Wednesday, 2019-07-24

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khemzeddii: do you have plans to bump linux-libc-headers to newer than 5.0 soon'ish04:53
khemthat is 5.2+, there is this change that will fix bunch of packages on aarch64/musl which use ptrace stuff04:59
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ThomasD13Hi, I have some problems to build a package "grpcSandbox", which depends on gRPC and protobuf. There already exists recipes for gRPC and protobuf which builds well.05:24
ThomasD13However, I do not really understand how to link from my grpcSandbox package, to the shared libs from gRPC and how to execute the meta-compiler "protoc" which is provided by protobuf.05:25
ThomasD13This is the recipe for grpcSandbox:
ThomasD13When I start the devshell for package grpcSandbox, I expected that the executable "protoc" from protobuf would be known, since I listed it as dependency. Its not available. What is the problem here?05:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to access protoc compiler in own Yocto package and reference to gRPC libs <>06:07
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: it should probably be a couple of things. protoc is to be executed on the host, so you need to depend on the -native version of it06:08
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LetoThe2ndThomasD13: stupid idea, have you outright grepped meta-openembedded or such for protobuf to find any already existing users that could be used as inspiration?06:09
ThomasD13Hi LetoThe2nd. Okay, so the native thing is first which I will try. No I didn't grepped for protobuf recipes already. Thats a good idea, I will try to find any references06:15
ThomasD13But is my asumption correct, that in the sysroot directory of package grpcSandbox should be the stuff available, which I declared as DEPENDS within its recipe?06:18
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: yes and no06:20
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: in the target arch sysroot those things that you declared DEPENDS should be available.06:20
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: so the library to link against should be there.06:20
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: whereas any compiler, preprocessor, tools, etc. that are to be executed at build time are not supposed to be there. in your case, protoc.06:21
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ThomasD13LetoThe2nd, okay that is good to know. However, is it possible to make protoc at build time (on my native sysroot) available? Exists even are generic solution for this kind of task?07:53
LetoThe2ndThats what DEPENDing on a -native recipe is meant for :)07:55
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: the -native in a package name has basically exactly that meaning.07:55
ThomasD13Okay, so when my recipe looks like this: DEPENDS_${PN} += " protobuf protobuf-native grpc"07:56
ThomasD13it should theoretically work07:56
ThomasD13But what can I do when it does not?? I don't know where to even start to look at...07:57
LetoThe2ndthe next step would be to look and see if the protobuf packages are actually what you want, or if the protoc tool is not put into a distinct package07:58
LetoThe2ndand, DEPENDS is usually without _${PN}07:59
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ThomasD13alright, thank you ;)07:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Find Codeaurora oe installation manifest [on hold] <>08:07
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ricardocrudowhat is the best way to change systemd journal config to use volatile storage?08:16
LetoThe2ndricardocrudo: AFAIK this should be the default08:19
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ricardocrudoLetoThe2nd the file installed by bitbake has Storage=auto08:34
LetoThe2ndricardocrudo: are you sure that this comes from generic poky and not from some bsp/layer?08:36
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ricardocrudoLetoThe2nd: yes, I just tested08:46
LetoThe2ndricardocrudo: hm08:46
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LetoThe2ndricardocrudo: well the read-only-rootfs IMAGE_FEATURE triggers it, AFAIK. maybe find some inspiration in meta/recipes-core/volatile-binds/volatile-binds.bb09:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to create a custom recipe for MQTT in yocto? <>09:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - using extensible SDK with multilib <>09:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Replace mosquitto.conf file with bbappend? <>10:37
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qschulzMmmm people? If a patch I sent one the mailing list for backporting and isn't part of thud or thud-next branch nor in the latest review request (30 or so patches a few days ago), it's most likely not going to make it for 2.6.3 is it?10:50
RPqschulz: its looking tricky. Which patch?10:56
qschulzfor opkg10:56
qschulzlet me get the link in the archive10:56
RPqschulz: right, I remember the discussion. We should fix that. Not sure what armin's plans are here though. Those patches do have higher risk10:58
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qschulzRP: yes, I do understand. I just wanted to make sure they are not forgotten, so that they're merged one day or at least discussed a little bit more to find something that suits poky more11:27
RPqschulz: well, they are merged in master, its just a question of the stable series11:29
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qschulzRP: yes sorry, merged in thud/any release affected by the same bug is what I meant11:32
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RPqschulz: I think I'd remind Armin about them. Only trouble is I know he's now travelling11:35
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qschulzRP: "I" in the sense "If I was in your boots" or "I" in "I, RP, would"?11:40
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rburtonthe boots one11:45
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ThomasD13LetoThe2nd You are a hero ;)  Thank you very much, my package compiles now (install still fails but I think I'm able to fix that too)11:50
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: :)11:53
ThomasD13Main problem was DEPENDS_${PN}. Changing that to DEPENDS resulted in available protoc and libs/headers11:54
ThomasD13I don't really understand this, but I'm happy to be a step furhter11:55
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: the usual applies: reding the dev-manual, as well as looking at already existing recipes.11:56
LetoThe2ndyet i am sure RP or such can explain it in a sentence or two11:57
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akrpic77how to depend on source (files) of another recipe in a recipe12:19
LetoThe2ndakrpic77: by rethinking your concept.12:20
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RPakrpic77: add them to the second recipe's SRC_URI too ;-)12:39
zeddiiIt's going to be one of those days ..12:39
zeddiiI should probably just stand up and leave my keyboard12:40
* zeddii does just that12:40
LetoThe2ndzeddii: yeah i should do that too.12:50
* RP likes the idea12:54
LetoThe2ndat least i'm only like 2.5hrs away from going to the nearest se.12:54
RPLetoThe2nd: there is a beach out my window covered in people enjoying the sun...12:56
LetoThe2ndRP: how surprising!12:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto compilation <>13:38
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milloni there's a following construct in of the recipes i'm dealing with:14:09
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milloniSRC_URI_append_kernelpatchok +=14:10
millonii know what the _append bit does, but what's with the kernelpatchok part?14:10
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millonii looked in the .bbclass files of the classes the recipe inherits but didn't find anything14:11
RPmilloni: looks like some kind of override (see OVERRIDES)14:12
millonisorry - OVERRIDES where?14:12
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RPmilloni: have a look in the bitbake manual for overrides. kernelpatchok is likely an override14:16
milloniright, thanks14:16
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akrpic77RP: yes! thank you14:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Supply a .deb kernel in yocto [on hold] <>14:38
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RPJPEW: tracked down the performance issue, its sqlite:
JPEWHmm, ya. I think you would want to do something different for a shared (non-local) server (enable WAL, or what have you).15:10
JPEWDid you happen to try with WAL?15:10
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zboothAnyone available that could advise on kernel metadata handling?15:17
JPEWRP: I think the following would give the best performance/safety tradeoff: "PRAGMA synchronous = NORMAL; PRAGMA journal_mode = WAL"15:19
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RPJPEW: basically as soon as you get any kind of fsync() in there it will die during a build :(15:41
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JPEWRP: FWIW, with that mode it will only fsync twice when the WAL gets full (once to flush the WAL itself, and once to commit the changes to the database once the WAL has been replayed). I know that can still be really slow though15:46
RPJPEW: fsync() can take minutes in a decent build :(15:46
RPJPEW: realistically we can't afford it15:46
JPEWRP: Ya.... However, if you make that the default, it really can't be used as a generic hashserver.... it *will* get corrupted at some point. Perhaps it needs an option?15:47
RPJPEW: yes, I'd accept it as an option15:47
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zeddiihmm. systemd doesn't build with the 5.2 headers15:48
* zeddii googles15:48
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RPJPEW: btw, can we just delete the libsdl bbappend in mingw?16:02
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JPEWI don't know.... are we no longer building nativesdk-libsdl?16:04
RPJPEW: I'm hoping its just libsdl216:05
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JPEWRP: Seems reasonable then16:13
RPJPEW: we're deleting it in oe-core fwiw (in -next)16:19
JPEWAh, Ok. That makes sense. I'll push a patch to meta-mingw master-next to remove it16:19
RPJPEW: I think you may be able just to go to master, I doubt anything uses it now16:22
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tgoodwinIs anyone familiar with the autobuilder2 setup and README?  The section "on the controller" makes it sound like the yocto-autobuilder-helper should be installed inside the worker's directory, but the "Deployment" section says it should be in the build user's home directory.18:07
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JPEWRP: libsdl is no longer in meta-mingw18:13
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RPJPEW: cool, thanks22:28
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RPtgoodwin: its in the homedir, alongside yocto-controller22:30
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