Thursday, 2019-07-18

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luckywhoHi, I'm trying to add portaudio-v19 recipe in my yocto. do_compile failing. meta/recipes-support/portaudio/ failed with exit code '1' . | arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-libtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration07:22
luckywho| arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-libtool:   error: specify a tag with '--tag'07:22
luckywho| make: *** [src/common/pa_cpuload.lo] Error 107:22
luckywho| make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....07:22
luckywho| arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-libtool:   error: specify a tag with '--tag'07:22
luckywho| make: *** [src/common/pa_process.lo] Error 107:22
luckywho| arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-libtool:   error: specify a tag with '--tag'07:22
luckywho| make: *** [src/os/unix/pa_unix_util.lo] Error 107:22
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mcfrisk"Your membership in the mailing list yocto has been disabled due to07:52
mcfriskexcessive bounces"07:52
mcfriskis anyone else seeing this, maybe a problem on yocto side?07:52
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RPmcfrisk: its possible, we've been having a lot of mailing list problems :( halstead could probably comment08:22
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freyr69Does anybody use headless EGL over GBM here? I have an opengl app using egl context, it works fine under Arch, but doesn't work with Sato without X11 or wayland (egl not initialized error)09:15
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freyr69Which features do I need for headless egl?09:15
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freyr69There is card's node in /dev/dri09:16
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litbhello folks09:31
litbi need the meta-printing layer from the layer index because it contains the python-reportlab recipe09:31
litbbut it is not provided for branch warrior, apparently09:31
litbbitbake-layers layerindex-fetch -n -b warrior meta-printing    says there's no such layer.   but if specifying  -b rocko, it works09:32
litbwhat's recommended in this case?09:32
JaMais there master branch with newer than rocko changes?09:33
JaMait would be closer to warrior than old rocko09:33
litbit also has sumo09:34
litbah, it has master. I'll use that then09:34
litbJaMa, it seems to have moved to "meta/" as a core-layer09:36
litbah, false. it just printed meta/ as a dependency haha09:38
litbJaMa, its master README says it's either compatible with master or krogoth. but the repo also has sumo and rocko branches. my understanding is that both of those are more recent than krogoth.09:44
litbsounds to me like the README is outdated09:44
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to create a initramfs image with uImage and cpio rootfs? <>09:45
JaMalitb: yes README is probably outdated, just check git log to see which branch has most recent changes09:47
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rburton_oh is that my meta-printing10:17
rburton_litb: ^10:17
rburton_its dead and everything in there should be somewhere else10:17
rburton_if there isn't then just copy the recipe out and contribute it somewhere better10:18
rburton_or, take ownership of the layer and update it.  it was a start at consolidating printing pieces from across the layers that didn't take off10:18
rburton_like it has a really old cups in10:19
litbah i see.10:22
litbthanks. while working with setuptools, I found that it ignores the TUNE_ARCH  settings. my tune is   corei7-32  , buht setuptools compiles python libs to 64bit. i.e it generates lib.linux-x86_64-2.7/10:24
litbrburton_, looks like these python setup scripts don't work well with cross compilation10:25
litbso, things fail once it tries to find  because it ignores the 32bit libraries that yocto built for it as part of DEPENDS resolving10:25
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rburton_yeah a lot of C/python setup is an absolute horror10:42
rburton_to be fair, python itself is a horror to cross compile10:42
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litbrburton_, maybe I can ignore that the lib folder's name is incorrect. after all it's just a folder name. it generates those by using uname11:21
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litbrburton_, but, why does "your" python-pillow look for libs in  Looking in z for ['/mnt/vcs/git/poky/build/tmp/work/corei7-32-FOO-linux/python-pillow/3.3.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib', '/mnt/vcs/git/poky/build/tmp/work/corei7-32-FOO-linux/python-pillow/3.3.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/lib']    ?11:22
litbit's not supposed to look into recipe-sysroot-native when it builds the normal variant of the package. or am I missing something? moreover it is incosistent here, because it looks into both kind of sysroots. hmm11:23
litbthat's why it fails to compile: because the libs are in   recipe-sysroot/usr/lib    not in recipe-sysroot/lib. but it only looks in   lib/11:23
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litbrburton_, maybe it has to do with the sed lines that  you do in do_compile_prepend?  for example it does   -e s:/usr/lib:${STAGING_LIBDIR}:g    . However I can't see how that would bring recipe-sysroot-native into play and how it removes /usr/lib from consideration at all11:26
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jmieheIs there a comprehensive documentation on bitbake recipes? Like what variables generally exist and what they mean, what operators do exactly what?11:34
jmieheMaybe even includes some popular bbclasses?11:34
jmieheIt's possible, but rather tedious to learn by reading random third-party recipes ...11:34
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mario-goulartjmiehe: maybe ?11:37
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litbjmiehe, I found that the bitbake manual is easier to understand than the yocto manual11:52
litbbecause it's more dense on bitbake concepts without the yocto concepts ontop11:52
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jmieheIn -- the "+=" attempt fails because "inherit" is before setting FOO? did I get that right?12:09
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justanotherboyWhen I add python3 to DEPENDS I can see the libraries and modules added to recipe-sysroot, but not the actual python3 binary13:33
justanotherboy$ find ../recipe-sysroot/ -iname python3 -type f../recipe-sysroot/sysroot-providers/python313:33
justanotherboySorry, those lines are:13:34
justanotherboy$ find ../recipe-sysroot/ -iname python3 -type f13:34
justanotherboyAnd I need the python3 binary in there because the configure step uses which to find the python3 binary13:35
justanotherboyAny ideas what might I be doing wrong?13:35
JPEWI think you need `inherit python3native`13:36
JPEWDEPENDS = "python3" would be if you needed to compile/link against the target python (as one example)13:37
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justanotherboyJPEW: So python3-native if I need the actual binary and python3 if I need the target's python3 libraries13:44
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rburton_no point putting target binaries in the sysroot as you can't run them, so the target sysroot doesn't have a /usr/bin at all13:47
rburton_its essentially just headers and libraries13:47
rburton_of course if you want to run py3 there's a perfectly good one on $PATH as you're running bitbake already, which i py313:47
rburton_if configure is trying to find py3 and its cmake then you can beat it with a stick to shut it up13:48
rburton_if its not cmake then it will usually just find the one on $PATH for you13:49
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justanotherboyrburton_: Thanks, I understand now why the binary is not there. It is not cmake but using ${HOSTTOOLS_DIR}/python3 would be helpful here14:11
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RPJPEW: we have another bzip meta-mingw version mismatch in -next :(15:13
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JPEWThe latest version of bzip should include the MinGW patch and the .bbappend in meta-mingw can be deleted15:19
JPEWRP: I removed bzip2 from master-next of meta-mingw. That should allow you to test it out.15:27
JPEWOr rather keep it from failing on the autobuilder15:27
RPJPEW: thanks! Nice to be able to drop more patches15:28
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RPJPEW: test build fired which includes that :)15:30
JPEWYep. Upstream bzip2 has been pretty responsive.... We might be able to help them use a standardized test format as part of
yoctiBug 13444: normal, Medium+, 2.99, newcomer, NEW , Add test suite for bzip215:30
RPJPEW: that would be very cool15:30
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aehs29Intel folks: I have a device on which Im trying to boot poky on, and by device I mean my laptop17:42
aehs29Im building master on meta-intel as well17:42
aehs29after the bootloader, when i select a boot option the screen goes blank and I never see anything after that17:43
aehs29I'm quite certain that it boots, since even the keyboard reponds, basically if I blindly login and do something like poweroff or reboot it reponds17:44
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aehs29I seem to remember we had an issue with the Minnowboard on which we could only see boot messages on either the serial terminal or HDMI17:44
aehs29sadly the laptop does not have a serial terminal so I cant say17:44
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aehs29I've tried meddling around with several ttys with no success17:45
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aehs29and i also suspected it could be because of the i915 driver, but as far as I can see it it enabled through meta-intel17:45
aehs29any clues?17:45
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rburton_aehs29: how odd.  try blacklisting the i915 kernel driver?17:56
rburton_aehs29: is it a shiny new laptop with really new chipset?17:56
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aehs29rburton_: no its from a couple of years ago18:00
rburton_there goes that theory then18:00
aehs29rburton_: well the thing is that other distros boot fine, and I can see that i915 is being loaded18:00
aehs29on those distros18:00
rburton_maybe try warrior just to see if its a recent change?18:00
rburton_deffo worth blacklisting the driver from grub to see if that is the problem18:01
aehs29rburton_: I'm not sure what magic happens on live booting on those distros that is perhaps able to detect what it needs and adapt18:01
aehs29rburton_: i915.modeset=0?18:01
rburton_nuclear option: module_blacklist=i915 in the grub menu18:02
aehs29rburton_: wuuuu18:03
aehs29rburton_: new information18:03
aehs29rburton_: core-image-sato booted just fine18:03
rburton_ah.  was it a core-image-minimal or something before?18:03
rburton_i bet we did something like turn off the traditional console in the kernel config but no i915 drivers mean nothing works :)18:04
rburton_bios not efi?18:04
rburton_i can't remember if i turned the efi console on in meta-acrn, or meta-intel...18:04
rburton_can you file a bug please.  there's probably been a bit too much modularising or something is off when it shouldn't be.18:05
aehs29I can, I mean its not like we support this laptop but yes18:06
aehs29also now that it booted on sato I can debug a little further18:06
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rburton_aehs29: meta-intel should work on most typical hardware though20:03
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aehs29rburton_: define typical haha21:26
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RPaehs29: there lies a topic of years of debate :)22:13
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OpenBMC with Raspberry Pi (2 or 3) and build bmcweb? <>22:17
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puffGood evening.23:40
puffI'm messing with this intel aero drone.  It runs a yocto instlll.  Optionally ubuntu, but after I install ubuntu the keyboard and mouse don't work.  The problem I'm having is that I can't keep a laptop connected to the aero's wifi.  The aero runs as its own AP, but after about 1400 pings the laptop loses connection.  I'm looking at the logs on the aero to see what I can see, anyone know what the process name is for the wifi in yocto?23:55

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