Friday, 2019-07-26

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Enable root password verification while login with serial console in Yocto <>00:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Linux installation failed <>06:44
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Dvorkinproblem building any nodejs module with warrior:
LetoThe2ndDvorkin: this happens inside npm...06:50
DvorkinLetoThe2nd: exactly. And I have a patch:
Dvorkinafaik, it is not fixed in the new nodejs-npm. Girls who is maintaining the npm package are slightly not clever too much to do it :)06:52
Dvorkinso it's easer to add the patch into oe/yocto then to push them to fix it06:53
LetoThe2ndwell we carry a lot of patches for upstream. send a patch :)06:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: pathspec 'gnulib' did not match any file(s) known to git while building Linux image with Yocto <>07:44
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raph_aelhi, just to point out that bitbake build fails with gawk: ../../libgpg-error-1.35/src/mkerrcodes1.awk:84: warning: regexp escape sequence `\#' is not a known regexp operator for gawk 5.008:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build yocto with complete gtk+ support <> || How to deal with symbolic links in Yocto recipe using cmake? <> || I can't get flatc installed into my yocto based SDK <>09:14
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qschulzdoes anyone know when the sstate-cache takes the files from DEPLOYDIR of a recipe and put them in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE?09:30
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rburtonfor anyone poking at cmake recipes and packageconfig and magic dependencies:
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diego_rhi. Is Qt5 EGLFS QPA backend supported for i.MX8M Mini platforms? I see there are some generic patches here:
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rburtonJPEW: i think i got the reproducibile test down to just a build path in the kernel11:06
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TamisIs there a way to see in yocto shlibs if a library is registered there?11:19
Tamisbecause I add the RDEPENDS_${PN} = "recipe-name" of the lib and yocto says that "fp requires, but no providers found in"11:20
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kuzulisHi guys. What is a right way to use a previous version of a recipe? F.e. I use 'thud' layer which provides the xserver v1.20.x, but this xserver gets crashed in my board.. so, I vant to try a previous xserver sersion (e.g. 1.19.6). But previous version provided by 'sumo' layer.. And, when I call bitbake, it say that a core layer 'sumo' is not compatible with my base 'thud' layer..11:31
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kuzulisHow I can use the previous v1.19.6 xserver version for 'thud' layer?11:31
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donkeysnoreCan someone help me about yocto issue?11:32
donkeysnoreSo I'm trying to build yocto morty11:32
kuzulisCan I just copy/paste its *.bb configuration from previous layer to the new layer? And to use a preferred option?11:32
donkeysnoreI'm running arch linux rolling11:32
donkeysnoreand I got error something like this "Please port gnulib fseeko.c to your platform! Look at the code in fseeko.c, then report this to bug-gnulib."11:33
donkeysnoreI know yocto doesn't officially support arch. But can someone help me with this?11:33
alessioigorkuzulis: AFAIK That should be the way to go.11:34
kuzulisalessioigor: Ok, thx, I'll try11:34
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donkeysnorejofr: I know yocto doesn't support linux but is there any way to run yocto properly?11:36
donkeysnorejofr: Maybe running official docker ?11:36
bjobjodonkeysnore: I would suggest running bitbake in a docker image11:36
donkeysnorebjobjo: Any official support about docker image?11:37
bjobjo You can have a look at the images here11:37
bjobjoand you can check the manual for CROPS (although exactly which one describes this escapes me at the moment)11:37
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bjobjo(although it won't tell you much beyond a pacman -S docker to be hones)11:39
donkeysnorebjobjo: whoops. I didn't realize that it is specified clearly in the docs. Thank you so much11:39
bjobjoNP, I hope it works out for you11:41
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tgoodwinRP or rburton -- how would you recommend someone setup the autobuilder to support multiple yocto releases?  I'm not seeing a way to override the layer branch/tag per-build with the -helper json.12:41
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JPEWrburton: That's awesome! Is that with core-image-minimal?13:16
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* kergoth yawns15:09
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RP tgoodwin: we use multiple branches in -helper. So same autobuilder2 repo but different branches in the helper15:52
tgoodwinRP: Is that somewhere other than the default config.json?15:56
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tgoodwinThe only references I find are over in the release selector section of the autobuilder  Other than that I haven't seen the way to select the release in the build template or overrides.16:04
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RPtgoodwin: Its done in the force scheduler in the autobuilder UI when you trigger a buil16:13
rburton_zeddii: there?16:15
tgoodwinRP: I see.  So how would a tagged release work (e.g., 2.6.2)?16:16
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tgoodwinWhat I mean to say is, how would you select a tagged release of Poky for a build?16:21
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RPtgoodwin: put the tag name in the revision field?16:23
tgoodwinI don't have it up and running so I can't see the UI except for what's exposed on YP's main one.  I've been focused more on trimming it down to only builds and workers that we'll need.  The more I dig the less this seems like a good idea.16:24
tgoodwin(the trimming, I mean)16:24
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RPtgoodwin: trimming should be reasonable. There is probably a case for some simpler default examples of it too :/16:56
RPtgoodwin: Note that you can start a controller with "everything" quite safely which would let you experiment16:56
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tgoodwinRP: I have it up right now and wandering around but I'm not entirely sure for what I'm looking.16:57
RPtgoodwin: you usually want the console view (or I do anyway)16:58
RPtgoodwin: to start a build, find a target like a-full, then the start button top right16:59
RPtgoodwin: our config requires you to be logged in to start builds16:59
tgoodwinAlright, I see what you're  talking about in Builders -> pick one -> etc.  The top panel seems to get a bit confused on the web ui.16:59
tgoodwinRP: right, ultimately I would like to do that too however we use LDAP and trying to get that working with buildbot was a bit of a challenge.17:00
tgoodwin(nginx frontend)17:00
RPtgoodwin: we just did something simple17:00
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tgoodwinRP: Can't say I blame you after my experience.  I've setup my worker's password to "pass" like it seems to be the default in the configuration and then added its name to the workers list.  When I start the worker, I see unauthorized login, check name and password.  But at the UI, I see the worker with a "healthy" state.17:10
tgoodwinHmm... never mind, it's saying unknown user at the master.17:11
rburton_zeddii: would appreciate a glance at if you're feeling kbuildy today17:12
yoctiBug 13458: normal, Undecided, ---, bruce.ashfield, NEW , Kernel embeds build paths17:12
rburton_JPEW RP: I think ross/reprod is 100% reproducible for core-image-minimal now (albeit without the improved test)17:13
rburton_(the systemd and kernel changes are not mergable yet)17:13
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tgoodwinRP: Are worker names cached somewhere?  I updated my and restarted but old worker names are still there.17:30
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JPEWrburton_: Cool. I'll take a look. The 2 clean builds option is really to make builds more reproducible in the face of rebuilds, so if you're reproducible without it you should be reproducible with it18:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use perf or any profiling tool for finding the cpu-cycle or amount of cpu utilized by the functions of my application or program <>19:16
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tgoodwinRP: thanks for your help today.  I'm still chipping at it and getting close.19:22
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rburton_JPEW: 2019-07-26 21:24:59,883 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS - reproducible.ReproducibleTests.test_reproducible_builds: PASSED (1948.85s)20:27
JPEWrburton_: Yay!20:30
rburton_just two hacks20:34
rburton_and that's with the qa test, so same-host20:34
JPEWYa, I think that the QA test needs a little more work to be *really* reproducible.... it should use faketime-esq to set the clock ahead 1 year, 2 days, 1 hour, 1 minute and 1 second into the future, and also fakehost(?) name to change the hostname20:38
JPEWI tried faketime, but it didn't play well with pseudo20:38
rburton_i'd say its pretty damn close though20:47
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rburton_hostname would be an interesting one to just add as a qa test20:47
rburton_like buildpaths but hostname20:48
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RPrburton_: nice! :)21:28
RPtgoodwin: old workers will be in buildbots DB21:28
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