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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why won't my systemd service run automatically at boot-up [closed] <>00:10
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mckoangood morning06:35
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huynqHello, I have run bitbake ok, but when runqemu with `runqemu qemux86 tmp/deploy/images/qemux86/core-image-minimal-qemux86.ext4`, I got error `runqemu - ERROR - Failed to run qemu: Could not initialize SDL(x11 not available) - exiting`. It seem likes this : How to resolve this? T06:46
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mckoanhuynq: as stated in the answers to that email the issue depends on the missing packages into your host machine06:57
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huynqmckoan: I see, but my host machine has installed libsdl1.2-dev. Which packages I missed ?07:09
LetoThe2ndhuynq: x11 not available means that you are probably conencted over ssh or such07:13
LetoThe2ndso, no x11, at least not directly. just add the 'nographic' parameter.07:14
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huynqLetoThe2nd: Great answer. The actual reason is by I'm invoking command from ssh. When I tried in direct machine, it works as well.07:31
LetoThe2ndhuynq: :)07:32
huynqLetoThe2nd: Thank you :)07:33
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akrpic77I use systemd drop-in, but after booting fresh image, systemctl restart X, says "files changed on disk, do daemon-reload", what am I missing ?08:34
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Mateusz97Hi, is anyone know how to access and run BBCooker method generateTaskDepTreeData in using poky 2.5?08:36
huynqakrpic77: You should do as recommend: `sudo systemctl daemon-reload`08:42
akrpic77huynq: why is that necessary ? I havent changed anything, and it's fresh bitbaked image booted for the first time08:44
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Mateusz97I forgot to mention that i have my own python Tinfoil wrapper08:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line <>09:13
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kristoivI cannot for the life of me get the native golang compiler included in my SDK when using "-c populate_sdk"10:16
kristoivAnyone know how?10:16
kristoivError: "(...) rdepends upon non-existent task do_package_write_deb in /.../poky/meta/recipes-devtools/go/"10:18
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LetoThe2ndkristoiv: i'm just about to leave, but this should be doable through
LetoThe2ndkristoiv: speicifically, TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK10:20
kristoivLetoThe2nd, I'm trying, but that is where I get my error10:21
kristoivTrying one of the other suggestions, TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK  = "go-crossdk-aarch64"10:22
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kristoivLooks like it might work with "go-cross-canadian-aarch64". Anyone can explain that x)?10:25
kristoivLetoThe2nd, thanks btw!10:26
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LetoThe2ndChrusel76: ping :)11:53
LetoThe2ndChrusel76: glad you liked the show, and you made it here :)11:53
LetoThe2ndChrusel76: actually there's little magic to it, just type your question and wait for something to happen.11:53
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Chrusel76LetoThe2nd: ping :-)  - i've got it (the communication thing) - thanks.12:10
LetoThe2ndChrusel76: so, welcome!12:13
kristoivI'm still struggeling to get golang in my Yocto SDK. Using TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK = " go-cross-canadian-aarch64" I got the compiler itself, but the GOROOT is almost empty. No standard library at all...12:16
kristoivAnyone have experience doing this?12:16
kristoivI'm btw currently tring to add TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK = " go go-dev" to see if that brings what I need12:17
kristoivBut I'm just guessing12:17
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kristoivOkay, new theory: I'm being stupid :D. go-cross-canadian-aarch64 + go-cross-canadian-aarch64-dev + go-cross-canadian-aarch64-staticdev, maybe that fixes it12:33
rburtontheres a packagegroup for that isn't there?12:34
LetoThe2ndkristoiv: i'm no pro there, but explicitly adding canadian or such just sounds wrong.12:34
rburtonkristoiv: packagegroup-go-cross-canadian?12:34
kristoivLetoThe2nd, what is "canadian" in this context?12:34
LetoThe2ndkristoiv: you probably want something that is rather called go-cross.... or what rburton just said12:34
rburtonthe standalone go sdk is meta/recipes-core/meta/ and just uses that packagegroup12:35
LetoThe2ndkristoiv: a canadian cross compiler means, that it was compiled on host triplet A, runs on host triplet B, and compiles for host triplet X12:35
LetoThe2ndhence double-cross, nicknamed canadian-cross12:35
kristoivLetoThe2nd, Aha! Nice. Well that is wat we are doing only host and target are the same. But the package group may be good12:36
LetoThe2ndno actual canadians have been harmed in the making of this compilers, at least to my knowledge.12:36
rburtonkristoiv: you can build a SDK on host A for running on host B, so it is a canadian.  just typically, A=B because typically they're both x86-64.12:36
rburtonunless you've one of the two arm boxes that is powerful enough :)12:37
kristoivrburton, exactly12:37
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kristoivrburton, maybe I'm really looking for packagegroup-go-sdk-target? "Target packages for the Go SDK"12:40
rburtonkristoiv: look at meta-go-toolchain, it uses both.  you need the native tools and target libs12:40
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kristoivrburton, will do, thanks12:41
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opennandrahi, I'm trying to create dual rootfs using wic file and also add data partition (is there some was in wic to tell --source should be some file or directory)?13:07
opennandraI cna create empty data partition but would like to be populated with some files13:07
kristoivrburton, LetoThe2nd, you guys are heroes! I finally have something that works great. However, in order to get my additions into the SDK of my target image I had to put these things in my local.conf. Is there a better way? How is supposed to be used? I didn't find that I could inherit it even so I copy/pasted the relevant TOOLCHAIN_*_TASK lines.13:08
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LetoThe2ndkristoiv: just by judging from the recipe itself, i'd say copy-paste the TOOLCHAIN_* lines into the image recipe that you want to create the sdk for.13:11
kristoivLetoThe2nd, Good idea13:11
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rburtonyes that13:22
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armpithalstead, thanks for committing the change13:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: recipe also produces -native output that needs packaging <>13:44
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paulbarkerDo we document clearly anywhere the best practice for layers to only modify recipes when their relevant DISTRO, MACHINE or other flag is actually enabled? And to avoid setting things in layer.conf?14:36
paulbarkerI need something "official" I can point someone at14:36
ndecLetoThe2nd: yesterday's video is now published on youtube. we are getting better ;)14:36
LetoThe2ndndec: \o/14:37
paulbarkerThe `common.test_signatures` test in yocto-check-layer covers those best practices but if you don't understand what "recipes that change signatures" means then that isn't very clear14:38
LetoThe2ndndec: i actually wonder if the 151 views for #1 are to be taken serious, or if that was crofton testing it a 100 times because he couldn't believe we finally made it :)14:39
LetoThe2ndprobably somewhere in between.14:40
LetoThe2ndndec: and, hooray: me and $COWORKER got travel permission for ELCE today. i'll annoy you all in real life then, not only through a tiny window on your screens!14:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: creating an npm based recipe for Yocto korgoth fails <>14:44
halsteadarmpit, Sure. Should I respond to the list as well?14:47
RPhalstead: thanks!14:49
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RPaehs29: am I right in thinking you never tried libstdc++ with newlib? Its being asked about on the poky list but I'd guess we've never tried it14:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Using Yocto with meta-balena causes a parse error <>15:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() <>16:44
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aehs29RP: wow, its crazy, how I'm literally working on that right now22:36
aehs29RP: I'm submitting patches for libstdc++ + newlib this week22:36
aehs29RP: I got it working now, its a matter of cleaning up and sending now22:37
aehs29RP: also I still have issues sending patches to the list22:37
aehs29RP: could you do me a favor and reply that its being fixed to that thread, I just replied but I don't think my email got there22:41
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RPaehs29: your email did arrive23:35
RPaehs29: interesting coincidence, glad I asked you now! :)23:35

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