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aehs29puff: no idea what that image uses to connect, probably connman?, it could also be using the network stack itself from iw00:38
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto "Failed to run qemu: Could not initialize SDL(x11 not > available)" <>00:48
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aehs29puff: yeah that looks like its coming from the driver itself, not the userspace utility01:27
aehs29puff: next question is what kernel and driver versions are you using and are you able to upgrade those01:27
puffLinux intel-aero 4.4.113-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 22 11:10:22 IST 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:46
puffI'm game for upgrading it, I've reinstalled yocto on this thing about a dozen times now so worst case I just reinstall yocto.01:46
aehs29puff: since it says yocto-standard then it means you are using linux-yocto02:10
aehs29puff: I would suggest you upgrade, I'm not saying it'll be easy since we used 4.4 like 3 years ago02:11
aehs29puff: start by checking what yocto release you are using, it'll depend on that if its worth updating the whole release or just the kernel02:12
aehs29puff: for example, rocko supports 4.4, 4.9, 4.10 and 4.12, so maybe its just a matter of changing the PREFERRED_VERSION (hopefully)02:13
aehs29puff: warrior(the current release) supports 4.19 and 5.002:13
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puffaehs29: Ah, it's standard? Interesting.  I thought it was some special yocto for these drones.02:49
puffHm, how do I check the release?  Google is failing me here.02:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to mount root file system - nfs if the CONFIG_CGROUP is not enabled in Linux Kernel? <>03:48
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ThomasD13Hi, I try to install the package "grpc" () on my yocto image.
ThomasD13However, bitbake cannot find the package. The specified layer is available on my local machine, and I added it to conf/bblayers.conf06:34
ThomasD13Other recipes of the layer (meta-networking) are available. Can anyone give me a hint?06:35
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ThomasD13ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'grpc'. Close matches:  grep  grpc-go06:37
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ChruselBBLAYERS ?= " \  (...)  (...)/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \  (...)/meta-openembedded/meta-networking06:49
ChruselThomasD13: The recipe is available on your disk?06:52
ThomasD13Chrusel: This is my bb config:
ChruselThomasD13: pastebin is blocked by our company IT -.-06:54
ThomasD13Chrusel: ahhh okay I think I've got the problem... I messed up the root path of my poky variants....06:54
ThomasD13shit, sorry. Didn't see that earlier... thank you for jumping in06:55
ChruselThomasD13: your're welcome ;-)06:55
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mckoangood morning07:37
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rburtonaehs29: ah kaby lake.  handily i have a kbl nuc on my desk.  i'll knock up a core-image-minimal to see what happens here10:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to change image name in yocto? <> || Install a custom deb package as a bitbake recipe <>10:19
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JoeRHi all. I'm still struggling with this python issue.11:25
JoeRI'm trying to add ntpath and pathlib as a bbappend to the python3 recipe.11:25
JoeRIf I add my additional packages to the file it works.11:26
JoeRIf I instead use that exact same code within a bbappend to the main python3 recipe (the one that requires the inc file)11:26
JoeRIt does not work.11:26
JoeRThe recipes for the new packages are found, and nothing complains.11:27
JoeRBut an empty RPM is all that is generated11:27
JoeRSince these are stock parts of python 3, I also don't know why they aren't part of the main recipe anyway?11:29
JoeRKhem looks to have done the work for this within the file.11:30
rburtonJoeR: you're really going at this from the wrong end11:31
rburtonoe-pkgdata-util find-path **/pathlib.py11:31
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rburton*without any of your changes*11:31
rburtonwill tell you what package pathlib is in11:31
rburtonor, just depend on python3-modules, and you'll get the entire library11:31
JoeRIt's not listed as part of python3-modules though.11:33
JoeRIt's entirely absent from the Python3 recipes in my ancient Krogoth.11:33
rburtonpython3-modules is an empty meta package that depends on all the others11:33
JoeRYeah, I see it getting created by that script khem did, but it doesn't list pathlib11:34
rburtonso its in python3-misc11:34
rburtonoe-pkgdata-util will look up files in the built packages11:34
JoeRCool, let me try that then.11:35
rburtoni'd drop your changes and build the pristine recipe first though11:35
JoeRWow. I wish I knew this the whole time.11:36
JoeRThanks, again. I'm always here saying thanks!11:36
JoeRIncidentally, why does my approach not work at all? Is it because that file is already taken and owned by another recipe?11:42
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mcfriskany ideas what is wrong here: poky/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/, the basehash value changed from 91ce334f170ca8a5934155f2342ec46a to 73d2603423b0027ba93ecb090164458e. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.11:51
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alessioigormcfrisk: Did you changed any files while building was in progress?12:01
jmieheis there a way to exclude recipes from parsing, without separate layers? I would like to create a layer suitable for a class of devices, just amalgamating all recipes in one place.12:03
jmieheSome recipes require e.g. nodejs, but will not be included in every image. I don't like pulling in the nodejs layer if unneccessary for a specific image …12:03
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mcfriskalessioigor: not intentionally. tried to recover a few times by wiping tmp and restarting build but result was the same. cleansstate also failed. now I removed all *:perf:* files from sstate and triggered a new build. some race condition somewhere..12:08
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rburtonjmiehe: a recipe being in an layer doesn't mean it will be in the images12:39
rburtoncore-image-minima doesn't include the X server, but X is in oe-core12:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to change target image name in yocto? <>12:50
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mckoanis there a preferred X11 Window Manager for a genericx86?13:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_patch can't find files <>13:20
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mckoanI mean if I want something Desktop-like, not Sato13:24
mckoanwhat are using people at Intel?13:24
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litbrburton, I figured what triggered the bug. apparently it was that the recipe replaced /usr/lib  by STAGING_LIBDIR   and /lib  by STAGING_BASELIBDIR   but  the /lib  also matched  /usr/lib   so it resulted in madness14:42
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litbnow I'm doing the replace with python's re.sub and it works fine14:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Install packages from remote apt repository during build yocto <>15:20
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rburtonmckoan: intel yocto users don't use desktop-like environments15:34
rburtonthere's a xfce layer that is well tested15:34
mckoanrburton: thanks, I tested it but I don't like it. at the moment I switched to Sato15:35
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sashalHi folks! I might have misheard it, but is there a Yocto summit (that's separate from the Yocto dev day) at ELC NA?15:43
rburtonmckoan: i've a plan to get gnome3 packaged up but that involves spare time, which i don't have15:47
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mckoanrburton: lightweight is one of my needings16:05
mckoanI'll give Sato a chance16:06
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rburtonits very much designed for a traditional PIM device that just happens to work on desktop-scale environments16:27
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rabbit9911Are there any docs/examples using multiple toolchains in yocto? I want to use separate toolchain for the kernel vs some userspace applications18:49
rabbit9911Perhaps something can be done with multiconfig?18:50
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aehs29rburton: Im assuming you already took a look at the bug19:41
aehs29rburton: once you check on your NUC, can you comment to see if we should enable i915 as built in?19:41
aehs29rburton: Idk if theres a reason why its not enabled already19:42
aehs29rburton: also it'd be nice if genericx86_64 worked out of the box as well19:42
aehs29rburton: again, unless theres some reason why we shouldnt19:43
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* aehs29 goes afk19:43
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aehs29rabbit9911: idk why you would do that, but yes you can use multiconfig to achieve something like that19:45
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opennandrahi, I have defined small packagegroup which contains some features and sometimes (not always) I'm seeing issue like that: package packagegroup-test-features-1.0-r0.raspberrypi3 requires packagegroup-test-feature-update, but none of the providers can be installed19:47
opennandrawhen doing rootfs19:48
rabbit9911aehs29: To use an external llvm toolchain for example.19:48
opennandraI've tried to look and in deploy all ipks exists19:48
opennandranot sure how to debug this though19:48
opennandraany ideas?19:48
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rburtonrabbit9911: both the ISS and clang layers have classes to pick toolchain per recipe19:59
rburtonno need to use multiconfig20:00
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