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luneffhey guys! I can't get QtWebEngine to work on neither thud or warrior :-( I got this in stdout and "Unhandled prefetch abort: breakpoint debug exception (0x002) at 0x6fc3f14a" in dmesg every launch :-(02:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IMAGE_FEATURES vs IMAGE_INSTALL in Yocto <>03:49
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thomasd13Hi, a short question: How can I disable a specific CC flag for a specific package in its recipe?04:51
thomasd13I use g++ in version 7.4, and this does not support the option -fmacro-prefix-map. So I would like to remove it for my package. Just that flag, all other should stay as they are04:52
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luneffthomasd13, it depends on where is this flag injected. if it's package specific, you need to patch its sources05:11
thomasd13luneff: Meanwhile I found the source of the flag. It is defined in bitbake.conf (DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP )05:20
thomasd13The flags set there, are not supported by my g++ verison (7.4). So I would like to get rid of it05:21
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luneffthomasd13, it's strange to me that yocto is feeding its compiler a flag that it doesn't support. Are you sure you use/need gcc-7.4? what does Yocto provide? is it incompatible with itself?06:38
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thomasd13luneff: I'm not so sure anymore. If I type "g++ --version" it prints out 7.4.0. However, after i changed bitbake.conf (just for testing) bitbake rebuild glibc and gcc. gcc package version was 8.306:40
luneffyocto doesn't use system gcc other than to compile its own06:41
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luneffnever touched bitbake.conf. so I'd say you're naming the issue wrong. some build failure log would help06:42
thomasd13Okay, I will provide it. One moment06:42
thomasd13When I look into "do.run_compile", I see that BUILD_CXX="g++ ". So I thought yocto will use system g++06:47
thomasd13And that has the version 7.4.0, which will fit to the error message of compile log. Version 7 does not support macro-prefix-map flag.06:48
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luneffthat's custom code? it's not packaged propertly for yocto. function externalsrc_compile_prefunc -> it should use OE vars like which compiler to use with which flags etc. having host g++ employed == failure06:53
luneffhow does the recipe file look?06:54
luneffif it's just calling "make" on a Makefile that doesn't care about which compiler it's told to use, then the issue is understandable06:55
luneffcmake/autotools seem to handle that better, I can't really tell exactly what's needed for a plain Makefile to work with OE/Yocto06:55
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thomasd13luneff: Ahhh thanks for that explanation! Indeed, this is custom code and my very first custom package for yocto. The project is normaly build with make.06:57
luneffif you have time, I'd recommend to switch to cmake, maybe, and convert the recipe to cmake. would save some trouble and won't hurt in general06:57
thomasd13I tried oe_runmake and make at do_compile() task, but neither worked06:57
luneffthey pass a lot of stuff in env and expect the build system to respond :-)06:58
thomasd13Okay, so your suggestion is to use cmake? Does cmake use autotools, or the other way around?06:59
luneffit's a complete different thing. choose either cmake or autotools07:00
luneffmy projects are Qt-based so I just use qmake projects :-)07:00
thomasd13Thank you very much! Does yocto support both?07:00
thomasd13I will dig in into cmake ;)  Hope it will pay out07:07
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luneffyocto supports almost everything there is :-)07:08
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thomasd13Wow! Cmake works like a charm!07:44
yacar_Hi guys, just wondering how does Yocto handles Kernel's .config? I add an option then rebuild, where is the .config stored?07:52
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nayfeyacar_: you can found it here
yacar_thanks nayfe, looks exactly what I need B)08:00
nayfethere's also
mcfriskglibc is failing to build on poky master due to locale related problem "Can't locate in @INC". does local.conf or sstate cache need cleanup?08:00
nayfemcfrisk: I had some issues when upgrading Yocto versions with sstate-cache, not sure if it's the case here08:03
yacar_nayfe : many thanks I'll look into that too. The tools provided by Yocto to handles the fragments looks very simple to use, I can't wait to try those :)08:03
nayfeyacar_: btw, kernel fragments are not available on every kernel recipes/yocto versions, which one do you use?08:04
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luneffthomasd13, already??? :-D08:08
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mcfriskIMO, glibc is missing DEPENDS to perl-native, and then perl-native is hosed and not using native sysroot in module search path so recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/perl5/5.30.0/ is not found08:17
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yacar_Kernel is 4.9.88 and bitbake is version 1.36.0, poky 2.4.208:18
yacar_nayfe : I'm not sure if those are the relevant version you're seeking ^^, but I'll try with the guide in the mega-manual, if that's not working I'll keep doing as I'm doing know even if that's a bit annoying08:20
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mcfriskhmm, in my build env. build/tmp/hosttools/perl is not the host version, but the nativesdk one. wtf..08:39
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mcfriskcan nativesdk-perl overwrite the file in sstate cache?08:42
mcfriskfrom perl-native08:42
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vladzouthHi, i have some issue with echo program. I fact i use it to add some string into a file but when i see the result in the file, i have many null character appended at the beginning of my string. Is someone experienced this kind of thing? Thank you09:46
vladzouthi run the following command: echo "./psycopg2-2.7.5-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg/" >> /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools.pthAnd here is the result:
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kuzulisHi guys, how to enable the feature from the PKGCONFIG? f.e. I see that in a *.bb recipe is this:10:07
kuzulisPACKAGECONFIG[webrtc] = "-feature-webengine-webrtc,-no-feature-webengine-webrtc,libvpx"10:07
kuzulisdo I need to add it to DISTRO_FEATURES += "webrtc" ?10:08
nayfekuzulis> you need to set PACKAGECONFIG += "webrtc" for corresponding recipe10:09
nayfeyou can do this with recipe bbappend for example10:10
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kuzulisHmm.. but I have read this doc: "6.7.2. BlueZ 4.x / 5.x Selection", which say that : "To use BlueZ 5.x, simply add "bluez5" to your DISTRO_FEATURES value.", where: PACKAGECONFIG[bluez5] = "--enable-bluez5,--disable-bluez5,bluez5"10:11
kuzulisAre you sure that I need in PACKAGECONFIG += "webrtc" ?10:11
nayfeit depends on how PACKAGECONFIG is defined, if probably includes webrtc conditionaly on DISTRO_FEATURE10:12
kuzulisSo, what does this meant: PACKAGECONFIG[webrtc] = "-feature-webengine-webrtc,-no-feature-webengine-webrtc,libvpx" ?10:13
kuzulisin this case, the webrtc will be enabled by  DISTRO_FEATURES += "libvpx"10:13
nayfelet me rephrase it10:13
nayfein pulseaudio recipe, you have PACKAGECONFIG ??= "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'bluetooth', '${BLUEZ}', '', d)} ...10:14
nayfeso if you add bluetooth, it adds corresponding PACKAGECONFIG10:14
nayfefor qtwebengine, PACKAGECONFIG is defined this way PACKAGECONFIG ??= "libwebp libevent libpng"10:14
nayfeso it does not enable webrtc by default10:15
nayfeif you need it you have to add it PACKAGECONFIG for qtwebengine recipe10:15
kuzulisahh.. seems clear.. many thanks10:16
nayfeyou can do this with a bbappend file or globally in local.conf (or distro config) with PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtwebengine = " webtrc"10:16
nayfekuzulis: np10:17
kuzulisnayfe: So, is it enough to use PACKAGECONFIG += "webrtc" in qtwebengine.bbappand file?10:18
kuzulisok, many thanks10:18
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mcfriskjeez, doing bitbake builds in a yocto SDK shell isn't a good idea. things broken down in odd ways, e.g. perl10:55
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huynqHello, How can I add certificate in yocto?11:05
LetoThe2ndhuynq: in which context? what do you want to do?11:14
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huynqLetoThe2nd:  The embedded device which has Yocto, will request API on a server. I need to install self-signed certificate to that device's OS11:22
huynqIt means that I need to install self-signed certificate on Yocto11:22
huynqI have tried on Ubuntu, it's fine because the Ubuntu has update-ca-certificates package. In Yocto, update-ca-certificates is missing???11:23
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rburtonits part of ca-certificates11:30
rburton(i think)11:31
rburton$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path '**/update-ca-certificates'11:31
rburtonca-certificates: /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates11:31
rburtonjust write a recipe to put the cert in the right place and call the right hooks11:32
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mcfriskanyone else seen this: file /sbin/telinit from install of systemd-1:242+0+db2e367bfc-r0.core2_32 conflicts with file from package sysvinit-2.88dsf-r14.core2_3211:55
mcfriskfrom bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal11:56
frscIs it somehow possible to add a task dependency with an override? something like do_configure[depends]_foo = "bar"?11:56
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frscOk, I just did: VAR = "", VAR_foo = "bar", do_configure[depends] = "${VAR}"12:05
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huynqrburton: In my Yocto, it notifies that has no dir for certificate12:09
rburtonhuynq: install ca-certificates into your image12:10
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yacar_Hi guys, still trying to insert my yocto fragment. However I'm facing some trouble, I feel like my kernel recipe doesn't use them. I tried with the scc way too, but KERNEL_FEATURES is only used when I'm using it. For the cfg method it seems that it's not used either...12:59
yacar_Is there other methods?12:59
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nayfeyacar_ use the second link, basically, you copy the entire defconfig in kernel bbappend files14:04
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zeddiiRP: I followed up to that yocto bbclass thread. I just wanted to be sure that it won't get merged. I'm quite against it in its current form.16:30
* zeddii doesn't understand why someone would hack on that without pinging first16:31
* zeddii wanders off to cool down.16:31
RPzeddii: its not merging16:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why won't my systemd service run automatically at boot-up <>20:52
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* zeddii thinks jwessel’s glibc-locale patch broke my build21:39
* zeddii reverts and retries21:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is bitbake version 1.43.0 broken? It does not succesfully run the helloworld demo on the yocot page <>21:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why won't my systemd service run automatically at boot-up [on hold] <>23:52

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