Wednesday, 2019-07-31

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LetoThe2ndaehs29: i can confirm that.05:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Embedded Linux distro for Android hardware <>06:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to specify linker option to not use a particular address space while generating the vmlinux kernel Image? <> || Embedded Linux distro for Android hardware [on hold] <>06:32
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mckoangood morning06:49
alessioigor mckoan: good morning to you too06:51
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mcfriskugh, yocto 2.8 will be called 3.0. managers will freak out :)07:43
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: just tell them we have decide to switch over to base-9 encoding for version numbers. :)07:44
mcfriskI think will not even mention the version number change. hide it, maybe they will not even notice...07:46
mario-goulartLooking forward to using "Yocto for Workgroups".08:02
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RPaehs29: no personal experience then? :)08:29
LetoThe2ndRP: nothing like riddling over code written while being drunk, which works but you totally can't understand why.08:32
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RPLetoThe2nd: you've looked at runqueue?! :)08:53
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LetoThe2ndRP: no, but equivalents of my own. back in the time.09:00
LyzVHello everyone!09:03
LyzVI am starting to use Yocto Project. Can you recommend a good book?09:03
LetoThe2ndLyzV: i can recommend the video series on youtube, the first one is a rundown af the getting started tutorial. and i can recommend joining me on twitch on Aug 13th, 17:00 Eurpo/Berlin time for a session covering the very same topics.09:04
LetoThe2ndLyzV: plus, rudi streifs book is probably the one to be recommneded these days.09:05
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LyzVThanks for the book. Can you give a link to the video?09:08
LetoThe2ndshould be
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LyzVThank you very much. I will study09:11
Ded_Zeromhi guys09:12
Ded_ZeromI'm going to add host Wifi AP functionality to my OrangePi board09:13
Ded_Zeromhow can I do that?09:13
Ded_Zeromlooks like I should add "hostapd" layer to my configuration09:14
LetoThe2ndDed_Zerom: probably by adding something like hostapd
Ded_Zeromam I right?09:14
LetoThe2ndDed_Zerom: and then cofiguring it accordingly09:14
Ded_Zeromok, thanks09:14
* alessioigor waves all09:15
alessioigorCould you pinpoint me to appropriate docs about using qemu shipped with the SDK generated with populate_sdk?09:15
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neverpanicmario-goulart: Yocto NT?10:50
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kukela_cdhey guys, I am trying to have so ipk signed by gpg. I keep having error where gpg fails. I think this is because we are attempting to sign too many packages at once. I have no problem signing individual packages. From a little google i found that there should be a variable to set the number of  packages signed at once.(sign_chunk?) I cant find thou11:34
kukela_cdgh the name of this variable. Anyone have a clue about it?11:34
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rburtonsign_chunk is an internal argument when signing RPMs11:57
rburtonipkg is signed as they're generated11:58
rburton(package_ipk.bbclass, search for sign_ipk)11:58
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tgoodwinRP: is there a reason that buildertorepos only contains a subset of the builders?12:23
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RPtgoodwin: it has a default ?12:30
tgoodwinRP: Yeah, that was a poorly-worded question.  I'm trying to understand the duplication of data between and config.json so I can come up with a strategy for setting up new builds.12:35
tgoodwinRP: RP: where I suppose I'm confused is the a-quick trigger build for example seems to contain a superset of repo dependencies for all the triggered builds rather than those triggered builds having their own independent relationships.12:37
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RPtgoodwin: a-quick does a checkout of the repos up front so it has to know which repos they use12:38
RPtgoodwin: I think it has safe fallback in that any extra repos would just be cloned if not central though12:39
RPtgoodwin: it does mean all the different builders get the same revision12:40
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tgoodwinRP: alright I think I followed you on that one.  And it looks like repo-defaults is only really used by the janitor.12:44
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tgoodwinRP: Do you have a recommendation for how to define builders that only build against tagged poky releases?12:55
tgoodwinThe way it looks to me is I would have to have thing-a-thud, thing-a-warrior, etc. as builders that share a common template and then use overrides to manipulate the source revs.12:55
RPtgoodwin: why not just select that in the force scheduler?12:58
RPtgoodwin: you want to have targets which pre-select the release?12:59
tgoodwinRP: I forget where I saw this recommendation in the mega manual, but it implied that if you want to create an sstate cache and downloads mirror for a team, you should stick with tagged releases.  And from a training event last year, we should/could not re-use the same sstate cache location for multiple releases of poky.13:02
RPtgoodwin: I don't know who is saying that but reusing the same sstate cache location is fine13:03
tgoodwinRP: I wish I could remember the trainer's name.13:03
RPtgoodwin: the only potential downside is knowing when to clean up files which is why you may want a separate dir13:03
RPthe reason for sticking with tagged releases is just to try and control cache size13:04
RPits not a hard/fast rule13:04
tgoodwinRP: alright, thanks.  If I were to force a build to a tagged release, would I need to mark that build itself as a release in that panel?13:04
RPtgoodwin: no, that is about generating a release, not building one13:05
RPthat is something we as the project need to do to publish one13:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto OpenCV w/ GStreamer installation issues <>13:33
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tgoodwinRP: Do you have a suggestion for a situation where a certain branch of a repo has different layers to add?  Example, meta-xilinx's transition from sumo to thud added meta-xilinx-standalone, so a builder defined to add that layer in will fail on earlier revisions.13:44
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RPtgoodwin: not offhand14:01
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frog_gyHey everyone, I am bitbaking my image and do_rootfs is failing with dnf saying packages need more space on the filesystem I've already configured IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE to be big enough. Any thoughts?14:26
LetoThe2ndfrog_gy: which image type is it supposed to be?14:29
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frog_gyIt's a custom image, i'm not using core-minimal or anything like that14:30
LetoThe2ndimage fstype, i mean.14:30
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frog_gyhow can I check?14:30
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LetoThe2ndwell you hopefully chose it somewhere. if not explicitly, then implicitly with a machine config.14:30
LetoThe2ndgrep for IMAGE_FSTYPE in bitbake -e of your failing build14:31
frog_gylooks like it's tar.gz14:32
tgoodwinRP: Any ideas why force build defaults to master branches even though in I've changed all branches to thud?  I'm having a hard time finding where this is coming from.14:33
tgoodwinnever mind -- schedulers.14:34
LetoThe2ndfrog_gy: strange, tar.gz should not be space restricted in any way as far as i know. can you check if its not accidentally your hard drive filling up?14:34
rburtonfrog_gy: so rpm has a bug where it looks at the wrong file system14:35
rburtonfrog_gy: what release are you using?14:35
frog_gyyeah 500 GB remaining, I snooped through our and we seem to IMAGE_FSTYPES_remove = " ext4", how about that?14:36
tgoodwinactually that doesn't seem to be it. :-/14:36
frog_gyrburton: yocto rocko14:36
rburtonhm can't seem to find the relevant fixes, i bet kanavin  can remember where the fix for rpm/dnf saying the filesystem was full is14:39
frog_gyI've confirmed there's a limitation somewhere, I've removed some layers yesterday to make space and it built just fine.14:40
RPtgoodwin: repos table in
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RPtgoodwin: default=config.repos[reponame][0] ?14:46
tgoodwinYes, that was it.  I skipped one.14:46
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FailDevERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'systemd-analyze' (but /home/dev/Documents/yocto/poky/meta-gumstix-extras/recipes-images/gumstix/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)NOTE: Runtime target 'systemd-analyze' is unbuildable, removing...Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['systemd-analyze']ERROR: Required build target 'gumsti14:49
FailDevx-console-image' has no buildable providers.Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['gumstix-console-image', 'systemd-analyze']14:49
FailDevoops - sorry for adding that without context14:49
FailDevI am trying to build a minimal image  -  bitbake gumstix-console-image - for the gumstix poblano board and i keep getting the above errors.  Any pointers on where i can look to resolve those?14:50
frog_gyFailDev: It looks like your missing a recipe for  'systemd-analyze'14:52
LetoThe2ndFailDev: are you sure that the layer versions are coherent?14:56
FailDevfrog_gy Thanks - I wonder how i missed that recipe.  LetoThe2nd when i pulled the repo i used the meta gumstix manifest guide and used repo to check out the rocko branch.  Also nice videos on YT14:59
rburtonFailDev: systemd-analyze is built by systemd14:59
rburtonFailDev: so sounds like you need to use systemd15:00
LetoThe2ndrburton: if they offer a specific layer combination then i'd actually expect the distro to properly configure that.15:01
rburtonyou'd expect that yes15:01
rburtonmaybe they don't offer a distro15:01
LetoThe2ndthat i would expect when they only offer a bsp layer. but for a coherent stack, it should be part of the deal.15:03
frog_gyI tried changed the IMAGE_FSTYPE from tar.gz to tar.bz2, dnf still throws an error15:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failure while compiling apt - Yocto <>15:33
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kanavinrburton, frog_gy this was reported several times, but no one actually digged down to the bottom of the issue, and I have never seen it locally or on the autobuilders16:08
kanavinwe have an open bug for it16:08
frog_gyJust finished trying with ext4 IMAGE_FSTYPE, dnf still needs more space. I'm starting to think it's not the IMAGE_FSTYPE16:08
rburtonthat would be why i couldnt' find the patch16:08
rburtonfrog_gy: its not16:08
yoctiBug 12439: major, Medium, 2.99, mingli.yu, ACCEPTED , do_rootfs fails with disc space (dnf) although there's enough space left16:09
kanavinfrog_gy, it's dnf and/or rpm being confused about how much space there is on your host machine (which is likely using multiple partitions, and some of them may be nfs)16:09
kanavinthe bug should have suggestions for debugging16:09
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rburtonpossibly its fixed in master due to a rpm/dnf fix that sneaked in16:10
rburtonwhich would explain why eg mingli can't reproduce16:10
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jwesselIf using a file, it would seem we could re-generate things with wic, if the finalized .wks file was written to the deploy directory.16:38
jwesselI am not sure that wic searches the deploy directory for the wks files today, but it might be nice when using a file that has been generated to have it in the list of images for "wic list images"16:39
tgoodwinRP: If using ADDLAYER in a template, does it need to be within a step?  I'm having an odd issue where I end up with parsing errors when add-layer is run even though those layers are fine.16:48
tgoodwinI also have another weird issue where it sometimes only adds one of the layers out of the list.16:49
RPtgoodwin: I think its designed only for the top level and not per step but I don't remember exactly16:50
tgoodwinThe example ones in the config.json they're all in steps but given the structure of templates vs. overrides and defaults, it seemed like it would work at the top level.  I'm getting the same result either way, where the add layer fails when trying to get BBFILE_COLLECTIONS.16:52
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tgoodwinThis is so weird.  The stdio error log indicates that it failed to add any of the layers but my bblayers.conf file shows at least one of them passed.17:09
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tgoodwinRP: I've tried scaling it back to how y'all have the meta-oe but I get the same error.  I think the reason this error would not show up in that config is meta-openembedded isn't in the repo-defaults of the JSON.18:05
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tgoodwinRP: I figured it out.  It looks like if I add a layer with dependencies to NEEDREPOS, it breaks any ADDLAYER calls that satisfy those dependencies.18:20
RPtgoodwin: hmm, sounds like a bug somewhere? :/18:21
tgoodwinThe only work-around is to use no-layer-add even though the behavior of NEEDREPOS layer-config would have worked.  It's like this mechanism was meant for repos that contain several layers.18:22
tgoodwinThat or disable/remove that feature from the layer-config script (last 4 lines) so that ADDLAYER has the sole responsibility for calling "bitbake add-layer"18:27
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JPEWRP: Reminder: Respond to the reproducible build email18:29
millonihow do i stop systemd from creating etc/systemd/system/ ?18:31
milloniUSE_VT = 0 ?18:31
rburtonkhem: how is libedit needed if i'm building llvm without it?18:32
khemrburton:its needed for option processing18:33
khemit might only make use for llvm-native for now18:34
khembut there are many uses of libedit within oe-core I See and are currently using packagconfig to disable it18:34
khemand there are uses in meta-oe and meta-networking as well18:35
khemthis library certainly is a good candidate for oe-core regardless of llvm18:35
khemllvm/clang 9.x work is tipping point for me to propose it. I have avoided it so far18:36
khembut cant no more18:36
rburtonah is it a requirement instead of optional for the new llvm?18:37
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LetoThe2ndbehanw: you around?18:51
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aehs29RP: my experience is mostly with whisky tbh, especially after Edinburgh haha18:52
tgoodwinRP: Would you be open to a modification of layer-config (NEEDREPOS) behavior that would handle names in that list having a /?  For example, a build would have meta-openembedded/meta-oe.  The layer-config would copy over meta-openembedded and then do the add-layer against the full name.18:55
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RPtgoodwin: I just had to look at the code to refresh my memory but yes, we probably need to do something. I'm a little puzzled about how meta-openembedded works at all currently19:59
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nabokovHow can I build and deploy two different git repos in a single bb recipe?20:05
nabokovAn example would be great/20:06
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rburtonput both git URLs in SRC_URI20:09
rburtonwith destsuffix set so they both don't try to clone into git/20:10
rburtonie vulkan-demos in oe-core:20:10
rburtonSRC_URI = "git:// \20:10
rburton           git://;destsuffix=git/external/glm;name=glm \20:10
rburton           git://;destsuffix=git/external/gli;name=gli \20:10
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