagic rdepends? Is it looking for libraries in other packages first?18:20
RPqschulz: I think if you merge a patch I just added in master it won't18:28
qschulzRP: interesting, I might give it a try to know if this fixes it :)18:33
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yatesa long while back i created a cross-toolchain on my ubuntu box, but it lacks some libraries i now use, e.g., the dbus library. can i update it to include these new libraries?20:10
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yateshow can i?20:16
RPyates: you mean built a new more extended one?20:16
RPyates: yes, you can do that20:16
yatesRP: thanks - that's all i wanted to know.20:19
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