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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: FILES Variable in Yocto Recipe <>03:23
huynqHello, Does Poky has it own certificates trust store? How can I add certificate without re-build OS?03:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I make a yocto layer compatible with different releases that come with incompatible lib versions <>06:53
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cpoIn poky I used to include kernel-devsrc in my TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK variable by _append and it contained every single *.c csource file. In warriror I only see Makefiles and KBuild files but canÄt find anything on the mailinglist for this issue. anyone familiar?07:50
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nayfecpo: this commit changes src symlink of kernel-devsrc maybe there is a problem with it?
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nayfecpo: this commit removes sources from kernel-devsrc
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cponayfe: thanks will hava a look10:01
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tgoodwinI'm trying to setup a site configuration based on the "user-configuration" tag in the yocto manual such that the site.conf sets up the base layer configuration with individual projects extending BBLAYERS as needed.  Is that supported?  So far I'm getting an error that it can't find my bitbake.conf file from the poky core layer.  My site.conf sets BBLAYERS to contain that layer path first, and my project-level bblayers.conf13:30
tgoodwinfile sets BBPATH to ${TOPDIR}/../shared:${TOPDIR}.  I've tried that variable with a space vs. colon, which also doesn't work.13:30
tgoodwinI've also tried flipping the order for BBPATH to ${TOPDIR}:${TOPDIR}/../shared and that also fails.13:31
tgoodwinNever mind, I think I found the answer as "no" over in the bitbake multiconfiguration section, stating BBPATH isn't constructed until after layers are parsed.13:38
tgoodwinIt would figure I would find the answer after I type all that. LOL13:40
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vladzouthHi community, i have an issue about corrupted files. I have some files . I apply the following script and i get sometimes (1time/10) the following result . In fact there is some null charaters appended at the beginning13:41
vladzouth of the echo string. Is there something that i missed? Thank you !13:41
vladzouthuname -a : Linux tx6s-8035 4.13.0-karo-tx6+ #3 SMP Mon May 6 17:26:02 CEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux13:42
Croftontgoodwin, BBPATH = "${TOPDIR}:${HOME}/.oe"13:44
Croftonis what I ahve13:44
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vladzouthi precise that i'm using yocto kroght branch and this script is a systemd service. This issue happen at the fist boot13:44
tgoodwinCrofton: Thanks.  Glad to know I had the syntax right.  But I think the ultimate issue was trying to have site.conf define a base set of layers.13:45
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tgoodwinFor example I was going to have it setup the base poky ones, then at the project level append bblayers.13:46
tgoodwinIf that multiconfig comment is right though, it can't find conf/bitbake.conf (over in the poky core layer) because it's parsing bblayers.conf's BBLAYERS first.13:47
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tgoodwinI guess by extension then if you're trying to use multiconfig to crank off loads of builds, your bblayers config has to be a superset of all configurations whether it has anything to do with your config's machine target or not.13:53
Croftonah yes13:55
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Croftonyeah, that is why it is importnat layer control what they enable for machines13:56
Croftonand not jsut enable random machine spciic stuff globally13:56
tgoodwinRight.  Do you happen to know if this also means an sstate-cache cannot be re-used between different layer configurations?13:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: FILES Variable in Yocto Recipe [duplicate] <>14:24
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Croftontgoodwin, I don't know for sure, but check with RP maybe14:26
tgoodwinThanks.  What I'm aiming for is setting up a shared state mirror internally after running our common builds (I assumed only 1 was necessary).  After this experience though, it seems like I would need multiple, one for either each machine or layer configuration...I'm not sure.14:39
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CroftonI'd work toward a config with all alyeers and report problems with conflicts to maintainers14:53
Croftonunfortunately, it feels like many BSP venders fell like you sould only use one bsp at a time, which is wrong14:53
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tgoodwinyeah, and then there's the issue with xilinx branches where some boards practically require the -tools layer even with the recent addition of the standalone layer.14:56
RPtgoodwin: sstate should always be shareable. If that breaks, its probably a bug14:56
tgoodwinRP: alright, so the idea of having a build server that maintains a shared state cache that is then exposed basically read-only via https is the way it should work?14:57
Croftonshareable, but if you have multiple layer configs, aren't you likely to end up with multiuple sets of the same thing?14:58
RPtgoodwin: well, you could do read/write nfs too, but yes14:58
tgoodwinRP: I'm looking for a way to accelerate builds at other engineer's desks by leveraging a "master build" server.14:58
RPtgoodwin: that would work then, yes14:59
RPits what its designed for14:59
tgoodwinI was under the impression giving write access in that scenario would corrupt the cache.14:59
RPtgoodwin: only if they wrote something malicious15:00
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tgoodwinRP: what I mean is having multiple builds happening at the same time at user's desks vs. the build server's shared state cache.  If I made the build server's cache writeable, that would cause problems (at least that's what I got from the Yocto training class last year).15:01
RPtgoodwin: I don't see how it would cause problems as long as your method of sharing writes is safe15:01
RPtgoodwin: our autobuilder does this over NFS15:02
tgoodwinI see.  It was about december when I took that class and it came across that having multiple builds running at the same time with a single shared state cache would somehow break it.  I forget who my trainer was.15:03
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tgoodwinIt was down in Austin.15:03
tgoodwinBut that's good to know, thanks.15:03
RPtgoodwin: I can't comment on that, all I can tell you is how it was designed and how we use it15:03
RPtgoodwin: in case its not clear I wrote large chunks of it ;-)15:04
tgoodwinRP: :)15:04
tgoodwinI suppose in the autobuilder environment you don't have to worry about a user running cleaansstate though, eh?15:05
weltlingi'm checking to create a hybrid boot for image using grub legacy + grub efi, but seems grub legacy is not supported by any wic plugin, is there any approach for grub legacy boot without having to do manual mount and grub-install? some layer or wic plugin sitting somewhere?15:09
RPtgoodwin: that is true, cleansstate can cause problems15:13
RPtgoodwin: cleansstate is nearly always avoidable with --force though15:14
RPI agree relying on developers to remember that is harder15:14
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tgoodwinThanks y'all.  I'm sure I'll have more questions as I work through this.15:19
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RPrburton_: Just found the runqueue code I'm trying to emulate isn't actually needed at all in the first place :/15:27
rburton_ha oh well15:50
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armpitRP, two new failures on 2.7 rc1.. so we need an rc2 once those issues are fixed?16:17
RParmpit: which failures?16:17
RParmpit: one was arm ptest which has clearly never been done there?16:17
armpitRP, from the QA report16:18
RParmpit: ah. mdadm is known and supposed to be getting fixed, I know not when but its never worked16:21
armpitgstreamer is the other new one16:22
RParmpit: that is a single test failure in the suite, right?16:22
RPwould be good to know the cause of that :/16:23
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RParmpit: I guess we should look at the test log and see if that helps us understand it16:25
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RParmpit: log is useless :(16:27
RPsays it failed16:28
armpitthe warrior-nmut full build I did prior to QA had 3 failures listed16:28
armpitthe QA report shows a 4th16:28
RParmpit: intermittently bad test?16:28
RParmpit: we try another build?16:28
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armpitlet me look at the -2 warrior-nmut16:32
armpitlooks like 3 failures are the norm for previous warrior builds..16:34
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armpitRP, I responded to the QA report. I will take the gstreamer bug16:40
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* zeddii books ELCE, but skips the yocto summit part17:14
* Crofton frowns at zeddii 17:14
zeddiiclearly whoever booked oct 31st, does not have kids17:15
Croftonfair enough17:16
Croftononly so much we can do with timing though17:16
zeddiiyah. understood. I always preferred the before timeslots, since I'm always cutting out early.17:16
CroftonI assume the Satanic rituals take precedence?17:17
zeddiiyup :D17:17
zeddiiplus, by the time ECLe is over, I'm baked. not going to sit and yak for two more days.17:17
Croftonthis begs the question, can we do something outside an LF event?17:17
Croftonand have people show up?17:18
zeddiiI know I could. but that's probably the minority, since getting funding could/would be harder.17:18
zeddiiI ended up waitlisted for plumbers, so I'm trying to tie up ELCe earlier17:18
* Crofton got a ticket for Camp, so he is happy17:19
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tgoodwinRP: If a build has an SSTATE mirror setup, does the local build create a local copy of whatever it used from the remote cache?17:46
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RPtgoodwin: depends if its a file or not....21:37
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RPtgoodwin: I mean that http would have to be downloaded, locally available files wouldn't21:52
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RPJPEW: rpurdie/t222 now has something which runs setscene and normal tasks in parallel22:45
RPJPEW: needs cleanup and testing as I suspect its got bugs but it nice to see it vaguely work :)22:45
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