Wednesday, 2019-07-17

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luckywhoHi, i want to write a recipe to Install python package from wheel file.05:30
luckywhoCurrent recipes are based on python package source file. I need to know how can whl packagecan be installed.05:32
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ChruselSWAT: thank you all for the warrior-21.0.1 release effort!05:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add New Kernel Parameter To Custom Linux Image Generated By Yocto <>08:11
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mcfriskpoky/meta/classes/cve-check.bbclass', lineno: 237, function: check_cves08:28
mcfriskException: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'to_append' referenced before assignment08:28
mcfrisklibsdl2-native-2.0.9-r0 do_cve_check is failing the builds on master now..08:29
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mcfriskChrusel: related but not the root cause. I sent a patch which fixes the build for me.09:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto helloword recipe in rootfs <>09:42
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JoeRHi all. Anyone here know the python recipes well?10:21
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JoeRI need pathlib, but the way python stuffs everything into a .inc file means I'm not sure how to go about adding it.10:22
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JoeRI'm assuming we can't bbappend to an inc file?11:35
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RPJoeR: the use of an inc shouldn't matter as you can still bbappend the recipe?11:52
JoeRSo I think I need to modify the .inc file. It seems to break python down into the many packages we see it as in yocto.11:54
JoeRIf it were a normal recipe I would bbappend my changes, but I can't do that with the inc file can I?11:54
JoeROr would you append to whatever recipe includes the inc?11:55
JoeR(i.e. append to the main python recipe)11:55
mcfriskanyone else seeing that freetype 2.10 is failing to compile on aarch64 with: aarch64-poky-linux-libtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration ?11:55
kitzinJoeR: From my understanding you should bbappend the recipe which includes the .inc11:58
JoeROK. Except I can't find that.... Which is weird.11:58
JoeROh. Muppet error. The main python recipe requires it.11:59
JoeRThough with it's own variable tracking the version number.12:00
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freyr69How to make EGL on meta-intel work? I've added drm, egl, gbm features, yet eglinfo says `eglInitialize failed`12:29
rburtonmissing drivers? worked with core-image-sato for me last time i tried.12:46
freyr69I'm building core-image-minimal. AFAIS drm drivers are there12:47
rburtonkernel drivers? mesa drivers?12:48
JaMadrunk drivers?12:50
freyr69i965_dri is presented12:51
freyr69what do you mean by kernel drivers?12:51
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freyr69Hm, lsmod doesn't show drm12:53
rburtonminimal is minimal12:57
rburtona better 'experimenting' base is core-image-base12:57
rburton(or -full-cmdline)12:57
freyr69I see, thanks.12:57
freyr69If I understand correctly I need `MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-module-drm"` right?12:58
rburtontbh i'd just start with adding kernel-modules and see if that solves the problm12:59
freyr69I did and there appeared a few modules but not drm13:00
freyr69I'll try base and see what it adds if kernel-module-drm will not fix it13:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to merge two /data partitions to access u-boot in linux? <>13:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot access /data/u-boot in linux on integrating mender? <>13:42
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freyr69Nah, even in the basic image there is no drm module. What adds it?13:46
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lucaceresolihi, can I instruct my layer to download and use a pre-built binary toolchain?14:16
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litbhello folks15:16
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litba python setup script needs "rsync". but there's no rsync-native recipe.15:16
litbis there a way that I can make the buildsystem's "rsync" command available to do_install  ?15:16
litbI don't want to brutally use PATH=/bin:$PATH in do_install .. I think that would be very bad. but what's the correct way? Ideally, it just just install a symlink into STAGING_DIR_NATIVE/${bindir} from rsync to /usr/bin/rsync15:17
kergothHOSTTOOLS is used for that, it's how we filter host tool availability to avoid contamination15:19
litbI understand that yocto builds some of the tools as -native and the main utility is, for example for python-native, that the same build tools are used that match target-tools15:25
litbfor rsync though, I don't see the utility in building it as -native. Am I right or missing something?15:25
litbkergoth, thanks, i'll use that15:25
kergoththere's a balance to be maintained between host dependencies and self sufficiency. more recipes extends build time, but more dependencies requires more host setup15:26
kergothyour call given its your recipe/layer15:26
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JPEWHOSTTOOLS can have a dramatic effect on build reproducibility also15:29
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litbkergoth, hmm i added "rsync" to HOSTTOOLS in the recipe, and then it still complains. the calls "rsync --version >/dev/null" to check for the presence of rsync.15:31
litbis it a problem that this is interpreted by the python-native and that it doesn't somehow look into the magic directory that contains the hosttools?15:31
JPEWlitb: I don't think you can add it per recipe. I think you probably need to put it in layer.conf15:32
litbah i see15:32
litbas a matter of fact, I *can* execute "rsync --version" just fine in the  do_devshell15:33
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litbbut that doesn't seem a good indicator, as I can also execute xchat. devshell doesn't appear to reliably reproduce the build environment in that regard15:34
kergothyes, HOSTTOOLS is a global configuration variable. early in the boot process we set up a directory of symlinks for the binaries listed in HOSTTOOLS and that ends up in PATH15:35
litbah i see15:37
kergothsince that's a one-time process, it doesn't work at the recipe level. not run on a per-recipe basis15:37
kergothyou could arrange for it in the recipe itself of course. add a task to create a dir, symlink from the host, add it to PATH,15:38
litbah i see15:39
kergothprobably not worth the hassle to bypass the usual mechanism, though15:40
litb"/python-pycopia/usr/lib/python2.7/.../ is owned by uid 1000, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination " haha.15:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto install deb packages from remote in target <>15:43
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litbi  guess this happens because i didn't use the "install" tool, which probably takes care that in the end the files appear as root-owned in the packages (fake-root)15:43
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RPkergoth: did you see the runqueue changes? Of course we now start to find interesting new problems :/16:02
kergothI did, though haven't reviewed them very deeply yet16:02
kergothof course. as always. there's always some corner case we didn't consider when reworking something16:02
kergothevery time16:02
kergothnature of the beast working with something this complex16:03
RPkergoth: do_fetch wipes out the recipe-sysroot. Trouble is now it can run in parallel with do_XXX_setscene :(16:03
RPkergoth: I'm not sure we can safely delete the sysroots now16:03
kergothcould we have all the setscenes depend on a separate sysroot clean task?16:04
RPkergoth: setscene may or may not run...16:04
kergothright, but do_fetch could depend on it too? course that'd change all the signatures..16:05
RPkergoth: I'm really struggling to see how we can fix this one16:05
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litbbitbake appears to execute "do_install()" functions in fakeroot (pseudo) by default. however, "do_install" never is defined by the "fakeroot" keyword16:13
litbwhy is it still executed within fakeroot ?16:13
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RPlitb: the fakeroot flag is set on the do_install variable16:45
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navidrHi,  I am trying to compile to cyclone5 via "". But I am getting ParseError at /home/navid/angstrom-build/layers/openembedded-core/meta/classes/image.bbclass:181: Could not inherit file classes/sdcard_image-socfpga.bbclass16:53
navidrAnybody can give any hints or tips to how to solve this?16:53
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litbRP, thanks, makes sense17:03
litbcrazy how much of all thos runs behind the scenes17:04
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shan150I am compiling a golang based repository and I keep stumbling on this error: `arm-phytec-linux-gnueabi-strip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file`18:00
shan150It is a vendor specific file which the `strip` is unable to recognize during `do_populate_sysroot`18:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Build real time Linux for Raspberry Pi Zero W <>18:13
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opennandrahi is there possibility to change DISTRO_NAME in local.conf (I saw that in poky it's use with = not ?= so probably not?)19:06
opennandraI can override /etc/issue in bbappend but I don't like it :)19:09
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kergothopennandra: use an override. i.e. DISTRO_NAME_forcevariable = "foo". any override would work, so DISTRO_NAME_poky or whatever would do too19:33
kergothbut it sounds like you should create your own distro at this point19:33
opennandrakergoth: well I just want to change this text (I'm confident with poky distro :))19:35
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opennandrakergoth: thanks it works with _poky19:38
opennandraI didn't even know this is possible (I was aware only of _append, _remove)19:38
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RPkergoth: I'm trying to fix some twisted stuff in buildbot. The thought then occurred that we could add twisted to bitbake. I think nobody would the understand it at all :)19:49
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* RP wonders if anyone here is a twisted expert19:58
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rburtonopennandra: poky is an example, please just make your own20:04
opennandrarburton: it's is must to create new repo (generally speaking) or can use poky20:05
opennandra*sorry distro20:05
rburtonyou *can* use poky20:05
rburtonbut don't be surprised when you upgrade to warrior and suddenly its using systemd not sysvinit20:05
rburtonbecause poky is primarily a test bed, and will happily change20:06
kergothfolks always overestimate the work involved in creating their own distro and images20:06
opennandrarburton: I'm using systemd already so no problem, ok I'll take it into account20:06
rburtoncp poky.conf mydistro.conf20:06
rburtoni've pointed at three times this week now20:06
opennandrakergoth: I created tons of images but still using poky as default20:06
opennandraI think such informations are overlooked or so. I'm working with your for few years now but always hack only recipes adding recipes or create custom images20:08
opennandraI was thiking about sharing this how-to's somehow on blog or so20:08
rburtonor the manual20:10
rburtonpatches welcome!20:10
rburtonthere's also for quick notes that haven't yet made it into the docs proper20:10
rburtonlike was just me writing down what i did so i could read it again when i forget20:11
opennandraok that is good idea -> I did lot of changes to variosu stuff but never shared I think it's time to start on wiki20:12
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RPrburton: ask LetoThe2nd to cover this on twitch?20:21
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