Thursday, 2019-07-25

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto: rebuild part of project <>08:41
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kayterinaI sent emails from an rpi using ssmtp. To sent attachments,which package are you using?09:57
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leitaoIs it possible to define a set of files in the header of a .bb file that I could reuse to include them in the SRC_URI and to compile do_compile()? Something as:10:09
leitaofiles = "a.c b.c", then I can use $files to include in SRC_URI and as a parameter to the compiler?10:10
rburtonbut files in SRC_URI are URIs10:19
rburtonput the sources in a standalone git repo, with a proper makefile10:19
rburtonthen SRC_URI is just a git url, do_compile is just make, and you can build the sources outside of yocto10:19
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tgoodwinRP: Thanks.  Do you know if anyone has written tooling to help tie the editing of the helper json files to the builds described in the autobuilder config?11:25
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RPtgoodwin: I don't know of any11:35
tgoodwinBest I can gather, the helper JSON file(s) map to the builds defined in the controller's config.  So to actually add a build, it goes beyond what that provided .patch file shows since one would also have to describe the steps of the build over in the JSON, is that right?11:37
RPtgoodwin: the controller specifies the names of potential build targets. The details of the configurations in those builds is all contained in the helper11:40
RPtgoodwin: I wish it were possible to totally abstract the two but that isn't possible :(11:40
tgoodwinRP: no worries; I'm looking to stand it up inside an organization for a more limited set of builds and workers.11:42
tgoodwinI'm considering putting my workers in docker containers since it's all running on one large server.11:42
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RPtgoodwin: there is no issue running workers and controller on the same machine natively fwiw, I do that for testing11:49
tgoodwinI was thinking more to represent the types of developer machines we have in the office (Ubuntu 16, 18 and CentOS 7) since we have on rare occasions had builds work on Ubuntu but not CentOS and vice versa (usually a permitted host tool version issue)11:53
tgoodwinIf I were to run the worker natively, would the shared state still be usable by developers on different OSs?11:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Run apt inside a bitbake recipe <>12:11
tgoodwinRP: Do you happen to know how much space a world build would consume?12:13
rburtontgoodwin: use rm_work and its a *lot* less12:35
rburtonnote that its entirely worth blacklisting webkit if you won't be using it, as it's *huge*12:36
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RPtgoodwin: I have no idea offhand12:45
tgoodwinrburton: thanks very good to know about webkit.  I was just attempting a build in RAM with 50G and ran out of space.12:52
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kayterinahow to install conf files in yocto? which recipe to bbappend for  /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf?12:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Emulate/virtualize embedded i586 Linux gateway <>13:41
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kergothkayterina: recipetool makes that much easier. see recipetool appendfile.14:12
kayterinakergoth: a,ok,i'll check it out.thank you.14:13
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rburtontgoodwin: rm_work is essential for ram builds14:20
rburtontgoodwin: (i do tmpfs+rm_work builds, no webkit, in a 32gb tmpfs)14:20
tgoodwinrburton: good to know -- thanks! That's a much lower bar than I expected.14:22
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rburtontgoodwin: its only webkit or llvm that causes problems for me14:26
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DvorkinCan't find -latomic while building nodejs with origin/warrior
tgoodwinThe one i'm having trouble with is bpftool (thud, 2.6.2) because bpf doesn't exist in the kernel-source/tools path.14:52
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rburtonadelcast: around?15:54
adelcastyep, I am here, morning15:55
rburtonwas just looking at reproducible builds15:55
rburtonand how you reverted the change to mtime the data in the ipk15:55
rburtonwouldn't tar --clamp-time solve that problem?15:55
adelcastlemme get some context...15:56
rburton86b2dc4c9cc0b40e79d0bb049b98532285942b25 opkg-utils15:56
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adelcastfrom my reading of what -clamp-mtime does, seems like it might16:00
rburtononly in newer tars though, of course16:00
rburtonyou could set those options only if repo builds are requested via SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and just make it a requirement16:01
adelcastthat would work, need to try it out but sounds like it should work16:03
adelcastcould you open a bugzilla ticket for opkg? I can fix it on this release, likely next week, just want to make sure I don't lose the details between now and then16:03
adelcastthanks!, btw, I got budget to go to the Open Source Summit in San Diego this year, so I'll probably catch up with you'all there16:04
* rburton grumbles about no travel budget16:04
adelcasthehe, my trick is to over-budget, so when the cuts come, I still have a bit16:05
tgoodwinrburton: is there a way to blacklist something that's in a package group?  I'm doing a 'world' build with meta-oe and meta-xilinx which is dying since the linux-xlnx doesn't have the bpftool source.16:10
tgoodwinThe only thing I could think of doing was an RDEPENDS override for the package group.16:11
rburtonyeah, that.  theres plenty of prior art in oe-core of machine-specific depends being overridden in or out of excitance16:12
rburtona bbappend can knock it out for example16:12
tgoodwincool, thanks16:13
DvorkinCan't find -latomic while building nodejs with origin/warrior
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Dvorkinas far as I can see, libatomic is in the gcc-runtime package. how to add dependency for nodejs-native with .bbappend correctly?16:20
rburtonDvorkin: thats native, so it can't find libatomic on your build host16:24
Dvorkinrburton, yes, I have no. is it possible to build it for enviroment by dependency?16:25
rburtonDvorkin: we assume you've a working compiler16:25
rburtonits part of gcc, as you say16:25
Dvorkinso I just need to install it?16:26
DvorkinI see. But what about including it into sdk and moving to another PC? do that PC need to have libatomic too ?16:29
rburtonwell either the node build is quite broken, or you've somehow installed half of gcc16:30
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rburtonin debian for example, its impossible to install gcc without libatomic16:32
DvorkinI have gcc 5.5 at my pc and libatomic is not included into gcc package16:33
Dvorkinit is Mageia distribution16:33
Dvorkinmaybe it have to be documented somewhere in "requirements"16:34
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rburtongcc 5? ouch16:37
rburtonmageia 6 i presume16:39
Dvorkinrburton, correct :)16:39
rburtonpart of libatomic-devel, one of the packages built by gcc16:40
Dvorkinalready installed and continue to build.16:41
DvorkinI have another question. Why I may have /usr/lib/node -> /usr/lib/node_modules/ in my yocto build? when building several node modules yocto says, dir node/ is already exist in other package...16:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_compile: oe_runmake failed and do_compile: Function failed: do_compile error while building yocto project <>17:42
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rburton_JPEW: is there a reason the reproducible selftest uses reproducible_build and not _simple?17:54
rburton_JPEW: (subtext: _simple works more as its less clever, specifically ca-certificates isn't reproducible without _simple)17:55
JPEWrburton_: My understanding is that you shouldn't ever use reproducible_build_simple directly.... reproducible_build inherits if if BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES is set17:59
JPEWI'm not sure why exactly it's split up like that.... perhaps so setting BUILD_REPRODUCILE_BINARIES to "0" won't change taskhashes even if reproducible_build is inherited?18:01
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rburton_i thought reproducible_build was all logic to pick a epoch magically, whereas simple is just 'give me a date'18:15
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rburton_(logic which fails with ca-certs)18:17
JPEWrburton_: J/s, I'm trying to find my notes18:24
JPEWrburton_: I do not remember. Perhaps Juro or Douglas knows? If we aren't going to test reproducible_build.bbclass, we should proabably just delete it18:35
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rburton_JPEW: its probably a 'better' solution but i do like the elegant simplicity of _simple19:34
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JPEWrburton_: Ya. It would be nice to know what make ca-certs die.20:14
JPEWI didn't see it when I was testing20:14
rburtonhm the test says libical differs but if i build it twice locally the files match20:20
rburtonand its not a buildpath issue20:20
rburtoni found the one thing that makes ipkg not reproducible fwiw, filed a bug for adelcast and have a hacky fix here that seems to work20:22
rburtondid a bit of poking today because i'm super-excited about RPs work and if we can ensure that core is reproducible then that's maximum reuse20:24
rburtonJPEW: did a rebuild of systemd and its pretty much the buildid changing20:28
rburton │ │ │ -  GNU                  0x00000014NT_GNU_BUILD_ID (unique build ID bitstring)    Build ID: c16e51facf5aea011bdb85b2f54462cd03a7c8f320:28
rburton│ │ │ │ +  GNU                  0x00000014NT_GNU_BUILD_ID (unique build ID bitstring)    Build ID: 93f23ab958484272b6d01ed7d6a516aba32411e920:28
rburtoni get the feeling we're doing something wrong, or systemd is breaking something?20:28
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rburtonah huh no20:29
rburton│ │ │ │ -   65ddb:48 ba 3f 86 3f 02 87 movabs $0x58e87023f863f,%rdx20:29
rburton│ │ │ │ +   65ddb:48 ba bf 2c 2d 25 87 movabs $0x58e87252d2cbf,%rdx20:29
rburtonfor some reason tiny pieces of the code are subtly different in rebuilds20:30
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rburtonoh thats the timestamp20:34
rburton0x58e87252d2cbf is 1564085979000000, divide by a million and its Thu 25 Jul 21:19:39 BST 201920:35
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JPEWPerhaps systemd needs to respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH?20:39
rburtonnot sure where that is even coming from20:40
JPEWrburton: Thats good on the IPK bug20:45
JPEWI have an improved reproducible test on poky-contrib/jpew/reproducible20:52
rburtonoh yay20:52
JPEWThere is also diffoscope integration20:53
rburtoni'm enjoying the trydiffoscope tool as it means i don't have to install the world onto my build machine to use it :)20:54
JPEWYa, that's nice.20:55
JPEWWord of warning: my new test does 2 clean builds from scratch instead of a clean one and an sstate one20:55
JPEWso it takes a while20:55
rburtonyeah i noticed that20:56
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rburtonRP: the git fetcher doesn't do anything clever/stupid with file timestamps does it?21:07
rburtonok fun tmpfs quirk i think21:13
rburtoncan someone do a git clone inside a tmpfs and verify that the mtimes don't get fixed to the time of the last change?21:14
rburtonie systemd NEWS is Modify: 2019-04-25 16:12:55.096342845 +0100 on ext4 but Modify: 2019-07-25 22:10:56.014995103 +0100 on tmpfs for me21:14
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RPrburton: not aware of anything21:18
RPrburton: let me try21:18
rburtonupdating my laptop, tell me tomorrow :)21:19
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JPEWrburton: last modified time is the same as the clone time for me on both tmpfs and ext421:41
rburtoni wonder if thats relatime messing around?21:41
rburtonanyway i'm only here to turn my laptop off :)21:41
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RPJPEW: was also about to report that :)21:42
JPEWMaybe he has a commit hook with this: ?21:44
JPEWerr, not a commit hook, but a hook21:44
RPJPEW: seems unlikely21:46
RPequally I think runqueue is breaking my thought processes now21:46
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RPJPEW: this hash equivalence stuff is interesting. I just tried it with the package.bbclass change on list. It reran all the do_package tasks but not the package_write_* :)22:18
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