Thursday, 2019-07-11

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RPJPEW: patches posted :)00:11
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huynqHi guys, I have installed successfully Poky with core-image-minimal. But as I investigated from, it has ca-certificates recipe. But actually as I checked on my built Poky, there is no directory ca-certificate or ssl.01:51
huynqThis is qemu of my Poky:
huynqWhat did I miss to get ca-certificate?01:53
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Dvorkindid anybody see overlayfs for / in yocto/oe?07:18
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mcfriskwhat change between sumo/2.5 and warrior/master could cause our custom image creation classes to fail with missing package index files? I can't seem to find the differences in task or their ordering. we are adding custom tasks after do_rootfs before do_image_complete.08:28
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mcfriskfailures look like "../our-image-image/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo/Packages: No such file."08:30
shan1I am trying to move from krogoth to rocko for Phytec IMX6 boards and was unable to get past through the error logs which are thrown whilst making a recipe for influxdb. I have documented the it as a [SE Query]( but I am unable to get a soluti08:31
shan1on as to why the build fails08:31
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mcfriskgah, my problem was the missing call. somehow lost the fix again..09:02
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TurkCypriotHi follks10:36
TurkCyprioti need a pre-build yocto for vmware10:36
TurkCypriotCan anybody help me about finding and running on vm?10:36
LetoThe2ndTurkCypriot: maybe you should rather point out what it should be used for, or what you expect to gain from it.10:37
TurkCypriotJust for testing and developing purposes10:37
LetoThe2ndi mean, running a generic minimal image is like... not exactly offering a lot of functionality or such.10:38
TurkCypriotMy main goal's to run and develope a .net core application10:38
LetoThe2ndTurkCypriot: ok, and what do you expect a generic image to help you there?10:38
TurkCypriotyes minimal- build i'Ll need10:38
LetoThe2ndand then?10:39
TurkCypriotMy company's10:39
TurkCypriotdeveloping casino games like SlotUI10:39
LetoThe2ndi don't really care about your application. just tell me. you boot it, and then?10:39
TurkCypriotand we have a dispatcher application which runs on dotnet core on centos10:39
TurkCyprioti will move our application on yocto officially10:40
TurkCypriotand then we will run this application with small boxes like rpi or latte panda vs..10:40
LetoThe2ndi don't think you got the point. how do you expect the minimal image to help you?10:40
TurkCypriotyes sorry for my english10:41
LetoThe2ndjust try to explain what you want to do with the minimal image once it is booted.10:41
TurkCyprioti just want my minimal yocto to run dotnet application and identify hardware10:41
TurkCypriotlike ethernet and usb10:41
LetoThe2ndbut a minimal image will not do that.10:41
TurkCypriotso minimal yocto probably will feed my needs10:41
LetoThe2ndit will not bring dotnet, it will not offer ethernet connectivity, it will not offer ssh to copy anything in....10:42
LetoThe2ndso what do you *ACTUALLY* want?10:42
TurkCyprioti'll add metadatas ofcourse10:42
LetoThe2ndand thats where you are wrong10:42
TurkCyprioti see sir.10:42
LetoThe2ndyocto is not a distribution where you can add things at will10:43
TurkCypriotSo what's the correct path that i need to follow10:43
LetoThe2ndit is a toolkit to create a distribution that suits your needs. so you need to start out with a simple build and add the things you need10:43
LetoThe2ndactually, since only 2 days, we have a couple of WONDERFUL videos on youtube explaining hands-on how to get started. :)10:44
TurkCypriotSounds great for noobs like me :)10:44
TurkCypriotCan you please share the links if  you have?10:44
LetoThe2ndi think you can google the link just as good as i can10:45
TurkCyprioti already used yocto minimal before10:45
LetoThe2ndyoutube yocto project :)10:45
TurkCyprioti have build with some metas10:45
TurkCypriotfor playing gif files.10:45
TurkCypriotbut it was 3 years ago10:45
TurkCypriotso i mean i am not that beginner10:46
TurkCypriotalso i am developing c++ projects over 18 years10:46
LetoThe2ndthat is all nice and well10:46
TurkCypriotand i have also worked for defence industry for 12 years10:46
TurkCypriotyes. these r nice10:46
LetoThe2ndsweet. and?10:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Updating Yocto causes exception '' has no attribute 'getVar' <>10:47
TurkCypriotand next time when someone asked  for help10:47
TurkCypriotplease don't be rude that much10:47
TurkCypriotyou are acting like you are professional10:47
LetoThe2ndif you think that telling you that your appraoch is completely wrong is rude, then i beg your pardon.10:47
LetoThe2ndbut your approach is wrong.10:47
TurkCyprioti say it is not10:48
LetoThe2ndand i tried to guide you to creating that conclusion for yourself.10:48
TurkCyprioti have experience with yocto and i know what i am looking for10:48
LetoThe2ndif you think you know better, then well, go ahead, and have fun!10:48
TurkCyprioti have just asked for the pre-built binary for the vmware10:48
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LetoThe2ndwell then good luck.10:49
TurkCyprioti thought ur greeting bot at first really10:49
TurkCypriotif you don't know anything about yocto minimal10:49
TurkCypriotand adding metas10:49
TurkCypriotjust google it10:49
TurkCypriotu'll see that yocto is more than what you know10:49
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tgoodwinHas anyone tried having two git fetchers in a recipe?  I've given each a different destsuffix however the first unpack seems to get clobbered.11:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to debug kernel crash on /sbin/init during bootup? <>11:47
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jmieheanyone familiar with meta-rust?12:04
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mckoanHas anyone tried Qt5 with MACHINE=qemux86 ?12:08
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jmiehecan I update the hosttools inside my own layer?12:14
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tgoodwinNever mind on was an override-specific append that was actually clearing SRC_URI.  Fix was to not mix an override with += ;-)12:15
tgoodwinI shoudl know better by now.12:15
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__angelohow could i add cryptsetup to a sumo image recipe ? seems not in the recipe list12:46
LetoThe2nd__angelo: it exists at least in master, so in the worst case you have to backport:
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jmieheI found an answer "HOSTTOOLS is a global configuration option, its not per-recipe. You therefore need to set it in the core distro config, not in a recipe." (
jmieheOk, not per-recipe, but can I induce a change per-layer? If so, how? If not, where else?12:54
__angeloLetoThe2nd, many thanks. In sumo is not there, so i backport it12:56
rburtonjmiehe: layer.conf works, iirc12:58
LetoThe2nd__angelo: have fun13:00
jmieherburton: to add hosttool "foo", what would I write?13:00
jmieheHOSTTOOLS_append = "foo"13:00
jmieheHOSTTOOLS += "foo"13:00
jmieheor something with an array notation? Where is the original definition of HOSTTOOLS?13:00
rburtonyou can see that in bitbake.conf13:01
rburtonso either += or _append works but if you use append remember the whitespace quirk13:02
rburton(i'd just use +=)13:02
jmiehewhere is bitbake.conf?13:02
jmieheI have local.conf13:03
jmieheor bblayers13:03
rburtonits part of oe-core13:03
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jmiehe… found something13:07
jmiehefind project/ -iname "bitbake.conf" => poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf13:10
jmieheso HOSTTOOLS seems to be a simple space-separated string rather than an array13:10
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jmieherburton: thanks, HOSTTOOLS += "foo bar" added both tools to HOSTTOOLS. Nice!13:21
jmiehe(obviously added them to HOSTTOOLS, but more importantly, it added the links in hosttools directory, too.13:22
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jmiehecan I also change an env variable (for build process, not for target) in my layer.conf?13:30
jmiehethis might be as simple as an `export VAR=value` in the layer.conf -- sorry to bother.13:32
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__angeloLetoThe2nd, seems quite full od dependencies. Is there any other way ?13:50
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jmiehenow my bitbake is trying to build cdrtools-native and I don't know why. Can I find out where that dependency comes from?14:05
LetoThe2nd__angelo: updateing or trying to strip down dependencies.14:06
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rburtonjmiehe: to build an iso, because you've got hddimg selected as the image type15:14
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tlwoernerzeddii: OE linux kernel versioning seems off (?) the 4.14 OE kernel is at 4.14.40 but the highest 4.14.y ever went upstream is 4.14.20?15:47
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zeddiido you mean 4.18 and not 4.14 ? Paul Gortmaker has been making (and announcing) stable updates to 4.18 on the linux-yocto list for a while, and continues to number off then end of where Greg stopped.15:52
tlwoernerzeddii: oops, yes 4.1815:52
tlwoernerokay thanks15:53
tlwoerner4.18.20 vs 4.18.4015:54
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aehs29RP: ok great, I guess my problem with the ML is just with the oe-core one then16:24
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tlwoernerfor me: upstream 4.18.20 compiles fine, linux-yocto-4.18.40 doesn't :-(16:28
armpittlwoerner, the base kernel version and the YP BSP may not be at the save version either16:29
tlwoernerarmpit: more fun :-S16:29
armpitis this master or stable ?16:29
* RP wonders how long to wait for review on runqueue changes16:30
armpitship it16:30
RParmpit: tempting ;-)16:30
fraytlwoerner you can back off to an older version if you need to -- but if something is broken, we really should try to fix it16:32
tlwoerneri've added an upstream remote from so i can try to generate a list of changes between the two16:33
zeddiithat won't be particularly useful.16:33
zeddiithere are hundreds (thousands) of -stable changes ported to that kernel.16:34
zeddiiit would be more useful to just share the build error and config to the linux-yocto list, cc paul gortmaker and go from there.16:34
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tlwoernerthere's only 1244 commits difference between "git show-branch v4.18/standard/base upstream-local/linux-4.18.y"16:36
zeddiilike I said, hundreds of patches.16:36
armpittlwoerner, please open a bug for thud16:37
frayya.. I'd expect a bisect behavior will be needed. but 1244 commits is actually less then I thought..16:37
zeddiidear lord no16:38
fray(why do I keep reading 'thud' as 'turd'?)16:38
zeddiiwhy is this being over complicated.16:38
armpitI am working on getting it ready for another dot release16:38
zeddiithe kernel has been building, has been booted.16:38
zeddiijust share the reproducer and spin a patch.16:38
zeddiiI mean, put it in bugzilla if you want. but the person that would fix it, would never look there.16:38
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zeddiibisect it if you want, but narrowing down the ported commit isn't that interesting. it just needs a stacked fix. Could be a merge conflict or something. We aren't going to revert a commit, it would be additional changes.16:39
frayI was suggesting it to figure out what is broken, if you already know the fix that is different..16:39
* zeddii hasn't seen the build error. It can't be complicated.16:40
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tlwoernerhmm... stranger yet, v4.18/standard/base builds fine for me, but i had been using v4.18/standard/arm-versatile-926ejs because i am actually targetting an NXP LPC32xx SoC, which has an arm926ej-s at its cor16:44
*** jkridner|pd <jkridner|pd!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto16:44
tlwoernerinclude/linux/compiler-gcc.h:305:38: error: impossible constraint in ‘asm’16:45
tlwoerneris there any reason to use v4.18/standard/arm-versatile-926ejs over v4.18/standard/base?16:46
zeddiiif you are building qemuarm. yes.16:47
zeddiiit has patches for the board.16:47
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tlwoernercrazy! the build error is when compiling lib/vsprintf.o, there are only changes to 2 files between v4.18/standard/arm-versatile-926ejs and v4.18/standard/base, one of those changes is with lib/Makefile, and that change is to tweak the CFLAGS to add -O016:49
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tlwoerneraccording to others who have seen the problem, the problem occurs due to conflicting -O flags:
frayit's the -O0 change then.. the compiler is constrained when that happens and something there is trying to do more then it can..16:51
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frayif there is assembly being compiled, it could be the issue -- otherwise it's likely a bug in the compiler itself16:51
zeddiior the compiler is finally generating the right code and we no longer need that constraint.16:53
zeddiithe patch has been around since 2015.16:53
zeddiiprintf was broken due to the optimized code. was pretty nasty at the time to find/fix.16:54
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zeddiifray. there must be an wind river build of qemuarm against 4.18. it should be showing that as well. odd that it isn't.16:55
zeddiiand by that, I mean an older release. in a current it would be the v5 qemuarm.16:55
fraythat's assuming we've updated to the latest kernel.  I don't know if we have (for the thud based product)16:55
zeddiiaha. right. Paul's -stable versions may not be fully in those builds yet.16:56
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tlwoernera little further down the rabbit hole... ;-)17:20
frayI did check, we are using the release work, including the -O line.. so I don't know why you are seeing issues...17:20
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tlwoernermy build failed because i was working outside of OE itself, using an SDK i created with thud and the kernel from thud (4.18)17:20
tlwoernerthud is the only release that uses a 4.18 kernel17:21
fray(I specifically compared our v4.18/standard/arm-versatile-926ejs vs the linux-yocto version on they are identical except for a few vhost files..17:21
frayok, so it fails only outside the build.. odd17:21
tlwoernerbut thud pins the v4.18/standard/arm-versatile-926ejs branch 1121 commits behind HEAD17:21
tlwoerneri was using the HEAD checkout of v4.18/standard/arm/versatile-926ejs instead of SRCREV_machine_qemuarm ?= "813d81df5defc4e552b7c3085673437eaba4eea7"17:22
fraythis is where I don't know which commit is being used.. I just looked at the raw system..17:24
zeddiiI just spawned a thud build for qemuarm. I'll test the tip of the branches to see if the -stable updates introduced the issue.17:24
tlwoernerd'oh!! i'm using my sdk from warrior (gcc-8.3.x) to build the v4.18 kernel from thud; thud uses gcc-8.2.x17:28
tlwoernerlet me align those things and re-check...17:29
frayok.. I did verify we ARE building the v4.18.40 version in our thud version..17:34
frayso ya, it's probably toolchain related at this point17:34
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__angeloho cna i find a recipe, name lvm2-udevrules  from oe git ?18:42
rburtonyou meant package, lvm2-udevrules is a package built by the lvm2 recipe18:48
__angelooh, thanks18:49
__angelowhat is the difference from openembedded-core and meta-openembedded ? I mean, why meta-openembedded recipes are kept separated ?18:54
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rburton__angelo: oe-core is the core recipes that most platforms need and is well maintained, tested on the autobuilder etc.19:11
rburtonmeta-oe is a collection of a lot more other stuff19:12
rburtonlayers are split into functional pieces so you can mix and match what you need without the logistical overhead of testing it all at once19:12
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__angelorburton, many thanks !19:43
__angelohave still aa question in case someone may know. I set up an image recipe for a rootfs, but would avoid to download/fetch/build/incluse kernel, since it is built in another initramfs recipe19:44
__angeloso is there a way to exclude kernel from the rootfs image recipe ?19:44
LetoThe2nd__angelo: set linux-dummy as the provider for virtual/kernel. for example in your distro.19:48
__angelouhm, my layer has conf/machine but not distro actually19:49
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rburton__angelo: you can set it per-machine, thats fine19:51
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__angelommm ok. Well, i can also set a distro, but check-layer script complains my layer cannot be bsp and distro at the same time19:52
rburtonright. by definition you have a distro set19:56
rburtonin local.conf19:56
rburtonbe it nodistro or poky or something19:56
rburtonif its valid for your use case for the kernel to be linux-dummy, set that in the machine config19:57
rburtoni.e. meta-intel sets the kernel to linux-intel in the machine configs19:57
__angelorburton, ok, will create a different machine, ok19:58
tlwoernerthe problem i was seeing appears to be related to the configuration. linux-yocto uses voodoo to generate the .configure for qemuarm, which i'm guessing is based on arch/arm/configs/versatile_defconfig; this works. arch/arm/configs/lpc32xx_defconfig doesn't20:10
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tlwoernerfor u-boot we have the UBOOT_MACHINE variable which allows us to "make ${UBOOT_MACHINE}_defconfig", followed by a "make"23:24
tlwoerneris there something similar for linux-yocto?23:24
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